Designated Terrorist Group CAIR demands DOJ investigate threats to a school board member who supports indoctrination of students with Islamic propaganda in the classroom

IslamicInfiltrationsign620x465-vi-300x225Thanks to Arab Muslim-funding of ‘Common Core’ by the nation of Qatar, American students are being force-fed Islamic religious doctrine in public schools. Parents in Tennessee are fighting back while administrators defend the policy.


WSMV  The textbook in question is being used by many schools in sixth and seventh grade social studies classes. Some parents said the textbook has a large focus on Islam with little to no focus on any other religion.

Ed Butler with the Citizens Against Islamic Indoctrination said some of the material is wrong. “We need to be teaching the truth,” Butler said. “Like when you say it’s a peaceful religion. It’s not a peaceful religion. You either convert or you die.”


“The sweeping Islamic infiltration is being deeply embedded into the Bible belt, and it has penetrated our public schools in Tennessee,” said Dale Walker, the organization’s president, in a release. “Our founding fathers would be appalled.”


The state offers a list of recommended textbooks for districts to choose from, but districts have the option to use books that are not on the list. Butler and others asked the school board to remove the textbooks from classrooms in September, but the board voted unanimously not to do so.


At Tuesday’s meeting, the group passed around a petition calling for the entire school board to resign. “Because they don’t represent the values in White County,” Butler said.


Roy Whited is a school board member, a father and former teacher. He is currently a full-time minister. “We found absolutely nothing wrong with that material,” Whited said.

Whited said he has received death threats. “You know, just watch out for your family, be careful, because when your house burns down, and such things like that,” Whited said.

One concerned parent certainly has got CAIR’s number:

  1. Comment by  Cathy Hinners

    October 22, 2015 at 8:38 am

    Well Mr Whited, you have just opened another can of worms that you may not like the end results. The involvement of CAIR to investigate alleged death threats is nothing more than a diversion. Certainly your local law enforcement agency could have dealt with legitimate threats, but that isn’t the real reason CAIR is involved.

    Its obvious you are eager to have the parents and community members silenced over the indoctrination of children in schools, the very children you are supposed to be protecting and serving.

    CAIR has been designated a terrorist organization in the United Arab Emirates(UAE). CAIR is an arm of Hamas, which is a designated terror organization in the United States. CAIR is also an un-indicted co conspirator in Americas largest terror funding trial called the Holy Land Foundation which took place in Dallas TX in 2008.

    CAIR officers have tried to have that status removed by the courts, however the federal judge in TX has ruled there was ample evidence to prove their involvement with funding Hamas.

    CAIR is the enemy Mr.Whited, not the parents you serve. By involving CAIR perhaps you yourself have violated ethic codes or policies if not locally but state wise. I find it hard to believe having contact with a terror organization is acceptable to the character and standards to be upheld by school board members.

    Parents, I urge you to keep fighting. You are not alone, other counties are fighting this battle and will continue to despite the diversions and distractions CAIR thinks it will bring. Message to CAIR, get out of Tennessee, you won’t win this one.





See much more on Islamic infiltration of public schools: ISLAMIZATION OF SCHOOLS

By BareNakedIslam 

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