Timeline of the Trump presidency, 2017 Q4

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The following is a timeline of the presidency of Donald Trump during the fourth quarter of 2017. To navigate between quarters, see Timeline of the presidency of Donald Trump.

Public Approval[edit]

According to Five Thirty-Eight, President Trump’s average public approval rating on 31 December 2017 stood at 37.9%, representing a quarterly decline of 0.7 percentage points, and a decline of 7.6 percentage points since his inauguration on 20 January 2017.[1]


October 2017[edit]

Date Events Photos

Week 36[edit]

Sunday, October 1
  • The deadline passes unfulfilled for President Trump to identify for punishment Kremlin-linked targets of sanctions signed on August 2.[2][3]

Week 37[edit]

Monday, October 2
  • President Trump addresses the nation in regards to the mass shooting in Las Vegas offering his condolences to the victims and their families, while praising the first responders at the scene.[4]
  • President Trump meets with the governors of Maine, Mississippi, Kentucky and New Hampshire at the White House to discuss cutting federal regulations.[5]
  • President Trump holds talk in the White House with the Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha to discuss improving trade relations between both countries.[6]
  • President Trump has dinner with Republican members of Congress at the White House to discuss immigration reform and improving border security.[7]
File:President Trump Gives Remarks.webm

President Trump addresses the nation following the Las Vegas mass shooting

Tuesday October 3
  • President Trump meets with US Virgin Islands Governor Kenneth Mapp on board the USS Kearsarge to discuss the territory’s immediate funding needs in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.[8]
  • President Trump and the First Lady attend a briefing in San Juan, Puerto Rico with senior military personnel and government officials, including Puerto Rican Governor Ricardo Rosselló on hurricane recovery efforts in Puerto Rico.[9]
  • Vice President Pence meets with representative of local businesses, community leaders and families, with Arizona Governor Doug Ducey in Phoenix, Arizona, to discuss efforts for tax reform.[10]

President Trump greets soldiers stationed on board the USS Kearsarge

Wednesday October 4

President Trump meets Las Vegas shooting victim Tiffany Huizar

Thursday October 5
Friday October 6
  • President Trump marks the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month at the White House, and speaks of recovery efforts in Puerto Rico and of the people suffering under the governments of Cuba and Venezuela.[18]
  • President Trump signs a proclamation honoring October 6 as the National day of Manufacturing, stating that jobs are coming back to the United States with the creation of thousands of new manufacturing jobs.[19][20]
  • President Trump approves an emergency declaration that will allow federal resources to supplement local efforts and allow FEMA to coordinate disaster relief efforts in Louisiana in preparation for Hurricane Nate.[21]

President Trump and the First Lady commemorate Hispanic Heritage Month

Saturday October 7

Vice President Pence and the Second Lady lay flowers at a memorial in Las Vegas

Sunday October 8

Vice President Pence stands for the national anthem prior to leaving an NFL game

Week 38[edit]

Monday October 9
  • Vice President Pence holds a fundraiser at Newport Beach, California, to raise funds for Republican Congressmen and to promote the administration’s tax-cut initiative.[28]
Tuesday October 10
Wednesday October 11
  • President Trump holds a bilateral meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the White House, to discuss NAFTA and US-Canadian trade possibilities.[35]
  • President Trump holds a campaign rally at the Harrisburg International Airport in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, at which he promotes his tax-cut initiative.[36]

President Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the White House

Thursday October 12

President Trump signs an executive order on healthcare

Friday October 13
Sunday October 15
  • President Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign files its quarterly finance report with the FEC. The filing discloses a legal bill of $1.1m paid from campaign funds in connection with the Russia investigations.[43]

Week 39[edit]

Monday October 16
  • President Trump attends a rally in Greenville, South Carolina, in support of Governor Henry McMaster to raise funds for his gubernatorial campaign.[44]
  • President Trump has a working lunch with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Vice President Pence to discuss legislative issues such as the budget, tax reform and immigration.[45]
  • Responding to questions at the White House, President Trump makes his first public comments on the four Special Forces soldiers killed in a suspected ISIS ambush on October 4 and further comments on former presidents calls and letters to the families of slain American troops during their time in office.[46][47]
Tuesday October 17
  • President Trump holds a bilateral meeting at the White House with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to discuss Greek efforts to reform their economy and military ties between both countries.[48]
  • President Trump holds a Diwali celebration at the White House.[49]
  • President Trump addresses the Heritage Foundation’s President’s Club Meeting, speaking of ‘American values’ and his administration’s tax reform efforts.[50]
  • Vice President Pence attends a small business gathering in Lancaster, New York, to discuss the administration’s tax reform efforts.[51][52]
  • Trump’s nominee to lead the White House Office of National Drug Control PolicyTom Marino, withdraws his nomination following news reports that Marino had previously worked on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry.[53]

President Trump shakes hands with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras

Wednesday October 18
  • President Trump holds a meeting at the White House with the Senate Finance Committee to discuss tax reform.[54]
  • President Trump holds a phone conversation with Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds to discuss concerns about the administration’s biofuels policy.[55]
  • The latest version of President Trump’s travel ban is blocked by U.S. District Judge Derrick Watson shortly before it comes into effect.[56]
Thursday October 19
  • President Trump meets with Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló at the White House to discuss the island’s recovery efforts after Hurricane Maria.[57]
  • President Trump attends a gala dinner at the Kuwaiti Embassy, where the Kuwait-American Foundation is trying to raise money for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and to honor First Lady Melania Trump for her dedication to causes affecting women and children in the US and abroad.[58][59]
  • President Trump nominates Joseph J. Simons, an anti-trust lawyer to head the Federal Trade Commission, including Noah Phillips, chief counsel for Senator John Cornyn and Rohit Chopra, a consumer advocate to fill the remaining two seats at the Commission.[60]
Friday October 20
  • President Trump holds a meeting in the White House with United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres to discuss counter-terrorism, Korea and the Middle East.[61][62]

President Trump sits with UN Secretary General António Guterres in the Oval Office

Sunday October 22
  • President Trump holds a conference call with Republican Congressman calling on them to pass the Senate budget and work on tax reform.[63]
  • Secretary of State Rex Tillerson attends a co-operation council in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, attended by Saudi Arabia and Iraq, where he calls on Iran to remove its paramilitary forces from Iraqi territory.[64]
  • Secretary of State Rex Tillerson holds meetings with Qatari Foreign Minister Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani in Doha, Qatar to find ways to resolve the diplomatic crisis between Qatar and other Gulf states.[65]

Secretary Tillerson greets Saudi King Salman following the Saudi Arabia-Iraq Coordination Committee Meeting

Week 40[edit]

Monday October 23
  • President Trump holds a bilateral meeting with Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to discuss the North Korean nuclear threat, defence and economic relationship between both countries, whilst overseeing the signing ceremony between Singapore Airlines and Boeingfor US$13.8 billion worth of new planes.[66][67]
  • President Trump holds a Medal of Honor ceremony at the White House for Captain Gary Michael Rose who was wounded in combat during Operation Tailwind in the Vietnam War. [68]
  • Secretary of State Rex Tillerson holds meetings in Kabul, Afghanistan with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and his officials on discussing strategies on ending the conflict in the country.[69]
Tuesday October 24
  • President Trump holds an awards ceremony at the White House as part of National Minority Enterprise Development Week.[70]
  • President Trump holds a swearing-in ceremony at the Oval Office for the next Ambassador to the Vatican Callista Gingrich.[71]
  • President Trump meets with Republican Senators at the Capitol to call for unity within the party and to discuss tax reform.[72]
  • Secretary of State Rex Tillerson holds meetings in Islamabad, Pakistan, with Pakistani Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, concerning the combating of extremist fighters.[73]

President Trump greets Ambassador Callista Gingrichand Newt Gingrich at the White House

Wednesday October 25
  • President Trump attends a briefing in Dallas, Texas on the recovery efforts by Hurricane Harvey and addressing the long-term flood mitigation plans in the state.[74]
  • President Trump holds a fundraiser to raise funds for his re-election campaign and the Republican National Committee, while holding a discussion round-table with his supporters at the Belo Mansion in Dallas.[75]
  • Secretary of State Rex Tillerson holds meetings with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in New Delhi to discuss bilateral trade and defense between both countries.[76]
  • US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley in a meeting with South Sudanese President Salva Kiir Mayardit in Juba, South Sudan calls on the president to find ways to end the conflict in the country. [77]
Thursday October 26
  • President Trump signs a presidential memorandum declaring a nationwide public health emergency and ordering all federal agencies to take measures to reduce the number of opioid deaths in the country.[78] No funds are allocated from the public health emergency fund.[79]

Week 41[edit]

Monday October 30
  • Shortly following the surrender of former Trump campaign officials Paul Manafort and Rick Gates to the FBI on twelve charges of conspiracy and money laundering between 2006 and 2015, President Trump states on Twitter that the charges refer to events from “years ago” and that “there is NO COLLUSION!”.[80][81][82]
  • Following the announcement of a guilty plea from George Papadopolous concerning lying to the FBI about meetings with Russians in 2016, Press Secretary Sanders describes Papadopoulos having held a ‘limited’, ‘volunteer’ position in the Trump campaign. Sanders contradicts Mueller’sindictment which details that Papadopoulos was encouraged to meet with Russian officials by a high-ranking Trump campaign official, named as Sam Clovis by The Washington Post[83][84]
  • The enforcement of President Trump’s ban on transgender soldiers is blocked by U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly, stating that the President’s given reasons “do not appear to be supported by any facts”.[85][86]
Tuesday October 31
  • Following a fatal vehicular attack in New York City by an Islamic extremist, President Trump offers “condolences and prayers” to the victims and their families.[87]
  • President Trump describes former foreign policy aide George Papadopoulos as a “young, low level volunteer” and a “liar”.[88]
  • Trump’s lawyer Jay Sekulow tells ABC News that presidential pardons for Manafort, Gates and Papadopoulos are “not on the table”.[89]

November 2017[edit]

Date Events Photos
Thursday November 2
Friday November 3
  • President Trump leaves Washington for Hawaii prior to a tour of Asia.[93][94][95]

President Trump greets troops during visit to Hawaii

Sunday November 5

Week 42[edit]

Monday November 6
  • At a joint press conference with Japanese Prime Minister Abe, President Trump discusses new arms sales to Japan and encourages the country to shoot down North Korean missiles.[97]
  • President Trump leaves Japan for South Korea. He takes part in a joint press conference at the Blue House with President Moon Jae-in, and visits Camp Humphreys.[98]
  • Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross denies hiding his large stake in a shipping company which has business ties to the Putin family, following the release of the Paradise Papers.[99][100][101]
Tuesday November 7
Wednesday November 8
  • Former Senior Adviser to the President, Carl Icahn, is subpoenaed for information related to his work on biofuels policy while a part of the administration.[105]
Thursday November 9
  • Continuing his tour of Asia, President Trump signs a number of binding and non-binding gas, aviation, communications and food-crop deals with China’s President Xi. Speaking alongside Xi in Beijing, Trump refers to the U.S.-Chinese trade imbalance, praising China for “taking advantage” of prior U.S. administrations.[106][107]
  • The State Department rejects an essay released by Ambassador Barbara Stephenson, which claims that the continuing depletion of State officials under the Trump administration will “forfeit the game to our adversaries”.[108]
Friday November 10
  • On the penultimate leg of his Asian tour, President Trump arrives Saturday morning UTC+7 at an APEC CEO summit in Da NangVietnam. In a speech to delegates, he talks of “chronic trade abuses”, and of Kim Jong-un’s “twisted fantasies of […] nuclear blackmail”, urging Russia and China to place pressure on North Korea.[109][110]
  • Vice President Pence joins other senior Republicans in stating that Republican Senate nominee Roy Moore ought to abandon his election campaign if there is truth in allegations of historical sexual activity with minors, as published by The Washington Post on Thursday 9th.[111][112]
Sunday November 12

Week 43[edit]

Tuesday November 14
  • President Trump returns to Washington from Manila at the end of his five-nation tour of Asia.[114]
  • Attorney General Jeff Sessions testifies to the House Judiciary Committee. He states that he now recalls learning of contact between Russians and the Trump campaign, but denies previously lying under oath. He announces he has no reason to disbelieve those who accuse Senate candidate Roy Moore of sexual activity with young girls.[115][116]
Thursday November 16

Week 44[edit]

