Vampire Banks Will Suck Greece Dry

Former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis offers a clear explanation of what the euro-elites have been really up to in enforcing endless austerity on Greece.

The popular line that Greeks need to pay the price for their years of profligacy and learn fiscal discipline is, as Varoufakis observes, cover for the euro-elites’ efforts to force European tax-payers to bail out yet again the recklessness of their nation’s banks. That is why the “debt relief” for Greece is helping the banks rather than ordinary Greeks.

There is a saying never let a good crisis go to waste even if Greece accept this bailout package with is worse than the one they reject. They are going to used this Greece crisis to create a use United States of Europe. The power that be are already blaming the     problem on the country of the European Union for not   relinquishing their power to them and they are saying that y the problem in Greece happen so soon u might be hearing talk about the USE but I still believe that Greece might leave the European Union at some point in time. Let’s see what the people response to this new bailout package.

Greece has to do what’s right for its survival. Greece have to stop behaving like rome right now the people are getting good deal without working for it that causing the country to go bankrupt That the first thing they need to do before anything else.

Remember this is all about creating Union to a one world government In the end there is supposed to be 10 Union and about 3 is almost done that leave 7 more to be created