Has the CIA Director been fired by Obama? Look what he said:

CIA director John Brennan admits ISIS was “decimated under Bush, but has grown as much as 4,400% under Barack Hussein Obama.”


American Enterprise  In a speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies yesterday, CIA director John Brennan made a startling admission: The Islamic State was “decimated” under George W. Bush and had just “700-or-so adherents left” following the surge in Iraq. Said Brennan:


But in September 2014, a CIA analysis found that:

[ISIS] can muster between 20,000 and 31,500 fighters across Iraq and Syria … This new total reflects an increase in members because of stronger recruitment since June following battlefield successes and the declaration of a caliphate, greater battlefield activity, and additional intelligence.

This means that, by the CIA’s own estimate, ISIS has grown on President Obama’s watch from just 700 fighters to between 20,000 and 31,500 fighters. That is an increase of between 2,700 and 4,400 %.


Moreover, Brennan tacitly acknowledged that the Obama administration had underestimated the ISIS threat. At CSIS, Brennan declared that:

Not content to limiting its killing fields to Iraqi and Syrian lands, and to setting up local franchises in other countries of the Middle East, South Asia and Africa, ISIL has developed an external operations agenda that is now implementing … with lethal effect.

That now obvious assessment directly contradicts the assessment of ISIS’ intent and capabilities delivered by Obama administration officials just one year ago.


In August 11 2014, Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes wrote in a White House blog post:

While both [al-Qaeda and the Islamic State] are terrorist forces, they have different ambitions. Al-Qaeda’s principal ambition is to launch attacks against the west and US homeland…Right now, ISIL’s primary focus is consolidating territory in the Middle East region to establish their own Islamic State. So they’re different organizations with different objectives.

And in an August 8, 2014 interview with CNN, Deputy National Security Adviser Tony Blinken declared that:

Unlike core al Qaeda, right now, their [ISIS’] focus is not on attacking the US homeland or attacking our interests here in the United States or abroad. It’s focused intently on trying to create a caliphate now in Iraq.

Sadly, this is not the first time the administration failed to recognize that a terrorist network had developed the intent and capability conduct external operations. In 2009, the Obama administration believed that al Qaeda’s Yemeni affiliate – Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) – was focused on regional attacks and had no interest in attacking the American homeland. Then, on Christmas Day 2009, they sent a terrorist with an underwear bomb to blow up a Northwest Airlines flight over Detroit.


In September 2014, Barack Obama gave a speech, where he stated his strategic objectives in fighting ISIS specifically highlighting what he considered a “success,” spotlighting Yemen. Those words are shown in  video from March 2015, just months later as the US pulls out of Yemen, forced to evacuate all American forces from their air base, in what was a “humiliating failure” on the part of Obama.


This was not the first setback in what Obama highlighted as his “successful” strategy against ISIS in Yemen, evidenced by the US having to  close its embassy in Sanaa shortly later, after Houthi rebels took over the Yemeni capital.


The administration got lucky – the bomb malfunctioned. Had it not, hundreds of Americans would have been killed. But in the aftermath of that attack, the administration was forced to admit that it was caught by surprise and didn’t realize AQAP had developed the intent or capability to strike the American homeland.

As a May 2010 Senate Intelligence Committee report put it, “Intelligence analysts were primarily focused on Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) threats to US interests in Yemen, rather than on potential AQAP threats to the US homeland.”

Now, when it comes to ISIS, they have repeated this mistake – this time at the cost of 132 innocent lives. Yet President Obama insists that, as he put it in Turkey yesterday, “The strategy that we are pursuing is the right one.”

If we don’t elect Donald Trump as President in 2016, Muslims will soon become the second largest religious group in America, after Christians

allah-flagIndeed, even before 2040, Muslims are projected to become the second-largest religious group in the U.S., after Christians. By 2050, the American Muslim population is projected to reach 8.1 million people, or 2.1% of the total population.


PEW RESEARCH Center estimates that there were about 3.3 million Muslims of all ages living in the United States in 2015. This means that Muslims made up about 1% of the total U.S. population (about 322 million people in 2015), and we estimate that that share will more than double by 2050.


Our new estimate of Muslims and other faiths is based on a demographic projection that models growth in the American Muslim population since our 2011 estimate and includes both adults and children. The projection uses data on age, fertility, mortality, migration and religious switching drawn from multiple sources, including the 2011 survey of Muslim Americans.

In some cities Muslims comprise significantly more than 1% of the community. And even at the state level Muslims are not evenly distributed: Certain states, such as New Jersey, have two or three times as many Muslim adults per capita as the national average. (And Muslims tend to have 2 or 3 times more children than the national average. And that’s not counting Muslim men who bring up to 4 wives with them which they claim are relatives –  sisters, cousins, etc. – in order to get multiple welfare benefits)


According to our current estimate, there are fewer Muslims of all ages in the U.S. than there are Jews by religion (5.7 million) but more than there are Hindus (2.1 million) and many more than there are Sikhs.