Monday November 20
Tuesday November 21
  • President Trump and President Putin speak by telephone; Putin seeks support for his plan to end the Syrian civil war.[129]
  • President Trump defends Senate candidate Roy Moore from accusations of sex abuse.[130][131]
  • Ivanka Trump travels to India, to represent the US at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit.[132]

Week 45[edit]

Monday November 27
Tuesday November 28
  • President Trump informs reporters at the White House of his administration’s resolve following a new North Korean missile test which, it is believed, for the first time places Washington D.C. within range of the KPA.[138]
Wednesday November 29
Thursday November 30
  • President Trump announces the donation of his third-quarter salary to HHS efforts to solve the opioid epidemic.[151]
  • Press Secretary Sanders denies reports that Secretary Tillerson is to be removed.[152]
  • Jeff Sessions testifies at a private meeting of the House Intelligence Committee. According to ranking member Schiff, Sessions refuses to say whether or not President Trump asked him to hinder the Russia investigation.[153][154]

December 2017[edit]

Date Events Photos
Friday December 1
Saturday December 2
  • The Senate passes a $1.5 trillion tax cut bill (51 to 49) in support of President Trump’s tax initiative.[158][159]
  • President Trump states that there was “absolutely no collusion” between his election campaign and Russia.[160]
Sunday December 3

Week 46[edit]

Monday December 4
Tuesday December 5
Wednesday December 6
Thursday December 7
Friday December 8
  • President Trump holds a rally at Pensacola, Florida, near the Alabama border, at which he exhorts the Alabamian electorate to vote for Senate candidate Roy Moore on 12 December.[177]
  • Speaking at an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council convened following Trump’s Jerusalem announcement of December 6, Ambassador Haley announces that the US considers an Israeli-Palestinian peace to be “closer […] than ever before”. France, Germany, Italy, Sweden and the U.K. issue a joint statement opposing Trump’s decision.[178]
  • Deputy National Security Adviser Dina Powell announces her resignation.[179]
  • Hope Hicks is interviewed by Mueller’s team for a second day.[180]
Saturday December 9
Sunday December 10
  • Vice President Pence’s office describes as “unfortunate” a decision by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to cancel a December 19 meeting between the two during Pence’s upcoming visit to the Middle East.[182]

Week 47[edit]

Monday December 11
Tuesday December 12
Wednesday December 13
  • Congressional Republicans reach a deal on aspects of President Trump’s tax plan. Trump indicates that he will support a corporate tax rate of 21%.[190]
  • It is announced that the director of communications for the White House’s Office of Public Liaison, Omarosa Manigault, is to resign on 20 January 2018.[191] Contrary reports indicate that Manigault was dismissed by Chief of Staff John Kelly and physically removed from the White House grounds.[192][193][194][195]
  • Senator Chuck Grassley announces that two of President Trump’s judicial nominees, Jeff Mateer and Brett Talley, will not be confirmed.[196]
Thursday December 14
Friday December 15
  • Speaking at the White House, President Trump describes the FBI as acting disgracefully and states that people are angry. Trump shortly thereafter addresses a group of largely non-FBI graduates from a program at the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia, stating “I have your back 100%”.[200][201][202]
  • Speaking to reporters, President Trump reiterates his description of the matter of Russian collusion as a ‘hoax’ and replies that “we’ll see what happens” in response to questions about the possible pardoning of Michael Flynn.[203]
Sunday December 17
  • President Putin telephones President Trump to thank the CIA for its assistance in preventing a planned terrorist bombing at St. Petersburg’s Kazan Cathedral.[204]

Week 48[edit]

Monday December 18
  • President Trump publishes his first National Security Strategy and delivers a concomitant address, condemning North Korea as a rogue state and positioning China and Russia as U.S. rivals with whom his administration will attempt to “build a great partnership”. Climate change is omitted from the strategy.[205][206][207][208][209]
  • The U.S. blocks a resolution by the other 14 members of the UN Security Council calling for a retraction of President Trump’s recent statement recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Ambassador Haley describes the resolution as an insult which “won’t be forgotten”.[210]
  • Vice President Pence, previously due to leave for Egypt today, delays until January his visit to the Middle East, in order to oversee voting on President Trump’s tax bill.[211]
Tuesday December 19
  • The House of Representatives passes a revised version of President Trump’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act without Democratic votes, 227-203.[212][213]
  • Elections for the Virginia House of Representatives split evenly between Republicans and Democrats following recounts. Lots are later drawn on 4 January 2018, giving Republicans a 51-49 control of the House.[214][215]
  • Ambassador Haley states that she will be ‘taking names’ of countries who vote in favor of the December 21 UN resolution against the US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and passing them to President Trump who has suggested cutting aid to countries who do so.[216]
Wednesday December 20
  • The Senate passes President Trump’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act shortly after midnight without Democratic votes, 51 to 48. A procedural mistake in the House on December 19 necessitates a second vote in the House, which later passes in favor, 224 to 201.[217][218][219] The wide-ranging bill includes a cut to corporate tax from 35% to 21%, a reduction to the pool of estate-tax payers, alters each tax bracket, and reduces the rate for the highest earners. The bill also permits oil drilling in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and removes the individual mandate from Obamacare. President Trump announces that the bill represents a repeal of Obamacare, and that it will be replaced by “something that will be much better”. The legislation is financed by debt.[220][221]
  • The State Department announces the approval of a $41.5m sale of small arms to Ukraine.[222]
Thursday December 21
  • Vice President Pence arrives in Afghanistan to visit troops and speak with Afghan leaders. In a speech at Bagram Airfield, he announces “I believe victory is closer than ever before.”[223]
  • The United Nations votes 128 to 9 in favor of a demand that the U.S. retract its recent declaration concerning Jerusalem. US Ambassador Haley describes the vote as ‘null and void’.[224][225]
  • Press Secretary Sanders announces that the White House does not intend to remove Robert Mueller from the Russia investigation, and states “We look forward to seeing this hoax wrap up very soon.”[226]
  • Judge George B. Daniels dismisses a lawsuit by CREW against President Trump in respect of the Constitution’s emoluments clause. Daniels rules that only Congress has authority in such a matter, not the courts.[227]
Friday December 22
  • President Trump signs into law the $1.5 trillion tax bill passed by Congress on December 20.[228]
  • President Trump retires to Mar-a-Lago for the Christmas holiday.[229]
  • The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals rules unanimously that the current version of the travel ban exceeds presidential authority. The ban remains in effect during an additional appeals process.[230]

Week 49[edit]

Wednesday December 27
Thursday December 28
  • President Trump expresses disappointment following reporting by South Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo that China has been illegally supplying oil to North Korea.[232]
  • In an interview with The New York Times, President Trump states that he believes that Mueller will treat him fairly and will exonerate him.[233]
Friday December 29
  • Trump’s Labor Department continues the policy of the Obama Administration of issuing waivers to banks convicted of manipulating the global interest rate LiborDeutsche Bank and UBS are allowed to manage retirement funds for three years, while BarclaysCitigroup, and JPMorganare allowed to do the same for five years. At the time, Trump and his businesses owe Deutsche Bank at least $130 million.[234][235][236]

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Timeline of the Trump presidency, 2017 Q3

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The following is a timeline of the presidency of Donald Trump during the third quarter of 2017. To navigate between quarters, see Timeline of the presidency of Donald Trump.



Real GDP growth increased at an annual rate of 3.2%, despite a particularly bad 2017 Atlantic hurricane season. This was due to an increase in consumer spending, private inventory investment, non-residential fixed investment, increased exports, decreased imports, and increased federal government spending. This gain was offset by residential fixed investment and local government spending.[1][2]

Public opinion[edit]

According to FiveThirtyEight, President Trump concluded this quarter with an approval rating of 38.6%, representing a quarterly decline of 1%, and a decline of 6.9% since his inauguration.[3]


July 2017[edit]

Date Events Photos
Saturday, July 1
Sunday, July 2

Week 24[edit]

Monday, July 3
  • President Trump speaks by telephone to German Chancellor Angela Merkel discussing issues including climate change, the Women’s Entrepreneurship Financing Initiative and trade.[8]
  • President Trump discusses the migration crisis and the upcoming G20 summit by telephone with Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni.[9]
Tuesday, July 4
  • President Trump condemns on Twitter the successful test launch of a North Korean ICBM potentially capable of reaching Alaska or Australia.[10][11]
  • Vice President Pence attends a Fourth of July Parade at Grandville, Michigan, with governor Rick Snyder.[12]
  • Secretary of State Rex Tillerson states that the US “will never accept a nuclear-armed North Korea”.[13]
  • The number of US states refusing to comply with President Trump’s Commission on Election Integrity is reported to have risen to 44.[14]
  • President Trump hosts military personnel and their families for a picnic and fireworks show at the White House as part of Independence Day celebrations.[15]
Wednesday, July 5
  • President Trump, his family and advisors arrive in WarsawPoland ahead of the G20 summit.[16]
  • Ambassador Haley informs the UN Security Council that the US is prepared to deploy any of its military options to defend itself and its allies from North Korea if other options fail.[17]
  • Kris Kobach, vice-chairman of the Commission on Election Integrity has confirmed that 20 states have provided them with voter information, while 14 states and the District of Columbia have refused to do so.[18]
Thursday, July 6
  • President Trump attends a joint press conference in Warsaw with Polish President Andrzej Duda, reaffirming the US commitment to NATO, and citing the “severe” options available in respect of North Korea.[19][20]
  • President Trump, with the First Lady, attends a wreath-laying ceremony at the Warsaw Uprising Monument, and delivers a speech in defense of shared democratic values and calling on Russia to cease all destabilizing activity.[21][22]
  • President Trump attends the Three Seas Initiative to discuss the reduction of Central and Eastern European nations’ dependency on Russian oil and gas imports and increasing US LNG imports.[23]
  • President Trump meets with Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovicprivately to discuss issues including security and energy.[24]
  • President Trump arrives in HamburgGermany, ahead of the G20 summit.[25]
  • President Trump meets with German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the Hotel Atlantic to discuss issues such as trade, climate change, global security and the threat of North Korea’s nuclear program.[26]
  • President Trump attends the Northeast Asia Security Dinner, discussing with South Korean President Moon Jae-in and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe calling on China to restrain North Korea’s nuclear ambitions.[27]
  • Vice President Pence visits the Kennedy Space Center.[28]
  • Walter Shaub, Director of the United States Office of Government Ethics, resigns, effective July 19.[29]

President Trump and President Andrzej Duda.

Friday, July 7
  • President Trump attends the G20 summit hosted by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.[30]
  • President Trump holds a bilateral meeting with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, during which he reiterates the call for Mexico to pay for the border wall.[31]
  • President Trump holds a bilateral meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, calling for improved relations.[32] An undisclosed second meeting between the two occurs later in the day.[33][34]
  • Secretary of State Tillerson appoints Kurt Volker Special Representative for Ukraine Negotiations.[35]

President Trump and President Vladimir Putin at the 2017 G-20 Hamburg Summit.

Saturday, July 8
  • President Trump holds a bilateral meeting with British Prime Minister Theresa May, promising to expedite a new trade deal.[36]
  • The Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative is launched by First Daughter Ivanka Trump and the World Bank whereby the US commits USD50million to the fund.[37]
  • President Trump holds a bilateral meeting with Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, welcoming increased US participation in the ASEAN-US Summit, East Asia Summit, and APEC.[38]
  • President Trump holds a bilateral meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to discuss trade issues and North Korea.[39]
  • President Trump holds a bilateral meeting with Indonesian President Joko Widodo, promising to work on doing more trade deals and business between both countries.[40]
  • President Trump together with Chinese President Xi Jinping agrees that both countries should put more pressure on North Korea.[41]
  • The New York Times reports on the existence of a June 9, 2016 meetingbetween Jared KushnerPaul ManafortDonald Trump Jr. and Natalia Veselnitskaya.[42] President Trump aboard Air Force One dictates a public statement on behalf of Trump Jr. stating that the meeting concerned adoption.[43]
Sunday, July 9
  • Hours after promoting the idea in which he stated “Putin and I discussed forming an impenetrable cybersecurity unit so that election hacking, and many other negative things, will be guarded and safe,” Trump said that he did not think it could actually happen.[44]

Week 25[edit]

Monday, July 10

Vice President Pence and retired United States Army Staff Sergeant Travis Mills.

Tuesday, July 11
Wednesday, July 12

Secretary Tillerson meets with Saudi Foreign Minister al-Jubeir in Jeddah.

Thursday, July 13

President Trump and President Emmanuel Macron at Les Invalides for official ceremonies.

Friday, July 14

Bastille Day military parade in Paris.

