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There’s a reason Canada approved the anti-Islamophobia M-103 directive against criticism of Islam (erroneously called ‘Islamophobia’)…it’s the camel’s nose under the tent…the first step toward making sharia law the law of the land…and it’s being financed by one of the richest, most far left subversives on earth- George Soros.

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Gee, will ALL the democrat crybabies have bagheads on their arms at the Presidential address to congress tomorrow?

17-year-old Muslim baghead Samia Abdul-Qadir (right) was invited by U.S. Rep. Bill Foster (D-IL), after the Naperville North High School junior participated in Foster’s recent community discussion at the Islamic Center of Naperville on the local effects of the president’s attempts to ban travel from several Muslim-majority countries.

Chicago Tribune  Abdul-Qadir told the 150 people in attendance about how a fencing teammate once told her she “looked like a terrorist” because she was wearing a hijab. (You DO) “It pierced my heart,” she said. (GOOD, take it off)

Each member of Congress is allowed to invite someone to the president’s annual address, which is called the State of the Union after the president completes his first year in office.

Abdul-Qadir said in a statement from Foster’s office: “I don’t think it makes America any safer to single out a group of people because of their religious beliefs. It goes against this country’s core values.” (Islam is what goes against this country’s core values. Read the quran)

US Rep. Bill Foster (below) addressed the problems he sees in President Trump’s ban on travel from seven Muslim nations during a meeting at the Islamic Center of Naperville. Foster considers it “religious bigotry.” (That’s funny, everyone else considers it “terrorism bigotry.”)

History has not looked kindly on us when we’ve prevented people fleeing violence from seeking refuge in this country,” he said in a statement. (That was before the Muslim invasion) “Samia’s courage and conviction have stood out as a bright spot amidst an atmosphere of fear and hate.” (All the fear and hate is the result of Muslims coming into the country)

MUSLIM Jihadi Terrorist Attacks in US More Than Double in one year; Tactics & Targeting Expanding.

Intel Center  The number of jihadi terrorist attacks in the US is now at the highest it has ever been and is continuing to rise based on attacks tracked in the IntelCenter Database (ICD). The current rate of attack in 2016 is at one attack every 37 days. In 2016 there have been nine attacks as of 28 Nov., which more than doubles the previous record of four attacks in 2015. Seventy-one percent of attacks in the US since 2002 have occurred in the past four years.

Small arms and bladed weapons were the most common tactics, which was driven by a significant increase in inspired attacks. The rise in inspired attacks also resulted in a shift with 62% of attacks occurring in areas not previously thought to be at significant risk from terrorism. Military/Police and recreational sectors were the most frequently targeted with a more detailed breakout putting police personnel, military facilities and civilians the most at risk. New York had the most attacks during the period, however, the attacks were spread out over a total of 14 states.

The dramatic rise of attacks is expected to continue to climb throughout 2017 with both inspired and directed attacks occurring. In the new environment, inspired attacks are expected to remain the greatest in volume with the largest geographical spread with directed attacks being less frequent and favoring high-profile targets in traditional locations such as New York City and Washington, DC. However, it is incorrect to presume that inspired attacks are confined to lower casualty counts. As both the Nice and Orlando attacks in 2016 demonstrated, a well-executed low-tech inspired attack can result in far more casualties than some sophisticated directed attacks.

Bladed weapons, small arms and vehicular assaults are expected to be the most common inspired tactics with VBIEDs and other more sophisticated tactics largely remaining within the toolbox of directed plotters. Police and military personnel are expected to remain the most at risk group for inspired attacks.

An analysis of the 21 attacks that occurred from 2002 to 28 Nov. 2016 revealed the following:

• New York had the greatest number of attacks at 14% (3) with California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Ohio and Texas tied at 9% (2). Arkansas, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Virginia each had 5% (1).

• The most commonly used tactic was Small Arms at 38% (8) followed by Bladed Weapons at 24% (5) and IED at 19% (4). Vehicular Assault came in next at 9% (2) followed by Suicide Bombing and VBIED at 5% (1). Bladed Weapons and Vehicular Assault are expected to continue to rise as the fastest growing method of attack based on current US and global trends.

