London Bridge Attack

A white van mowed down pedestrians as it sped down London Bridge in the British capital on June 3, 2017, Saturday night, leaving bodies lying in the roadway, knocking people into the air, and forcing people to jump off the Bridge.

London attack latest, as of Sunday AM, June 4, 2017:
– Seven dead, 48 injured and taken to hospitals
– Incident declared as terrorism
– Three suspects shot dead
– Total dead is ten

“It looked to me that the van was aiming at the people,” a witness tells CNN.

A witness reported the attackers screamed “This is for Allah.”

Concurrently or shortly after the London Bridge incident on June 3, 2017, Saturday, three men entered a restaurant at Borough Market, just south of the Bridge, and stabbed four people inside. The patrons sheltered in the basement.

Both incidents have been declared terrorist incidents.


On this night, June 3, 2017, the planet Jupiter is very apparent in the sky, only a few degrees from the Moon.

Sky & Telescope details what is happening with Jupiter tonight in these words:

Saturday, June 3
• Jupiter is the bright “star” with the Moon, as seen at right. They’re only a couple degrees apart as viewed at dusk from North America. But Jupiter this evening is 1,860 times farther away.
• Lower left of them is Spica. Much closer to them in the opposite direction is fainter Gamma (γ) Virginis, a close double star for telescopes (separation 2.6 arcseconds this year).
• And, a double shadow-transit occurs on Jupiter tonight. From 10:22 p.m. to 12:22 a.m. EDT, both Io and larger Ganymede are casting their tiny black shadows onto Jupiter’s face.
• And then, Jupiter’s Great Red Spot transits the planet’s central meridian around 12:55 a.m. EDT (9:55 p.m. PDT). Quite a telescopic night for this little group of objects.

Another Jupiter directly clashed with London Bridge. On June 13, 1984, as the HMS Jupiter was leaving the Pool of London after a visit to the capital, she collided with London Bridge causing significant damage to both ship and bridge. The ship’s Captain, Commander Colin Hamilton, was later court martialed at Portsmouth on December 4, 1984.

London Bridge is usually rather calm. On February 28, 1992, a bomb exploded at London Bridge station injuring 29 people.

On June 3, 1982, the Israeli Ambassador to the Court of St. James’s, Shlomo Argov, was shot outside the Dorchester Hotel by three gunmen from the Abu Nidal group. The ambassador survived a three-month coma, but was paralysed and required constant medical attention until his death in 2003 as a result of the wounds. See other “Terrorist Incidents in London” here.

The first bridge near this site was built in about AD 50, probably by the Romans. This version of the London Bridge was begun in 1971, and first opened on March 17 (Saint Patrick’s Day), 1973, a little over 44 years ago.

The lyrics to a children’s song, perhaps as old as the Late Middle Ages (circa A.D. 1301–1500), has made the London Bridge famous around the World.
London Bridge is falling down,
Falling down, falling down.
London Bridge is falling down,
My fair lady.
At top, an engraving by Claes Visscher showing Old London Bridge in 1616, with what is now Southwark Cathedral in the foreground. The spiked heads of executed criminals can be seen above the Southwark gatehouse.

Dog Days Prophecy


Sirius, Regulus, Super Bowl, financial crises, earthquakes & August 2015 Lucifer time codes

By Goro

August 02, 2015

[Great Sphinx aka “Father of Terror”]

[NOTE 8/24/2015: Yes, the global stock market chaos of August 2015 was quite precisely predicted in this article (made public on Aug 2, 2015) as you’ll below. And if you’re new here, this is not a fluke as this is what I do on my websites (Etemenanki & STRUG). You may find the approach baffling, but you can’t argue with the results. Key parts of the following information predicting a market woes in August 2015 were originally posted all the way back in February on STRUG (members only).]

Terror was the opening music for the year 2015, potentially foreshadowing what may transpire in August

Our job here is to discern and decode a set of “time codes” lurking just below the surface of reality which in this case is celestially anchored by two stars: Sirius and Regulus.

