GOD SAVE THE QUEEN for smacking down the arrogant Muslim Mayor of London

The Queen of England has intentionally humiliated London’s pathetic excuse for a mayor, Sadiq Khan, after he he announced that the UK should not allow American President Donald Trump to visit the country.

Truthfeed  Soon after demanding that Trump to be banned, Khan’s threat has been quickly debunked by the Queen of England herself. She has declared she will be meeting with President Trump whether the delusional Muslim mayor of London likes it or not. Khan truly does not know his place and has spoken many times as if he speaks for the U.K.

Shortly after he took office in January, President Donald Trump hosted U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May, who offered an invitation in kind for Trump to visit Britain and meet with Queen Elizabeth in October.

However, following a heated feud between Trump and London Mayor Sadiq Khan, regarding recent terror attacks in London, Khan called for PM Teresa May to cancel the president’s visit with the queen. Unfortunately for these Trump-haters, the British government has reiterated and confirmed the invitation to Trump, AFP reported.

Trump seized on Khan’s remark that there was “no reason to be alarmed” at the increased presence of armed police officers in the city streets, by criticizing Khan for allegedly attempting to downplay the seriousness and alarming prevalence of Islamist terror attacks throughout the U.K.

Regardless of Trump and Khan’s squabble, the Queen appears to be good and ready to welcome Trump to the British nation. If Trump’s past interactions with world leaders are any indication, the meeting should go very well indeed.

No, Khan, three Islamic terrorist attacks in just three months in your country have proven that Trump’s view of Islam is spot-on. 

OUTRAGE at Saudi Arabian National Soccer Team who refused to observe moment of silence for Australian victims of the latest Muslim terrorist attack in London

But these Saudi pigs were quick to drop to their knees and lift their asses to allah after they scored a goal.

UK Daily Mail (h/t Sara S)  The Saudi Arabian soccer team chose to tie their shoelaces, stretch and casually pass balls instead of lining up for a minute’s silence for the London terror victims. Soccer fans across the globe were outraged after the Saudi national team refused to pay their respects in a World Cup qualifier against Australia in Adelaide on Thursday.

A spokesman for Football Federation Australia explained they were told a minute of silence was ‘not in keeping with Saudi culture’ ahead of the match.  But furious viewers were to quick to point out occasions Saudi Arabian sporting teams had solemnly observed a minute’s silence for different tragedies.

The Saudi players were also happy to perform elaborate religious goal celebrations, kneeling to the ground to pray to God after scoring an equaliser late in the first half.

Pictures show the Australian team lined up at the halfway mark, with the Saudi players ignoring the gesture as they get in formation to start the game. Saudi players on the bench also refused to stand for the minute’s silence.

A spokesperson from the Football Federation Australia told Daily Mail Australia they had been advised prior to the match that the Saudi team would not be taking part. ‘The FFA was further advised by Saudi team officials that this tradition was not in keeping with Saudi culture and they would move to their side of the field and respect our custom whilst taking their own positions on the field.

Australian and British football fans on social media were furious, and lashed out against the Saudi team.’Minutes silence for London terror, Saudi players wandering around like they don’t give a f***, Saudi fans shouting the whole time #AUSvKSA,’ a man named Adam tweeted.

Others called for official measures to be taken against the team.

An Islamic imam has suggested the Saudi Arabian team refused to take part in a minute’s silence for the London terror victims because they believe ‘it is not a sin for a Muslim to kill a non-believer’. Sheikh Mohammad Tawhidi said, ‘They did not stop for a moment of silence because according to Wahhabi Islam – which governs Saudi Arabia – it is not wrong or a sin for a Muslim to kill a non-Muslim,’ he told Daily Mail Australia.

PAUL JOSEPH WATSON says the Muslim Mayor of London is a “complete Idiot?”

No, he isn’t. It’s the people who thought it was a good idea to elect a Pakistani Muslim with terrorist ties, who are the idiots. During his short time as mayor, London has seen an increase in terror incidents with concerning indications that terror groups wish to stage a major attack on the City of London. And Khan will be first in line to defend any terrorists who are captured.

Truth Revolt  Before Sadiq Khan became mayor of London, he was a lawyer who represented Islamic extremists, including a 9/11 conspirator, and held other close associations with terror groups Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, and al-Qaeda to name a few. Video has recently surfaced (above) of some of these ties as well as a report published by ZeroHedge.

Rather than focusing on combatting terror, Khan has used his forum to tell Londoners as well as citizens in other parts of Europe and the United States that the West must learn to live with terrorism as a part of daily life while fighting Islamophobia.

During his time as a legal advocate, Sadiq Khan served as the Chief Legal Advisor of the Muslim Council of Britain’s legal affairs committee. Khan was a member of a delegation organized by the Muslim Council of Britain in 2003 to protest what they described as “indiscriminate” arrests of Muslims for alleged terror ties.

