NEW YORK TIMES no longer will use the term ‘Female Genital Mutilation’ to describe the mainly Muslim practice of mutilating the genitals of young girls because calling it what it is could be considered “culturally loaded”

The New York Times took some flak over the weekend when the health and science editor refused to use the term “female genital mutilation” to describe the Detroit-based doctor arrested this month for performing the barbaric procedure.

The Blaze  Times reporter Celia Dugger said using the “culturally loaded” phrase would “widen the chasm” between African and Western civilizations. Since Dugger’s April 13 story, a second doctor has been arrested for performing female genital mutilation, which is frequently abbreviated to FGM.

“I began writing about this back in 1996, when I was an immigration reporter on the Metro desk covering the asylum case of Fauziya Kassindja,” Dugger wrote. “I decided in the course of reporting that case — especially after a reporting trip to Togo, her home country, and the Ivory Coast — to call it genital cutting rather than mutilation.”

Dugger’s explanation came in response to a complaint filed by a Times reader who took issue with the journalist’s April 13 story and headline, “Michigan Doctor Is Accused of Genital Cutting of 2 Girls.”

“There’s a gulf between the Western (and some African) advocates who campaign against the practice and the people who follow the rite, and I felt the language used  [female genital mutilation] widened that chasm,” Dugger argued.

However, the practice has been widely rejected as unacceptable and barbaric — not an issue of cultural nuance. The World Health Organization describes FGM as “a violation of the human rights of girls and women.”

And the United Nations took it a step further, asserting that the use of the word “mutilation,” rather than Dugger’s word choice, “emphasizes the gravity of the act and reinforces that the practice is a violation of women’s and girls’ basic human rights.”

The mainstream media are hiding the dramatic news that President Donald Trump’s Department of Justice has announced a national campaign to eradicate the imported practice of Female Genital Mutilation.

Breitbart By ignoring the imported FGM practice, the TV networks “are guilty of aiding and abetting violence against women out of a politically correct fueled fear of offending Muslims,” says an April 18 statement by the Media Research Center and ACT for America.

The establishment media has largely hidden the administration’s new pro-female policy and the shocking crime, which threatens or has already victimized more than 500,000 young American women whose parents are immigrants from countries where FGM is routine.

On April 13, the New York Times just posted a 637-word article on page A14 about a “Michigan doctor” without mentioning “Islam” or “Muslim.” The Washington Post merely ran a 760-word online article on April 13 about a “Detroit emergency room doctor,” and a four-paragraph AP report in the newspaper about a “Detroit-area doctor” on April 14. Neither article mentioned Islam.

TheHill ran a 221-word piece on April 13 about a “Detroit emergency room doctor” which hid the role of imported Islamic ideas. Politico’s website shows no mention of the Muslim doctor’s s name.

The Virginia-based Media Research Council slammed the TV networks on April 18 for ignoring the issue. “Since last Thursday, The New York Times,, and have all posted pieces online about the case and Fox News’ Tucker Carlson ran a segment about it on his show Friday. So far, the morning and evening news shows at the big three networks have been silent, and as of this morning so has CNN,” MRC reported Tuesday, April 18.


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