“Signs Since First Blood Moon” Apocalypse

chart on the blood moon

The first blood moon  happen on April 15 and there are five major thing that has happen since the first blood moon which many people seem to agree they are


2.Russia invade Ukraine

3.Israel 7th week war with hamas



below are other event which since the first blood moon


15th sycamore tree die

200 children kidnap by borko haram
16th tank roll in ukraine
riot on the temple mount
17th jews have to register in ukraine
18th 7.2 earthquake  mexico
pope wast foot of muslim
7.5 earthquake  papa new gina
israel attack gaza
23 49 tube of the sarse virus disappear
23rd pope go 3d
29 th banker dead
25th cross fell a 100 ft
30th banker died
north korea fire missle
27th 500  dead carf in kentucky
tornado 18
28th tornado killed 34 in three days
18th tornado in indina ok arkansas
7th  people cruxifly in syria
30th switzerland river turn blood red

1st sink hole in Baltimore
2nd land slide in afganistan
4th bus size astorid pass close to earth
5th 31 th banker dead
6th  iran navy whant to attack us navy
7th  earthquake oklahoma
lucifer statue
8th virous rampont[ Mers ebola chikungunya sarse bubonic plague ]
9th biblical rain in israel 490 year in a day
12th 68 tornado plus snow blizzard colado
bloder stop a few feet from church
explosion in turkey mine
14th plan to deal with zombie
15th 9 fire burning in colardo
16th american spring begin
47 earthquake in 47 days 5.9 or grater
19th pope back palestine
miracle boy survive 11 story
1000 sheep bang their head on fense
20th texas madness zombie attack water crisis
21st fushima water in to ocean
hale in brazil
22nd north attack south korea
peace talk stop
zombie at the white house
lighten strike near white house
6ooooo cattle dead in bolivia

15th russia kill 49 in ukraine
obama give green light for iraq to go in iran

8th israel attack gaza and killed leader
negori hit philippines
9th 38 dead in operation protective edge
10th negori hit china
isis have nuck
isis whank to destroy kaaba

[2] [ blood line of the Antichrist ]

The blood line of the anti Christ

John chap 2 Cain and able 22\ 23  the godhead

Islam say there are 27 great prophet and they consider Jesus is one of them

Jihadist  believe there are heaven 72 virgin  so that y they are not afarid to kill them self and also 25 family automatically join them in heaven

39 fulfill prophecy of Jesus  Abraham and Mose

The anti Christ the non prophet will rule out of Babylon

the wicked line of cane

Cane enoch esra methushal lamach Jubol jubolcane

Good line of Abel Seth

Abel seth Enoch kenan Mahalalel Jared Enoch Noah

After the flood

Ham Cush himard  (sharma)

the first cities

Shinor kana enor  ehard babal

Syria hinor ragarha era Rohan


Melchedezk Shem ebor


Ishand   Ismael.  Isaw pal  johona jer

Isis.   -Jochob – Jochob. – juda  zebra

Muslim kill other

Juda secarot the staanger

Iraq money



2017 RFID chip police state

Italy address immigrant care givers, gap with robot

China government pressured as riots spread in 250 city’s

2018 chaos in China Africa decision

Green infrastructure reshape economic landscape

Congo death hit 10000 in malaria drugs scandal


There will be a Palestine  state and oil in Israel


2020 a first U.S. Solar power cheaper than coal

Doctors without borders confined within border

Return innovators struggle to expand sales beyond home market

2021 nation struggling with resources constraints race to scale synthetic biology

2022 Vietnam solar panel on every house

Famine hit Ethiopia again

2023 strengthening regional trade east and South Africa

2024 the down fall of the U.S. My invasion Mexico, nigerauga, Russia, Cuba and two other nation

The starting of ww3 aprox 9 year

2025 transparency international report 10 consecutive year of government

V C spending within sub sub Saharan Africa triple

2026 Nigeria economic collapse

2027 concentration camp fully establish

Consortium of foundation launched 3 rd green revolution as food prices loom

India Pakistan war rages

Market fairs Ghana partners with idol franchise to spotlight new. Innovators

2028 2026 repeat fear

Warlord dispense vital medicines to se Asian community

2029 darkness

2039 merger city Full control



(EXCERPT NewsWithViews.com)

The world is now experiencing the initial phases of what Jesus Christ talked about when He referred to the “Signs of the Times” in Mathew 24. In that passage of scripture, Christ compared the signs of His return to a woman experiencing the stages of labor in child birth. These prophetic signs were things like wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes, disease outbreaks, famine, riots, freak weather, false teachers, and other signs. This is happening in what we call the real world.