• A total of 86 people were killed and 446 injured. The average number of people killed per attack is four and the average number injured is 22.

• The most targeted sector is Military/Police at 29% (6) followed by Recreation at 19% (4). Aviation, Civilians and Education came in next at 10% (3) with Shopping, Government, Rail, Restuarant and Political all coming in at 5% (1).

• A more granular look at targeting showed that Police Personnel, Military Facilities and Civilians were the most targeted at 14% (3). Sporting Event and Educational Facility came in next at 10% (2) with the remainder of attacks tied at 5% (1) for Civilian Airliner, Airport, Government Facility, Landmark, Large Gathering, Nightclub, Restaurant and Train Station.

• If you look at just 2002 – 2014, only 25% of attacks occurred in areas not previously thought to be at significant risk of terrorism. However, from 2015 – 28 Nov. 2016, the number leaps to 85%. This concerning development represents a significant shift in where terrorist attacks are occurring.

Historically, significant attacks by jihadi groups were almost always focused in high-profile areas. This meant the focus of counterterrorism efforts could be concentrated in major cities where there were typically more resources available. While the threat of attacks in smaller cities and towns, could not be ruled out, there was a much lower risk of such attacks occurring. This is no longer the case. The recent wave of inspired and supported attacks has made a reality what many in counterterrorism feared and talked about for decades.

DONALD TRUMP considers pulling the U.S. out of the corrupt UN Human Rights Council due to its anti-Israel bias

 The Trump administration may soon back Israel on its claim of UN bias and pull out of the organization’s Human Rights Council,as it regards the Council as being inherently anti-Israel, the main reason for the consideration of pulling out of the international body.

JPost  Not to mention that some of the world’s worst abusers of human rights, Iran and Saudi Arabia, have been appointed to head the Council.

In private conversations, Secretary Tillerson has expressed doubts about the effectiveness of the Council. State Department spokesman Mark Toner did not confirm whether the issue was being considered and would only say that “our delegation will be fully involved in the work of the HRC session which starts Monday.

Since its creation in 2006, the UN Human Rights Council has been persistently criticized by the US for its biased treatment of Israel, which has been condemned more than any other country, including persistent human rights abusers such as Iran and Syria.

Under former US president George W. Bush, the US initially refused to seek a seat on the 47-member body and then withdrew from it altogether in 2008. Former US president Barack Obama reversed that position upon entering office, believing that the UNHRC could best be changed from within.

During the Obama administration the US held two consecutive terms on the council, from 2009 to 2015. It is now serving a three-year membership term that began in 2016. The US has often been the sole country to vote against resolutions condemning Israel.

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UK MUSLIM RACIST who spit in a baby’s face while shouting “white people shouldn’t breed,” avoids any jail time

Rezzas Abdulla (below) left little Layla-Jean, who was just nine months old and in her stroller, covered in saliva after the shocking street attack in South Shields last January. The baby’s mother, hairdresser Rebecca Telford, 25, was out walking with the baby when this Muslim vermin approached without warning.

UK Daily Mail (h/t Sasson B)  Prosecutor Emma Dowling told the court: ‘He leaned into the baby stroller and spat into the face of her daughter. ‘As he did so, he shouted or said “white people shouldn’t breed”.’

The court heard that when the baby’s stunned mother (below) confronted Abdulla, he told her to ‘shut the f*** up’ and walked off. Miss Dowling told the court the spit was ‘sprayed around’ the baby’s face and a shocked passer by gave her a tissue to clean up.

Abdulla, 33, who has two previous convictions for race-hate attacks on white women, was later tracked down through CCTV. He was convicted of racially aggravated common assault after a trial at South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court, which he did not attend.

In a victim impact statement Rebecca told the police: ‘I am completely disgusted and distressed that a grown man, regardless of race or religion, would spit on a defenceless baby in a completely unprovoked attack.

The court heard Layla-Jeam, now almost two, was taken to the doctor after the attack for tests. ‘Layla Jean was just nine months old. She did not have a clue what was going on, but she was still distressed.’ Ms Telford added: ‘I believe he spat on her purely because we are white, I was a lone female and an easy target.’

