SO WHAT if we are happy to hear that 200 Muslim illegals drowned when their boat capsized on their way to invade Italy?

That pales by comparison to the outrage we feel over the nearly 180,000 illegal alien African Muslims who were allowed to invade Italy in 2016, a 20% increase over 2015. Even worse, as of March 22nd, at least 20,484 Muslim invaders have arrived in Europe by sea since the beginning of 2017, with numbers likely to explode as the continent heads into spring.

Breitbart  These totals do not include 3,312 migrants picked up off Libya on the 19th of March who are currently en route to Italy, according to the text of the IOM’s report.

Including these migrants puts the number of Italian arrivals well ahead of the total for the first three months of 2015 (10,165) and the first three months of 2016 (18,777) – and March 2017 has over a week still to go.

“We have yet to complete March, and we are already racing at a pace of arrivals that has exceeded anything we’ve seen before in the Mediterranean,” International Organization for Migration (IOM) spokesman Joel Millman told Reuters.

Breitbart The majority of the migrants are males (71 percent) and almost all originate from the African continent. During 2017, Nigerians made up 21 percent of immigrants in Italy, with Eritrea sending 12 percent, Gambia, Sudan and Côte d’Ivoire with 7 percent each, Guinea at 6 percent and Somalia, Senegal and Mali accounting for 5 percent each.

According to Professor Anna Bono of the University of Turin, an expert in African migration, most of the migrants coming to Italy are not refugees escaping from war or even poor people fleeing hunger, but young, military-age males.

A number of NGOs have been accused of aggravating the immigration crisis by effectively providing an illegal shuttle service from Libyan waters to Italy, rather than taking migrants to the nearby port of Zarzis in Tunisia.
A recent study also revealed that there is a direct correlation between the number of immigrants entering Italy and the rise in the crime rate.

The crime rate among legal immigrants is nearly double that of Italian citizens, at 8.5 criminals per 1000 as opposed to just 4.3 per 1000 among Italians. More alarming still, more than half of Italy’s illegal immigrants have been found guilty of crimes (148 criminals out of every 247 persons).

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