BIG BUILDING BOOM set for Israeli capital of Jerusalem and in the Arab-illegally occupied Jewish land of Judea & Samaria

Israeli authorities are planning to build some 15,000 new Jewish housing units in the eastern part of Jerusalem, according to the Israeli Housing Ministry. Palestinian authorities have condemned the decision, calling it the “deliberate sabotage” of peace talks. (So-called ‘peace talks’ with Muslims is an oxymoron)

RT  The Housing Ministry and the Jerusalem Municipality are working on the plan, with proposals for 25,000 Jewish homes in Jerusalem, 15,000 of which would be in the eastern part of Jerusalem, Housing Minister Yoav Galant told Israeli Radio, Reuters reports. The authorities plan to implement the project within two years, he added.

“We will build 10,000 units in Jerusalem and some 15,000 within the [extended] municipal boundaries of Jerusalem. It will happen,” he said.

According to Saeb Erekat, the Palestinians’ chief negotiator, Israel’s decision is the “deliberate sabotage” of efforts to resume talks between Israel and Palestine. (Good, resuming fake peace talks is a waste of everyone’s time and efforts)

Israel approves largest West Bank Judea & Samaria new housing construction in 25 years.

RT  Israel has greenlighted plans for over 8,000 new homes in Judea & Samaria, with over a third for “immediate” construction, the defense minister revealed on Sunday, making it the largest expansion of Jewish housing in the area in 25 years.

According to Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman, 3,651 housing units were approved last week, Haaretz reports. The minister noted that “What we’ve approved on June 6 and 7 is the maximum that can be approved.” Plans for 8,345 new housing units have been approved by the Israeli authorities so far this year, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency writes, citing Liebermann. Out of these, 3,066 have been given final approval and will soon be built.

“The numbers for the first half of 2017 are the highest since 1992,” Lieberman said. The defense minister also praised Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government for its aggressive stance on expanding Jewish housing in the Judea & Samaria.

Nearly 400,000 Israeli Jews are estimated to be living in Judea & Samaria along with 2.8 million Palestinian occupiers. Another 200,000 Israelis live in the eastern part of Jerusalem, an area falsely claimed by Palestinians.


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