Shhhhhh…don’t tell anyone but 2016 was the deadliest year for Islamic terrorism in the West since 9/11

“There was a 650% increase in deaths from Islamic terrorism” in civilized countries during 2016 compared to the previous year.

Truth Revolt  ISLAMIC TERRORISM inflicted more deaths across the Western world in 2017 than any year since 9/11, according to the annual Global Terrorism Index compiled by Sydney-based Institute for Economics and Peace. The report comes as France marks the second anniversary of the Paris attacks, a series of coordinated Islamic jihad suicide bombings and mass shootings across the city that killed 130 people.


Despite the decline in absolute number of terrorism-related deaths across the world in 2016, the focal point of violent Jihad is shifting from the Muslim countries to Europe, report suggests. Many European cities suffered deadly terrorist attacks last year; with Paris, London, Berlin and Brussels all targeted by Muslims.

Analyzing the impact of terrorism on the West, this year’s Global Terrorism Index concluded:

In OECD countries [world’s 35 leading industrialized nation], the Islamic State’s (ISIS) transnational tactics in combination with lone actor attacks inspired by the group contributed towards a 650% increase in the number of fatalities.

21 of the 34 OECD countries experienced at least one attack, with the majority of deaths occurring in Turkey and France. Denmark, France, Germany, Sweden and Turkey all recorded the most deaths from terrorism in a single year since 2000. More than half of the 577 deaths were in connection to ISIS, whose attacks in Paris, Brussels and Ankara were amongst the most devastating in the history of these countries.

ISIS and its affiliates more than doubled the number of countries in which they were active jumping from 13 in 2014 to 28 countries in 2015, including many in Europe. This resulted in a record number of countries experiencing their highest levels of terrorism in any year in the past 16 years.

Many mainstream media outlets tried to downplay the growing threat of Jihad in the West as depicted by the report, deciding instead to highlight the fact that the absolute number of deaths resulting from terrorism fell by 10 percent to around 29,300 compared to previous year. BBC reported the finding of the Global Terrorism Index under the headline: “Global Deaths from Terrorism Drop.”

While that might be factually correct, there is no sugar-coating the fact that Islamic terrorism-related deaths in developed countries increased by a staggering 650%. The ideologically-driven Open Borders Policy and the resulting mass exodus from Arab and Muslim countries into Europe is inviting Jihad right into the heart of the Western world. No matter how leftist media spin the story, Europe’s death toll speaks for itself.

No amount of data or intelligence will make any difference if the political elite in the West continue to remain in a state of Jihad denial. Their virtue-signaling and refusal to face facts is leaving a long bloody trail in its wake.

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