Week 26[edit]

Monday, July 17
  • President Trump launches “Made in America Week” at the White House by showcasing products made in all 50 states.[59]

President Trump at the White House Made in America showcase.

Tuesday, July 18

President Trump, Vice President Pence, and National Security Adviser McMaster have lunch with service members.

Wednesday, July 19
  • President Trump attends the first meeting of the Commission on Election Integrity chaired by Vice President Pence, calling for a full investigation of the electoral process.[62]
  • President Trump has a luncheon with Republican senators in the White House, calling on them to work on repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act.[63]
  • President Trump hosts “Made in America” roundtable event at the White House with CEOS of American companies, calling for a crackdown on counterfeit goods from overseas.[64]
  • President Trump nominates Mark Esper as Secretary of the Army and Robert Wilkie as Undersecretary of Defense for personnel and readiness.[65][66]
Thursday, July 20
  • President Trump has a meeting at The Pentagon with his national security team covering areas such as troop levels in Afghanistan and the fight against IS.[67]
  • President Trump announces USD500 million will be made available for the production of domestic glass pharmaceutical packaging to representatives from MerckPfizer and Corning.[68]

President Trump, Vice President Pence, and Secretary Mattis outside the Pentagon.

Friday, July 21
  • President Trump signs an executive ordering a review of the U.S. defense industrial base and military supply chains.[69]
  • President Trump appoints Anthony Scaramucci his new White House Communications Director.[70]
  • Press Secretary Sean Spicer resigns from his post effective at the end of August.[71]
  • President Trump honors the surviving members of the USS Arizonaduring a visit to the White House.[72]
  • H. R. McMaster dismisses Rich Higgins from the National Security Council following the exposure of a memorandum authored by Higgins outlining a conspiracy theory concerning a plot to destroy Trump’s presidency by the media, bankers, Islamists, cultural Marxists, and the Republican and Democratic parties.[73][74][75]

Secretary Mattis meets Pearl Harbor survivor Donald Stratton.

Saturday, July 22

President Trump at the commissioning ceremony of the USS Gerald R. Ford.

Week 27[edit]

Monday, July 24
  • President Trump meets with families described by the White House as ‘victims’ of the Affordable Care Act, holding a press conference urging Senators to repeal and replace it.[77]
  • President Trump attends the 2017 National Scout Jamboree at Glen Jean, West Virginia, praising the organization and its values.[78] The Boy Scout’s chief executive issues a formal apology on 27 July for the speech’s “political rhetoric”.[79]
  • Jared Kushner issues a statement at the White House denying all collusion with Russian officials, following a meeting with the Senate Intelligence Committee.[80]

President Trump visits the 2017 National Scout Jamboree in West Virginia.

Tuesday, July 25
  • President Trump holds a bilateral meeting with Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri at the White House to discuss the humanitarian problem in Syria, Hezbollah and anti-terrorism.[81]
  • President Trump promises more help to veterans during a private gathering of local veteran organizations at Struthers, Ohio, as part of American Heroes Week.[82]
  • President Trump holds a campaign style rally in Youngstown, Ohio, touting the successes of his administration.[83]

President Trump honors veteran Bob Bishop at the AMVETS Post 44 Salute to American Heroes.

Wednesday, July 26

President Trump and the American Legion Boys Nation.

Thursday, July 27

Vice President Pence swears in Ambassador Hagerty at a ceremony in Washington.

Friday, July 28
Saturday, July 29
  • President Trump describes Republican Senators as looking like “fools” following a 49-51 vote against his initiative to repeal the Affordable Care Act.[97]
  • President Trump threatens to end healthcare cost-sharing subsidies to insurers and lawmakers.[98]

Week 28[edit]

Monday, July 31
  • Kelly is sworn in as the White House Chief of Staff.[99]
  • Scaramucci is removed as the White House Communications Director 16 days before taking office, following crude remarks made in an interview to The New Yorker.[100][101]
  • Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin announces slate of sanctions against Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro.[102]
  • President Trump awards the Medal of Honor at the White House to James McCloughan, a former army medic who served during the Vietnam War.[103]
  • Press Secretary Sanders states her belief that President Trump was “joking”, when asked about allegations that he promoted police brutality at a speech to law enforcement officers at Suffolk County Community College on 28 July.[104]

President Trump presents the Medal of Honor to Specialist Five James C. McCloughan.

August 2017[edit]

Date Events Photos
Tuesday, August 1
  • President Trump, as part of ‘American Dream Week’, holds a small business owners event at the White House touting American growth.[105]

Vice President Pence and Montenegrin Prime Minister Duško Marković.

Wednesday, August 2
  • President Trump signs a Congressional bill (H.R.3364) limiting his ability to ease sanctions against Russia, despite describing the bill as “flawed” and “unconstitutional”.[106]
  • President Trump’s campaign team hands over 20,000 pages of documents to the Senate Judiciary Committee in relation to the ongoing investigations concerning Russian collusion with Trump’s election campaign team.[107]
  • President Trump introduces a new bill entitled ‘The Raise Act’ which proposes to replace the current permanent employment-immigration framework with a merit- and skill-based immigration system.[108]
  • Ezra Cohen-Watnick, leader of the NSC’s Intelligence directorate, is removed from his position.[109][110][111][112]

President Trump alongside Senator Tom Cotton and Senator David Perdue.

Thursday, August 3
  • President Trump hosts a Veterans Affairs Telehealth Services event at the White House unveiling a new service for veterans allowing patients to schedule health care appointments from their smartphones or home computers.[113]
  • President Trump attends a rally at Huntington, West Virginia, where Governor Jim Justice announces his switch from the Democrats to the Republicans.[114]

President Trump and Secretary Shulkin unveil a new Telehealth service for veterans.

Friday, August 4
  • President Trump and Vice President Pence visit the FEMA headquarters to review preparations and emergency responses for the upcoming hurricane season.[115]
  • President Trump discusses in a phone conversation with French President Emmanuel Macron increased cooperation in Iraq, Syria and countering Iranian influence in the Middle East.[116]
  • Attorney General Jeff Sessions announces a crackdown on individuals who leak classified or sensitive national security information, as well as a review of the way in which journalists are subpoenaed.[117]
Sunday, August 6
  • President Trump has a phone conversation with South Korean President Moon Jae-in, discussing ways to stop the North Korean nuclear program.[118]
  • Secretary of State Tillerson attends the ASEAN summit in Manila to push its members and partners to apply more pressure on North Korea to halt its nuclear program.[119]

Secretary Tillerson Speaks at the 10th Lower Mekong Initiative Ministerial Meeting.

Week 29[edit]

Monday, August 7

Secretary Tillerson, Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, and Japanese Foreign Minister Tarō Kōno in the Philippines.

Tuesday, August 8
Wednesday, August 9
  • President Trump draws attention on Twitter to the ‘power’ of the US nuclear arsenal.[127]
  • President Trump speaks by telephone with Senator Mitch McConnell; he complains that McConnell is not protecting him from the Senate’s Russia inquiry.[128][129]
  • Defense Secretary Mattis warns North Korea that an attack on the US or its allies will prompt “the destruction of its people”.[130]

Secretary Mattis speaks with the crew of USS Kentuckyduring a visit to Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor.

Thursday, August 10
  • President Trump talks to reporters about his “fire and fury” warning, stating that “if anything, maybe that statement wasn’t tough enough.”[131]
  • President Trump declares that the opioid crisis is a national emergency that will need a lot of attention and money to combat.[132]
  • President Trump states that he is “very thankful” that Vladimir Putin ordered the removal of 755 US diplomatic posts from Russia, reducing the US state payroll.[133]
Friday, August 11
  • President Trump states on Twitter that America’s military capabilities against North Korea are “locked and loaded”.[134]
  • President Trump does not rule out the possibility of military action against President Nicolás Maduro in response to the ongoing Venezuelan political crisis.[135][136][137]
  • President Trump retracts his statement thanking Vladimir Putin on August 10th and states that his original comment was sarcastic.[138]
  • President Trump holds a workforce and apprenticeship discussion with Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos and Secretary of Labor Alex Acostaon ways to help Americans access affordable education and training which, according to a White spokesperson, will equip them with relevant skills to help them secure good jobs.[139]
Saturday, August 12
  • President Trump speaks to Chinese President Xi Jinping who requests restraint concerning tensions in the Korean peninsula.[140]
  • President Trump signs the Veterans Affairs Choice and Quality Employment Act that will provide veterans private medical care using government funds for the next six months.[141]
  • President Trump condemns the violence from all sides at a far-right rally at Charlottesville, Virginia, and calls for law and order to be restored.[142]He notably opted to omit any mention of the murder of counter-protester Heather Heyer in his address, and also chose not to single out or specifically condemn the alt-right protester, James Alex Fields, for Heyer’s murder, nor to specifically condemn the neo-Nazi movement that had invited Fields to attend the protest, thus effectively equating Heyer’s murder with the minor incidents of disorderly conduct carried out by the counter-protesters. Trump faced bipartisan criticism for these omissions.[143]
Sunday, August 13

Vice President Pence and Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos meet in Colombia.

Week 30[edit]

Monday, August 14
  • President Trump again condemns the violence that took place at the rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.[148]
  • President Trump signs an executive order authorizing the US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer to begin investigations into Chinese trade practices that harm American businesses, with particular focus on intellectual property and advanced technology.[149]
  • President Trump speaks by phone to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on finding ways to prevent North Korea launching ballistic missiles at Guam across Japanese territory.[150]
  • Attorney General Sessions decries the August 12 Charlottesville vehicle attack as “domestic terrorism”.[151]
  • The CEOs of MerckIntel and Under Armour resign from the American Manufacturing Council in protest at President Trump’s response to the Charlottesville rally.[152]
Tuesday, August 15
  • President Trump signs an executive order calling for federal departments to speed up the permits process for construction of transportation, water and other infrastructure projects. He revokes regulations intended to manage and prevent flooding.[153][154]
  • President Trump holds a press conference at which he goes “off teleprompter” and reverts to his earlier apportioning of blame in Charlottesville, apparently equally, to both sides. At this same news conference he voices his personal support of the rationale of the Alt-right’s claim that General Lee was a historical figure of similar historical importance to Lincoln, Washington and Jefferson, and that he therefore supported the Alt-Right’s rationale for protesting against the removal of the Charlottesville statue of General Lee.[155]
  • Scott Paul, president of the Alliance for American Manufacturing, and Richard Trumka, president of AFL-CIO, resign from the American Manufacturing Council. President Trump describes the resignees as “grandstanders”.[156]
  • Vice President Pence holds meetings with Argentinian President Mauricio Macri in Buenos Aires, Argentina, focusing on strengthening business ties between both countries.[157]

Vice President Pence and President Mauricio Macri participate in a joint press conference.

Wednesday, August 16
  • President Trump appoints Hope Hicks as interim White House Communications Director, replacing Scaramucci.[158]
  • After the fallout from Trump’s handling of the Charlottesville protest, numerous members of President Trump’s American Manufacturing Council announce their intention to resign from the Council. President Trump announces the dissolution of the Council and also of the Strategic and Policy Forum[159] following the resignations of Inge Thulin, CEO of 3M, and Campbell’s Soup Company CEO Denise Morrison.[160][161][162]
  • President Trump signs a veterans’ education bill to provide college assistance for military veterans and increase these payments if they complete science, technology and engineering courses.[163]
  • In Santiago, Chile, Vice President Pence has a meeting with Chilean President Michelle Bachelet to build business ties between both countries and to call for Chile to break its diplomatic ties with North Korea.[164]

Supporters of President Trump hold a rally in Washington, D.C.

Thursday, August 17
  • President Trump condemns a fatal terrorist attack in Barcelona, and offers Spain the full support of the United States.[165]
  • President Trump scraps plans initiated by Executive Order on July 19 for the setup of an Advisory Council on Infrastructure.[166][167]
  • President Trump holds meetings with the Small Business Administration chief Linda McMahon on finding ways to help small business who have difficulty getting loans and finding the right workers.[168]
  • The White House announces a deal whereby the United States can resume exports of pork to Argentina for the first time since 1992.[169]
  • Vice President Pence has meetings with Panamanian President Juan Carlos Varela focusing on commercial and security ties, as well as tackling drug trafficking, illegal migration and money laundering, culminating with a tour of the Panama Canal.[170]

Vice President Pence and President Juan Carlos Varel meet in Panama.

Friday, August 18

President Trump at the signing of the Global War on Terrorism Memorial Act.

