ANGELA MERKEL greeted in Turkey by several child brides who will soon have visa-free access to Europe

hqdefaultA look of smug satisfaction was on the face of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, as she and European Council President Donald Tusk and Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu celebrated the implementation of the agreement on Syrian refugees with the EU during their visit to Nizip.

EURO News  Merkel agreed to pay SIX BILLION EUROS to Turkey with political rewards as well as part of the deal. Under the pact, signed on March 18 Ankara would take back all illegal migrants who had crossed to Greece, including Syrians, in return for the the bloc taking in thousands of Syrian refugees directly from Turkey. Under the terms of the pact the EU agreed to take one Syrian refugee directly from Turkey for each one deported to Turkey.

Visa-free travel for Turks to the European Schengen area is in the accord.


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