Sirius is the star of Isis per ancient Egyptian tradition, and Paris(“Par-Isis”) is semi-officially a city of Isis-Sirius where we find the Historical Axis (including the world-famous Champs Elysees boulevard) oriented toward the daily rising of Sirius.

The same axis happens to align with the sunset on August 6–8

…as well as May 4–5 which this year gave us highly meaningful events already:

The Historical Axis also aligns with sunrise around February 1 (& Nov 9–11). This one coincided with the Super Bowl where Katy Perry did her halftime show in Phoenix this year.

On STRUG (“Super Torch Ritual Underground” members/underground area) I noted back in February that University of Phoenix Stadium(Super Bowl 2015) has some serious Sirius alignments

…plus the fact that at the latitude of Phoenix (~33.45 N) theheliacal rising of Sirius takes place around August 7th, preciselycoinciding with the Paris axis-sunset alignment day.

(The heliacal rising of Sirius is the “rebirth” of the star at dawn right before sunrise after a prolonged period of invisibility in the glare of the Sun; in ancient Egypt this was of great importance as it was for a period of time a signal for the life-giving annual flooding of the Nile, and also due to the general importance of the star and the goddess it represents, Isis.)

On the same day (~August 7, 2015) we’ll even see a tight gathering of Jupiter, Mercury and Regulus at the “heart” of the lion (Leo)…

…bringing to mind the fact that Katy Perry spends most of her time at the heart/Regulus position between the paws of the Sphinx (lion/Leo) in her 2014 music video for Dark Horse

…something evoked during the opening scene of Katy’s 2015 Super Bowl halftime show (riding a giant lion).

Regulus is one of the brightest stars in the night sky, which is not only the “heart of the lion” but also “prince” (or “little king”) as well as “the King”, just as Jupiter is named after the king of the gods. It is highly significant therefore that Regulus and Jupiter will be in “royal” conjunction on ~August 11.

Remarkably ~August 11, 2015 is also pinpointed by a “Mayan financial crisis” time code I started highlighting back in February (STRUG) which is based on the Golden Ratio (“phi”) and at least three major dates/events: 1) Transit of Venus (2004), 2) the day the US financial system almost came crashing down (9/14/2008), and 3) the “end” of the Mayan calendar (12/21/2012):

[Transit of Venus – June 8, 2004 & June 6, 2012 –
rare phenomenon of Venus passing in front of the Sun]

Sep 14, 2008 Lehman Files for Bankruptcy; Merrill Is Sold
Sep 15, 2008 Crisis on Wall Street as Lehman Totters, Merrill Is Sold, AIG Seeks to Raise Cash
[Wikipedia – Global financial crisis in September 2008]
[“Inside the Meltdown” (PBS) video]

The financial crisis theme is underscored by an additional equidistant Mayan timeline coming from the May 6, 2010 “Flash Crash” (Dow Jones) pinpointing August 8, 2015, just 3 days before August 11:

[May 06, 2010 Dow freefalls almost 1,000 points, pulls back]

The point is not necessarily that we will have another such literal financial crisis in August 2015. But that we will have some notable event(s) heavily resonating with these things.

~~ UPDATE ~~

The pattern has been confirmed, as China’s surprise move to devalue
its currency on August 11, 2015 destabilized global markets…


[Original article resuming…]

On to the next set of time codes, with a temporal focus more on thelatter half of August…

As I’ve noted many times in the past, Regulus is annually illuminated by the Sun on ~August 21–23

And it just so happens that it coincides with the heliacal rising of Sirius specifically at the latitude of Paris (~August 22)! But that’s not all…

This year it will also coincide with Venus‘s rebirth as the Morning Star around August 21. (Until mid August before its inferior conjunction Venus is in its Evening Star phase.) This of course connects right back to the Transit of Venus which is a very precise form of the Venus inferior conjunction (= Earth-Venus-Sun alignment) that always immediately precedes the birth of the Morning Star.

This is very important because “Morning Star” is the original meaning of the term/name “Lucifer“. And it just so happens that in the movieLucy released in July 2014 we see Lucy’s driver’s license expiring specifically on “August 24, 2015“.

