Is it me? Or do most of the protesters who stormed the city council following the Grenfell Tower fire appear to be Muslims?

Angry locals have stormed the buildings of Kensington and Chelsea Council, demanding “answers” and “justice” after the Grenfell Tower fire. Most British ‘council’ buildings are for low-income or welfare-dependent residents.

Breitbart (h/t Emma) Between 400 and 500 people gathered outside the local authority buildings, with frustration boiling over and a crowd running towards the doors. Footage on the BBC showed around 50 to 100 people getting inside, with others banging on the doors and shouting “we want justice!”

Council officials refused to address the crowd but responded to demands from locals in a written statement. Demonstrators were not satisfied, however, as there were no assurances given that victims would be housed locally in the borough or given full financial compensation.

List of dead so far: Majority of Muslim names.

At least 30 people have been confirmed dead, 24 are still receiving treatment, of which 12 are still in critical care, and at least 70 are missing after what has been described as Britain’s worst disaster since Hillsborough.

The council has been criticised for not investing in local housing, and for allegedly prioritising ‘eco’ concerns and aesthetics over fire safety in a 2016 multi-million pound refurbishment of the block.


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