10 Creepiest Cults and Religious Practices

When it comes to religion, people are constantly seeking answers to life such as what our purpose in life is, why bad things happen, and coping with day-to-day life. Our human nature causes us to yearn for a place to belong. Usually this yearning will result in social groups, joining a church, or some sort of club. While there is nothing wrong with wanting a place to belong, sometimes the desperation of gullible people result in them joining a cult and engaging in religious practices that are not only crazy, but could very well be breaking the law.
But when we look at the facts, almost every religion has something weird going on. This isn’t exclusive to cults. Mainstream Christianity has some weird elements such as the act of communion. Sure, drinking wine and eating wafers seems innocent enough. But when you look at what the food and drink represent, being the body and blood of Jesus Christ, we start to lose our appetites. In a way, are churches committing some sort of spiritual cannibalism? Drinking the blood of Christ for spiritual purity sounds awfully similar to vampirism.
There is a plethora of creepy religions out there that don’t even cause physical harm, such as Spiritualism, which became extraordinarily popular in the 19th century. Part of that was thanks to the Civil War and people losing their loved ones and not being able to bury them. Spiritualism is the belief that living humans can make contact with the dead via a medium. Trying to establish communication with the dead alone is creepy enough as it is. And guess what? Spiritualism is alive and well today with camps running all over the country, and even a small town in New York is dedicated to Spiritualism, called Lily Dale.
Then we have the cults that result in abuse and the death of a massive amount of people. Anytime a religion asks you to take your own life, or to take the life of another person, that is red flags right there. Typically, we want to view religion as the venue where we better the lives of people around us. But there are some cults out there that are dedicated to death and destruction. Common sense would normally tell us to stay away from groups such as these. But as mentioned earlier, sometimes the desperation to belong to a group and to alleviate loneliness overpowers common sense, which is actually pretty terrifying.
If you think this is all we’ll cover in the video, you’re quite wrong. In truth, there are hundreds of cults and religions out there that participate in practices that shouldn’t be legal or allowed to be performed in any venue, public or private. In this video, you will find some of the creepiest cults and religious practices around the world. You might want to take a shower or a bath after you watch this. You will either be so disturbed by what you saw, or it might even cause you to question your own Sunday morning habits if you participate in any of the religious practices mentioned.