What’s more, August 24 will be the anniversary of last year’s bigearthquake (8/24/2014) in the “phoenix city” San Francisco

[Aug 24, 2014 Strongest quake in 25 years strikes San Francisco]
[San Francisco flag]

…which was widely reported as the biggest one there since 1989. Perhaps not coincidentally Taylor Swift’s enormously popular latest album (October 2014) is titled “1989“, and its current hit single as of August 2015, Bad Blood, is about her feud with Katy Perry.

Lucifer” is also the name given (in the novel version) to the ignited Jupiter (the second sun) in 2010… the “Year We Make Contact”.

Here Katy Perry is again a key piece of the puzzle as one of the big multicontextual signals transmitted through her Super Bowl halftimeshow was “2010“. Though unnoticed by the huge audience (except on STRUG), it was right there in the opening scene where Katy rode into the field on a metallic tiger/lion…

…alluding to the year 2010 as it happens to correspond to the ChineseYear of the Metal Tiger (= 2010).

The coincidence is supplemented by the fact that…

One: Katy (Super Bowl) was in Phoenix just as the project that leads to the Jupiter ignition, the birth of “Lucifer“, is named “Phoenix” in2010.

Two: The Super Bowl’s Phoenix stadium is aligned with the 2010Chilean mega quake (8.8 magnitude) which ranks as the sixth largest earthquake ever recorded by a seismograph.

The earthquake connection becomes even more significant/ominous with the following…

Jupiter transforming into “Lucifer” implies a Jupiter-Venus/Morning Star combination. That’s exactly what we’ll have during the samewindow right at the time of the birth of the Morning Star (~Aug 21, 2015). This will be in the form of what we’ve been calling the “Lucifer Alignment“, i.e. a Venus-Sun-Jupiter alignment.

In my view this will complete a sequence that started with a similarSun-Venus-Jupiter alignment back on April 25–26, 2015

…which precisely coincided with the Nepal earthquake catastrophe (April 25, 2015).

Apr 25, 2015 7.9 mag earthquake rattles Nepal 50 miles from capital
Apr 25 Strong earthquake rocks Nepal, damages Kathmandu

As I wrote back on April 11 (STRUG, but also mentioned in the May 3public update) before the Nepal quake:

It’s likely that the events around April 25–26 and August 21–23 are designed to interact to form a bigger picture and give us deeper insights as to what’s happening under the surface of reality this year.

So the “Big One” is certainly in the air as well…

That’s basically (there is so much more) where we are as we head into the month of August in terms of Luciferic multicontextual patterns of 2015. Though we can’t be sure how visible the pattern manifestations will be, it’s quite certain that we will see highly meaningful events in August that will fit and advance the pattern. Either it will be a fulfillment of the “Dog Days prophecy” or it will be a “Dog Days prophecy”. Or of course, both.

There is actually a much larger picture surrounding all this that we haven’t even touched on yet that’s beyond doom and gloom. Inter-dimensional “awakening”…

P.S. August off to a very telling start… Lions everywhere:

Jul 28, 2015 American man wanted in killing of Cecil the lion
Aug 01 Cecil the lion’s brother, Jericho, also illegally killed in Zimbabwe
Aug 02 Confirmed: Jericho the lion is alive
Aug 02 New lion poaching charge against 2nd American*    *    *

Aug 11, 2015 China devalues yuan in shocking move
Aug 11 Dow plunges triple digits on surprise yuan devaluation
Aug 12 China’s yuan currency falls for a second day
Aug 12 Global markets plunge on yuan’s drop

Aug 14 China explosions: Fires still burning after Tianjin blasts
Aug 15 Death toll from Tianjin explosions climbs to over 100
Aug 15 New explosions rock site of deadly blasts in China
Aug 15 China Tianjin blasts: Evacuations as sodium cyanide found

Aug 17 Bangkok bomb: Deadly blast rocks Thailand capital
Aug 17 Large explosion rocks central Bangkok
Aug 20 North and South Korea exchange fire
Aug 20 South Korea evacuation after exchange of fire with North Korea

Want more rapid and in-depth updates? Jump to the…

Of gods and oxen

On Holocaust Remembrance Day, Gideon Levy published in these pages a touching eulogy of his father, Dr. Heinz Loewy (“Israel must remember the Holocaust’s refugees, forever changed,” April 20 ). Loewy, he wrote, “was not your classic Holocaust survivor. He did not go through any of the camps, and so did not have a number tattooed on his arm. He was a refugee … It’s true that he had a good life here. But looking back, it seems to me that he never really found his place here … He stored his suits and ties in the closet, his Bermuda shorts replacing them in the hot summer. He also left behind the Latin he had learned, save for one proverb that he would repeat to us.”