Recent political debates in the U.S. over Muslim immigration and related issues have prompted many to ask how many Muslims actually live in the United States. But coming up with an answer is not easy, in part because the U.S. Census Bureau does not ask questions about religion, meaning that there is no official government count of the U.S. Muslim population.


Since our first estimate of the size of the Muslim American population in 2007, we have seen a steady growth in both the number of Muslims in the U.S. and the percentage of the U.S. population that is Muslim.

In addition, our projections suggest the U.S. Muslim population will grow faster than the Hindu population and much faster than the Jewish population in the coming decades. Indeed, even before 2040, Muslims are projected to become the second-largest religious group in the U.S., after Christians. By 2050, the American Muslim population is projected to reach 8.1 million people, or 2.1% of the total population.


If Hillary Clinton is elected, you can expect the Muslim population to soar:



Bernie Sanders wouldn’t be much better:



Republicans, especially Trump, won’t let this happen:




CALLING ALL BIKER PATRIOTS: On May 15th, join ‘American Bikers United Against Jihad’ at Islamberg, NY, home to one of 35 Islamic jihad training camps in America



Between 22 and 35 jihadist training compounds have been identified in the U.S. Islamberg, its headquarters, is in Hancock, New York. Known as The Muslims of the Americas (MOA) or Soldiers of Allah, an American offshoot of the terrorist group Jamaat ul-Fuqra  in Pakistan, they are run by its founder, the Pakistani Cleric Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani Hashemi.

Terrorist trainning camps
In the 1999 “Patterns of Global Terrorism Report,” the U.S. State Department listed Jammeat al-Fuqura as a terrorist group, but it has since been removed by the Clinton State Department under President Obama. Heavily armed, trained, and ready for violent jihad against innocent Americans, they prey on our prison populations and vulnerable youth to recruit, but the FBI’s hands are tied.



Serious participants only should send a message to our private inbox or can email us at ABUAJ_ride@yahoo.com

FOR RESPECT, NO M.C. COLORS. Ride as individual American Bikers. Jeeps and pickups are welcome.




EMAIL: ABUAJ_ride@yahoo.com
FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/events/814566501999381/


ISLAMBERG: Under the general anaesthesia of political correctness, radical Muslim groups are allowed to set up training camps in rural areas around America to prepare them for jihad against America. The Government knows about them but won’t do anything to shut them down until they commit an act of terror.

Clarion Project National Security Analyst Ryan Mauro talks to Bill O’Reilly about five Islamic radical groups in America: Muslims of the Americas; Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center; the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA); Masjid at-Taqwa led by Siraj Wahhaj and CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations)

The Christian Action Network(CAN) has produced an important new film about the 35 para-military training camps in 22 states in  the U.S. and Canada. These camps are sponsored by the terrorist group Jamaat ul-Fuqra (JF) or “community of the impoverished” and its notorious Pakistani founder, Sheik Mubarak  Ali Gilani. 

The film is entitled: “Homegrown Jihad: Terrorist Camps Around the  U.S.” This is an important documentary about  Jamaat ul-Fuqra: The best positioned group to help al-Qaeda launch an attack in the US.


The group here in the US has committed attacks and robberies, acquired contraband arms, engaging in counterfeiting activities, and proselytized effectively among Afro-American prison inmates.  JF members participated in the 1993 terror bombing of the World Trade Center. JF seeks to “purify Islam” through violence.

What is of great concern is that federal and state law enforcement authorities have investigated and monitored JF and its front group Muslims of the Americas (MoA) and delisted the group as a terrorist organization. Nor has the IRS taken away MoA’s charitable tax exempt status.

HOMEGROWN JIHAD: Full Documentary on the 35 Muslim terrorist training camps located in 22 states around the United States:

Click screen below twice to watch on Youtube.


FOX News’ Charles Payne says “Islam was born of violence and it’s been spread through violence”

Payne’s interview with Ben Carson goes past the politically correct notion of “radical Islam” being the problem and touches on the fact that Islam itself is the biggest problem in the world today.


PAYNE: You mentioned earlier that all of America knows that this is ‘radical Islam.’ But some think it might be the entire religion of Islam. President Obama spends a lot of time preaching to us or trying to correct us, if you will, and that somehow the American public overwhelmingly would like to see a temporary ban on all Muslims coming to this country are getting it wrong. Do you ever think he will have an epiphany and maybe say that sometimes the public is right?
CARSON: I doubt it. I mean it would be wonderful if he and everybody else would spend time reading about Islam. You know, really go back to Muhammad and read about his life not only in Mecca but in Medina and the subsequent story about the Hadith the whole story of his life and the beliefs, the systems brought out of that. It would give you a much better impression. Islam is NOT a religion. It’s a lifestyle/ideology that doesn’t really allow the separation of religion from politics.
PAYNE: Right. And it was born of violence and it’s been spread through violence and, of course, no succession plan has made it even worse when Muhammad died.


