Gee, I wonder what kind of vermin would use a car to deliberately run over a teenage girl on the sidewalk in the Muslim ‘NO-GO’ zone of Birmingham, UK?

Police video shows a driver deliberately running his car up on the pavement mowing down an unsuspecting teenage girl on a shopping trip with her mother. The 17-year-old was left with serious head and neck injuries following the attack on Bromsgrove Street, Birmingham City Centre on Jan. 28th.

UK Daily Mail (h/t John H)  The shocking 16-second clip shows the mother and daughter casually walking down the street as a black BMW 5 Series comes into view behind them and stops at a junction. The driver even signals as he calmly turns into the road before suddenly swerving onto the pavement and ploughing into the girl – sending her sprawling across the concrete.

Her mother throws up her arms in horror and rushes to the girl’s aid as the car speeds away. Another car driving closely behind the BMW appears to carry on without stopping. The victim was taken to hospital and is said to still be recovering from her injuries.

West Midlands Police has launched an investigation to track down the driver and is urging anybody with information to come forward.

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