This was not only a personal story, touching as it was. It was also a story of a whole generation of people who had come to Israel from Europe, many of them before World War II. “The Holocaust led to the establishment of the State of Israel and the ingathering of a great many survivors to it, but not all of them felt at home,” Gideon writes. “They were doomed to a life of exile in their new homeland.”

Somehow, besides understanding deeply what my colleague was writing about – as it is in many ways my mother’s story as well – I couldn’t help wondering what the one Latin proverb was that Gideon said his father wanted to teach his children who, unlike him presumably, felt very much at home in Israel. One such proverb came up in my mind. I asked Gideon, and he remembered it had something to do with an ass or an ox, and Jupiter.

Surprisingly enough it was the proverb I had thought about: “Quod licet Iovi non licet bovi” – usually translated in English as “What is legitimate for Jove (Jupiter ), is not legitimate for oxen (mortals ).” According to most phrase finders an early version of the proverb is to be found in the play “Adelphoe” (“The Brothers” ) by the Roman playwright Terence (circa 185-159 B.C.E. ). In the play two brothers are raised separately, one by their father, and the other by their uncle. The one raised by the father is a troublemaker, and when the father wants to punish him severely, the uncle intercedes, and says: “hoc licet inpune facere huic, illi non licet,” which means in rough translation “one may be allowed to do a thing with impunity, but another may not.” That is indeed the point of the proverb, but it still does not explain what Jupiter and the ox have to do with it.

The coupling of the two – Jupiter and the ox – in the proverb is thought to have been inspired by the Greek mythological tale of Europa, a Phoenician woman of high lineage, who was abducted and brought to Crete. Actually, two myths “compete” over the definitive life story of Europa (the name means “of wide face,” in Greek, and in time became the name of a certain continent ): according to one she was kidnapped by the Minoans, and was brought to Crete, where the bull was thought to be a sacred animal; according to the other, it was Zeus, in the guise of a white bull, who charmed her, enticed her to ride on him, and then swam with her on his back through the sea to Crete, later revealing himself to be the deity he was, and in some versions raping her.

In the context of the second version of this story, the above-mentioned proverb can work in the following way: Jupiter has to turn himself into an ox, as an ox is allowed to approach Europe, and she welcomes him. However, to accomplish what he has in his mind (or loins ), he has to reappear as a god, so as to be able to relate to her in a way that would not be permitted to an ox or a mortal male.

Jupiter – or Zeus, in his Greek phase – liked using an animal disguise when wooing women (he turned himself into a swan when pursuing Leda, and with her fathered Helena and Clytemnestra ), and indeed liked chasing after the fair sex in general, although he did marry Hera, or Juno by her Roman name. One of the qualities attributed to Juno was boopis, meaning in Greek having “cow-like eyes.” That does not sound like a real compliment, although it is supposed to indicate that those were big, brown, beautiful eyes. This adjective, boopis, is thought to have contributed to the wording of the proverb, meaning that even among gods there are those (Jupiter ) that are more equal then others (Juno ). The fact that Jupiter and Juno were allowed to marry, even though they were siblings, was explained by Ovid who claimed that gods are a law unto themselves, and are thus allowed to do what mere mortals (and cows ) are not.

However, all these semantic-cultural ruminations do not explain why I saw a connection between this particular Latin proverb and the story of Dr. Loewy and his life in Israel.