BBC radio drama offers practical tips to Somali wannabe freeloaders on how to cross from Somalia to Europe

The radio drama, aimed at illegal “gimmegrants” has received nearly £90 million in British taxpayers’ hard-earned money…to encourage Somali Muslim migration which will swell the welfare rolls while taking jobs away from entry level British workers.

Somali Muslim migrants have a history of high unemployment and welfare dependency rates as well as low school enrollment rates.


Breitbart (h/t Emma)  The drama, broadcast to Somalia and Kenya at the height of the illegal alien Muslim migrant crisis, featured one character advising a woman to travel only with small luggage to make the illegal crossing easier. Another character is later advised that “this current time is the best opportunity to reach Europe.”

The drama is produced by BBC Media Action, the broadcaster’s charitable arm, which is funded by the British government’s foreign aid budget. Titled ‘A Better Life than Today’, it follows the fortunes of a group of Somali youths and has more than two million listeners on BBC Radio Somali.


Although some characters do warn against illegal immigration, a constant theme of the drama is the longing for a better, more prosperous life in Europe. In one episode, a woman asks a friend: “So what do the women who make the journey… look like?”

Her friend responds: “They carry large suitcases! I would advise you to carry a small bag with a few items… If you have long hair, cut it shorter. You won’t have anywhere to brush it… whatever is difficult will end up being easy.” The would-be migrant responds: “What am I scared of? I, too, must go there.”


A man later tells a young woman: ‘This current time is the best opportunity to reach Europe… when the seas are calm. All in all, illegal migration can change your life.’

Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen told the Mail on Sunday: “If the BBC have been involved in a UK Government-backed programme which has in some way encouraged emigration to the UK and Europe from Africa, that would be seen as highly inappropriate with the current migrant crisis.”

somalis2-e1431584238914A spokesman for the government responded: “It is entirely wrong to suggest that this programme is urging Somalis to migrate illegally; in fact one of its central messages is about the dangers of migration.” (And how to get around it)

This is just the latest problem to hit Britain’s increasingly controversial foreign aid budget. Earlier this year, campaigners urged the government to stop giving foreign aid to countries where Christian persecution is rife, fearing the money only helps the oppressors.



Christian charity Open Doors documented the rise of anti-Christian persecution across Africa and the Middle East and produced a list of 50 most dangerous countries for Christians. CEO Lisa Pearce highlighted the fact the majority of these countries receive substantial amounts of funding from the UK.

“We have influence. We must not sit on the sidelines while Christianity is quietly eroded around the world,” she said.

BELGIUM: Muslims comprise approx. 6% of the total population but consume up to 60% of the welfare

52265215It isn’t ‘multiculturalism’ it’s national suicide: A narrative popularized by useful idiot leftist politicians and pundits is that the Belgian and French Muslims, behind the most recent terrorist attacks in Europe, were mistreated and alienated by the native population, and that’s why they lashed out in violence. It’s a pernicious lie that encourages Muslims to think of themselves as victims.


Investors  A former Obama official summed up this pathetic excuse-making for mass murder on Wednesday during an appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “These communities, especially in Brussels . . . are looked down upon because of their religion,” claimed a former deputy assistant secretary of defense, Evelyn Farkas. “The whole mindset in Europe needs to shift in order to give these people equal opportunity, and frankly, respect.”

Added Farkas: “These communities do not feel sufficiently respected and accepted within many of these European countries. And even if you have trouble assimilating them, you have to give them equal opportunity to make a living. A lot of these young men didn’t have many opportunities.”

Muslim migrants clash with police in Brussels, Belgium

Muslim migrants clash with police in Brussels, Belgium

This is pure mythology. Farkas and other terrorist apologists need to put down the violins and do some basic research.

Fact is, Belgium’s government has been extremely generous toward its Muslim population. Most of its welfare goes to Muslims, and it even subsidizes their mosques and imams. Many of these young Muslim men who supposedly can’t find gainful employment don’t want to work. Why would they, when welfare checks are normally 70% to 80% of their income?

Muslim women In front of the welfare office

Muslim women in front of the welfare office

Not having a job is a conscious decision. Many see it as their religious duty not to make any economic contribution to the “kafir” (filthy unbelievers) state that is hosting them.

By not holding regular jobs, they have time to make “hijrah” to Syria, where they can train for jihad and return with other “skills” like manufacturing nail bombs in safe houses unmolested by authorities (who agree not to make raids at night out of respect for Muslim neighborhoods).