Sentencing him, Recorder Darren Preston said: “There is something viscerally horrible and disgusting about spitting at someone, particularly in the face and to do so to a baby was particularly disgusting, let alone, to make things even worse, when your motivation for doing so is racial hatred.

In spite of that, Abdulla was sentenced to ONLY eight months imprisonment, SUSPENDED for 18 months, with rehabilitation and mental health treatment requirements. The judge said ‘society in general’ would be better served by Abdulla being allowed to continue his psychiatric treatment programme.

Ms Telford said ‘I am not racist at all but I honestly think if it was the other way round and I had been abusive towards him, then I would have been treated differently.

Not Kerry’s “DAESH.” Not Obama’s “ISIL.” Not “IS.” Pentagon has announced that the Islamic State will officially be called “ISIS”

In other words, references to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) will no longer hide its “Islamic” roots as American and European leaders have been trying to do. Thank you, General Mattis.

FOX News  The Pentagon has officially declared the name of the terror group the United States and its allies have been fighting for years is, in fact, ISIS.

“We have officially switched to ISIS,” Capt. Jeff Davis, a Pentagon spokesman, said in a briefing with reporters Friday. Davis said ISIS already had been used unofficially in the past inside the Pentagon because it was the “easiest to understand.”

While “ISIS” has been widely accepted for years as the common acronym for the Islamic State, then-Secretary of State John Kerry and others in the Obama administration insisted for years on using “ISIL” (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant -including Israel) or “Daesh,” the acronym formed using Arabic letter.

The Pentagon released a memorandum Friday afternoon dated Feb. 13 outlining the official change.In the months leading up to the election, then-candidate Donald Trump blasted then-President Barack Obama for not using the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism.”  

He didn’t use the phrase because he insisted, “loose language that appears to pose a civilizational conflict between the West and Islam, or the modern world and Islam, then we make it harder, not easier, for our friends and allies and ordinary people to resist and push back against the worst impulses inside the Muslim world,” Obama told The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg.

Obama also didn’t want the fight against ISIS, Al Qaeda or the Taliban to appear to be a “clash of civilizations” a phrase made famous by the late academic Samuel Huntington in an article by the same name. Instead, Obama and his administration used the phrase “violent extremism” to describe the terror threat.

YES WE CAN? Barack Hussein Obama for president…OF FRANCE!

Oh, no you can’t…but we Americans so wish you leftist moonbats could. We’d even spring for his airfare to France, anything to get his smug face out of ours.

ABC News  Some Barack Obama devotees in France aren’t happy with the homegrown contenders vying for the country’s presidency, so they’re hoping that the former U.S. president will step in and run for office this spring.

“Obama17” posters have been spotted plastered across Paris, urging citizens to visit a website and sign a petition to persuade Obama to enter the race. The goal is to get 1 million people to sign the petition.

Why Obama? “Because he has the best resume in the world for the job,” reads the website, which is in no way connected to Obama. While this all sounds good, there is one problem. The French president needs to be, well, French. And Obama is not.

The website also says Obama could be an antidote to the popularity of right-wing parties in the country. “At a time when France is about to vote massively for the extreme right, we can still give a lesson of democracy to the planet by electing a French president, a foreigner,” reads the website in French.

A spokesperson for the group told ABC News Thursday morning, “We started dreaming about this idea two months before the end of Obama’s presidency. We dreamed about this possibility to vote for someone we really admire, someone who could lead us to project ourselves in a bright future. Then we thought, whether it’s possible or not, whether or not he is French, we have to do this for real, to give French people hope … Vive la Republique. Vive Obama. Vive la France and the USA.”

DONALD TRUMP’s first dangerous and misguided cabinet appointment: National Security Advisor, Lt. General H.R. McMaster

Where did he find this guy…in the Obama swamp? President Trump’s newly appointed national security adviser, Lt. Gen. H. R. McMaster, has told his staff that Muslims who commit terrorist acts are perverting their religion, rejecting a key ideological view of other senior Trump advisers and signaling a potentially more moderate Obama regime-like approach to the Islamic world.

