George Zimmerman is looking for a get in jail card

George  Zimmerman get him self in to trouble once again by treating to kill some one who was pointing his finger at him. This is the third time that that he has been caught in something like this one of this incidence was his own wife .

Now it seen that he has inside help because the next day he show up at the work place of the guy he was treating this time he stay at the seen police was called but no charge was filed by the   complainant but it look like the whole family is unstable and the whole family  is armed because they fear that one of the family might be kill because of what happen to Traven marten or the FbI might come to look for him to try him federal which one of the family say he might try to kill them if they do so. In conclusion the whole dam family is unstable and it would be best to stay the hell away from them.

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