California’s 34th congressional district special election, 2017

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California’s 34th congressional district special election, 2017

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California’s 34th congressional district

Jimmy Gomez, California State Assembly (2012).jpg RLA Headshot.jpg
Candidate Jimmy Gomez Robert Lee Ahn
Party Democratic Democratic
Popular vote 19,761 13,108
Percentage 60.1% 39.9%

U.S. Representative before election
Xavier Becerra
Elected U.S. Representative
Jimmy Gomez

Incumbent Representative Xavier Becerra, nominated by GovernorJerry Brown to succeed Kamala Harris, was confirmed as Attorney General of California on January 23, 2017.[1] Harris, who was elected to the United States Senate to succeed Barbara Boxer, resigned as Attorney General on January 3, 2017.[2]

Democrats Jimmy Gomez and Robert Ahn advanced to the general election.[3] Gomez defeated Ahn 60.1% to 39.9%.


Democratic Party[edit]

Upon the announcement of incumbent Representative Xavier Becerra‘s selection as Attorney General of California, John Pérez, the former Speaker of the California State Assembly, announced his candidacy to succeed him in the House of Representatives.[2] He soon withdrew from the race, citing a recent health diagnosis.[4]


  • Robert Lee Ahn, attorney and Los Angeles City planning commissioner
  • Vanessa Aramayo, former congressional aide and former California Assembly aide[5]
  • Maria Cabildo, former Los Angeles City planning commissioner and Director of Homeless Initiatives at the LA County Community Development Commission & Housing Authority,[6] Co-Founder of East LA Community Corporation[7]
  • Alejandra Campoverdi, former White House aide for U.S. President Barack Obama[8]
  • Arturo Carmona, former Bernie Sanders presidential campaign staff member[9]
  • Wendy Carrillo, labor activist and radio host[10][11]
  • Ricardo De La Fuente, businessman and son of 2016 presidential candidate Rocky De La Fuente[12]
  • Yolie Flores, former Los Angeles Unified School District board member[13]
  • Melissa “Sharkie” Garza, filmmaker and businesswoman[14]
  • Jimmy Gomez, State Assemblyman[15]
  • Sara Hernandez, former public school teacher, attorney, non-profit founder and former district director and special counsel to LA City Council Member Jose Huizar.[16]
  • Steven Mac, Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney[8]
  • Sandra Mendoza, candidate for the State Assembly in 2014 and 2016[17]
  • Raymond Meza, SEIU labor organizer[8]
  • Armando Sotomayor, activist
  • Richard Joseph Sullivan, attorney
  • Tracy Van Houten, aerospace engineer[18]
  • Tenaya Wallace, public relations strategist[17]



Republican Party[edit]


  • William Rodriguez Morrison, apartment building manager and perennial candidate[17]

Green Party[edit]


  • Kenneth Mejia, certified public accountant and candidate for this seat in 2016[27]

Libertarian Party[edit]


  • Angela McArdle, litigation paralegal and legal aide[28]



  • Mark Padilla, law office administrator

Primary election[edit]



Poll source Date(s)
Margin of
Campoverdi (D)
Carrillo (D)
Carmona (D)
Flores (D)
Gomez (D)
Hernandez (D)
Lee Ahn (D)
William Rodriguez
Morrison (R)
Mejia (G)
Other / Undecided
Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin, Metz & Associates February 11–14, 2017 500 ± 4.4% 2% 5% 4% 4% 20% 9% 1% 5% 3% 47%


California’s 34th congressional district special primary election, 2017
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Jimmy Gomez 8,156 28.14
Democratic Robert Lee Ahn 5,504 18.99
Democratic Maria Cabildo 2,778 9.58
Democratic Sara Hernandez 1,525 5.26
Democratic Arturo Carmona 1,520 5.24
Democratic Wendy Carrillo 1,448 5.00
Green Kenneth Mejia 1,276 4.40
Republican William Morrison 1,089 3.76
Democratic Yolie Flores 1,027 3.54
Democratic Alejandra Campoverdi 679 2.34
Democratic Tracy Van Houten 673 2.32
Democratic Vanessa Aramayo 611 2.11
Democratic Sandra Mendoza 535 1.85
Democratic Steven Mac 489 1.69
Democratic Raymond Meza 385 1.33
No party preference Mark Edward Padilla 340 1.17
Libertarian Angela McArdle 248 0.86
Democratic Ricardo De La Fuente 246 0.85
Democratic Adrienne Nicole Edwards 127 0.44
Democratic Richard Joseph Sullivan 118 0.41
Democratic Armando Sotomayor 91 0.31
Democratic Tenaya Wallace 67 0.23
Democratic Melissa “Sharkie” Garza 52 0.18
Total votes 28,534 100.00

General election[edit]



100% Reporting (192 of 192 Precincts)

California’s 34th congressional district special general election, 2017
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Jimmy Gomez 19,761 60.1%
Democratic Robert Lee Ahn 13,108 39.9%
Total votes 32,869 100.00
Democratic hold

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A special election was held on June 6, 2017, to determine the member of the United States House of Representatives for California’s 34th congressional district. A primary election was held on April 4, 2017.


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