Saturday, August 19

Week 31[edit]

Monday, August 21
  • President Trump gives an address at Fort Myer, Virginia, regarding the war in Afghanistan, reaffirming the United States’ military commitment to the Afghanistan government while disavowing all toleration of shelter of the Taliban by Pakistan.[181]
  • President Trump swears in New York Jets owner, Woody Johnson, as the Ambassador to the United Kingdom in a ceremony at the Oval Office.[182]
  • Seven members of the National Infrastructure Advisory Council send a letter of resignation to the White House, asserting that President Trump is paying “insufficient attention” to cyber-security threats to the nation’s infrastructure.[183][184]

President Trump speaks at a press conference at Conmy Hall at Fort Myer, Virginia.

Tuesday, August 22
  • President Trump tours a U.S. Customs & Border Protection facility in Yuma, Arizona, meeting with Marines and border patrol agents, and inspecting border security technology and equipment.[185]
  • President Trump holds a political rally in Phoenix, Arizona, reiterating his condemnation of the violence at Charlottesville, accusing the media distorted the coverage of his response, while commenting on his administration’s achievements.[186] He announces a willingness to shut down the federal government if Congress refuses to allocate funds for his Mexican wall policy.[187][188]
  • US ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, in a meeting with the International Atomic Energy Agency officials at Vienna, Austria, calls for the nuclear watchdog to inspect Iranian military sites to verify compliance with the 2015 nuclear deal.[189]

President Trump, Chief of Staff Kelly, and Acting Commissioner McAleenan overview border wall prototypes.

Wednesday, August 23
  • President Trump in a speech to the American Legion in Reno, Nevada, calls for Americans to unite and reiterates the themes of his campaign, including crime, terrorism, manufacturing and infrastructure.[190]
  • The White House instructs the Pentagon to develop a policy on transgender service members, notably considering their individual combat deployability, and curtailing subsidies for medical treatment or operations.[191]
  • President Trump signs the Veterans Appeals Improvement and Modernization bill intended to allow better options and transparency for veterans when appealing benefit claims.[192]
  • Vice President Pence in a speech to South Florida Venezuelans in Doral, Florida, mentions that the United States will use the full measure of its economic and diplomatic power to end the political repression in Venezuela.[193]
  • State Department science envoy Daniel Kammen resigns in protest at President Trump’s response to the violence at Charlottesville on August 12.[194]
Thursday, August 24
  • President Trump speaks by telephone with Texas Governor Greg Abbottand Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards regarding Hurricane Harvey, and pledges federal aid.[195]
  • Secretary of Interior Zinke sends a draft report to President Trump on his findings and recommendations on national monuments.[196]
Friday, August 25

Week 32[edit]

Monday, August 28
  • President Trump meets with Finnish President Sauli Niinistö at the White House to discuss terrorism, Afghanistan, Russia, the Baltic Sea and the Arctic.[203]
  • President Trump signs an executive order to restore the flow of surplus military equipment to local and state police agencies.[204]
Tuesday, August 29

President Trump, Senator John Cornyn, and Senator Ted Cruz in Texas.

Wednesday, August 30
  • President Trump gives a speech in Springfield, Missouri, calling for tax reform.[209]
  • President Trump posts on Twitter that the United States has been paying North Korea “extortion money” and that “talking is not the answer”.[210]
  • Vice President Pence in a speech to the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce’s annual business summit called for tax overhaul reform, describing the current tax system as deleterious to employment and entrepreneurialism.[211]

President Trump speaks at Springfield, Missouri.

Thursday, August 31
  • The Trump administration announces a cut of 90% to the Affordable Care Act’s advertising budget.[212]
  • Vice President Pence arrives in Corpus Christi, Texas, to survey the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey and meet with people affected by the storm.[213]
  • Energy Secretary Rick Perry authorizes the Strategic Petroleum Reserveto release oil supplies to combat fuel price spikes, due to shutdown of oil refineries in Texas which were affected by Hurricane Harvey.[214]
  • President Trump will donate $1 million of his own funds to recovery efforts in Texas according to the White House.[215]
  • Defense Secretary James Mattis signs orders to deploy additional troops to Afghanistan as part of the Trump’s new military strategy in the region.[216]

September 2017[edit]

Date Events Photos
Friday, September 1
  • President Trump signs a declaration designating 3 September 2017, as a “Day of Prayer” for victims of Hurricane Harvey.[217]
  • The Department of Justice in a court filing makes its first official confirmation that neither it nor the FBI have evidence to support President Trump’s allegation that then-President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower in New York.[218]
  • President Trump nominates Richard Grenell as United States Ambassador to Germany. If confirmed by the United States Senate, Grenell would be the Trump administration’s first openly gay appointee.[219]
Saturday, September 2
Sunday, September 3
  • Following the latest North Korean nuclear test, President Trump and Treasury Secretary Mnuchin raise the possibility of ceasing trade with countries trading with North Korea.[224]
  • Defense Secretary Mattis publicly states: “We are not looking to the total annihilation of a country, namely North Korea, but […] we have many options to do so”.[224]

Week 33[edit]

Monday, September 4
Tuesday, September 5
  • Attorney General Sessions announces at a special briefing that, at President Trump’s order, the Department of Homeland Security will immediately cease to accept applications to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. It is confirmed that current DACA recipients will be unaffected until 5 March 2018. Trump shortly thereafter calls on Congress to “legalize DACA”.[226][227][228]
  • In response to the North Korea threat, President Trump states that he will allow South Korea and Japan to purchase additional sophisticated military equipment from the United States.[229]
  • In a phone conversation, President Trump and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull agree on the need for the international community to exert maximum diplomatic and economic pressure on North Korea.[230]
  • President Trump holds a tax summit at the White House with his top advisors and Republican leaders to discuss reforming the U.S. tax system.[231]
  • The head of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Javier Palomarez, resigns from Trump’s National Diversity Council in protest at the DACA announcement.[232]
Wednesday, September 6
  • President Trump meets with Congressional leaders from both parties to discuss disaster relief for the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, raising the debt ceiling to prevent a government shutdown and federal spending legislation.[233]
  • President Trump declares emergencies in Florida, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands for Hurricane Irma, instructing the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency to coordinate disaster relief efforts.[234]
  • At an oil refinery at Mandan, North Dakota, President Trump speaks to a friendly crowd calling for the restoration of American competitive edge, using tax cuts and reform.[235][236]

President Trump in Mandan, North Dakota.

Thursday, September 7
  • President Trump holds talks with Kuwaiti Emir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah at the White House regarding developing economic, financial, and commercial ties between both countries.[237]
  • President Trump talks to officials led by Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York and Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey about the Gateway Tunnel project as part of the administration’s avowed priority on modernizing the nation’s infrastructure.[238]
  • President Trump approves South Carolina’s request for an emergency declaration in the state in preparation for Hurricane Irma.[239]
  • Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos confirms that there will be rollback of the college campus sexual assault directives or Title IX guidelines put in place during the Obama administration, asserting that the system has failed sexual assault survivors and those wrongly accused.[240][241]
  • The United States Justice Department filed a legal brief on behalf of the United States in the U.S. Supreme Court, arguing for a constitutional right for businesses to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation and, implicitly, gender identity.[91]
Friday, September 8

President Trump signs the Hurricane Harvey relief bill at Camp David.

Saturday, September 9
  • At Camp David, President Trump and his cabinet hold team-building sessions, hurricane briefings and strategy meetings, with special focus on Hurricane Irma and tax reform.[244]
  • President Trump speaks by phone to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, agreeing to further strengthen bilateral relations and increase stability in the Middle East.[245]
Sunday, September 10
  • President Trump approves a disaster declaration for Florida which will authorize federal funding for areas affected by Hurricane Irma and will reimburse local and the state authorities for costs of response and recovery.[246]
  • During a visit to FEMA headquarters in Washington, Vice President Pence made assurances that the federal assistance was on its way to help the people of Florida recover from the effects of Hurricane Irma.[247]

Week 34[edit]

Monday, September 11
  • President Trump and the First Lady lay a wreath at the September 11memorial at The Pentagon, and later pay tribute to the nearly 3,000 Americans killed that day, pledging to continue to confront radical Islamic terrorism.[248]

President Trump speaks at the Pentagon on the anniversary of 9/11.

Tuesday, September 12
  • President Trump holds meetings with Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak at the White House focusing on trade, Islamic terrorism and Malaysian interest in Trump’s infrastructure program.[249]
  • President Trump holds a dinner with a group of bipartisan senators at the White House to discuss tax reform.[250]
  • It is reported that Trump’s team has for the first time submitted documents to Special Counsel Robert Mueller.[251]

Secretary Mattis meets with Portuguese Defense Minister José Azeredo Lopes.

Wednesday, September 13
  • President Trump declares September 15-October 15 as National Hispanic Heritage Month.[252]
  • President Trump hosts a bipartisan dinner at the White House to discuss tax reform and find ways to come up with legislation dealing with DACA recipients.[253][254]
  • Daniel Craig withdraws from Trump’s nomination to be deputy administrator of FEMA.[255]

President Trump, FEMA Administrator Brock Long, and Senator Marco Rubio in Florida.

Thursday, September 14

President Trump and Vice President Pence at Fort Myers, Florida.

Friday, September 15
  • Nikki Haley and Secretary of Defense James Mattis give statements on North Korea, with Mattis stating the United States has options to use against North Korea if sanctions do not work.[262]
  • Vice President Pence’s press secretary Marc Lotter announces his departure from the White House.[263]
  • President Trump in a phone call to Jewish leaders and rabbis reaffirms the administration’s strong support for Israel and honors the upcoming celebration of High Holy Days such as Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashana.[264]
  • President Trump and the First Lady meet with military families and watch an air show at Andrew Airforce Base, with the President honoring the resolve of the nation’s Air Force and warning foes and international terrorist groups that the U.S. military would respond to any threats.[265]
  • Defense Secretary Jim Mattis meets with his Mexican counterparts in the Mexico City to reinforce military ties and take part in commemorations of Mexico’s independence day.[266]

First Lady Trump gives remarks at Joint Base Andrews.

Sunday, September 17
  • President Trump, in a phone call to South Korean President Moon Jae-in, pledges to impose stronger sanctions on North Korea to counter its missile and nuclear programs.[267]

Week 35[edit]

Monday, September 18
  • President Trump attends the ‘Reforming the United Nations: Management, Security, and Development’ forum at the United Nations, calling on members to pay more for joint projects such as peacekeeping missions.[268]
  • President Trump has a bilateral meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to discuss a possible future peace deal between the Israelis and Palestinians, and alleged Iranian aggression in the Middle East.[269]
  • President Trump has discussions with French President Emmanuel Macron regarding the Paris Climate Change Agreement and the Iran nuclear deal.[270]
  • President Trump has dinner meeting with Latin American leaders such as Brazilian President Michel Temer, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, Panamanian President Juan Carlos Varela and Argentinian Vice President Gabriela Michetti to discuss the restoration of democracy in Venezuela.[271]
  • Vice President Pence appoints Alyssa Farah as his press secretary, replacing Marc Lotter.[272]

President Trump meets with President Michel Temer.

Tuesday, September 19
  • In his maiden speech to the United Nations General Assembly, President Trump announces that if Kim Jong-un, dubbed “Rocket Man”, forces the United States to defend itself or its allies, the United States will “totally destroy” North Korea. Trump also indicates the possibility of further action against Venezuelan President Maduro’s regime, denounces Iran as a “corrupt dictatorship”, and describes the Iranian nuclear deal as an “embarrassment”. He calls on the UN to work together to solve such issues.[273][274]
  • President Trump attends a lunch meeting hosted by UN Secretary General António Guterres, seated with the leaders of Japan, South Korea, Turkey, and others.[note 1][275]
  • President Trump holds a bilateral meeting with Qatari Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani to discuss solving the dispute between Qatar and the Arab states.[276]

President Trump addresses the United Nations General Assembly.

