The Man Who First Saw “The Men in Black” Dies

(excerpt: Twilight Language)

The man who brought the ufo silencers, the men in dark clothing, into modern consciousness, Albert K. Bender, 94, died on March 29, 2016, in California.

“Men in Black” (MIBs) are what appear to be male humans dressed in black suits who claim to be government or paramilitary (or even alien) agents and who harass or threaten UFO witnesses to keep them quiet about what they have seen.

From portrayals in The X-Files, appearances in movies, references in popular culture and points of debate in UFO conspiracy theories, the MIBs have become part of our 21st Century culture.

In April 1952, Albert K. Bender, a factory worker from Bridgeport, Connecticut, announced the formation of International Flying Saucer Bureau (IFSB), whose purpose was to “gather flying saucer information” and to “get all Flying Saucer minded people acquainted with each other….”
At the time he established the IFSB, Bender was a 31-year-old bachelor who lived with his stepfather. He was obsessed not only with UFOs but with occultism, horror movies, and science fiction. Bender transformed his part of the house into what he called a “chamber of horrors.” Jerome Clark, The Emergence of a Phenomenon: UFOs from the Beginning through 1959 ~ The UFO Encyclopedia – Volume 2 (Chicago: Omnigraphics, 1992: 73)

Ufology historian Jerry Clark told of how Bender took “out-of-body trips into deep space,” but also worked hard on the IFSB’s publication, Space Review. Bender built up the 1952-1953 membership to 1500 people from around the world. “One of the most active was a West Virginia man named Gray Barker.”
In early September 1953, Bender, who is acknowledged as one of the first pioneers of UFO research, was visited at his home in Bridgeport, Connecticut, by three men dressed in black who warned him in threatening terms to cease his investigations or else.
The “silencers,” as he called them, scared Bender to the point where he did not publish a report he said was going to answer all the mysteries of the UFO question. Instead, Bender left a warning: “We advise those engaged in saucer work to please be very cautious.” Bender’s organization – the IFSB – closed down.

After pressing Bender for more details about the “whys” behind the shutdown, Barker wrote his first book, They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers, which was published by University Books in 1956. The book was the first to describe the Men in Black (MIBs). Barker recounted Bender’s own alleged encounters with the MIBs, who were said to travel in groups of three, wear black suits, and drive large black automobiles. In 1962, Barker and Bender collaborated on a second book on the topic, called Flying Saucers and the Three Men. Published under Barker’s own imprint, Saucerian Books, this book proposed that the MIBs were, themselves, extraterrestrials.

These “ufo silencer” experiences of this one individual, Albert K. Bender, promoted in later years by Gray Barker (May 2, 1925–December 6, 1984), created an enduring legacy beginning over 60 years ago – the MIBs.
Besides Bender and Barker, Men in Black researchers and writers have included the late John A. Keel, Jerome Clark, the late Jim Keith, and Nick Redfern.  Nick Redfern, who passed on the news of Bender’s passing to me, has written many books on MIBs, including his 2006 book, On the Trail of the Saucer Spies: UFOs and Government Surveillance (which contains information on Bender).
Now Albert K. Bender has passed away.
Bender was born on June 16, 1921, and served in the United States Air Force during World War II.  In Bridgeport, Connecticut, he was a supervisor at the Acme shear factory.
After Bender’s 1962 book was published, and before Bender moved to Los Angeles, in 1965, while in Bridgeport, Bender started the Max Steiner Music Society, which was later renamed the Max Steiner Memorial Society, dedicated to the famed music composer of theater and film hits.

Steiner (May 10, 1888 – December 28, 1971) composed over 300 film scores, and was nominated for 24 Academy Awards, winning three: The Informer (1935), Now, Voyager (1942), and Since You Went Away (1944). Steiner’s popular works include King Kong (1933), Little Women (1933), Jezebel (1938),Casablanca (1942), The Searchers (1956), A Summer Place (1959), and Gone with the Wind (1939), the film score for which Steiner is best known.

Thanks to Albert Bender’s Max Steiner Memorial Society, collections of Steiner’s music have been preserved, discussed, and disseminated. Bender’s Society was responsible for obtaining a Hollywood Walk of Fame Star for Max Steiner, as well as Steiner’s name being written in the Golden Book of the State of Israel. Bender’s Steiner collection was donated to the Brigham Young University manuscript collection.
This little known part of Albert K. Bender’s life, beginning in 1965, is noted in Max Steiner: Composing, Casablanca, and the Golden Age of Film Music by Peter Wegele (2014):
Albert K. Bender and Max Steiner.

Albert K. Bender at the announcement of the Max Steiner commemorative stamp, 1999.

At the time of his death, Bender was residing in Los Angeles, and his funeral was held in Manhattan Beach, California, on April 9, 2016. His known sibling survivors are Fred Bender, Shirley Audugar, and Joseph Kevlin.

Albert K. Bender and his wife.
The only known recording of Albert K. Bender can be found here. He also wrote a volume of recollections, Five Slices of Life: A Collection of Short Stories.

(Confirmation: Besides the Wikipedia page that was apparently written by a source close to Bender, the death is verified by the page on his funeral arrangements.)
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Real Nephilim Facts Exposed From A Gov Scientist

There are some one hundred sixty (160) or more known types of Aliens/Nephilim visiting our world (Earth) at the present time, these are the most commonly seen types:

(NOTE- I explain why there are so many varieties of Nephilim on the video above. If you are interested in hearing about it then please watch the video above towards the middle.)