The Muslim Council of Britain was placed under investigation by the British government over “irregularities” surrounding £1,263,000 in aid given to it by the government. In the past it has admitted to funding groups tied to both Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad and is banned from Israel as a result of its ties to terror.

Read more HERE

MUSLIM MAYOR of London says there’s no money to monitor returning Muslim jihadists…because police are too busy chasing after alleged anti-Muslim hate incidents

The Metropolitan Police have arrested 25 people since Saturday’s terror attacks, using hate crime legislation to crack down on words and actions deemed either offensive, or which target Muslims “because of their religion.

Breitbart  (h/t Emma) “Community Engagement” for the Metropolitan Police, said:

Since Saturday evening’s attacks, we have increased the number of officers on the streets and in communities to reassure local people that they are able to go about their daily lives in peace and without fear of harassment or intimidation. Dedicated ward officers have also made contact with their local places of worship to encourage them to report hate crimes and to reassure those who congregate there that the police will take these crimes seriously. The Metropolitan Police has made 25 arrests for hate crime offences since Saturday.

Met Police – 25 hate crime arrests have been made since the terror attacks in London on Saturday night.

He said in an interview Wednesday morning: “I can’t follow 400 people… the Met Police budget, roughly 15-20 per cent comes from me, the Mayor. The rest is funded by central government. If the Met Police budget is being shrunk and reduced, they’ve got to prioritise and use their resources in a sensible, savvy way.”

Now, however, it seems we are learning of the Met’s priorities. The force boasted on Thursday of the large amount of resources they dedicate to policing hate crime. A statement from the police said:

All hate crimes are reviewed by a Detective Inspector and the MPS has also increased specialist investigators within the 32 London borough community safety units by 30 per cent, with more than 900 specialist members of staff dedicated to investigating all hate crime and domestic abuse crimes.

We will not tolerate hate crime in and we will continue to support victims. There is a difference between an opinion and abuse

The force also noted in its statement that it regards TellMAMA — a group which lost government funding after it was found they were artificially inflating hate crime numbers — as a reliable go-to for hate crime reporting.

In 2014, TellMAMA lost its case with the Press Complaints Commission, when it objected to the original Telegraph reporting which revealed its dodgy figures.

The Telegraph reported that many of their hate crime claims were exaggerations at best, and that out of the 212 “Islamophobic incidents” reported by Tell Mama, 57 per cent happened only online, with a further 16 per cent of incidents not being verified. Only eight per cent of incidents involved physical targeting, and no attacks were serious enough to require medical treatment.

The Met Police statement adds: “We have increased the number of hate crime liaison officers who are a single point of contact for all those who need support after reporting a hate crime and we have introduced an Online Hate Crime Hub to tackle hate crime on social media.”

The news comes as London Mayor Sadiq Khan told Piers Morgan in an interview that London’s police did not have enough resources to monitor the jihadists returning to the United Kingdom from Syria and Iraq.

Did you know that one in five child deaths in London is caused by rampant Muslim inbreeding and incest?

This is especially true in Pakistani Muslim communities. You might want to say this is a good thing, but before they die, they use up more than their share of the National Health Service resources that hardworking Londoners pay for.

President Trump blasts London’s Muslim Mayor after latest Muslim terrorist attack

Trump responded to the idiocy of Sadiq Khan telling the citizens of London, “There is no reason to be alarmed!” (After all, Khan told us that “Muslim terrorist attacks are just part of living in a big city”)

NY Daily News  President Trump blasted London’s mayor Sunday and called for an end to political correctness in a series of furious tweets focusing on the deadly UK terror attacks.

“At least 7 dead and 48 wounded in terror attack and Mayor of London says there is ‘no reason to be alarmed!’” Trump wrote.

London’s Mayor, Sadiq Khan, used the phrase “no reason to be alarmed” to highlight his city’s safety record and urged Londoners to continue with their lives. But Khan added that he was “appalled” by the attacks and would be ramping up the police presence through the city.

During Sunday’s tweetstorm, Trump stressed an end to political correctness — possibly because Khan declined to mention the term “radical Islam” in a statement to residents.

“We must stop being politically correct and get down to the business of security for our people,” Trump wrote. “If we don’t get smart it will only get worse.”

Trump also highlighted the terrorists’ weapons of choice. “Do you notice we are not having a gun debate right now? That’s because they used knives and a truck!” he added.

The missives follow his Saturday tweet calling for U.S. courts to restore the “Travel Ban as an extra level of safety” — but it’s unclear how a travel ban could have thwarted Saturday’s bloodshed in London.

That’s right, you will just be run over and stabbed to death by them



Witness on @BBCWorld says, one of the attackers shouted, “This is for Allah” before the BBC interviewer cut him off. Cowards.


Two Jihadi terrorists on the run…
‘On the floor!’ Video shows police barging into a pub…

Prior to the June 3 London terror attacks a pro-ISIS channel sent out a meme urging Muslims to use trucks to “kill the civilians of the Crusaders for Ramadan.” The meme also urged Muslims to use guns and knives.