New York Times McMaster, told the staff of the National Security Council on Thursday, in his first “all hands” staff meeting, that the label “radical Islamic terrorism” was not helpful because terrorists are “un-Islamic,” according to people who were in the meeting.

That is a repudiation of the language regularly used by both the president and General McMaster’s predecessor, Michael T. Flynn, who resigned last week after admitting that he had misled Vice President Mike Pence and other officials about a phone call with a Russian diplomat.

It is also a sign that General McMaster, a veteran of the Iraq war known for his sense of history and independent streak, might move the council away from the ideologically charged views of Mr. Flynn, who was also a three-star Army general before retiring.

Within a day of his appointment on Monday, General McMaster was popping into offices to introduce himself to the council’s professional staff members. The staff members, many of them holdovers from the Obama administration, felt viewed with suspicion by Mr. Trump’s team and shut out of the policy-making process, according to current and former officials.

In his language, General McMaster is closer to the positions of former Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush. Both took pains to separate acts of terrorism from Islamic teaching, in part because they argued that the United States needed the help of Muslim allies to hunt down terrorists.

“This is very much a repudiation of his new boss’s lexicon and worldview,” said William McCants, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and the author of “The ISIS Apocalypse.” “McMaster, like Obama, is someone who was in positions of leadership and thought the United States should not play into the jihadist propaganda that this is a religious war,” Mr. McCants said.

But Mr. McCants and others cautioned that General McMaster’s views would not necessarily be the final word in a White House where Mr. Trump and several of his top advisers view Islam in deeply xenophobic terms. Some aides, including the president’s chief strategist, Stephen K. Bannon, have warned of a looming existential clash between Islam and the Judeo-Christian world…

I doubt this is from @realDonaldTrump, but I hope it is:

TEXAS supporters of Trump immigration executive order come out to protest against creeping ‘civilization jihad’

Trump supporters who are concerned about the “civilizational jihad” waged by open borders globalists, protested in Houston at an event put on by one of the non-profits they say receive millions of taxpayer dollars for resettling Muslim refugees in American communities.

Breitbart  The protestors gathered outside the pro-refugee event to support President Trump’s order on travel immigration. Organizers said a restriction on refugee resettlement is necessary to protect communities from terrorism and “civilizational jihad.”

Breitbart Texas was at the protest at the Asia Society of Texas in the posh Museum District in Houston. One of the activists carried the sign – “No more gambling with American lives! I support the Trump Ban  Stop migration Jihad in America!” 

While one carried a sign that said, “Everything I ever cared to know about Islam Was taught me by Muslims on 9-11-2001.

Another person displayed the sign – “U.S. discriminates Against Christian Refugees: Accepts 96% Muslims 37% Christians Support Trump’s Plan to help Persecuted Christians.” Another one said, “Interfaith Ministries TRASHING Communities on your dime!”

And another carried a sign that said 19,577 Syrians were resettled in the U.S. She called these numbers resettled in the nation – “Hijra.”

“Muslim immigration is a form of jihad through colonization called hijra, which [Ann Corcoran] reports dates back to the time of Mohammad. According to Corcoran, the Muslim Brotherhood pursues the hijra strategy,” reported Breitbart News in 2015.

This globalization of Islam in the United States was financed and aided by the Obama administration, said those gathered at the event.

Corcoran wrote a book entitled Refugee Resettlement and the Hijra to America and warned that immigration is part of a Muslim’s religious duty to spread Islam. “If you don’t help counter the hijra, we are in my opinion, doomed,” warned Corcoran when she spoke to Breitbart News.

She noted that the Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi said Europe would not be conquered by guns and swords but by Muslim immigration. This prediction has become shockingly evident.

Liz Theiss, founder of Stop the Magnet told Breitbart Texas:

Most Americans have no idea how their communities are becoming unrecognizable and overcrowded, and increasingly dangerous. ‘Non-profits’ are facilitating the resettlement of refugees, many from ISIS-controlled areas. Concerned Texans are demonstrating in opposition to these refugee floods, and in support of President Trump’s temporary travel ban. After California, Texas is the second in the number of refugees, and Houston is the top city for resettlement.”