  1. Greys, type one (1) – The Rigelians from the Rigel Star system and are approximately four (4) feet tall, with a large head containing large slanted eyes, who worship technology and DON’T CARE ABOUT US. The type popularized in the “Communion” book by Strieber. They need vital secretions for their survival, which they are getting from us (earthlings).
  2. Greys, type two (2) – Come from the Zeta Reticulae 1 & 2 solar systems. Same general appearance as a type one (1), although they have a different finger arrangement and a slightly different face. These Greys are more sophisticated then the type ones (1). They possess a degree of common sense and are somewhat passive. They don’t require the secretions that the type ones (1) due.
  3. Greys, type three (3) – Simple cloning form of types one and two above. Their lips are thinner (or no lips). They are subservient to the type one and two Greys above.
  4. Nordics, Blondes, Swedes – Known by any of these names. They are similar to us. Blonde hair, blue eyes (some have dark hair and brown eyes and they’re shorter in height). They will not break the law of non-interference to help us. They will only intervene if the Greys activity were to affect us directly.
  5. Nordic Clones – They appear similar to us but with a grey tinge to their skin. These Nordics are controlled drones, created by the Greys, type ones (1).
  6. Intra-Dimensional (Not Para-Terrestrial) – Entities that can assume a variety of shapes. Basically of a peaceful nature.
  7. Short Humanoids – One and a half to two and a half feet tall, with skin bluish in color. They are seen quite frequently in Mexico near Chihuahua
  8. Hairy Dwarfs (Orange) – They are four (4) feet tall and weigh about thirty five (35) pounds. Their hair is the color of red. They seem to be neutral and respect intelligent life forms.
  9. Very Tall Race – They look like us but are seven to eight feet tall. They are united with the Swedes.
  10. Men In Black (MIBs) – They are not from the Delta or NRO division of the government. They are oriental or olive-skinned, there eyes are sensitive to light and have vertical pupils. They have very pale skin on some types. They do not conform easily to our social patterns. Usually they wear black clothes (sometimes all white or grey clothes), wear sunglasses and drive black cars. In groups they all dress alike. Sometimes time-disoriented. They cannot handle a psychological “curve ball” or interruption to their plans. They very often intimidate UFO witnesses and impersonate government officials. Equivalent of our CIA from another Galaxy.

Something Major is Being Hidden From the Public Eye:

Here is a breakdown of the MAJIC Projects and all its divisions….


  1. SIGMA is the project which first established communications with the Aliens and is still responsible for communications.
  1. PLATO is the project responsible for Diplomatic Relations with the Aliens. This project secured a formal treaty (illegal under the U.S. Constitution) with the Aliens.
    • The terms were that the Aliens would give us “our Government” technology and would not interfere in our History. In return we “our Government” agreed to keep their presence on Earth a secret, not to interfere in any way with their actions, and to allow them to abduct humans and animals.



  1. The Aliens agreed to furnish MJ-12 with a list of abductees on a periodic basis for Governmental control of their experiments with the abductees.


  1. AQUARIUS is the project which compiled the history of the Alien presence and interaction on Earth and the HOMO SAPIENS.


  1. GARNET is the project responsible for control of all information and documents regarding the Alien subjects and accountability of their information and documents.


  1. PLUTO is a project responsible for evaluating all UFO and IAC information pertaining to Space technology.


  1. POUNCE project was formed to recover all downed and/or crashed craft and Aliens. This project provided cover stories and operations to mask the true endeavor, whenever necessary. Covers which have been used were crashed experimental Aircraft, Construction, Mining, etc. This project has been successful and is ongoing today.


  1. NRO is the National Recon Organization based at Fort Carson, Colorado. It’s responsible for security on all Alien or Alien Spacecraft connected to the projects.


  1. DELTA is the designation for the specific arm of NRO which is especially trained and tasked with security of all MAJIC projects. It’s a security team and task force from NRO especially trained to provide Alien tasked projects and LUNA security (also has the CODE NAME: “MEN IN BLACK”). This project is still ongoing.


  1. BLUE TEAM is the first project responsible for reaction and/or recovery of downed and/or crashed Alien craft and/or Aliens. This was a U.S. Air Force Material Command project.


  1. SIGN is the second project responsible for collection of Intelligence and determining whether Alien presence constituted a threat to the U.S. National Security. SIGN absorbed the BLUE TEAM project. This was a U.S. Air Force and CIA project


  1. REDLIGHT was the project to test fly recovered Alien craft. This project was postponed after every attempt resulted in the destruction of the craft and death of the pilots. This project was carried out at AREA 51, Groom Lake, (Dreamland) in Nevada. Project Redlight was resumed in 1972. This project has been partially successful. UFO sightings of craft accompanied by Black Helicopters are project Redlight assets. This project in now ongoing at Area 51 in Nevada


  1. SNOWBIRD was established as a cover for project Redlight A “Flying Saucer* type craft was built using conventional technology. It was unveiled to the PRESS and flown in public on several occasions. The purpose was to explain accidental sightings or disclosures of Redlight as having been the Snowbird crafts. This was a very successful disinformation operation. This project is only activated when needed. This deception has not been used for many years. This project is currently in mothballs, until it is needed again.


  1. BLUE BOOK was a U.S. Air Force, UFO, and Alien Intelligence collection and disinformation project. This project was terminated and its collected information and duties were absorbed by project Aquarius. A classified report named “Grudge/Blue Book, Report Number 13” is the only significant information derived from the project and is unavailable to the public, (from what I read before from other sources, this Report Number 13, talked about everything inside the Grudge history).