MUSLIM thug arrested for threatening to murder Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson is also an ISIS supporter

23B3965300000578-2859166-image-a-21_1417621758012WASHINGTON STATE: The FBI has arrested a Muslim man for making repeated threats against the life of Officer Darren Wilson, writing Facebook posts demanding, ‘We need to kill this white motha f***a and anything that has a badge on.’ Jaleel Tariq Abdul-Jabbaar, 46, started writing the messages immediately after Wilson shot Brown dead  and according to the criminal complaint read in court in Seattle,’knowingly and willfully transmitted in interstate and foreign commerce’ threats against Wilson’s life.’

UK Daily Mail  In addition to the specific social media threats, the Nintendo employee, who boasts an ISIS flag on his Facebook page, is also accused of trying to acquire a firearm to act out his desire as spokesman of ‘the oppressed’ who ‘need to kill this white cop.’


If convicted, Abdul-Jabbaar faces a maximum of five years in prison and has been detained in custody ahead of a December 5 detention hearing in US District Court in Seattle. It is unclear how he will plead or if he will be represented by an attorney, but the father of three has already deleted some of the more incriminating posts from his open Facebook profile.

However, in court on Tuesday, his threats against Wilson and Ferguson officers were read out, including those he has since removed. In one that dates from November 24, the day the grand jury declined to charge officer Wilson, Abdul-Jabbaar uploaded a photograph of a Wilson to his Facebook page with the message, ‘Ready to go and kill some cops.’


He followed that up later in the day with, ‘We need to kill this white motha F***a and anything that has a badge on.’ The next day there was a cartoon depicting a black man killing a white officer, with the message: ‘We black folks should’ve been doing this to the police last night.’

Previously, on November 11, a Facebook message seen and recorded by FBI Agent Brett Grover, Abdul-Jabbaar wrote, ‘Are there any REAL BLACK MEN that would love to go down to Ferguson Missouri to give back those bullets that [Wilson] fired into the body of Mike Brown.’

The message ends, ‘If we’re unable to locate [Wilson] then We’ll return them to his wife and if not her then his children.’ In other, shocking posts to his Facebook page, Abdul-Jabbaar says that he ‘would love to smoke a white motha f***’n cop.’


Born William Cox, Abdul-Jabbaar changed his name in 1990 after converting to Islam and according to the Smoking Gun has been divorced several times.

His Facebook page has the image of the ISIS flag as the cover photograph and Acting United States Attorney Annette L. Hayes said in a statement, ‘Although we each have the right to express our views about the decision reached by the state grand jury in Ferguson, Missouri, we cannot tolerate violence or threats of violence that are intended to intimidate, and ultimately silence debate. Such threats are crimes, and the individuals who make them must be held to account’


Abdul-Jabbaar has several prior convictions, including selling crack cocaine, domestic violence, weapons possession and assault. He was also once found guilty of drugging and having ‘indecent contact’ with an underage girl who was suffering mental illness. His last appearance in a court came in 2008 when he was sentenced to a year in prison following a gunfight with another man.



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