It occurs to me that the same proverb has two different meanings, depending on who utters it, Jupiter or the ox. From Jupiter’s point of view, the situation is straightforward and self-evident: He who has the might has the right, and the privileged are allowed to do whatever they wish. As seen through the cow’s (or ox’s ) eyes, however, things are not as simple. The other, bovine side of the coin is while the ox and Jupiter may possess the same qualities and abilities, due to circumstances over which the ox has no control – but Jupiter does – things are the way they are: The ox philosophically resigns itself to what it is permitted to have, and tries to make the most out of it.

Sound Symbolism


Music is an integral part of human life.  Throughout time we have used music to praise our gods, celebrate life and death, prepare for war and hunts, teach, and entertain.  From the voices speaking incantations and spells, names of gods and goddesses, singing and chanting, to two sticks beaten together, drums beating to the rhythm of our hearts in soul inspiring rhythms to the electronic instrumental sounds of today, sound and music has been a tool of magic and healing in the lives of people throughout the world.

Different rhythms, tones, tonal qualities, and tempos of music have a significant effect on our physical, mental, and emotional conditions. Different musical qualities have different meanings and effects, so a song can be composed to fit very special situations.  For example, music composed to promote relaxation or a meditative state would have calm, soothing rhythms; a tempo of 72 beats per minute or slower(approximate adult heart rate) and use woodwind instruments, flutes, and stringed instruments.  Music was not always composed for entertainment, it originally was composed by the spiritual leaders of different cultures as a tool for healing and meditation, and as an aid on the path to enlightenment.

For over 250 years composers of spiritual music have used a system of letter-pitch equivalents to analyze a persons name and to compose music for specific people:

 Letter – Note  Letter – Note  Letter – Note  Letter – Note
 A – a  B – b  C – c  D – d
 E – e  F – f  G – g  H – b
 I – c sharp  J – d  K – e  L – f
 M – g  N – a  O – c sharp  P – d sharp
 Q – e  R – f sharp  S – g sharp  T – a
 U – b  V – d sharp  W – e sharp  X – f sharp
 Y – g sharp  Z – a sharp

Besides the letter-pich equivalents, the intervals between the pitches in a name can also be helpful in analyzing a persons name.  By analyzing the intervals the amount of harmony and dissonance can be determined.  An octave is symbolic of transformation, the passing from one phase of  life to the next higher one; the perfect 5th represents materialization on the physical plane; the perfect 4th symbolizes the process of going beyond the material world to the mental plane; the major 3rd is symbolic of the beauty of the material world and fulfillment; the minor 3rd represents the intuitive, a person’s inner world; the major and minor 6th intervals are much the same as the 3rds, except they encompass a much larger area of a person’s life; the major 2nd symbolizes the stepping stones one walks on towards a goal, patiently persevering and consistently moving upwards toward the fulfillment of the octave; the minor 2nd has the same basic meanings and the major 2nd but on a more psychological level; the major 7th is a somewhat inharmonious interval which requires resolution, it symbolizes the material relationships a person has with others; and the minor 7th represents the emotional relationships a person has with others.

Pythagoras and his Musical Theories

“the Pythagoreans saw that the … ratios of musical scales were expressible in numbers … all things seemed to be modeled on numbers, and numbers seemed to be the first things in the whole of nature, and they supposed the elements of number to be the elements of all things, and the whole heaven to be a musical scale and a number.”


Pythagoras was the first Greek philosopher to say that the universe is based on the laws of music.  He specified three types of music in his philosophy: musica instrumentalis, everyday instrumental music; musica humana, the constant but unheard music made by every living being; and musica mundana, the music made in the universe, the music of the spheres.

The contribution to music Pythagoras is most well known for is his discovery of the mathematical associations between the harmonic intervals.  He proved his theory with the use of a monochord.  The monochord is constructed by stretching a single chord over a sound box, the string is then stretched tight by pegs or weights on either or both ends. A moveable bridge is used to change the pitch as the sting is plucked or strummed.

In his theory on the music of the spheres Pythagoras’ calculations of the intervals between the planets were as follows:

 Earth to the Moon is 1 tone(1 whole step)
 Moon to Mercury is 1 semi-tone(1 half step)
 Mercury to Venus is 1 semi-tone
 Venus to the Sun is 1 minor third (3 half steps)
 Sun to Mars is 1 tone
 Mars to Jupiter is 1 semi-tone
 Jupiter to Saturn is 1 semi-tone
 Saturn to the fixed stars is 1 minor third

The Pythagorean scale is C, D, E-flat, G, A, B-flat, B, D.

