Stuff to look for in 2015

1. The Lord will shake heaven, earth and the sprite of the church

2. christian persecution will increase in the us and the middle east

3. pope Frances will shock the world

4. major rival around the world

5. blood moon bring blood and death

6. climate chaos cause a deepening food crises

7. earthquake  more frequent and stronger

8. volcanic eruption create massive cloud over Europe

9.  hosa prophecy increase

10. Illuminati become bold

11. world leader died some where in the world which will change it

12. financial distress cause the us and UK  economic to weaken while china and Russia strengthen

13. euro zone struggle continue

14. Russia struck back taking more land or something like that

15. OPEC fracker  Iran and Venezuela join Russia

16. the price of oil will drop to 25 dollar or less

17. Israel defend their border

18. isis become stronger

19. diseases and plague

20. tpp become law

21. border crises continue

22. police state grow and drone season begin

23. 3d printed organ

24. the year of microbione

25. solar panel become cheaper

26. smart watch success

27.on demand everything

28. wireless charging grow

29. nationalist movement will grow around the word


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