The fact that there are over 100,000 Russian troops surrounding the Ukraine and that there is a potential nuclear confrontation between Russia and the U.S.-backed NATO is also a prophetic sign. In Ezekiel Chapter 38 there is the prophecy of a last day invasion of Israel by Russia (Rosh) and an alliance of Middle Eastern nations including Persia, which is modern Iran.

In my book A Prophecy of the Future of America I document the globalist agenda for what is called Eurasia, and the 100,000 Russian troops surrounding the Ukraine and an Ezekiel 38 scenario all interplay with this, for the Greek translation of the Old Testament Hebrew identified Rosh as the people of Southern Russia and the Ukraine. The Ezekiel 38 prophecy is a supernatural prediction of the future that originated out of the dimensions of space and time.

“Son of man, set your face toward Gog of the land of Magog, the prince of Rosh, Meshech, and Tubal, and prophesy against him.” -Ezekiel 38:2

And say, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I am against thee, O Gog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal: -Ezekiel 38:3

Many translations include the word Rosh or Russia in the verse.

“Behold, I am against thee, O Gog, prince of Rosh, Meshech and Tubal.”

In this Ezekiel 38 scenario Russia and Iran would lead an alliance of Middle Eastern nations to invade the nation of Israel. Iran will have nuclear capability by this summer.

A military conflict with Russia either in the Ukraine or Syria could lead to a regional thermonuclear war. A regional nuclear war could impact the entire planet and cause global cooling, damage the ozone layer, and create droughts for more than a decade. Today there are over 17,000 nuclear weapons, and a global nuclear exchange could cause a “nuclear winter,” where nuclear explosions spark huge fires whose smoke, dust, and ash blot out the sun, resulting in the prophecy in Acts Chapter 2, which comes from the prophet Joel:

“The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and notable day of the Lord come.”

April 15 will mark the first of the four lunar eclipses known as the “Blood Moons” because the Moon will take on a blood-like color. Since the Bible talks about the Moon turning into blood during the Apocalypse, some Bible scholars believe that at some point in this series of lunar eclipses apocalyptic events will happen. These eclipses are set to appear between 2014 and 2015. This astronomical event is known as a lunar tetrad; this has happened only three times in the past 500 years.

The April 15 “Blood Moon” lunar eclipse will be followed by Oct. 8 lunar eclipse. In 2015 the “Blood Moon” eclipse will occur on April 4 and Sept. 28. The April lunar eclipses coincide with the Jewish Passover and the October and September eclipses concur with the Feast of Tabernacles, which give them prophetic significance. But what many prophetic observers are paying close attention to is that these “Blood Moons” are taking place simultaneously with very serious geopolitical events which will affect the nation of Israel and the world. First, the U.S. and the international community is in the process of dividing Israel. According to the Abrahamic Covenant, a curse will come upon any nation which divides or comes against the nation of Israel. “I will bless those that bless thee and I will curse those that curse thee.”

At the same time period as these “Blood Moons” are happening we have the potential of a major Russian and U.S.-NATO military conflict, a global economic collapse, a major military conflict in Syria, the devaluation of the dollar, and Iran getting a nuclear weapon. There are a growing number of Bible scholars who believe that America is already experiencing the judgment of God and that betraying Israel could cause an economic crisis or some kind of judgment from God upon America.

The term” judgment from God” is difficult for many people to understand today. So let’s describe it in computer, scientific, and technological terms. When the Bible tells us that God is the Creator of the Universe, this is somewhat the equivalent of God being the programmer of a Holographic world we call reality. The intention of the Programmer of God was to create reality as Paradise.

