Unless Britain leaves the European Union, it will be flooded with 12 million MORE Muslims, just from Turkey

imagesMORE than 12 million Turkish (mainly Muslim) citizens are planning to move to Britain if/when the country joins the European Union, an explosive UK Express poll  has revealed…a suicidal idea that seems  imminent based on Angela Merkel’s $6 billion bribe to Turkey in a futile effort to control the flow of illegal alien Muslim invaders into the EU.

UK Express (h/t Rob E)  In the most extensive survey of its kind, more than 12 million Turkish (mainly Muslim) citizens, almost 16% of Turkish adults, said they would consider re-locating to the UK once their country becomes a full member of the EU.


According to the poll, which saw more than 2,600 adults interviewed across all 27 provinces of Turkey, most of those keen to come to Britain are either unemployed or students, raising the prospect of a migrant influx which would place an unprecedented strain on the UK’s struggling public services, including the NHS.

The results come as separate figures expose the security risk posed to the UK by Turkey’s accession to the EU – an ambition previously supported by the Prime Minister.


Analysis by Vote Leave suggests Turkey’s membership in the EU would result in far higher numbers of criminals coming to the UK. Figures released by the campaign group show the crime rate in Turkey far exceeds that of the UK, with the murder rate at least four times that of Britain.

David Davis said Turkey’s plans to join the EU was the strongest argument for Brexit, as he warned it would unleash a new wave of migration that would push down wages and threaten the country’s security. On the security risk, Mr Davis added: “This is the problem that dare not speak its name.


“That is why the prospect of Turkey joining the EU is one of the strongest arguments for the UK to leave.”

Turkey, which has an 80 million strong population, is pressing its case to become a full EU member after wrestling the right to visa-free travel for its citizens across the Schengen Zone. Full-membership would give the country’s predominantly Muslim population the right to free-movement across Europe, with un-fettered access to Britain.

British Prime Minister David Cameron says the chance of Turkey joining the EU is “not remotely in the cards.” But at the rate the EU is taking in millions of Muslim illegal aliens, their countries will have significant Muslim minorities (and voting blocs) whether or not Turkey joins the EU. Then what?

So which is it? What do BNI readers think will happen?


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