Wednesday, September 20
  • President Trump holds a bilateral meeting with King Abdullah II of Jordandiscussing the issue of fighting terrorism in the Middle East and praising Jordan for taking refugees from Syria.[277][278]
  • President Trump in a meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbaspromised to work on a peace deal between the Israelis and Palestinians in the Middle East.[277][279]
  • President Trump hosts a working lunch with African Union leader Alpha Conde and leaders from Nigeria, Côte d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea, Namibia, Senegal, Uganda and South Africa, discussing economic opportunities in the African continent and the security situation South Sudan and Congo.[280][281]
  • President Trump and UK Prime Minister Theresa May hold discussions on issues of common interest such as trade, North Korea and Iran.[282][283]
  • President Trump in a meeting with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisimentions he was considering the resumption of the foreign military aid to Egypt which was frozen over concerns of its human rights record.[284]
  • Long-time aide and confidant to Mr. Trump, Keith Schiller, leaves his position as the Director of Oval Office Operations.[285]
Thursday, September 21
  • President Trump has a bilateral meeting with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani to discuss the Afghanistan war strategy in combating Islamist terrorists.[286]
  • President Trump and Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko discuss issues such as trade between both countries and the security situation in Ukraine.[287]
  • President Trump signs an executive order targeting individuals and companies trading with North Korea, including sanctions on foreign banks.[288]
  • President Trump has a bilateral meeting with South Korean President Moon Jae-in to discuss about the recent provocations by North Korea.[289]
  • President Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe in a bilateral meeting agree on their support for UN sanctions on North Korea.[290]
  • President Trump holds a bilateral meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to discuss regional developments such as the Russian sale of S-400 missile system to Turkey and Northern Iraqi Kurdish independence referendum.[291]
  • The White House has instructed the Environment Protection Agency to begin ordering employees to attend anti-leaking class to reinforce their compliance with laws and rules against leaking classified or sensitive government information to the media or outside parties.[292]
Friday, September 22
  • President Trump attends a political rally in Huntsville, Alabama, in support of the election campaign of Luther Strange.[293]
  • Vice President Pence discussed the administration’s efforts in tax reform in front of a crowd at the Flagship Enterprise Center, Anderson, Indiana.[294]
  • Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has officially rescinded the previous administration’s guidelines on colleges and universities in handling sexual misconduct claims under Title IX and introduced new guidelines in reporting these claims.[295]
Sunday, September 24
  • President Trump signs a new presidential proclamation introducing new travel restrictions on countries such as North Korea, Venezuela, and Chad along with countries such as Somalia, Yemen, Syria, Libya and Iran listed under Executive Order 13780.[296][297]

Week 36[edit]

Monday, September 25
  • President Trump signs a presidential memorandum directing the Department of Education to allocate at least $200 million per year in grant funds to the study of science and engineering.[298]
  • President Trump hosts a dinner with the several conservative grassroot leaders at the White House to discuss tax reform.[299]
  • Vice President Pence visits the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama.[300]
  • Vice President Pence attends a campaign rally in support of Luther Strange in a special Republican runoff election.[301]
Tuesday, September 26

Secretary Tillerson shakes hands with Holy See Secretary Paul Gallagher.

Wednesday, September 27
  • President Trump discusses his plan to reform the tax system in Indianapolis, Indiana calling for the sweeping tax cuts, reducing the personal income tax brackets and corporate taxes and eliminating the estate tax.[309][310]
  • Defense Secretary James Mattis arrives in Kabul, Afghanistan with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg to meet with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and discuss the security situation in the country and combating the Taliban.[311]

President Trump walks onto the stage in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Thursday, September 28

Secretary Tillerson and Secretary DeVos with Chinese Vice Premier Liu Yandong.

Friday, September 29
  • President Trump speaks to the National Association of Manufacturers about the economy and his tax plan.[317]
  • Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price resigns from his position after reports of criticism over extensive use of private jets, with President Trump naming Don J. Wright, a deputy assistant secretary of health, to serve as acting secretary.[318][319]

Vice President Pence receives a briefing on Hurricane Maria.

Saturday, September 30
  • Secretary of State Rex Tillerson meets with Chinese President Xi Jinpingin Beijing, China to discuss bilateral relations between both countries and President Trump’s upcoming visit to China in November.[320]

See also

Timeline of the Trump presidency, 2017 Q2

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The following is a timeline of the presidency of Donald Trump during the second quarter of 2017. To navigate between quarters, see Timeline of the presidency of Donald Trump.



Real GDP growth increased at an annual rate of 2.6%, up from a slow 0.7% in the preceding quarter. This was due to a smaller decrease in private inventory investment, an acceleration in PCE, and an upswing in federal government spending. These gains were offset by decreases in exports and fixed investments.[1] On June 30, 2017 the US national debt stood at $19.84 trillion,[2] representing a quarterly decline of approximately 0.01%[3] and a decline of approximately 0.46% since President Trump’s inauguration.[4]

Public opinion[edit]

According to FiveThirtyEight, President Trump concluded this quarter with an approval rating of 39.9%, representing a quarterly decline of 0.6%, and a decline of 5.6% since his inauguration.[5]


April 2017[edit]

Date Events Photos
Saturday, April 1

Secretary of Defense Mattis speaks with members of the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London.

Sunday, April 2

Week 11[edit]

Monday, April 3

After a working lunch with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, President Trump and Vice President Pence walk along the West Colonnade.

Tuesday, April 4
  • President Trump delivers a speech to North America’s Building Trades Union (NABTU) at the Washington Hilton, reiterating his intention to remove construction regulations, and highlighting his approval of the new phase of the Keystone Pipeline.[21]
  • Following a chemical attack in Syria which kills numerous civilians, President Trump calls the attack “reprehensible” and criticizes the Obama administration for not doing more to regulate chemical weapons.[22]
  • North Korea launches a medium range ballistic missile into the Sea of Japan.[23] Secretary of State Rex Tillerson responds by saying the United States has not changed its stance and does not comment further.[24]
  • Reed Cordish, Assistant to the President for Intergovernmental and Technology Initiatives, chairs a meeting at the White House for business leaders, attended by President Trump and Vice President Pence.[25]
  • President Trump directs emergency grazing on Conservation Reserve Program lands located in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas; the three states most heavily impacted by ongoing wildfires which began on March 6, 2017.[26]
  • The Department of Labor responds to Trump’s February 3 memorandum concerning the Fiduciary Duty Rule.[27]
  • The Department of State cuts funding to the UN Population Fund, a fund focused on reproductive health and family planning.[28]
  • The United States Justice and Labor Departments cancelled quarterly conference calls with LGBT organizations.[29]

Secretary of State Tillerson with Jordanian King Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein.

Wednesday, April 5

Defense Secretary Mattis meets with Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi

Thursday, April 6

The USS Ross (DDG-71)fires a tomahawk land attack missile on Syria from the Mediterranean Sea, stationed off of Rota, Spain.

Friday, April 7

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump with President Xi Jinping and Madame Peng Liyuan of China.

Saturday, April 8
  • President Trump sends a letter of notification to Congress concerning his recent missile strike against Syrian government forces and indicating the possibility of further action.[49]
  • President Trump speaks by telephone with the Acting President of South Korea, Hwang Kyo-ahn.[50]
Sunday, April 9

Week 12[edit]

Monday, April 10

The swearing in of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch in the Rose Garden.

Tuesday, April 11
Wednesday, April 12
  • President Trump holds a joint press conference at the White House with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, responding to perceived structural changes within the organization by retracting his prior accusations of NATO’s obsolescence.[66]
  • Secretary of State Tillerson meets Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Moscow. At a joint press conference, they agree to improve their relations with bilateral dialogue.[67] Tillerson later meets with President Putin at the Kremlin.[68]
  • President Trump indicates three major economic policy reversals: that he would no longer label China as a currency manipulator; that he no longer wanted to eliminate the Import-Export Bank; and that he may consider reappointing Janet Yellen as chairwoman of the Federal Reserve.[69]
  • President Trump and Budget Director Mulvaney lift the federal hiring freeze.[70]
File:President Trump Holds a Joint Press Conference with Secretary General Stoltenberg.webm

President Trump Holds a Joint Press Conference with Secretary General Stoltenberg.

Thursday, April 13
  • President Trump states that “North Korea is a problem. The problem will be taken care of”, expressing confidence that Chinese President Xi Jinping will solve the problem.[71] Trump issues a tweet stating that if China fails to resolve the issue, the US and its allies will instead.[72]
  • MOAB bomb is dropped on an ISIS cave complex in Nangarhar ProvinceAfghanistan; the same province where Staff Sergeant Mark De Alencar of 7th Special Forces Group was killed on April 8.[73]
  • The Department of the Treasury launches sanctions against ISIS suppliers, and organizations of abusive prisons in Iran.[74][75]
  • President Trump signs a bill into law nullifying a pending federal regulation that would have disallowed states to withhold money from abortion providers.[76][77]
  • EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt announces sweeping “back-to-basics agenda” at the Harvey Mine in Sycamore, Pennsylvania.[78] The Environmental Protection Agency announces plans to reconsider the ELG rule, which aims to reduce steam electric power plant pollutants.[79][80]
File:Aerial Footage of MOAB Bomb Striking Cave, Tunnel System.webm

MOAB bomb is droppedon an ISIS cave complex in Nangarhar ProvinceAfghanistan.

Friday, April 14
Saturday, April 15
  • Tax Day March rallies are held throughout the United States.[90] President Trump responds the following day in two tweets, saying “the election is over”.[91][92]

Tax Day March demonstrators on Minnesota capitol grounds.

Sunday, April 16
  • Vice President Pence arrives in South Korea at the start of an Asia-Pacific diplomatic tour. Speaking in Seoul, Pence denounces as a “provocation” a failed North Korean missile test carried out that morning, and reiterates the United States’ commitment to South Korean defense.[93][94]
Timeline of the Trump presidency, 2017 Q2 is located in Asian Football Confederation


Vice President Pence’s diplomatic tour of the Asia-Pacific from April 16–April 23.

Week 13[edit]

Monday, April 17
  • Vice President Pence visits the Korean Demilitarized Zone near the South Korean city of Paju. In a statement to the press, Pence declares an end to the “era of strategic patience” concerning the North Korean missile program and demands that they abandon their nuclear ambitions.[95]
  • President and First Lady Trump participate in the White House Easter Egg Roll.[96]

Vice President Pence with General Leem Ho-Young near the demilitarized zone in South Korea.

Tuesday, April 18
  • President Trump visits the headquarters of tool manufacturer Snap-on in Kenosha, Wisconsin, to sign Executive Order 13788, which intends to prevent abuse of the H-1B visa program and to give preference to US-made products.[97]
  • Vice President Pence arrives in Tokyo, Japan, as part of an Asia-Pacific tour.[98]
  • Secretary of Defense James Mattis travels to Saudi Arabia to discuss security in the region.[99]
Timeline of the Trump presidency, 2017 Q2 is located in Arab world


Secretary of Defence Mattis’s tour of the Middle East and Africa from April 18–April 23.

Wednesday, April 19

Vice President Pence on the USS Ronald Reagan docked in Yokosuka, Japan.

Thursday, April 20
  • President Trump signs a memorandum directing the Department of Commerce to begin an investigation on whether steel imports are a threat to U.S. national security, and another which provides initial reports on the implementation of the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act.[103][104]
  • President Trump holds a bilateral meeting and joint press conference with Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni.
  • President Trump’s self-imposed deadline for the production of a full White House report into Russian interference in the 2016 election expires unfulfilled.[105]
  • Vice President Pence takes part in a joint press conference with President Joko Widodo at Indonesia’s State Palace in Jakarta.[106]
  • Secretary of Defense Mattis travels to Egypt to discuss security in the region and participates in a wreath-laying ceremony at the Unknown Soldier Memorial.[99]
File:President Trump Holds a Joint Press Conference with Prime Minister Gentiloni.webm

President Trump Holds a Joint Press Conference with Italian Prime Minister Gentiloni.

Friday, April 21
  • President Trump signs one executive order and two memorandums. The executive order directs Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to review the U.S. tax code to recommend unnecessary regulations to remove, and the two memorandums direct the Treasury Secretary to review portions of the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.[107][108]
  • On the final leg of his Asia-Pacific diplomatic tour, Vice President Pence is met at Sydney Airport by Australian Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce.[109]
  • President Trump appoints Rear Admiral Sylvia Trent-Adams as acting Surgeon General to replace Vivek Murthy.[110]
  • Secretary of Defense Mattis visits Israel to meet with President Reuben Rivlin, Prime Minister Netanyahu and Minister of Defense Avigdor Lieberman, and participates in a wreath-laying ceremony at the World Holocaust Remembrance Center.[99]

Secretary of Defense Mattis meets with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu in Jerusalem.

Saturday, April 22

The Pence family in Sydney, Australia.

Sunday, April 23

Mike Pence and Peter Cosgrove, in front of the Sydney Opera House.

Week 14[edit]

Monday, April 24

President Trump talks via video conference with NASA astronauts Commander Peggy Whitson to congratulate her for breaking the record for most time in space of any American astronaut.

