December 2.


December 2 is special in Israel and Palestine.
1947 – Jerusalem Riots of 1947: Riots break out in Jerusalem in response to the United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine.

Cuba and Castro have always done special things on December 2nd.
1956 – The Granma reaches the shores of Cuba’s Oriente Province. Fidel Castro, Che Guevara and 80 other members of the 26th of July Movement disembark to initiate the Cuban Revolution.
1961 – In a nationally broadcast speech, Cuban leader Fidel Castro declares that he is a Marxist–Leninist and that Cuba is going to adopt Communism.
1976 – Fidel Castro becomes President of Cuba, replacing Osvaldo Dorticós Torrado.
A major death occurred on December 2nd.
1993 – Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar is shot and killed in Medellín.
Also on December 2, 1993, in an unemployment office in Oxnard, California, a workplace shooting occurred. Five people were killed, including the gunman who died by “suicide by cop” and four others were wounded.