August 21-22: An Eclipse, Disasters, and Suicides?

 Excerpt: Twilight Language

On August 21, 2017, the shadow of a total solar eclipse will cross the entire continental United States, the first time since 1918, and astrologers, according to Newsweek and other sources, say perhaps it will be a disaster for President Trump. But he may not be the only one looking to the heavens to a troublesome late August.

There are some who are waiting for “something” to happen on August 21 or August 22. We all know that there will be specific talk of certain known events for those days. It is the unknown that is causing some fears to build.
The solar eclipse has a good deal of people quite excited. Here is a sterling state by state breakdown (here) that you might wish to consult.
The path of the totality will cross several interesting locations.
Bucky Fuller, a Fortean and architect, by Andy Finkle;
a painting permanently on exhibit at the International Cryptozoology Museum.
Take for instance Carbondale, Illinois, the home of Southern Illinois University, claimant to the seat of all good Buckminster Fuller followers, and right in the middle of the mysterious Little Egypt triangle.
Teeshirts are for sale, already, on the Internet.
Then there is also Hopkinsville-Kelly, Kentucky, where the visit of the total eclipse will exactly match the August 21st anniversary of the infamous little creature invasion. I devote an entire chapter to these beasties in Mysterious America: The Ultimate Guide to the Nation’s Weirdest Wonders, Strangest Spots, and Creepiest Creatures.

On the evening of August 21, 1955, five adults and seven children arrived at the Hopkinsville police station claiming that small creatures were attacking their farmhouse and they had been holding them off with gunfire “for nearly four hours.” Two of the adults, Elmer Sutton and Billy Ray Taylor, claimed they had been shooting at “twelve to fifteen” short, dark figures who repeatedly popped up at the doorway or peered into the windows. (See more here.)

The creatures association with “aliens” and “spaceships” would be added later in the popular mind. The look of the creatures appear to have influenced the appearance of the Gremlins in the movie of the same name.
Will the New Madrid Earthquake, in some kind of a 2017 version shake the middle of America? Will an asteroid hit the Earth? Is there disaster written in the interaction between the Sun, Moon, and Earth? Some people use to talk about suicides when comets were flying by. Is there really going to be any human impacts due to this well-publicized eclipse? Only time will tell.
We all shall get through it, and August 22, 2017, will come and go. Correct?
Or will some choose suicide? This is actually a dangerous time for “Grunge suicides.” And I have asked for people to talk to those who may feel suicidal around this time of the month. There is a traditional one-month syndrome with some suicides, and Chester Bennington did die by hanging on July 20, 2017.

As I posted on July 26, 2017, “Will Grunge Suicide Copycats Continue?” Specifically I am looking at the date of August 22, for it is the birth date of Layne Staley, a member of Alice in Chains, who OD’ed on April 5, 2002, the anniversary date of Kurt Cobain’s suicide.

Buckle your seat belts for August 21 and 22, 2017.
The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline number is 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

Rexit? Tillerson Reportedly Considering Early Exit Amid Trump Administration Chaos

Perpetual chaos within the Trump administration is apparently starting to take it’s toll on Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, at least according to some anonymous sources, and has prompted rumors that he may depart his post before the end of the year.  According to various media outlets, Tillerson has grown frustrated with his lack of autonomy, constant internal policy contradictions and public disputes between the White House and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, among other things.  Per Reuters:

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has told friends he will be lucky to last a year in his job, according to a friend, while two officials said national security adviser H.R. McMaster was frustrated by what he sees as disorganization and indiscipline on key policy issues inside the White House.

A source familiar with the situation told Reuters that Tillerson was “very upset at not having autonomy, independence and control over his own department and the ability to do the job the way the job … is traditionally done.”

The source said he had heard nothing about any possible departure, but added: “The situation doesn’t seem to be getting any better, and in some respects appears to be getting worse.”

According to CNN‘s anonymous sources, Tillerson has told friends outside of Washington that he’d like to remain in his post through the end of the year though those same sources question whether another 5 months will be possible.

For weeks, conversations with Tillerson friends outside of Washington have left the impression that he, despite his frustrations, was determined to stay on the job at least through the end of the year. That would allow time to continue efforts to reorganize the State Department and would mean he could claim to have put in a year as America’s top diplomat.

But two sources who spoke to CNN on condition of anonymity over the weekend said they would not be surprised if there was a “Rexit” from Foggy Bottom sooner that that.

Both of these sources are familiar with Tillerson conversations with friends outside Washington. Both said there was a noticeable increase in the secretary’s frustration and his doubts that the tug-of-war with the White House would subside anytime soon. They also acknowledged it could have been venting after a tough week, a suggestion several DC-based sources made when asked if they saw evidence Tillerson was looking for an exit strategy.



Of course, Tillerson recently suffered an embarrassing contradiction from the White House over Qatar.  Following last month’s move by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt to boycott Qatar, which they accuse of financing extremist groups and supporting terrorism, Tillerson publicly asked the nations to ease their blockade, and put the onus on both sides to end the crisis.

Unfortunately, less than 90 minutes later, Trump accused Qatar of being a “high level” sponsor of terrorism in a press conference and suggested he had helped plan the Qatar action with Arab leaders.

Meanwhile, according to Reuters, Tillerson has also grown increasingly frustrated over internal criticisms surrounding the Iran deal.

Tillerson scored a policy win last week when the administration certified, albeit reluctantly, that Iran was complying with the 2015 nuclear deal under which Tehran agreed to restrain its atomic program in exchange for sanctions relief.

He was upset, however, by fierce internal criticism from Trump, as well as his chief strategist, Steve Bannon, and White House aide Sebastian Gorka, over the decision, said another U.S. official who spoke on condition of anonymity.

“The secretary does not feel that White House staff members should be in a position to conduct hostile cross-(examinations) of Cabinet officials,” the official said.

Hammond disputed the account of harsh discord between Trump and Tillerson regarding recertifying the Iran nuclear deal, saying: “I don’t buy this whole thing that there are tensions. Developing public policy is about vetting out ideas,” he said.

Not surprisingly, Tillerson’s spokesman has so far denied that the Secretary of State is considering an early exit…

R.C. Hammond, Tillerson’s spokesman, denied Tillerson was considering leaving or that his frustrations were boiling over, saying he had “plenty of reasons to stay on the job, and all of them are important to America.”

“There’s a desperate need for American leadership in the world and that’s where the secretary’s focusing his attention,” he said.

…so what say you?  Fake news or is Tillerson in a race with Sessions to see who will exit their post first?

Trump Jokes French President Macron “Loves Holding My Hand

On the heels of the most excruciating 30 seconds of handshaking ever, President Trump is trying to play down the incident during a New York Times interview, joking that French President Emmanuel Macron “loves” holding his hand.

As The Hill reports, the two leaders shared an extended departing handshake in Paris last week, which was mockingly timed by MSNBC. Anchor Katy Tur saying the two leaders were “enjoying new romance.”

 “The latest handshake that was seen around the world lasted nearly 30 seconds,” she continued as an on-screen clock counted the seconds of the handshake.

“There was a lot of leaning in with President Trump at one point using his other hand to pat Macron on the chest.”

Macron told the Journal du Dimanche at the time…

“My handshake with him, it’s not innocent, it’s not the alpha and the omega of politics, but a moment of truth.”

And now President Trump has his side of the shake…

“He’s a great guy – smart, strong, he loves holding my hand, people don’t realize, he loves holding my hand – that’s good!”

No matter what, this this manual ménage à trois never gets less cringeworthy.