[2] [ blood line of the Antichrist ]

The blood line of the anti Christ

John chap 2 Cain and able 22\ 23  the godhead

Islam say there are 27 great prophet and they consider Jesus is one of them

Jihadist  believe there are heaven 72 virgin  so that y they are not afarid to kill them self and also 25 family automatically join them in heaven

39 fulfill prophecy of Jesus  Abraham and Mose

The anti Christ the non prophet will rule out of Babylon

the wicked line of cane

Cane enoch esra methushal lamach Jubol jubolcane

Good line of Abel Seth

Abel seth Enoch kenan Mahalalel Jared Enoch Noah

After the flood

Ham Cush himard  (sharma)

the first cities

Shinor kana enor  ehard babal

Syria hinor ragarha era Rohan


Melchedezk Shem ebor


Ishand   Ismael.  Isaw pal  johona jer

Isis.   -Jochob – Jochob. – juda  zebra

Muslim kill other

Juda secarot the staanger

Iraq money



2017 RFID chip police state

Italy address immigrant care givers, gap with robot

China government pressured as riots spread in 250 city’s

2018 chaos in China Africa decision

Green infrastructure reshape economic landscape

Congo death hit 10000 in malaria drugs scandal


There will be a Palestine  state and oil in Israel


2020 a first U.S. Solar power cheaper than coal

Doctors without borders confined within border

Return innovators struggle to expand sales beyond home market

2021 nation struggling with resources constraints race to scale synthetic biology

2022 Vietnam solar panel on every house

Famine hit Ethiopia again

2023 strengthening regional trade east and South Africa

2024 the down fall of the U.S. My invasion Mexico, nigerauga, Russia, Cuba and two other nation

The starting of ww3 aprox 9 year

2025 transparency international report 10 consecutive year of government

V C spending within sub sub Saharan Africa triple

2026 Nigeria economic collapse

2027 concentration camp fully establish

Consortium of foundation launched 3 rd green revolution as food prices loom

India Pakistan war rages

Market fairs Ghana partners with idol franchise to spotlight new. Innovators

2028 2026 repeat fear

Warlord dispense vital medicines to se Asian community

2029 darkness

2039 merger city Full control


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