Tuesday, April 25
  • President Trump speaks at the U.S. Capitol for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum “Days of Remembrance” memorial event.[119]
  • Trump signs an executive order, “Promoting Agriculture and Rural Prosperity in America.” The executive order instructs the Secretary of Agriculture to chair an interagency task force to examine legislative, regulatory, and policy changes in support of rural America.[120]
  • U.S. District Judge William Orrick III issues a preliminary injunction blocking President Trump’s Executive Order 13768 of 25 January, which ordered the withholding of federal funds from cities which refuse to comply with federal immigration enforcement measures.[121]

Secretary of Agriculture Perdue attends a Farmer’s Roundtable on his first day in office.

Wednesday, April 26
  • President Trump welcomes the Senate to the Eisenhower Executive Office Building prior to their briefing with the Secretary of Defense, State, Director of National Intelligence, and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on the issue of North Korea. Pence and the four officials brief the House of Representatives at the Capitol complex later in the day.[122]
  • Steve Mnuchin and Gary Cohn release President Trump’s tax-reform outline plan, the proposals of which include among other items a cut in the rate of business tax from 35% to 15%, a simplification of the tax system by reducing seven existing tax brackets to three, and the elimination of the alternative minimum tax.[123][124]
  • Trump signs a pair of executive orders for reviews of national monuments and of public schools.[125][126]
  • Secretary of State Tillerson and Secretary of Defense Mattis lead a briefing on North Korea for members of the house and senate.[127]

President Trump signs the Antiquities Executive Order at the U.S Department of the Interior.

Thursday, April 27
  • Speaking at the Oval Office, President Trump praises President Xi Jinping’s diplomacy in respect of North Korea but warns of the continuing possibility of a “major, major conflict.”[128]
  • President Trump meets with Argentine President Mauricio Macri at the White House.[129]
  • A renewed attempt to secure a Congressional vote on President Trump’s plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act is abandoned.[130]

President and First Lady Trump with President Macri and First Lady Awanda of Argentina at the White House.

Friday, April 28
  • At the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, President Trump delivers the first presidential address to the National Rifle Associationsince 1983, reiterating his guarantee of the Second Amendment.[131]
  • Speaking at a meeting of the U.N. Security Council, Secretary of State Tillerson calls for support from the international community to limit the North Korean missile program, warning that the U.S. mainland may soon be in range and that inaction may have “catastrophic consequences”.[132]

Ambassador Haley and Secretary Tillerson with UN Under-Secretary-General Feltman Before Chairing a UN Security Council Meeting.

Saturday, April 29

President Trump and Vice President Pence on their way to the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex & Expo Center for President Trump’s 100th day rally.

Sunday, April 30

May 2017[edit]

Date Events Photos

Week 15[edit]

Monday, May 1
  • In an interview with Bloomberg News, President Trump expresses an openness to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un under the right circumstances.[139]
  • Press Secretary Spicer confirms that Congress is currently under whip in preparation for a new attempt to secure a vote on President Trump’s plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.[140]
Tuesday, May 2

Secretary of Defense Mattis meets with Czech Minister of Defence Martin Stropnický.

Wednesday, May 3
  • President Trump holds a bilateral meeting and joint press conference with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.
File:President Trump Meets with President Abbas.webm

President Trump Meets with President Abbas

Thursday, May 4

Secretary of State Tillerson with Foreign Ministers of the ASEAN Member States.

Friday, May 5
Sunday, May 7

Week 16[edit]

Monday, May 8
  • President Trump and French President-elect Emmanuel Macron speak by telephone and arrange to meet during a NATO summit scheduled for 25 May in Belgium.[152]
  • President Trump issues a series of tweets which describe allegations of collusion with Russia as a hoax, and which suggest that the ongoing investigations are a waste of taxpayers’ money.[153]
  • Former acting Attorney General Sally Yates and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Crime and Terrorism subcommittee about Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.[154] Yates asserts that the Trump administration knew that former National Security Advisor Michael T. Flynn was vulnerable to Russian blackmail at least 18 days before he was dismissed.[155] Clapper states that he was unaware of the FBI investigation into Russian electoral interference during his tenure.[156]
  • Secretary of Defense Mattis visits Copenhagen, to meet with representatives from 15 countries leading the campaign against ISIS. Mattis also meets Danish Minister of Defense Claus Hjort Frederiksen to discuss European security and NATO alliance, and Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen to re-affirm the close ties between Denmark and the U.S.[157]

Vice President Pence participates in an honor flight reception in the Indian Treaty Room.

Tuesday, May 9

Secretary of Defense Mattis attends a Global Coalition on the Defeat of ISIS meeting at Eigtveds Pakhus in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Wednesday, May 10
  • Following a separate meeting between Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Secretary of State Tillerson at the State Department earlier in the day, President Trump meets with Lavrov and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak in the Oval Office; a meeting at which Trump divulges classified information.[163]
  • President Trump meets with former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger at the White House.[164]
  • Vice President Pence describes Trump’s dismissal of James Comey as “the right decision at the right time”.[165]
  • Secretary of Defense Mattis attends the Somalia Conference in London.[166]

President Trump speaks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in the Oval Office.

Thursday, May 11
  • President Trump signs an executive order to initiate an investigation of allegations of voter fraud during the 2016 U.S. presidential election, under a commission to be chaired by Vice President Pence.[167]
  • In an interview with NBC, President Trump explains that he had decided to dismiss James Comey prior to and without regard to a recommendation from the Attorney General’s office.[168]
  • Vice President Pence delivers a speech to a Billy Graham Evangelistic Association meeting at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington D.C., calling for ISIS attacks on Christians to be labeled “genocide”.[169]
  • Secretary of State Tillerson attends an Arctic Council meeting in Fairbanks, Alaska.[170]

Secretary of Defense Mattis and Under Secretary Shannon, attend the London Somalia Conference at the Lancaster House.

Friday, May 12
  • President Trump suggests on Twitter and in an interview broadcast on 13 May the possibility of ceasing the practice of White House press briefings in favor of written statements.[171][172]
  • President Trump tweets a warning to Comey that he ought to “hope that there are no ‘tapes’ of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press”. When questioned at the daily briefing, Press Secretary Spicer does not confirm or deny that conversations at the White House have been recorded.[173]
  • Vice President Pence visits Billings, Montana to campaign for Greg Gianforte in the special election for Montana’s congressional seat.[174]
Saturday, May 13
  • At Virginia’s Liberty University, President Trump delivers his first college commencement speech as sitting President, with the theme of perseverance.[175] During the graduation speech he was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Laws from the university.[176][177]

Attorney General Sessions and Secretary of Homeland Security Kelly attend a candlelight vigil for officers killed in the line of duty.

Sunday, May 14
  • The White House describes North Korea as a “flagrant menace” in response to the test-launch of a missile from near Kusung into the Sea of Japan.[178]

Week 17[edit]

Monday, May 15

President Trump and Vice President Pence among others at the 36th Annual National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service.

Tuesday, May 16
  • President Trump holds a bilateral meeting and joint press conference with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.[184]
  • President Trump issues a pair of tweets explaining that he has a right to share information with Russia for counter-terrorism reasons.[182]
  • National Security Advisor McMaster holds a White House press briefing at which he describes the President’s conversation with Lavrov and Kislyak as “wholly appropriate”.[185]
  • The White House issues a denial that President Trump asked Comey on 14 February 2017 to end the FBI investigation into Michael Flynn.[186]House Oversight Committee Chair Jason Chaffetz requests from the FBI all material on Comey’s meetings with Trump.[187]

President Trump and President Erdoğan give a joint statement in the Roosevelt Room at the White House.

Wednesday, May 17

President Trump delivers the commencement address to 199 cadets during the 136th U.S. Coast Guard Academy Commencement.

Thursday, May 18
  • President Trump holds a bilateral meeting and joint press conference with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos.[193]
  • At the press conference, President Trump denies telling Comey to end the FBI investigation into Michael Flynn, denies any collusion between his campaign and Russia, and reiterates his claim that he is the subject of a “witch hunt”.[194][193]
  • Vice President Pence denies that he knew prior to March 2017 that Flynn was under federal investigation.[195]
  • White House Director of Communications, Michael Dubke, resigns, agreeing to continue in his position at least until the end of President Trump’s upcoming foreign visit.[196]
  • Following a private Senate briefing by Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein, three Senators confirm that Rosenstein believed that President Trump planned to dismiss Comey prior to Rosenstein’s recommendation.[197][198]
Friday, May 19
  • President Trump leaves Washington D.C. for Saudi Arabia on his first official foreign tour.[199]
  • The White House does not dispute reports that President Trump called former FBI Director Comey a “nut job” and said that firing him “relieved pressure” in a meeting with Russian officials. Press Secretary Spicer accuses Comey of “grandstanding” and impeding the relationship with Russia.[200]
Timeline of the Trump presidency, 2017 Q2 is located in Afro-Eurasia2


President Trump’s first international trip from May 19 to May 27.

Saturday, May 20

President Trump arrives at the Murabba Palace.

Sunday, May 21
  • President Trump delivers a speech to more than fifty leaders of Muslim-majority nations at an Arab Islamic American Summit at the King Abdulaziz Conference Centre in Riyadh, condemning the alleged funding of terrorism by Iran.[203]
  • President Trump holds several bilateral meetings with the President of Egypt Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, the King of Bahrain Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifaand the Emir of Qatar Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani.[204]
  • Vice President Pence delivers the commencement speech at the University of Notre Dame’s graduation ceremony in South Bend, Indiana.[205]
File:President Trump Participates in the Arab Islamic American Summit Riyadh.webm

President Trump participates in the Arab Islamic American Summit in Riyadh.

Week 18[edit]

Monday, May 22

President Trump places his hand on the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

Tuesday, May 23

President Trump at the Israel Museum shaking hands with Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Wednesday, May 24

President and First Lady Trump meet Pope Francis.

Thursday, May 25
  • President Trump meets with European Council President Donald Tuskand European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker at the European Council headquarters.[218]
  • President Trump hosts a lunch meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron at the United States ambassador’s residence in Brussels.[219]
  • At the new NATO headquarters President Trump unveils a memorial to the September 11 attacks.[220] In a speech to NATO leaders, President Trump criticizes member states for their levels of defence spending and receives a commitment from NATO to formally join the international anti-ISIS coalition.[221]
  • The federal appeals court in Richmond, Virginia, refuses to reinstate President Trump’s travel ban, citing religious discrimination. The Justice Department declares an intent to appeal to the Supreme Court.[222]

President Trump with President Jean-Claude Juncker and European Council President Donald Tusk.

Friday, May 26
  • President Trump attends the 43rd G7 summit with world leaders of G7 in TaorminaItaly to discuss world issues such as trade, climate change and the migration crisis.[223][224] Trump criticizes the large imports of German automobiles into the United States, pointing to the large US trade deficit with Germany.[225] Trump refuses to commit the United States to the Paris Agreement on climate change and cutting greenhouse emissions.[226]
  • President Trump holds a bilateral meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe to discuss the threat of North Korea’s ballistic missile program.[227]
  • Secretary of State Tillerson meets with Secretary Johnson in London with regards to the Manchester bombing that occurred on May 22.[228]

G7 leaders at the 43rd G7 summit.

Saturday, May 27
  • President Trump continues discussions with G7 leaders on a whole range of issues, agreeing on a communique on fighting protectionism in international trade, but disagreeing with a majority of a leaders on endorsing the Paris climate change accord.[229]
  • President Trump addresses American troops stationed in Italy at the Naval Air Station Sigonella before leaving for the United States.[230]
  • At a press briefing, National Security Advisor McMaster remarks that he “would not be concerned”, when responding to questions about a recent report that Kushner had discussed with Kislyak the possibility of creating a secret communication channel between President Trump’s team and the Kremlin.[231][232]

President Trump speaks to U.S. service members at the Naval Air Station in Sigonella, Italy.

