77 Walmart stores in 11 states are now sharia-compliant

UnknownCRESCENT (BARBARICALLY-SLAUGHTERED) HALAL MEATS are now being sold in Walmart stores in 77 locations in 11 states across America.


Crescent Foods (h/t ENM) the nations’ leading provider of Premium Halal Chicken is now supplying their quality products to 62 new Walmart Supercenter and Walmart Neighborhood Market locations across the country in addition to the existing 15 they have been serving for close to 4 years. New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas, Ohio, Wisconsin, Indiana, Maryland, Delaware and Iowa have joined Illinois and Michigan to become the first eleven states where consumers can buy the chicken they trust on a regular grocery trip.


“We have been inundated with requests from Muslim consumers asking us when they could buy Crescent chicken in their state and we are excited to be able to cater to that demand,” said Joohi Tahir, Vice President of Marketing at Crescent Foods.

“It makes good business sense for us to cross over to the mainstream market and for Walmart to recognize the potential of this All Natural and Premium Halal product. After all, the Halal consumer is a significant growing market sector with purchasing power of over $170 billion a year”.


Crescent consumers know that the Premium Halal Chicken they buy is a better choice for their family’s health. The chickens roam cage-free and are able to grow naturally without antibiotics or hormones. They are raised and processed humanely and fed a 100% vegetarian diet free of by-products of any kind. All Natural. Pure & Simple®.

Walmart currently carries an assortment of items including Crescent whole chicken, boneless skinless breast fillets, leg quarters, thighs, boneless skinless thighs, drumsticks, ground chicken and wings.



“Our lives are so busy, that one-stop shopping is a great blessing,” said Aisha Ahmad, a working mom of three in Elgin, Illinois. “I am so pleased that I can buy Crescent chicken at my neighborhood Walmart. It gives me peace of mind that what my family loves to eat is actually good for them!”

For a complete listing of stores that carry Crescent chicken, visit www.crescenthalal.com and search by state on the Where To Buy Tab or visit us on facebook.com/crescentfoods.

Muslims love to watch animals die in agony while they are being halal-slaughtered

Muslims love to watch animals die in agony while they are being halal-slaughtered

Crescent foods is Halal certified by the Shar’l Zabihah Committee which is a division of the Rahmat-e-Alam Foundation according to Crescenthalal.com.

If you’re concerned that a local business or restaurant is selling halal products, Zabihah.com is the best guide for pointing them out. The site allows users to search by country, state, and city.

Florida Family Association makes it easy for you to email your complaints to Walmart here:


Click here to send your email to express concern to Walmart officials

Partial list of other food outlets that sell sharia-compliant halal foods

Not all locations sell halal foods. You should ask when you go to any of the following:









Popular symbols for halal foods:

Considering that scary Muslim women in burqas ALWAYS look like Halloween, selling Israeli (IDF) soldier costumes is the least Walmart can do

anmd57978cfa673e556-viIslamopandering Walmart, once again, caves to pressure from anti-First Amendment, anti-American Islamic supremacists and pulls Halloween costumes just because some Muslims find them offensive.

Forward  Walmart pulled an Israeli soldier costume and a “Sheik Fagin” oversized prosthetic Arab Muslim nose, after facing a backlash from social media. The products reportedly were removed from the company’s website and from store shelves on Tuesday afternoon, hours after the American-Arab Anti-Discriminatory Committee called on Walmart and other retailers to remove the products as well as others deemed anti-Arab. (See photos below)


Walmart’s Israeli IDF soldier Halloween costume for children has sparked outrage from the perpetually outraged Muslim community. The US retailer was also criticized for selling a laxtex ‘Sheikh Fagin noses,’ and ‘Arab and Muslim terrorist’ costumes.

Independent  America’s largest supermarket chain has sparked controversy with Halloween costumes including an “Israeli soldier for kids” and “sheikh Fagin nose”.

What about Muslims in Islamic supremacist costumes walking through Walmart? That’s REALLY offensive?


The Israeli soldier for kids costume, including a shirt, trousers, belt and hat, carries Hebrew writing and appears to resemble uniforms worn by Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) paratroopers and elite units. A photo showed a young boy wearing it and posing with a toy gun, while pointing at the camera.


It is being sold at the reduced price of $27.44 (£17.90) with the description: “When Halloween time rolls around, make this item part of your child’s complete ensemble.”

But reviewers were quick to voice their disapproval. “Might as well sell a Hitler outfit for children as well!” wrote one commenter, who called the costume “utterly insensitive” and gave it one star.

The comments were echoed by critics on social media, with Saudi-owned Al Arabiya news quoting pro-Palestinian Twitter users accusing Walmart of “supporting killing and occupation”.


A description of the costume on another website, Wholesale Halloween Costumes, read: “Defend your Jewish heritage proudly by wearing the Israeli Soldier Boy’s Costume! The Israeli Defense Forces have a mission to protect the land and the people of Israel from outside threats with low casualties, and to avoid waging war if at all possible.”


Walmart also sells an Israeli police officer costume for children, as well as an array of military outfits representing different US forces.

Last year, Walmart withdrew a costume labelled “Pashtun Papa” after social media users branded it “racist” and “offensive” “Represent the Middle East,” the description read. “Nothing is sacred this Halloween. Shock your friends with this Islamic costume.”




The chain was additionally being criticised for an accessory by Morris Costumes being sold on its website under the title: “Sheik Fagin Nose (sic)”. “Latex prosthetic nose perfect for an Arab Sheik,” reads the description of the item, which is also sold by several other outlets.


Full “Arab Sheikh” and “Arab Knight” costumes are also available on Walmart’s website. It is not the first time the supermarket’s Halloween outfits have provoked outrage.


In 2013, it was also one of several retailers to remove an Osama bin Laden-themed costume.  The turban and beard instant costume, which is shown on a man wearing a camouflage coat, looks like Osama bin Laden.  The coat is similar to one bin Laden was shown wearing during an interview.


The costume, which is advertised on the Fun World Costumes website, as the “Turban & Beard Instant Costume”, was designed to make the person wearing it look like the former al-Qai’da leader who was killed in May 2011

Walmart has not responded to The Independent’s request for a comment.

Hey, what about the scary looking Muslim bagheads who work for Walmart? I am very offended by them.




By BareNakedIslam 

WTF! Walmart Refuses to Make Confederate Flag, But Makes This Cake Instead


Chuck Netzhammer went to Walmart to get an edible image cake printed with the Confederate flag. Walmart denied his request, citing company policy, but accepted the Islamic State ISIS Black Flag of Jihad. Netzhammer then shared a video of his ordeal on YouTube, writing:

On 06/25/15 I attempted to get an Edible image cake printed with the confederate flag image on it at Walmart. It was denied. The next day I had them do the same for the ISIS battle flag image I brought to them. They cheerfully did it. and sold me my ISIS cake. WTF Walmart! ISIS is beheading Christians, selling little girls into slavery, and is currently a terrorist org at war with the United States……..but you can’t buy the General Lee toy car at Wallmart? It’s a damn shame.


ISIS (Islamic State)  has again been in the news recently following an onslaught of seemingly coordinated Muslim terrorist attacks in France, Tunisia, and Kuwait on Thursday.