America as a nation was once somewhat protected from these calamities or what the Bible would term judgments from God. These judgments are the consequences of breaking the programming codes which are the laws of God. America is experiencing an unprecedented number and acceleration of earthquakes, possible volcanic eruptions, floods, tornadoes, crop failures, droughts, storms, and hurricanes. Earthquakes shook residents in Oklahoma, and in California we have had a series of earthquakes in the last few weeks. The question is now being asked, “Is California going to experience the “earthquake from Hell” or “the Big One?” I began writing books on Bible prophecy after my house almost collapsed during the Northridge earthquake. Scientists are wondering if all the recent earthquake activity in South America and the West Coast of America is tied into the “Ring of Fire,” which could have caused the tsunami at Fukushima. If this major earthquake zone is triggered there could be major volcanic eruptions in the U.S., tsunamis hitting the West Coast, and earthquakes across the U.S. in places like New Madrid, Missouri.

Yellowstone National Park, which is located on top one of the world’s largest super-volcanoes, recently experienced a 4.8 earthquake, the biggest recorded there since February 1980.

This same escalation of earthquakes, tsunamis, and freak weather is being experienced all around the world.

When America was founded by the Pilgrims and Puritans these religious groups firmly believed that God was their Source, not government, technology, or nature. Whenever the Pilgrims and Puritans experienced crop failure due to bad weather, disease outbreaks, attacks by their enemies or any other kind of adversity they immediately began to search their souls through fasting and prayer to see if they had done anything to offend God. They would continue seeking God and praying to Him, with an emphasis on repentance from doing anything that would violate the laws of God. What repentance implies is an acknowledgment that God’s laws have been broken. In computer-technology terms, the original code from the Programmer was destroyed and repentance is a return to the original code.

In America today most people do not believe that God is their Source. In fact, most people who are Christians and attend church do not believe that God is their Source. Due to their humanistic bias against an age-old Biblical truth they see no relationship between America’s current spiritual and moral condition and the rapid decline of the middle class, freak weather, endless wars, earthquakes, riots, loss of freedoms, the death of the dollar, and America becoming a Third World Nation. Even in most of what is termed the Christian church in America there is no recognition that there is a relationship between judgment and the rejection of God’s Word from most churches. The Bible says that “Judgment begins in the House of the Lord.”

America was never a completely Christian nation and America was never perfect. It is a historical reality that Americans who called themselves Christians slaughtered the Indians and stole their land. Americans who went to church on Sunday bought slaves from Africa, and the bodies of men and women were stacked on top of each other on slave ships. America allowed Africans to be used as slaves and many slave masters raped the African women. In addition, there have been over 65 million abortions in America.

When Vladimir Putin accused Americans of believing in “American exceptionalism” he was partly right and partly wrong. Putin was right when he said Americans believe they are exceptional because they have the “right of the gun.” In other words, America does have superior military power. But originally America, however imperfect, was exceptional not due simply to military power, but because it attempted to integrate Biblical ideas into its form of government through the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. America was exceptional because it allowed freedom for the average man and the right to things like Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, and Freedom of the Press. Our Founding Fathers clearly understood that these rights came from a Creator God. This was what made America exceptional and “a city on a hill.”

The French philosopher DeTocqueville once said “America is great because she is good. When she ceases to be good she will stop being great.” America began to change in the early 1900s when very slowly the American churches began to reject the Word of God for humanistic philosophy and there was an organized plan to infiltrate our schools and other institutions by radical humanists who wanted to replace the Programmer’s code with a new code that was created by a new programmer, Man instead of God.

A new code was secretly imbedded into America through social engineering. In the early 1960s around the time of the Kennedy assassination, America began to change. America threw prayer out of the schools; drugs and free sex prevailed; abortion was legalized; the media proclaimed “God is Dead,” and our nation stopped looking to God as its Source and looked to government instead. You can trace almost every statistical indicator of economic, social, spiritual, moral and national decline from that time period on. The American Middle Class has not experienced any real increase in wages since about 1965! The divorce epidemic began, and now there are countless people living together and more than half of all marriages end up in divorce. The divorce epidemic has created a socio-economic environment where divorced single women are now in poverty and the psychological damage to children, women, and men is staggering. Clinical depression, suicide, anxiety, addiction, and promiscuity are all linked to the break down in marriage.

The 1960s removed all references to God and all prayer from the schools. We have now replaced prayer and God with an endless stream of school shooters, metal detectors, guards, gangs, and drugs.

