Trojan War/Horse echoes from Hellgate



Chaos in Kiev as we enter our “Ragnarock” window around the end of the Sochi Olympics (Feb 23), which essentially implies “Trojan War”. It was in Ukraine that they had their Orange Revolutionback in 2004-2005…

  1. “Orange” (fruit) is interchangeable with golden applein many languages
  2. The “Golden Apple of Discord” was the ultimate cause of theTrojan War

The Trojan War had the Trojan/Wooden Horse which of course resonates with the Chinese Year of the Wood Horse starting on January 31st this year. (It’s not just the “Year of the Horse”, it is really the Year of the Wood Horse.)

It’s become such an obvious motif that I’m no longer the only one stressing the significance of things equine or Trojan (war, horse & golden apple) especially after Katy Perry’s “Satanic” Dark Horseperformance at the Grammys last month. Even at the Sochi Olympics you couldn’t miss the horsies flying through the air during the opening ceremony…


…like Pegasus, the mythological winged horse, which “coincidentally” was making headlines on the same day, directly related to Sochi andTroy (= in Turkey).



A few days later on Valentine’s Day, Winter’s Tale was released in theaters. Flying under the radar so far but an angelic horse is something heavily woven into the story which as you can see below is made much more obvious on the cover of the original novel.




The combination of love (Valentine’s Day) and a horse brings us back to Katy Perry’s Dark Horse… It was the day before Valentine’s Day that a trailer for the song’s music video was released. What we can say so far is that it has a very clear love/hear theme and a very clearancient Egyptian theme. Note in particular the “Weighing of the Heart” allusion…



…which in ancient Egypt tradition was what the newly dead had to go through (i.e. “Judgment”), in the “Hall of Maat”, to enter the Duat underworld of Osiris.


In other words, essentially… “Hellgate”. And right on time the Dark Horse video will be released tomorrow, February 20. Timing is always a huge factor…

Indeed, as you may recall the “Orange/Golden Apple Alignment”(Venus-Sun-Mercury) was a major component of the “Solstice Hellgate Activation“.

The signal there was basically that “Gates of Hell” opened around the 2013 December solstice and that this hell/underworld is primarily signified by the galactic Dark Rift around the Galactic Center, i.e. the portal to the Mayan “hell” Xibalba. And as we discussed in “Dark Horse at Hellgate“, there is a Dark Horse right there, in the form of theDark Horse Nebula.


This is just the tip of Devi’s iceberg and there is a time sequence involved…

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