Say what?

h/t Breitbart

Terror Attacks in UK… Likely Ramadan Rage

Six civilians dead, Twenty hospitalized, Three Male Suspects Shot, killed in Uk Terror Attacks

…Van Runs Over Pedestrians, Stabbings on London Bridge and Borough Market

Eyewitness: ‘this is for allah’

Gee, 3 major Islamic terrorist attacks in London in 3 months since this Muslim became Mayor:


In the meantime, New York City is pimping for Muslim women:

5 – 4 – 3 -….Countdown to the cries of “It had nothing to do with Islam!”

 Watch it on Sky News Live

Grenfell Tower Fire

A fire of unknown origins started shortly before 1 a.m. on 14 June 2017 at the 24-story Grenfell Tower apartment block in North Kensington, West London, England. The call to the fire brigade is recorded for 1:16 (911 = Back to the Future).

At least 200 firefighters and 45 fire trucks fought the blaze, but the fire was not contained for hours. It was reported that people may have been trapped in the fire. Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, declared the fire a “major incident.”

There are fears the building may collapse.
(The number of fatalities has not been announced, as of 1:30 am Eastern US time.)
By coincidence, a large “11” was visible at the beginning of the fire, or was it an “H” = 8?
The code section address of Grenfell Tower is W11.
Before the fire…
The Grenfell name and brand is closely associated with the griffin. It was not a surprise to find that the griffin, just like the name of the brand itself, stemmed from the founding inspiration, Sir Wilfred Grenfell. The brave pioneer of Newfoundland and Labrador who had as a philanthropist doctor, almost by accident founded a global clothing phenomena. The griffin was a key part of his Grenfell family crest. The Grenfells were originally a noble family of Cornish origins in the rugged coastline of South-West England. A place where people are known for their fortitude and resilience.

London Bridge Attack

A white van mowed down pedestrians as it sped down London Bridge in the British capital on June 3, 2017, Saturday night, leaving bodies lying in the roadway, knocking people into the air, and forcing people to jump off the Bridge.

London attack latest, as of Sunday AM, June 4, 2017:
– Seven dead, 48 injured and taken to hospitals
– Incident declared as terrorism
– Three suspects shot dead
– Total dead is ten

“It looked to me that the van was aiming at the people,” a witness tells CNN.

A witness reported the attackers screamed “This is for Allah.”

Concurrently or shortly after the London Bridge incident on June 3, 2017, Saturday, three men entered a restaurant at Borough Market, just south of the Bridge, and stabbed four people inside. The patrons sheltered in the basement.

Both incidents have been declared terrorist incidents.


On this night, June 3, 2017, the planet Jupiter is very apparent in the sky, only a few degrees from the Moon.

Sky & Telescope details what is happening with Jupiter tonight in these words:

Saturday, June 3
• Jupiter is the bright “star” with the Moon, as seen at right. They’re only a couple degrees apart as viewed at dusk from North America. But Jupiter this evening is 1,860 times farther away.
• Lower left of them is Spica. Much closer to them in the opposite direction is fainter Gamma (γ) Virginis, a close double star for telescopes (separation 2.6 arcseconds this year).
• And, a double shadow-transit occurs on Jupiter tonight. From 10:22 p.m. to 12:22 a.m. EDT, both Io and larger Ganymede are casting their tiny black shadows onto Jupiter’s face.
• And then, Jupiter’s Great Red Spot transits the planet’s central meridian around 12:55 a.m. EDT (9:55 p.m. PDT). Quite a telescopic night for this little group of objects.

Another Jupiter directly clashed with London Bridge. On June 13, 1984, as the HMS Jupiter was leaving the Pool of London after a visit to the capital, she collided with London Bridge causing significant damage to both ship and bridge. The ship’s Captain, Commander Colin Hamilton, was later court martialed at Portsmouth on December 4, 1984.

London Bridge is usually rather calm. On February 28, 1992, a bomb exploded at London Bridge station injuring 29 people.

On June 3, 1982, the Israeli Ambassador to the Court of St. James’s, Shlomo Argov, was shot outside the Dorchester Hotel by three gunmen from the Abu Nidal group. The ambassador survived a three-month coma, but was paralysed and required constant medical attention until his death in 2003 as a result of the wounds. See other “Terrorist Incidents in London” here.

The first bridge near this site was built in about AD 50, probably by the Romans. This version of the London Bridge was begun in 1971, and first opened on March 17 (Saint Patrick’s Day), 1973, a little over 44 years ago.

The lyrics to a children’s song, perhaps as old as the Late Middle Ages (circa A.D. 1301–1500), has made the London Bridge famous around the World.
London Bridge is falling down,
Falling down, falling down.
London Bridge is falling down,
My fair lady.
At top, an engraving by Claes Visscher showing Old London Bridge in 1616, with what is now Southwark Cathedral in the foreground. The spiked heads of executed criminals can be seen above the Southwark gatehouse.