Instead of turning to God, Americans turned to government to be God. If we view reality as a holographic reality produced by a code created by a programmer, then we could say that instead of returning to the code created by the original Programmer, America turned to a new operating system and program designed by men. The result of this was that beginning in the 1960s we saw the globalists make China an economic superpower by outsourcing American manufacturing. The elite who control our world decided that America should be reprogrammed to operate according to the program which was designed by humanistic men who created the Marxist code for the totalitarian reality we call China. Today, twenty of the most common jobs in America pay no more than $35,000 a year. Good paying jobs and manufacturing have been outsourced from our nation.

The reality is America is now in a death spiral. There is no one political party that can save America from the problems that now face us…there is no “political Messiah” either from the Democratic Party, Republican Party, or Libertarian Party who can save us. People should be active and involved in the political process, but if you are under the delusion that some candidate, some budget, or some plan is going to save America, you are expecting a politician to do what only God can do. There is only one hope for America… an authentic and Biblical spiritual revival. Revival means returning to the original code and software which successfully created our nation.

All this waiting, hoping, and belief that “if we can just get the right candidate in office who will really champion our values, whether from the left or right” is the very belief system that is destroying our nation. No government program and no political leader can save America. All the endless debates and interviews on cable television and radio about getting rid of this politician and putting in that politician cannot solve our problems.

Either there is a national recognition that America’s only hope is in returning to God and embracing His values or America will continue on the path to self-destruction. What that destruction entails is that America will rapidly devolve into a Third World nation with a super-rich elite comprising some one or two percent of the population and a massive lower class. The recent demographics which show that in Chicago the middle class has practically disappeared and all that is left are the super rich and a massive lower class is what America will look like in the near future.

The only thing that can prevent this and rescue our nation from a nightmare Orwellian future is a spiritual revival. The Orwellian future is a virtual reality created by a specific coding sequence. If revival occurs, which means returning to the original programming, then there is the possibility of electing political leadership from either party which can offer a viable plan to create a future worth living in. A future worth living in is a Holographic reality produced by the Programmer’s code.

Conservatives and those who call themselves Christians are suffering from a great spiritual deception if they believe a budget plan from someone like Paul Ryan is going to save America. That is the equivalent of creating a budget plan for the Titanic. There is no Republican, Democratic, or Libertarian plan that can save America! Think of what happened in the days of Noah before the flood. Not the Hollywood “NOAH,” the real Noah. God told Noah to build an ark because He knew a massive flood was coming. That is exactly where America and the rest of the world is right now.

This is not a call to run for the hills because the end is coming! I am not calling for apathy, fatalism, and disengagement from the political and social process. However, there must be a recognition of where we are on the timeline of human history in relationship to prophetic events. Within that context it is possible to affect positive change in America, but only after there is what the Pilgrims and Puritans called repentance, which is a word that is censored from most churches in America. Again, repentance is turning back to the original Programmers code.

All of what we call reality, especially in the socio-economic and geopolitical sphere, is constructed on the basis of divine law. Divine law is something like a software program that operates on a precise code. Those laws or programs are mirrored by the scientific laws of physics and biology when they are accurate. What we perceive as social, political, and economic reality is in a sense a holographic reality. As the genetic descendants of Adam and Eve, who were given rulership over planet Earth, we have been given to a limited degree the power to create the software which drives our world or reality. To the degree that we operate the software, which would be viewed as the collective dynamics of our thought, will, and energy which is our economy, society, and culture, in accordance with the laws of God we will experience prosperity or what the Bible calls blessing. Blessing is the reality which results from operating the software properly.

When we with an act of our collective will choose to operate in rebellion from the laws of God, we live under a kind of total poverty, which the Bible calls a curse. The curse is a Holographic reality which occurs when the coding sequence has been altered.

Political planning and engagement can only succeed to the degree they operate within the laws or coding of God’s universe. It is when this kind of politics is in synchronization with God’s plan for Mankind that measurable energy flows from what quantum physics or scalar technology calls a fourth dimension. The release of this energy in effect downloads the power which created what is called the American Dream. The American Dream is simply a consensus of thought about what it takes to produce or manufacture a reality of civilization according to the coding and software the American people choose. When Americans rejected the Biblical laws which actually created the software to produce the American Dream they made the collective decision to outsource the manufacturing of that dream. When the manufacturing of the American Dream was outsourced, the new manufacturers used different software created by a different programmer, resulting in what we see all around us, which could be described as an American Nightmare. Repentance is a theological term for turning back to the original software designed by the original Programmer.