Above and Beyond Party

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The party’s logo

The Above and Beyond Party is a United Kingdom political party established in 2015. It put forward candidates in the 2015 general election on the single issue of demanding a “none of the above” option in all United Kingdom elections.[1]

In the 2015 general election the party fielded candidates in four seats: Cheadle, Leeds North West, Sheffield Central, and Clwyd West.[2] In Sheffield Hallam the party endorsed Carlton Reeve, an independent candidate.[3][4] No Above and Beyond candidates received enough votes to retain their deposit.

The party was registered with the Electoral Commission on 18 March 2015. Its official description is “single-issue party demanding the none of the above option on all UK ballot papers” and its symbol is described as “an ancient symbol for resilience”. The Electoral Commission lists the party leader, nominating officer and campaigns officer as Mark Flanagan and the treasurer as Karen Stanley.[5] The party chairman is Michael Ross.[6]

The party’s logo is based on the West African Adinkra symbol “Aya”, “derived from a fern tree which famously grows in difficult-to-survive places”, and a symbol of resilience.[7]

The party raises funds through “AboveBeyond” music nights.[8]


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