Initiates into the teachings of Pythagoras were taught that the basic intervals (octave,1:2: major fifth, 2:3; perfect fourth, 3:4) were of major importance because they were all contained in the sacred figure of the tetractys.  Since then other occultists, philosophers, and musicians have expanded on his theories and created their own.  Other ancient philosophical systems also has similar theories on music and its powers.

Pythagoras knew the healing qualities of music and composed songs to heal the soul and rid it of negative emotions. He would play this music for his disciples in the evening to help them relax and leave behind the days negativities.  The next morning he would play music that would wake them and energize them.

       Chinese Music Philosophy…

Music was a cornerstone of ancient Chinese society.  The ancient Chinese believed that music was the creative basis of all things and that a man could and would be defined according to the music that played inside him.  The primal sound,Kung or Huang Chung, is everywhere.  If the Kung is out of tune, the celestial order was said to also be out of balance, and chaos and disorder would soon follow to the people on earth.

In Chinese music theory is it said there are eight different musical sounds in nature:

  • The sound of skin(there are many types of this sound…different kinds of drums)
  • The sound of stone.
  • The sound of metal.
  • The sound of clay.
  • The sound of silk.
  • The sound of wood.
  • The sound of bamboo.
  • The sound of gourd.

The early Chinese philosophers composed music that was attuned with the universe and cared little about its entertainment value. Chinese musical philosophy is based on a five tone scale, five being the number of heaven and earth united (2=earth and yin, 3=heaven and yang). The Chinese five-tone scale is given the following attributions:

 Name  Kung  Shang  Chio  Chih  Yu
 Pitch  D  E  F#  A  E
 Element  earth  metal  wood  fire  water
 Season  center*  autumn  spring  summer  winter
 Direction  center  west  east  south north

(* Center, as the fifth season, is the nine days before and nine days after Winter Solstice.)

The five principal modes of the Chinese five-tone scale are:

 Kung  D  E  F#  A B
 Shang  E  F#  A B D
 Chio  F#  A B D E
 Chih  A B D E F#
 Yu  B D E F# A

Music of the Spheres…Planetary Scales

Music of the Spheres is an ancient philosophical belief that regarded the proportions of the movements of  the Sun, Moon , and planets as a form of music.  It is generally believed that this system was first developed by Pythagoras.   Some scales, like the one of Pythagoras, are based on the distances between the planets, others are based on the orbital movements of the planets, and some are a combination of the two preceding types.

     According to Ptolemy(Claudius Ptolemaeus (83 – 161 CE)), known in English as Ptolemy, was a Greek mathematiciangeographerastronomer, and astrologer) the planetary associations were:

Note* Greek Name of Note Planet
e Hypate meson Moon
a Mese Venus and/or Mercury
b Paramese Sun
d’ Nete synemmenon Mars
e’ Nete diezeugmenon Jupiter
a’ Nete Hyperbolaion Saturn

The planetary scale according to the Pliny the Elder(Gaius or Caius Plinius Secundus), (AD 23 – August 24, AD 79) was a Roman author, naturalist or natural philosopher, and naval and military commander) was:

 D  E  F  F#  A  B  C  C#  E
 Earth  Moon  Mercury  Venus  Sun  Mars  Jupiter  Saturn  fixed stars


     The planetary scale according to Aristides Quintilianus, a Greek philosopher and musician who lived in the third century AD, was:

Note Greek Name Planet
A Proslambanomenos Moon
B Hypate hypaton Mercury
c Parhypate hypaton Venus
d  Lichanos hypaton Sun
e Hypate meson Mars
f  Parhypate meson Jupiter
g  Lichanos meson Saturn


Robert Fludd(1574-1637), an English Hermeticist, devised several different planetary scales, here are two:


G A  B  C  D E F# G A B Middle C D E, F#, G
earth water air fire Moon Mercury Venus  Sun  Mars Jupiter Saturn fixed stars angels

