Ison, Ebola and the 333 /666 year cycle

 Pliny the Elder believed that comets were connected with political unrest and death with come ison passing was it a harbinger. I believe it was significant because as soon as comet ison passed patient zero died of Ebola December 6  2013 . let go back in history to see if theory add up.

In the year 1347, a Comet which they named ‘Comet Negra‘ passed very close to the planet Earth. Though this Comet passed closely to the Earth for many months and was a great sight in the sky to behold, once the Comet was no longer visible, a ‘black death’ started throughout Europe, middle east, and China. Over the next 12 years, it killed an estimated 75 to 200 million people.

333 years later,

‘the great Comet of 1680′ passed close to the Earth. Named ‘Kirch’s Comet’, it too became one of the brightest objects in the night sky, visible even in the daytime. Was the Great Plague of Vienna in 1680 related to its passing?

333 years later,

Comet ‘Ison’ is ready to bring a viewing spectacle once again to the planet Earth.

now let do some math comet ison was 666 since comet negra passed could we see another black death on this earth 666 year later with the  thing is going we look to be going in the same direction with Ebola. the  last  to comet brought diseases and the third one is the same as the last to .

there are  some other case when comet passed other thing happen

15 A.D. Comet Appears

Caesar Augustus Census is issued for the taxation of Syria and Judaea. This would lead to a tax revolt led by Judas of Galilee, as well as a subtle and covert revolt against the Roman occupation and the Jewish clerics who support the occupation. John the Baptist would also be noted as one of the primary protester leaders with many followers after this comet passed. Roman occupation of Judaea will eventually get worned down, but after many deaths of those suspected to be Christians.

348 A.D. Comet Appears

The Catholic Church begins its persecution against pagans. The Council of Carthage issued penalty of “forfeiture” of property (i.e. confiscation of property) by the Catholic Church for violations of virginity, usury, and self-chosen martyrdom (with penalty of exile after property was taken). From 350 A.D. to 360 A.D., Constantius II would order the death penalty to anyone involved in pagan rituals involving sacrifices or worship of idols. Julian the Apostate would reinstate some pagan practices and liberties (mostly to Christians) from 361 A.D. to 375 A.D., before Emperor Gratian would return to property confiscation and death of anyone suspected of involvement with paganism or hedonism.

681 A.D. Comet Appears

Calculated to be the approximate year with a major change in the Earth’s rotation speed. Four earthquakes hit Japan, and five more took place in 682 A.D. with a “rain of ashes” (with massive land damage and many deaths of people and farm animals). Approximate date of collapse of Mayan civilization in the Guatamala region of Central America, possibly by massive hurricane or tsunami overwhelming the Mayan towns. Armenians, Albanians, and Iberians rise in rebellion against Caliphate.

1014 A.D.  Comet Appears 

Brian Bora and Gaelic Irish rise in rebellion against the Vikings, and defeat them and drive them out of Ireland (Brian Bora would die in battle). Aethelred the Unready reclaims the throne of England, and a major tsunami and sea flood hits England and overwhelms many towns with many people dying on September 28, 1014 A.D.

there is a video that go more in depth