Northern Party

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Coordinates: 53°22′29.8″N 2°54′54.5″W

For the 1912 Antarctic expedition, see Terra Nova Expedition § Northern Party.
Northern Party
Founders Michael Dawson &
Harold Elletson
Founded 2015
Dissolved 2016
Ideology Northern regionalism
Local government (England & Wales)
0 / 20,565


The Northern Party was a minor British political party formed by Michael Dawson and former Blackpool MP Harold Elletson in March 2015 with the intention of contesting seats in the United Kingdom general election, 2015.

Michael Dawson, a former Executive Committee member of the Labour Campaign for Human Rights, is the nephew of former MP for LancasterHilton Dawson who now runs The North East Party. At the launch of the party he said “We’ve been planning this for months. This is a Northern Rebellion against a system that has failed the North.”[1]

The party stood candidates in five seats in Lancashire:[2]

The party describes its symbol as “a Norse raven, closely associated with the ancient kingdom of Northumbria (today’s North of England) and the struggle for autonomy”.[4] The same symbol is used by ‘ultras’ group the Jorvik Reds who associate themselves with football club York City F.C..

The party was registered with the Electoral Commission on 1 April 2015; the record lists Michael Dawson as Leader and Treasurer and Stephen Gilpin as Nominating Officer. The party’s registered address is in Liverpool.[5]

The Northern Party voluntarily deregistered as a party on 8 April 2016.