The Trump women received high praise from the Arab media: ‘Classy, conservative and elegantly respectful’

And not an Islamic headbag on the women or a bow-to-the-king from the president anywhere in sight.

BizPacReview  First lady Melania Trump and first daughter Ivanka Trump were praised by Saudi Arabian newspapers for their elegant fashion style while visiting the Muslim country this weekend. Arab News ran a special section featuring a front-page photo of Melania wearing a Stella McCartney jumpsuit when she arrived at Riyadh airport, praising her “classy, conservative and elegantly respectful” outfit.

Melania Trump’s decision not to wear a hijab initially raised eyebrows in Saudi Arabia, but earned kudos in the United States and the rest of the Western world. Many Saudis even lauded the move on Twitter.

According to Arab media, Saudi women are now trying to mimic the first lady’s style by wearing “Melania-style” abayas.

Ivanka Trump made a similarly outstanding impression on the Saudis, where the Twitter hashtag “bint Trump” (Arabic for “Trump’s daughter”) was the No. 1 trending topic over the weekend.

In the Arab world, Ivanka is so popular that many people refer to the president simply as “abu Ivanka” (translation: “Ivanka’s father”).

All this adulation from Muslims contradicts the U.S. media narrative that President Trump and his family are despised by Muslims because of his tough stance on Islamic terrorism. The Muslims’ fascination with Ivanka is even more astonishing when you consider that she has converted to Judaism and is married to an Orthodox Jew.

While in Saudi Arabia, the Trump women advocated on behalf of women’s rights. Saudi Arabia is one of the most oppressive countries in the world for women. Ivanka spoke at a roundtable on women’s economic empowerment while Melania visited a women’s business center.

During a speech before the leaders of 50 Muslim-majority countries Sunday, President Trump also urged the Saudis to stop oppressing women and Christians.

Trumpwho was applauded by Americans for  (like Obama did)—also earned raves from the Arab press, which touted his visit on its front page with the headline: “Trump means business.”

Another article written by the Arab News editorial board gushed: “Two thumbs up, Mr. President.”

It’s a shame that the biased American media cannot give Trump similar credit for the good things he does on behalf of the United States.


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