Sunday, May 28
  • President Trump issues an extended series of tweets, describing many recent White House leaks as ‘fake news’, and questioning the use of anonymous sources by the media.[233]
  • President Trump is briefed on a new missile test-launch by North Korea, which is alleged to have discharged into waters within Japan’s exclusive economic zone.[234]
  • Answering questions concerning reports of an attempt by the Trump team to set up a secret line of communication with the Kremlin, Homeland Security Secretary Kelly states, “Any channel of communications, back or otherwise, is a good thing.”[235]

Week 19[edit]

Monday, May 29
  • President Trump performs a wreath-laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the Arlington National Cemetery and gives a speech honoring those who have died fighting for the U.S., giving special mention to the fallen son of Homeland Security Secretary Kelly.[236]
  • Vice President Pence hosts more than 200 bicycle-riders at the annual Project Hero Memorial Day Bike Ride at the Vice President’s residence.[237]

President Trump delivers the Memorial Day address at Arlington National Cemetery

Tuesday, May 30
  • President Trump reiterates on Twitter his proposal to abandon the Senate’s tradition of supermajority voting, in order to accelerate legislation.[238]
  • The resignation (tendered 18 May) of President Trump’s Director of Communications, Michael Dubke, is confirmed.[196]
Wednesday, May 31

June 2017[edit]

Date Events Photos
Thursday, June 1
Friday, June 2
  • President Trump signs The American Law Enforcement Heroes Act to provide federal grants to those federal and state law enforcement agencies that hire and train veterans; and The Public Safety Officers’ Benefits Improvement Act that reduces the backlog of families awaiting approval of survivor benefits of public safety officers killed in the line of duty.[248]
Saturday, June 3
  • President Trump issues a pair of tweets sending a message of support to the UK and promoting his administration’s halted travel ban following a briefing on a major terrorist incident in London.[249]
Sunday, June 4
  • On Twitter, President Trump criticizes London Mayor Sadiq Khan‘s response to the terrorist incident, drawing condemnation from members of the United Kingdom’s governing and opposition parties, including Prime Minister May.[250][251]
  • President Trump delivers an evening speech at Ford’s Theater‘s annual fundraising gala, remarking on international security questions and denouncing the London terror attack of June 3.[252]

President Trump and First Lady Melania at Ford’s Theater.

Week 20[edit]

Monday, June 5
  • President Trump announces plans to modernize and privatize the United States air traffic control system.[253]
  • In a series of tweets, President Trump praises his initial “travel ban“, and blames the Justice Department for the “watered-down” revised version he signed on March 6.[254]
  • Speaking publicly during a diplomatic visit to Australia with Secretary of Defense Mattis, Secretary of State Tillerson suggests that China ought to take stronger action to prevent North Korea from developing a nuclear missile.[255]
Tuesday, June 6
Wednesday, June 7
Thursday, June 8
  • President Trump addresses the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s annual conference in Washington.[263]
  • James Comey testifies to the Senate Intelligence Committee in an open hearing in which he reiterates his statement that President Trump was not under investigation by the FBI during his tenure, but does not explicitly confirm whether or not he considers the President to have obstructed any investigation.[264][265] He confirms that Michael Flynn was under criminal investigation prior to his removal from the administration.[266]
Friday, June 9
  • President Trump announces in a speech at the Department of Transportation that he will set up a special council to speed up the permit process to build roads and bridges.[267]
  • President Trump holds a bilateral meeting and joint press conference with Romanian President Klaus Iohannis, discussing issues such as NATO,[268] and accusing James Comey of lying under oath on 8 June.[269]

Week 21[edit]

Monday, June 12
  • President Trump holds his first full cabinet meeting at the White House since his inauguration, blaming the Democrats for delaying some of his nominees.[270]
  • President Trump hosts the NCAA champions Clemson Tigers at the White House.[271]
  • The Attorneys General of Maryland and the District of Columbia file a lawsuit against President Trump, alleging violation of the emoluments clause.[272]
  • A second federal court rejects President Trump’s appeal to lift the injunction against Executive Order 13780, citing a lack of ‘sufficient justification’ for the travel ban.[273]
Tuesday, June 13
Wednesday, June 14
Thursday, June 15
  • President Trump and first lady Melania Trump visit congressman Steve Scalise, who was critically wounded in the Virginia shooting incident a day earlier.[279]
  • President Trump describes on Twitter alleged collusion with Russia as a ‘phony story’ in response to reports that he has been under investigation for possible obstruction of justice following the dismissal of James Comeyon 9 May.[280][281]
  • DNI Dan Coats meets with the Senate Intelligence Committee in closed session to address issues from his testimony of June 7.[282]
  • President Trump signs an executive order promoting apprenticeships, increasing the funding for job-training programs by 5.5%, and giving more freedom to third-party companies and schools to craft these programs.[283][284]
  • President Trump and first lady Melania Trump attends the investiture ceremony of Justice Neil Gorsuch at the Supreme Court.[285]

Secretaries Tillerson and Kelly participate in the Senior Leaders Meeting at the Conference on Prosperity and Security in Central America in Miami.

Friday, June 16
  • Candice Jackson‘s, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Strategic Operations and Outreach in the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) of the U.S. Department of Education and the Office’s Acting Assistant Secretary, new guidelines for bathroom policy for transgender students for the Trump administration is released to the public.[286][287]
  • In a Twitter post, President Trump confirms that he is under investigation for obstruction of justice, reiterating his claim that it is a ‘witch hunt’.[288]
  • President Trump announces a roll-back of the Obama administration’s policy of easing restrictions with Cuba at a rally in MiamiFlorida.[289]
  • The presidential Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis, led by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, holds its first meeting at the White House.[290]

President Trump signs the National Security Presidential Memorandum on Strengthening the Policy of the United States’ Toward Cuba.

Saturday, June 17

Week 22[edit]

Monday, June 19
  • President Trump hosts Panamanian President Juan Carlos Varela at the White House, to discuss organized crime, drug trafficking and illegal migration.[295]
  • President Trump issues a statement regarding the death of Otto Warmbier, a prior detainee of North Korea.[296][297]
  • President Trump hosts the heads of major American technology companies at the White House for the first meeting of the American Technology Council.[298]
Tuesday, June 20
  • President Trump meets with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko at the White House, as new sanctions against Russia are announced.[299]
  • President Trump declares on Twitter that China’s effort to restrain the North Korean nuclear program has failed.[300]
  • Energy Secretary Rick Perry warns of the domestic threat posed by America’s nuclear waste.[301]

President Trump and President Petro Poroshenko at the White House.

Wednesday, June 21
  • President Trump visits Kirkwood Community College, Iowa, for demonstrations of new agricultural technology.[302]
  • President Trump holds a campaign rally at Cedar Rapids, Iowa, speaking of his plan to replace the Affordable Care Act, and reiterating his criticism of the Democratic Party and of the mainstream media.[303]
  • Attorney General Sessions introduces the National Public Safety Partnership initiative, pledging federal resources to help twelve cities combat crime.[304]
  • Vice President Pence holds the National Summit on Crime Reduction and Public Safety at the Hyatt Regency Bethesda hotel, featuring discussions on drug abuse and violent crime.[305]
Thursday, June 22
  • President Trump hosts many emerging technology leaders at the American Leadership in Emerging Technology event at the White House to discuss modernizing government technology and upcoming drone technology.[306]
  • President Trump confirms that he made no recordings of his conversations with James Comey.[307]
  • President Trump meets with the president of the International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach to discuss Los Angeles’s bid to host the Olympics in 2024.[308]
  • President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump hosts the first congressional picnic in the White House South Lawn, while paying tribute to congressman Scalise.[309]

President Trump and Vice President Pence accompanied by their wives at the 2017 Congressional Picnic.

Friday, June 23
  • President Trump nominates Woody Johnson to be next UK ambassador.[310]
  • President Trump signs the Department of Veterans Affairs Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act, making it easier to dismiss employees for wrongdoing and adding protections for whistle-blowers.[311]
  • President Trump cuts $400,000 of funding from Life After Hate, a non-profit group which helps people to leave the Ku Klux Klan and other white-supremacist and Nazi organizations.[312]
  • At a Focus on the Family event in Colorado Springs, Vice President Pence delivers a speech on religious freedom and the pro-life movement.[313]

Vice President Pence and Secretary of the Air Force Heather Wilson visit the Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station.

Saturday, June 24
  • Vice President Pence attends a Republican National Committee event in Chicago to promote his administration’s health bill.[314]

Week 23[edit]

Monday, June 26
  • The Supreme Court reinstates, as of 29 June, President Trump’s executive order temporarily banning travelers and refugees from six Muslim-majority countries (with the caveat that they have no direct ties to the US), in advance of a full hearing scheduled for October 2017.[315]
  • President Trump holds a bilateral meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the White House.[316]
  • The White House releases a statement warning that should Syrian President Bashar al-Assad conduct “another mass murder attack using chemical weapons, he and his military will pay a heavy price.” Nikki Haleystates that Russia and Iran would share any blame.[317][318]
Tuesday, June 27

President Trump and Ivanka Trump meet with Chibok schoolgirls at the White House.

Wednesday, June 28

President Trump with the Chicago Cubs at the White House.

Thursday, June 29
  • President Trump calls in a speech at the Energy Department for a review of American nuclear energy policy and for increased energy exports.[329]
  • President Trump hosts South Korean President Moon Jae-in at the White House.[330]
  • President Trump’s partial travel ban comes into effect at 8pm EDT.[331]

President Trump gives remarks at the Energy Department headquarters.

Friday, June 30
  • President Trump and South Korean President Moon discuss trade and the North Korean threat in a second day of summit talks.[332]
  • Vice President Pence and South Korean President Moon attend a wreath-laying ceremony at the Korean War Veterans Memorial.[333]
  • President Trump speaks by telephone with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to discuss issues such as America’s support of the YPGin Syria and the extradition of Fethullah Gülen who is accused of masterminding the 2016 Turkish coup.[334]
  • President Trump reiterates a prior suggestion to repeal the Affordable Care Act immediately, and replace it later.[335]
  • President Trump signs an executive order reviving the National Space Council.[336]

President Trump alongside President Moon Jae-in of the Republic of Korea to the White House.

See also

Timeline of the Trump presidency, 2017 Q1

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The following is a timeline of the presidency of Donald Trump during the first quarter of 2017. To navigate between quarters, see Timeline of the presidency of Donald Trump.


Economy and employment[edit]

US real GDP growth

In the first quarter of 2017, the real US GDP increased at an annual rate of 0.7 percent, the slowest growth since the first quarter of 2014. The growth was primarily due to an increase in business structures and equipment (such as mining and wells), industrial supplies and materials (such as petroleum), and services. This was offset by decreases in motor vehicles and parts, private inventory investment, and government spending.[1] On 31 March 2017, the U.S. national debt stood at $19.8 trillion[2] representing a quarterly decline of 0.65%.[3]

Public opinion[edit]

According to FiveThirtyEight, President Trump’s approval rate at the end of March was 40.5%, down 5% from the start of his presidency.[4]



Date Events Photos
Friday, January 20

Donald Trump is inaugurated as the 45thPresident of the United States

Saturday, January 21

Women’s march demonstrators in Washington, D.C.

Sunday, January 22

A mobile home damaged from the tornado outbreak in Berrien County, Georgia.

Week 1[edit]

Monday, January 23
Tuesday, January 24
  • President Trump signs Executive Order 13766, which expedites environmental reviews and approvals for future infrastructure projects.[40]
  • President Trump signs four memoranda. Two of them reverse the Obama administration’s halt on the Keystone XL[41] and Dakota Access[42] oil pipelines, the latter of which has been the subject of protests by the Standing Rock tribe. President Trump says these projects will recover 28,000 jobs. Another memorandum requires that the pipelines use domestic steel[43] (a directive shortly overturned by the White House in respect of Keystone[44]), and the last calls for “expedited reviews of and approvals for” manufacturing facilities and “reductions in regulatory burdens” affecting domestic manufacturing.[45]
  • President Trump speaks with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.[46]
  • Michael Flynn is interviewed by the FBI about prior conversations with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.[47] Flynn pleads guilty on 1 December 2017 to lying during the interview.[48][49]
  • The Senate confirms Nikki Haley as the Ambassador to the United Nations in a vote of 96-4.[50]

Donald Trump signs orders to green-light the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines.

Wednesday, January 25

President Trump delivering remarks to employees of the Department of Homeland Security.

Thursday, January 26

President Trump meeting Theresa May, his first diplomatic visitor as President

Friday, January 27
  • President Trump speaks with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto on the phone to discuss Mexico–United States relations in lieu of their canceled meeting.[62]
  • President Trump holds a bilateral meeting and joint press conference with British Prime Minister Theresa May at the White House, where they discuss sanctions on Russia, NATO, US torture policy. May is the first foreign leader to visit Trump since his inauguration.[63][64]
  • During a visit to the Pentagon, President Trump signs Executive Order 13769, suspending the Refugee Admissions Program for 120 days and denying entry to citizens of IraqIranLibyaSomaliaSudanSyria, and Yemen for 90 days.[65]
  • President Trump signs a memorandum calling for budget negotiations about the expansion and strengthening of the U.S. military.
  • Vice President Pence speaks at the March for Life in Washington D.C.[66][67]
  • President Trump has a one-on-one dinner with FBI Directory James Comey. Later news reports state that Trump asks Comey to pledge loyalty to Trump, and Comey demurs. The White House denies this version of events.[68]
  • Trump advisor George Papadopoulos is interviewed by the FBI concerning Russian meetings in 2016. He pleads guilty in October 2017 to making omissions and false statements during the interview.[69][70]
Saturday, January 28
File:Trump 'It's not a Muslim ban'.webm

President Trump speaking about Executive Order 13769.