(starting in the bass clef working upwards)


Middle c B A G F E D C B A G F E, D, C
earth water air fire Moon Mercury Venus Sun Mars Jupiter Saturn fixed stars angels

(starting in bass clef working downward)


H.P.Blavatsky changed the order of the planets in her planetary scale.  She switched the positions of Mars and Jupiter because the planetary color of Mars comes before the color of Jupiter in the color spectrum of the rainbow:

 C  Mars  red
 D  Sun  orange
 E  Mercury  yellow
 F  Saturn  green
 G  Jupiter  blue
 A  Venus  indigo
 B  Moon  violet

* The a’  etc. is an octave above a, two above A. The notes in modern transcription to avoid accidentals were A B c d e f g a b c’ d’ e’ f’ g’ a’.

        Misc. Sound and Music Symbolism


Planetary Tempos

Planet Beats Per Minute
Sun 118.3
Moon 98.6
Mercury 66.2
Venus 103.7
Mars 67.8
Saturn 69.3
Jupiter 86.1
Neptune 99.1
Pluto 65.7
Uranus 97.2


  Music, Sound, and The Chakras

Chakra Music Note Lower Plane Sound Higher Plane Sound
Root C – 65.41 Hz rumbling thunder soft whistling
Sacral D – 73.42 Hz roar of the ocean gentle wind blowing through trees
Solar Plexus E – 82.41 Hz bell or gong sound waterfall or rushing water
Heart F – 87.31 Hz buzzing…light swarming of bees flute
Throat G – 98.00 Hz wind ohm or humming
Brow A -110.00 Hz distant violins carried by the wind deep woodwinds
Crown B – 123.47 Hz soft “huu…” all sound and no sound, and sound felt as opposed to heard


Hebrew Alphabet and Music

Letter Musical Note
Aleph E
Beth E#
Gimel G#
Daleth F#
Heh C
Vav C#
Zayin D
Cheth D#
Teth E
Yod F
Kaph A#
Lamed F#
Mem G#
Nun G
Samekh G#
Ayin A
Peh C
Tzaddi A#
Qoph B
Resh D
Shin C
Tav A

Elements and Music

Element Musical Note
Fire C
Air E
Water G#
Earth A


Tarot Trumps & Musical Notes

  Tarot Trump Music Note
0 Fool E
1 Magician E
2 High Priestess G#
3 Empress F#
4 Emperor C
5 Hierophant C#
6 Lovers D
7 Chariot D#
8 Strength E#
9 Hermit F
10 Wheel of Fortune A#
11 Justice F#
12 Hanged Man G#
13 Death G
14 Temperance G#
15 Devil A
16 Tower C
17 Star A#
18 Moon B
19 Sun D
20 Judgment C
21 Universe A


Ancient Greek Musical Associations and Uses

When considering  the notes of the major scale…do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti, do… the ancient Greeks saw the scale as a descending not ascending scale comprised of two tetrachords.  The most important note in the scale was called the mesç, or middle note, which was the highest note of the lower tetrachord.  Many times this was the most played note of a scale.  To the Pythagoreans this note corresponded to the Sun with the other notes representing the various planets. The ancient Greeks created seven different scales, or modes (named after cities that reflected the mood of the modes)…the Dorian, Hyperdorian, Phrygian, Hypophrygian, Lydian, Hypolydian and Mixolydian…known today as the Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian, and Locrian modes.


The ancient Greeks were aware of the physical, emotional, and psychological effects of music and believed music composed in their musical modes could effect a person in a positive or negative manner.  These musicians may have also been the first to understand the relationship between mathematics and music theory, which lead to what we know today as the major and minor scales.

