TURKEY: Suicide bombing at wedding party…Turkish media not attributing it to “mental issues” of the Muslim terrorist

At least 30 killed and more than 100 injured as bomb blast rips through wedding reception in Turkey. Other unconfirmed reports on social media say around a dozen people have been killed and scores injured. Some unconfirmed reports say ISIS is behind attack.


RT  A suicide bomber reportedly targeted a wedding ceremony in the city of Gaziantep in southern Turkey near the border with Syria on Saturday night. The local governor said it was carried out by “terrorist organizations.”

A suicide bomber blew himself up” in a neighborhood where a wedding was taking place, according to a Twitter user Efridun.


“The aim of terror is to scare the people but we will not allow this,” said Turkish Deputy Prime Minister and Gaziantep’s representative in the Turkish parliament Mehmet Simsek, adding “it is barbaric to attack a wedding,” as cited by AFP.


Prior to the attack, the governorship of the province declared a 15-day special security zone near the border with Syria. The decision to invoke extra security measures followed a recent Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) rocket attack that came from the Syrian side of the border, striking a Turkish town called Karkamış in Gaziantep Province. Special security zones allow authorities to search all types of border traffic in the area.


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