Seventeen in airplane disaster

By : Twilight Language

At the beginning of the day, February 4, 2015, 17 people were missing in the crash of TransAsia Flight 235 into a bridge over Taiwan’s Keelung River. By the end of the day, the final death toll may be 34 (2×17) people.
Many have compared this real life scene to the one in Knowing (2009).
The film is about predictions, numbers, and more.

The aircraft we know today as “MH17” had its first flight 17 years ago on July 17, 1997, and was shot down on July 17, 2014. Source.

That’s a lot of 17s.

Photos by the 17-year-old Stanley Kubrick. 235, 237. See more here.

According to Plutarch’s Moralia, the Egyptians have a legend that the end of Osiris’s life came on the seventeenth of a month, on which day it is quite evident to the eye that the period of the full moon is over. Now, because of this, the Pythagoreans call this day “the Barrier,” and utterly abominate this number. For the number seventeen, coming in between the square sixteen and the oblong rectangle eighteen, which, as it happens, are the only plane figures that have their perimeters equal their areas, bars them off from each other and disjoins them, and breaks up the epogdoon by its division into unequal intervals. Source.

Osiris’ wife is Isis.

Unlucky number 17
The number 17 is considered unlucky in Italy so most Italian-owned ships avoid it. MSC Cruises doesn’t have a cabin 17 or deck 17 on any ships across fleet. Why? The Roman numeral XVII is changed anagrammatically to VIXI, which in Latin translates to “I have lived”. In other words: “My life is over”. For the same reason you can bet that the Chinese won’t be booking any cabins on decks four, or nine. Source.

Here is the number 17 on the X-Files. For much, much more on #17, see “Synchromystism 17.”
H/T Chris T.

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