6 comments on “MH370 has landed in Kyrgyzstan near china border

  1. Hi Daaboo7 I would take absolutely no notice of these rubbish propaganda press releases. I think this plane was shot down by US new LAW technology. (possibly) In league with the usual suspects form UK and everyone else with interests in Ukraine. Also did you know that particular technology was press released THE DAY BEFORE the plane went missing. It is a calling card … in retaliation for Russian tech which threatens the whole US navy. The plane was seen by a man on an oil rig, on fire, then going down. In the exact place it was meant to be. It did not go off course at all. At first Vietnam reported it had been shot down by US and they had spotted two oil slicks and bits of debris exactly where the eye witness said he saw it go down. Do not fall for all the baloney they are spinning you about the pilot. But you are right. It sucks. It stinks to high heaven. Welcome to World War Three. The war of information and lies and counter lies.


    • yea the Russian a secret weapon called scaler wave and this event what ever the out come i think will go back to Ukraine and there is all way a chance that the us is involve but i don’t believe that the plane was shot down on this occasion but what is the new technology the the us have


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