Theiss also said, “Interfaith Ministries received $11.6 million in federal tax dollars in 2016. Tonight they are using some of that money to deliver a message that compares President Trump’s immigration enforcement to Japanese internment during World War II.”  “They are claiming Trump’s executive order is discrimination,” Theiss added. “We are here to add balance to that discussion.”

Another protester, Montgomery County activist Bob Bagley, told Breitbart Texas, “We shouldn’t be taking dollars from taxpayers and donating them to charitable organizations. If people want to give their own money, that’s one thing. Amassing it from taxpayers is a totally different thing.”

“We need to take a stand against illegal immigration and unvetted refugees,” a woman who wished to keep her name private told Breitbart Texas. “We don’t need to ‘Germanate’ or ‘Swedenate’ America,” a reference to the immigration nightmare being faced by Germany and Sweden.

Breitbart Texas covered another rally by this group when they protested against an Arabic Immersion Magnet (AIM) School set up by the Houston Independent School District (HISD) – the seventh largest school district in the U.S. They were at the school calling the pre-K and kindergarten program “civilizational jihad.” The group of protestors billed their event as “Stop the New Jihad!” They warned that the Texas school district was planning to expand grade levels in the AIM school every year.

Local “Stop the Magnet” activist, Liz Theiss told Breitbart Texas at the time, “Civilizational Jihad is what we feel is a network operating within the U.S. to promote Arabic culture and language, and it operates through stealth within the community to create trust.”

Theiss says this strategy is listed in the Muslim Brotherhood’s Strategic Plan for North America. The plan was seized by the FBI during the largest terrorism financing trial in United States’ history, as reported by Breitbart Texas.

IRAQ: Islamic State (ISIS) using dogs as suicide bombers

DISTURBING new footage has appeared online of a tiny dog being fitted with a custom-made suicide bomb vest in Iraq. Considering that most Muslims consider dogs to be “filth” because Mohammed didn’t like them, ISIS jihadists get a twofer from using them as suicide bombers – killing several people while getting rid of the dogs at the same time.

UK Express  (h/t Susan K) The video appears to show Islamic State jihadis, known for their improvisations on the battlefield, have wrapped the tiny animal’s torso with explosives before sending it across the front line. The horrifying video was apparently uploaded online by fighters with the Iraqi Popular Mobilisation Units.

The PMU, or Al-Hashd Al-Sha’abi, is a group of militia, brought together and state-sponsored to battle with jihadis in Iraq. In 2014 the group was incorporated into the country’s armed forces to help fight on the battlefield as major cities were overtaken by terrorists.

Three PMU fighters crouch over the small animal in the video, one resting a knife on the ground as they speak to the camera about the find. They tell the camera the dog is strapped to four bottles, likely filled with shrapnel. Accoring to the men, if detonated it could kill three of four people.

The trio claimed the dog was sent around the corner to where they were positioned. PMU members said the dog was fitted with explosives which are remotely detonated.

“ISIS has just sent an innocent animal with explosives wrapped around it to our position to try and blow our troops up,” the group said. “We have disarmed the explosives and taken them off.

Gee, I wonder what kind of vermin would use a car to deliberately run over a teenage girl on the sidewalk in the Muslim ‘NO-GO’ zone of Birmingham, UK?

Police video shows a driver deliberately running his car up on the pavement mowing down an unsuspecting teenage girl on a shopping trip with her mother. The 17-year-old was left with serious head and neck injuries following the attack on Bromsgrove Street, Birmingham City Centre on Jan. 28th.

UK Daily Mail (h/t John H)  The shocking 16-second clip shows the mother and daughter casually walking down the street as a black BMW 5 Series comes into view behind them and stops at a junction. The driver even signals as he calmly turns into the road before suddenly swerving onto the pavement and ploughing into the girl – sending her sprawling across the concrete.

Her mother throws up her arms in horror and rushes to the girl’s aid as the car speeds away. Another car driving closely behind the BMW appears to carry on without stopping. The victim was taken to hospital and is said to still be recovering from her injuries.

West Midlands Police has launched an investigation to track down the driver and is urging anybody with information to come forward.

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