Zeitgeist city

A planned city-sized laboratory will integrate real-world urban and suburban environments along with all the typical working infrastructure elements that make up today’s cities. The idea is to provide a unique opportunity to test and evaluate technologies in conditions that most closely simulate real-world applications. Self driving cars, drones, robots, smart grid technology, and new wireless communication technology what will all of these developments mean for us?  A technology development firm has a big plan in place to test out these technologies and more. Pegasus Global Holdings, a global IP development firm that develops technologies in order to meet requirements from our commercial and military customers, isFINANCING an entire test city in the New Mexico desert. CITE is an above ground, unpopulated, fully operating, and real-world lab environment representative of a mid-sized American city. It will provide a legacy environment where new technologies can be tested at scale, allowing researchers and manufacturers to manage the unpredictability of product performance before being introduced into the market, and to the population at large.