Belgium population approx. 11 million

Belgium population approx. 11 million

Far from being mistreated, Belgian Muslims are one of the most pampered minorities in Western history. Lest it offend its burgeoning Muslim population, Belgium has “de-Christianized” its Christian holidays. The holiday previously known as All Saints Day is now referred to as Autumn Leave, Christmas Vacation is now Winter Vacation, Lenten Vacation is now Rest and Relaxation Leave and Easter is now Spring Vacation.


Meantime, it’s allowing the construction of massive mosques, including one with a 60-foot minaret that will automatically light up during calls to prayer. Authorities even let Muslim hate-preachers sermonize at the subway stations in Brussels, including one known to approach young Muslims and persuade them to go and fight in Syria.

Heavily subsidized by Belgium’s overgenerous welfare system, North African immigrants have little incentive to integrate. Instead they turn inward, creating Islamic no-go zones divorced from and hostile to Western society.


Sharia4Belgium is one of most popular youth organizations in the country. Its young Muslim bullies go around harassing non-Muslims to comply with Sharia law on the street, banning the smoking of cigarettes, the use of alcohol and the sale of pork. Women who don’t cover up get pawed, or worse, raped.

Shariah4Belgium campaigns for sharia law in Belgium, which has one of the highest numbers of jihadists in Europe taking into account its relatively small population of 11 million.

Unemployed Shariah4Belgium members have time to demand law in Belgium, which has one of the highest numbers of jihadists in Europe taking into account its relatively small population.

The problem isn’t intolerance. It’s the multiculturalist socialist paradise that the entire European Union affords Muslim immigrants. As a result, welfare is abused by Muslims across Europe — some 80% of Muslim immigrants to Europe are on the dole, and more than half are “economically inactive.” Muslims claim disability more than any other group.

In the EU capital of Belgium, as well as neighboring Netherlands, Muslims are roughly 5% of the population yet consume 40% to 60% of the welfare budget.Belgium spends more on unemployment benefits than any other country outside Denmark.


European society isn’t oppressing Muslim immigrants. Far from it. It’s coddling them, providing them a comfortable living. And they return the favor by disemboweling their gracious hosts.

Speaking in the Belgian Parliament, Flip Dewinter, leader of the anti-Islamization party Vlaams Belang party in Belgium, rails against Muslim migrant behavior .

EASTER MASSACRE IN CRAPISTAN: At least 65 dead and 300 injured after a Taliban suicide bomber targeted Christians celebrating Easter in a park

PAKISTAN: The blast happened in the parking area of Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park, Lahore, near the children’s swings, and most of the victims were women and children. Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, a splinter group affiliated with the Pakistani Taliban, has claimed responsibility for the attack, adding: ‘The target was Christians.’


UK Daily Mail  Authorities have so far confirmed the deaths of 65 people at the park, where Christians had been celebrating Easter, but they expect the death toll to rise. ‘Most of the dead and injured are women and children,’ said Mustansar Feroz, police superintendent for the area in which the park is located.


Senior police official Haider Ashraf said the blast appeared to be a suicide attack, adding that ball bearings were found at the crowded park. Medical workers said the blast mainly killed women and children, while many of the wounded were in a critical condition.


Nasreen Bibi, the mother of a two-year-old injured in the attack, spoke through tears as she waited for news from the doctors. ‘We were just here to have a nice evening and enjoy the weather.  May God shower his wrath upon these attackers. What kind of people target little children in a park?’


The group responsible for the attack was founded Omar Khalid Korasani, a former Taliban senior leader who broke off from the main group to form the more-hardline organization in 2014.  He re-aligned with the main Pakistani Taliban leadership last year, and the group are currently waging war on the government, which in 2014 vowed to grant no safe haven to terrorists.


The attack happened in the heart of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif political base in Punjab. In a statement, the group said: ‘We claim responsibility for the attack on Christians as they were celebrating Easter.


‘We want to send this message to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif that we have entered Lahore. He can do what he wants but he won’t be able to stop us. Our suicide bombers will continue these attacks.’ The group was previously responsible for a March 2015 bombing at a Roman Catholic church in Lahore that killed 15 people and injured 70 others


Today, eyewitnesses said they saw body parts strewn across the parking lot once the dust had settled after the blast. ‘When the blast occurred, the flames were so high they reached above the trees and I saw bodies flying in the air,’ said Hasan Imran, 30, a resident who had gone to Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park for a walk.

The park had been particularly busy on Sunday evening due to the Easter holiday weekend, and ambulances were seen rushing to the blast scene.


PIERS MORGAN interview with Donald Trump that led to Morgan publishing an article the next day in the UK Daily Mail saying: “When it comes to terror, Isn’t it time we started listening seriously to Donald Trump?”

For BNI Readers who might have missed the original story, click this link:


Then watch the interview: