NEW JERSEY convert to Islam and ISIS wannabe planned pressure-cooker attack on Manhattan after trying to kill family dog

A New Jersey Muslim convert, Gregory Lepsky, also known as Allah Abdel Rochman, has been arrested after trying to butcher his family dog (because Muslims think dogs are dirty) and then become a martyr for ISIS by blowing himself up with a pressure cooker bomb in Manhattan, federal authorities charged Friday.

FOX News  Gregory Lepsky, 20, of Point Pleasant, was charged with one count of attempting to provide material support to ISIS. Lepsky was arrested at his home in February after the incident involving the family pet, and police subsequently discovered a pressure cooker and a digital trail indicating a Boston Marathon-style bomb plot, prosecutors said in Newark Federal Court.

Lepsky reportedly said he was going to place the bomb in a busy area of New York City — specifically in Manhattan — in order to kill as many people as possible.

Lepsky, a recent convert to Islam who goes by Allah Abdel Rochman, allegedly had previously told people via social media that he intended to fight on behalf of ISIS, and intended to deliver “a bunch of explosives” to where the “enemies” could be found.

“During searches of computers and other digital evidence linked to Lepsky, law enforcement found evidence of Lepsky’s plan to build and detonate a bomb as part of his support for ISIS,” federal prosecutors charged.

Both Lepsky and the dog were wounded when police initially responded on Feb. 21, and Lepsky allegedly told police while being treated at a hospital he planned to carry out his attack in New York City. The complaint said he told officials he pledged his allegiance to “Allah,” was planning to kill his mother and fatally stabbed his dog because it was considered “dirty.”

“Lepsky expressed regret for having tried to kill the family dog because, according to him, if he had not done so, the police would not have discovered his plan,” FBI agent Tara Jerussi wrote in a complaint filed Friday.

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