The 26th of 2015 is the great week of Obamation no pun intended



Gay write legal
Obama care legal
The Confederate flag take down
Tpp fast track

When u look at what each law what is contained and obtain these bill signal the down fall of America and the striping of the American rights

Ok everyone is talking about the confederate flag there are some school which were name after raciest leader which no one was talking about and  there are more school like this which still have name of raciest leader. food for thought let start changing our school name before yall start arguing about the confederate flag this is more important.

The 9th. Of tammuz was when Babylon breach the wall of Jerusalem with lead to the distribution of the temple of Solomon. Guess what the American spiritual wall was breach on the 9th of tammuz because that when the gay right was officially made law and for those who don’t know nothing good happen on this day that y Jews hate this day everything bad that has      happened to them happened on this day when we Christian look back on this day we will join the Jews and hate this day

Sodom and Gomorrah has come to America the saying that 100 French men can’t be wrong is a lie because these member on the supreme court who voted for this bill is wrong. have open a can of worn because the definition of a family has for every change they have given then the inch and they will see if they can take the whole mile and within due time u will see other knocking on the door to get their view of the family across u were warn


It no surprise that France and Europe in general we are seeing the rise in terrorist attack by Islamist. The sad thing is that this is just the beginning Europe is on a path of no return and by 2060 most of Europe will be a Muslim country simply because they are producing more      children than the rest of the population. The average birthrate could be 2,11 child per family for that population to survive study have shown that when the population is 1.9 child per family it doesn’t recover and when it 1.3 child per family there is no turning back and that where most of Europe fall in that bracket. My advice if yall say that Islam is a peaceful religion it time to stand up and protect your faith because this people are not doing justice to your faith and as your population increase their population is also increasing in number and becoming more   radical