The Seven Ancient Modes and the Four Humors
Mode Humor – Qualities Element Body Trait Emotional Qualities and Effects Guardian
Dorian Phlegm—sleepiness, lethargy, laziness, slowness, mental dullness, and forgetfulness, but also to calm and even-tempered detachment water, cold & moist connected to the etheric body and its well being happy, taming the passionsawake  Demeter (Virgo)Aphrodite (Taurus)
Hypodorian serious and tearfulasleep  Hestia (Capricorn)
Phrygian Yellow Bile or Choleric— boldness, exuberance, and passion…can lead to courage, a quick wit, and leadership, but in excess it produces pride, rashness, irritability, and a hot-tempered, violent personality fire, warm & dry associated with the ego and will inciting anger Hephaistos (Libra)Athena (Aries)
Hypophrygian inciting delights, tempering fiercenessflattery Hermes (Cancer, the Gate of the Moon)
Lydian Sanguine— imparts good cheer, optimism, friendliness, and a tendency to laughter, love, and song air, moist & warm associated with an active astral body happy Ares (Scorpi0)Poseidon (Pisces)
Hypolydian tearful and pioussad  Zeus (Leo)Apollo (Gemini)
Mixolydian Black Bile or Melancholic—  imparts solidity, firmness, and steadfastness, but also therefore a certain indolence and tenacity earth, cool and dry associated with the physical body uniting pleasure and sadnessmelancholy Artemis (Sagittarius)Hera (Aquarius)
Hypomixolydian*this mode is suitable for every use…the mode of celestial bliss beauty has no specific associated signs or guardians, it corresponds to all the Fixed Stars and to the Thirteen Olympians

Each mode is associated with a Muse: Clio, Calliope, Terpsichore, Melpomene, Erato, Euterpe, Polyhymnia, Urania (according to the Chaldean order)…Thalia, the ninth muse, is assigned the Terrestrial Sphere and governs silence. One to remember the correspondences is to use the verses of Agrippa from Three Books Occult Philosophy, II.xxvi, 1651):

Silent Thalia we to th’ Earth compare,
For She by music never doth ensnare;
After the Hypodorian Clio sings,
Persephone likewise doth strike the bass strings;
Calliope also doth chord second touch,
Using the Phrygian; Mercury as much:
Terpsichore strikes the third, and that rare,
The Lydian music makes so Venus fair.
Melpomene, and Titan do with a grace
The Dorian music use in the fourth place.
The fifth ascribed is to Mars the God
Of war, and Erato after the rare mode
Of th’ Phrygians, Euterpe doth also love
The Lydian, and sixth string; and so doth Jove.
Saturn the seventh doth use with Polymny,
And causeth the Mixed Lydian melody.
Urania also doth the eighth create,
And music Hypo-Lydian elevate.

Mode Intervals in the “Modern” Seven Greek Modes
prime second third fourth fifth sixth seventh
Ionian perfect major major perfect perfect major major
Dorian perfect major minor perfect perfect major minor
Phrygian perfect minor minor perfect perfect minor minor
Lydian perfect major major augmented perfect major major
Mixolydian perfect major major perfect perfect major minor
Aeolian perfect major minor perfect perfect minor minor
Locrian perfect minor minor perfect diminished minor minor


 Seven “Modern” Modes Associations
 Mode C-Major
Planet Day Zodiac Guardian
Lydian C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C  (Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Ti, Do) Venus Friday Leo
Phrygian D, E, F, G, A, B, C, D  (Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Ti, Do, Re) Sun Sunday Virgo
Dorian E, F, G, A, B, C, D, E  (Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Ti, Do, Re, Mi) Mars Tuesday Libra
Hypolydian F, G, A, B, C, D, E, F  (Fa, Sol, La, Ti, Do, Re, Mi, Fa) Jupiter Thursday Scorpio
Hypophrygian G, A, B, C, D, E, F, G  (Sol, La, Ti, Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol) Saturn Saturday Sagittarius
Hypodorian A, B, C, D, E, F, G, A  (La, Ti, Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La) Moon Monday Capricorn Hestia
Mixolydian B, C, D, E, F, G, A, B  (Ti, Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Ti) Mercury Wednesday Cancer Hermes


Greater Perfect System

     In the ancient Greek musical system the notes of a scale were arranged in descending order and were comprised of two tetrachords…this two octave system was known as the Greater Perfect System.  The tetrachord was the basic musical unit in ancient Greece.  Tetra chord literally means “four strings”.

Greater Perfect System