Palestinian Authority joins several countries to help Israel fight out-of-control wildfires

Not surprisingly, Obama’s America is not one of them.


Times of Israel  A team of firefighters from the Palestinian Authority will join Israeli efforts to combat the blazes around the country. So far, seven countries have sent planes, a helicopter and crews to help combat the fires across the country. Some 350 firefighters using 115 vehicles were working to contain the blazes in central and northern Israel.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told journalists. “I want to thank the leaders of Russia, Italy, Greece, Croatia, Cyprus, Turkey, and now France [for their aid]. Another ten planes will arrive before midnight, including two large planes sent by President Putin.”

Netanyahu has also said that the US’s Evergreen Supertanker, the world’s largest firefighting plane, has been purchased from the US to help deal with the fires. The tanker, which is a converted Boeing 747, will arrive in 28 hours.

The PA’s director of civil defense, Maj. Gen. Yousef Nassar, said Thursday evening that fire crews were making final preparations before joining international and Israeli firefighters.

The official said that the PA made contact through the office of the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories, and will send fire crews to combat the blazes around the country, according to the official Wafa news agency.

JPost  Arab social media networks on Thursday were rife with inflammatory celebratory reactions in light of the myriad of brush fires that have been blazing across central and northern Israel since Tuesday. “Tel_Aviv_IsBurning” was the most common Arabic hashtag trending on Arab social media platforms on Thursday morning.

“Good luck to the fires. #Israel_IsBurning,” he wrote in an Arabic Twitter post accompanied by a smiling face icon and various photographs of the daily fires across the country.

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One of the most proliferous tweets was published by a police officer in Abu Dabi that read “Israel has prevented the amplified calls to prayer, and then it was engulfed in fire.”

In addition, social media networks in Egypt, Jordan and the Gulf emirates were also saturated with posts that indicated that the fires were nature’s retribution over an controversial Israel bill to ban outside loudspeakers from places of worship, such as the likes used in the five-time daily call to prayer by mosques.


All-women crews from Europe set sail to break the Israeli blockade of the “open air prison/concentration camp” that bleeding heart leftists like to call Gaza today

Activists, politicians, and cultural artists from around the globe are on board two boats which have set sail from Barcelona, aiming to break a nearly decade-long Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip.

RT  (h/t Jo P) Aboard are Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead MaGuire from Northern Ireland, Swedish European Parliament Member Malin Bjork, Marama Davidson, Green Party MP from New Zealand, American screenwriter and playwright, Naomi Wallace, and Cigdem Topcuoglu, a professional athlete from Turkey who sailed on the Mavi Marmara in 2010 and whose husband was among the 10 activists who were killed on that voyage by Israeli forces. The ‘Women’s Boat To Gaza’ flotilla is expected to reach the territory in early October.

In 2015, the last time the Women’s Boat to Gaza attempted to deliver aid to the territory, the Israeli Navy boarded and took over its vessel, Marianne. The boat was then taken to the Israeli city of Ashdod…where the women were sent back.


Following the unilateral withdrawal of Israeli security forces in 2005, no one can claim that the Gaza Strip is “occupied territory.”  This still hasn’t stopped the usual critics from making other accusations about the misery of the people there, such as charging that the Palestinians are “under siege” from Israel and starving as a consequence.

Likewise, there is absolutely no starvation in Gaza.  The Palestinians receive enormous amounts of free assistance from the rest of the world and are so well-fed that the territories are actually the eighth most obese “country” in the world according to the World Health Organization:

When it comes to Gaza and the life of Palestinian “refugees”, the gap between myth and fact is so dramatic that perception almost stands reality on its head. Health and quality of life in the territories vastly exceed the average in most parts of the world – and not just where people are in more obvious need, such as Africa, but even in developed countries like China and areas of South America.

The poverty rate in Gaza is 16% – roughly equal to Spain, Germany and California. The rate of poverty is actually higher in Greece, most of the EU, and even parts of the United States, such as Washington D.C. As researcher Daniel Greenfield has pointed out, at 24%, even the poverty rate in Israel is actually 50% higher than in Gaza!

It seems that while Palestinians are experts at presenting a false narrative about Gaza to gullible visitors, politicians, the UN, and the international media like the first video above, Western taxpayers are actually subsidizing something entirely different.

The Myth: Squalor

The Reality: Hard to keep up the facade of Gazans living in squalor when you see the facades of luxury condos, hotels, resorts, office buildings, shopping malls, etc. like these.

The Myth: Deprivation

The Reality: Not enough parking spaces at the luxury malls



The Myth: Starvation

The Reality: See any starving Gazans in these photos?




The Myth: Oppression

The Reality: 4-Star Restaurants and Private Clubs are the norm, not the exception in Gaza





The Myth: Despair

The Reality: Recreational facilities abound in this ‘open air prison,’ like the Olympic sized swimming pool and water parks that Gazans use when desperation sets in


The Myth: Poverty

The Reality: Horseback riding lessons are expensive in any country, but not for a lot of Gazans

 FROM SUNRISE TO SUNSET…Gazans are waiting anxiously for the next humanitarian aid flotilla to arrive from Europe.



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