Biometric imaging system identifies finger vein patterns

Finger vein authentication system

Fujisoft Incorporated and mofria Corporation have announced a collaboration that will produce a CMOS sensor-basedsolution that deploys pattern recognition techniques based on images of human finger vein patterns beneath the surface of the skin for biometric authentication purposes.

Since finger vein patterns are impossible to replicate, they provide a secure and accurate means for biometric identification. mofiria’s finger vein authentication technology uses pattern recognition techniques based on images of human vein patterns under the skin’s surface. Infrared LED lights are reflected inside in the finger and a CMOS image sensor captures the vein pattern image from the dispersed light. Matching algorithms are then applied to the image to order to compensate for finger placement and identify a vein pattern.

The devices, which are powered via USB, were designed for use in industries that require high security standards, including finance, critical infrastructure, medical, cloud computing, and education. The system has already been deployed in ATM terminals in China for banks that wish to differentiate themselves with additional security measures. It has also been adopted by the Turkish government, which intends to use it to equip hospitals and pharmacies withbiometric identification systems in order to strengthen security standards for patient information and access to medical records.

mofiria, a company that spun off from Sony in 2010, worked with Fujisoft in order to provide a global customer base with a full vein authentication solution.

“We have very strong confidence in the quality of our vein authentication solutions,” he said. “However, as a small company, we focus on improving our core technology strength and leverage strong partnerships with carefully selected vendors to provide full solutions that exceed the expectations of our customers.”

He added, “Fujisoft have many years of system integration and development experience which makes them a key partner in order to provide a full end to end vein authentication solution to our customers.”