Sunday, January 29

Week 2[edit]

Monday, January 30
File:Sally Yates Questioned by Jeff Sessions.webm

Then-senator of Alabama Jeff Sessions questioning then-Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates regarding the enforcement of unlawful presidential orders in March 2015.

Tuesday, January 31

Donald Trump with Supreme Court Justice nominee Neil Gorsuch on January 31


Date Events Photos
Wednesday, February 1

Swearing in of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

Thursday, February 2

A Palestinian boy and Israeli soldier in front of the Israeli West Bank Barrier.

Friday, February 3
File:2017-02-03 President Trump's Weekly Address.ogv

President Trump’s Weekly Address.

Saturday, February 4
Sunday, February 5

Week 3[edit]

Monday, February 6

President Trump at MacDill Air Force Base.

Tuesday, February 7
File:Betsy DeVos final confirmation vote in US Senate tie broken by Mike Pence.webm

Vice President Pence casts a tie-breaking vote to confirm Secretary of Education DeVos.

Wednesday, February 8
File:President Trump Speaks at the MCCA Winter Conference.webm

President Trump speaks at the MCCA Winter Conference.

Thursday, February 9
File:President Trump Participates in the Swearing-In of the Attorney General, Jeff Sessions.webm

President Trump participates in the swearing-in of Attorney General Sessions.

Friday, February 10
File:President Trump and Prime Minister Shinzō Abe.webm

A Joint Press Conference with President Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

Saturday, February 11
File:Joint Statment by President Trump and Prime Minister Shinzō Abe.webm

Joint statement by President Trump and Prime Minister Shinzō Abe.

Week 4[edit]

Monday, February 13
File:President Trump and Prime Minister Trudeau.webm

Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau on February 13.

Tuesday, February 14
File:Parent-Teacher Conference Listening Session.webm

President Trump and Secretary of Education DeVos at a parent-teacher conference meeting.

Wednesday, February 15
File:Joint Press Conference w- Prime Minister Netanyahu.webm

President Trump Hosts Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House.

Thursday, February 16
  • Alexander Acosta is nominated to be Secretary of Labor,[164] and Mick Mulvaney is sworn in as the director of the Office of Management and Budget in a vote of 51-49.[165]
  • President Trump holds a press conference, defending his administration, criticizing “dishonest” press coverage thereof, denying Russian connections, and questioning Hillary Clinton’s conduct towards Russia.[166][167]
  • Robert Harward, a former Vice Admiral, declines President Trump’s offer to replace Mike Flynn as National Security Advisor.[168]
  • President Trump signs legislation nullifying the Stream Protection Rule, a midnight regulation by the Obama administration regulating coal mining.[169]
  • Secretary of State Tillerson meets with foreign ministers of G20 countries in Bonn, Germany.[170]
  • Secretary of Defense Mattis says that the United States is not currently prepared to collaborate with Russia on military matters, including future anti-ISIL U.S. operations.[171]
  • George Papadopoulos is interviewed for a second time by the FBI. In the following days, he deletes his Facebook account which he had run since 2005 (containing correspondence concerning Russia), opens a new Facebook account and changes his telephone number.[172][173]
  • Day Without Immigrants 2017 protests are held throughout the United States to demonstrate the importance of immigration.[174]
File:President Trump Holds a Press Conference.webm

President Trump holds a press conference.

Friday, February 17
File:2017-02-17 President Trump's Weekly Address.ogv

President Trump’s weekly address on February 17, 2017.

Saturday, February 18
  • President Trump holds a rally in Melbourne, Florida, attended by an estimated 9,000 supporters, where he defends his actions and criticizes the media.[179]
  • Vice President Pence speaks at the Munich Security Conference in Germany, touching upon the issues of terrorism and defense spending.[180]
File:Trump Rallies Supporters in Florida ‘Without the Filter of Fake News’.webm

President Trump speaking to supporters at a campaign-style rally in Melbourne, Florida.

Week 5[edit]

Monday, February 20
File:President Trump Announces H.R. McMaster as National Security Advisor.webm

President Trump announces H.R. McMaster as National Security Advisor.

Tuesday, February 21
File:President Trump Speaks at the National Museum of African American History and Culture.webm

President Trump Speaks at the National Museum of African American History and Culture.

Wednesday, February 22
File:President Trump Discusses the Federal Budget Over Lunch.webm

President Trump Discusses the Federal Budget.

Thursday, February 23
  • President Trump meets with 24 manufacturing CEOs at the White House.[189]
  • It is confirmed that six White House staff members, including Chief Digital Officer Gerrit Lansing, were removed from their positions earlier in the month after failing FBI background checks.[190]
  • Press Secretary Spicer tells reporters that the administration plans on increasing enforcement of the Controlled Substances Act against recreational cannabis use.[191]
  • Attorney General Sessions rescinds a memorandum signed by former President Obama meant to phase out private federal US prisons.[192]
  • Secretary of State Tillerson and Secretary of Homeland Security Kelly meet Mexican Interior Secretary Miguel Angel Osorio Chong.[193]
  • The Department of the Treasury sanctions Al-Nusra Front leaders.[194]
File:President Trump Leads a Listening Session with Manufacturing CEOs.webm

President Trump leads a meeting with manufacturing CEOs.

Friday, February 24
File:Trump on 'fake news' and information leaks.webmhd.webm

‘Trump on ‘fake news’ and information leaks’ video from Voice of America

Saturday, February 25
File:2017-02-25 President Trump's Weekly Address.ogv

President Trump’s weekly address.

Sunday, February 26
File:The Governor’s Ball.webm

President Trump at the Governor’s Ball.

Week 6[edit]

Monday, February 27
File:President Trump Stops by the National Governors Association Meeting.webm

President Trump at the National Governors Association Meeting.

Tuesday, February 28
  • Ahead of his Congress speech, President Trump meets privately with national news anchors, signaling his willingness to enact an immigration reform bill that could grant legal status to millions of undocumented immigrants.[210]
  • President Trump makes his first speech to Congress, addressing a wide range of matters including drug abuse, gang crime, immigration, terrorism, the Mexico–United States barrier, infrastructure, foreign trade and the stock market.[211][212]
  • President Trump signs Executive Orders 13778 and 13779. The first initiates a review of the Clean Water Rule, and the second is meant to “Promote Excellence and Innovation at Historically Black Colleges and Universities”.[213][214]
  • President Trump signs a bill removing restrictions on the purchase of guns by persons with mental illnesses.[215]
  • Secretary of State Tillerson meets with Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi.[216]
File:2017-02-28 - The Joint Session of Congress.webm

President Trump speaks during a joint session of Congress.


Date Events Photos
Wednesday, March 1

Secretary of Commerce Ross addresses employees.

Thursday, March 2
File:2017-03-03 President Trump's Weekly Address.ogv

President Donald Trump’s weekly address aboard the Gerald R Ford aircraft carrier.

Friday, March 3
  • President Trump and Secretary of Education DeVos visit Saint Andrew Catholic School in Orlando, Florida.[236]
  • President Trump attends an evening Republican fundraising event at the Four Seasons hotel in Palm Beach, Florida.[237]
  • Secretary of State Tillerson meets with Indian Foreign SecretarySubrahmanyam Jaishankar.[238]

President Trump and Secretary of Education DeVos with students of Saint Andrew Catholic School.

Saturday, March 4
  • In a series of tweets, President Trump publicly accuses former President Obama of intercepting communications at his offices in New York City’s Trump Tower in October 2016; Obama spokesman Kevin Lewis denies the claim.[239]
  • March 4 Trump rallies are held throughout the United States.
  • Mexico opens legal aid centers in its 50 U.S. consulates to defend its citizens’ rights amid the United States “crackdown” on illegal immigration.[240] Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale says Canada will not tighten its border because more migrants, reacting to the United States immigration crackdown, are illegally crossing into Canada from the U.S.[241]

March 4 TrumpDemonstration in Washington, D.C.

Sunday, March 5

Week 7[edit]

Monday, March 6

Trump signing Executive Order 13780.

Tuesday, March 7
  • President Trump speaks on the telephone with Prime Minister Shinzō Abeto voice his support for Japan in reaction to new reports of North Korean missile tests.[247]
  • The White House verifies that President Trump has not conferred with the FBI over allegations of wiretapping by the previous administration.[248]
  • Secretary of State Tillerson meets with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin.[249]
File:Affordable Care Act Repeal Efforts (425064).webm

President Trump speaks about the Republican replacement bill for the Affordable Care Act.

Wednesday, March 8
File:3-8-17- White House Press Briefing.webm

White House press briefing on March 8, 2017.

Thursday, March 9
  • President Trump pledges to remove certain regulations pertaining to the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act at a White House meeting with community bankers.[256][257]
  • The states of Washington, New York, Oregon and Massachusetts join Minnesota and Hawaii’s legal challenge to President Trump’s forthcoming travel ban.[258][259]
  • In an interview with Fox News, Vice President Pence states that he learns from the day’s news reports that Michael Flynn was acting as an unregistered foreign agent of the Turkish government during the campaign.[260]
File:President Trump Leads an NEC Listening Session With CEOs of Small and Community Banks.webm

President Trump leads an NEC meeting with CEOs of small and community banks.

Friday, March 10

A brainstorming session with members of congress on replacing the Affordable Care Act. March 10, 2017.

Saturday, March 11
  • President Trump meets with Secretary of Homeland Security Kelly, Secretary of the Treasury Mnuchin, Secretary of Commerce Ross and Secretary of Veterans Affairs Shulkin at the Trump National Golf Club, where they discuss healthcare and the economy.[269]

Week 8[edit]

Monday, March 13
  • President Trump signs Executive Order 13781, to reduce operating costs of the federal government.[270][271]
  • Press Secretary Spicer states that Trump’s wiretapping tweet was misinterpreted by the media, saying that Trump meant that the Obama administration was responsible, not Obama personally.[272]
  • Secretary of State Tillerson meets with the Foreign Ministers of Tunisia, Greece, and Saudi Arabia.[273]
File:President Trump Meets With His Cabinet.webm

President Trump at the first cabinet meeting.

Tuesday, March 14

Vice President Pence swearing in Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Seema Verma.

Wednesday, March 15
Timeline of the Trump presidency, 2017 Q1 is located in East Asia area blank CJK


Secretary of State Tillerson’s tour of East Asia from March 15, 2017 to March 19, 2017.

Thursday, March 16

President Trump with Enda Kenny, the Taoiseach of Ireland in the West Wing Lobby on Thursday, March 16, 2017.

Friday, March 17
File:Trump - Merkel Joint Press Conference.webm

Joint Press Conference between President Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Saturday, March 18
File:2017-03-18 President Trump's Weekly Address.webm

President Trump’s weekly address.

Sunday, March 19

Secretary of State Tillerson shakes hands with China’s President Xi Jinping.

Week 9[edit]

Monday, March 20

President Trump with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi at the White House.

Tuesday, March 21
  • President Trump signs a bill which defines the budget and objectives of NASA, including a crewed mission to Mars as early as 2033.[322][323] The draft 2018 budget expands support of public-private partnerships for deep-space habitation, revives a supersonic flight research program, strengthens NASA’s cybersecurity, increases focus on planetary science and robotic exploration, cancels the Europa lander and Asteroid Redirect Mission, terminates four Earth science missions, and eliminates the NASA Office of Education, resulting in an overall 0.8% budget decrease.[288]:43–44
  • Congressman Devin Nunes, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, secretly visits the White House grounds to observe classified information concerning Trump’s allegations of wiretapping.[324]
  • Secretary of State Tillerson meets with Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez.
  • President Trump proclaims March 21 as National Agriculture Day.[325]
  • The Department of Labor pushes back the effective date of the Occupational Exposure to Beryllium rule by one month.[326]

President Trump receives a NASA flight jacket.

Wednesday, March 22
  • President Trump is briefed by Devin Nunes, who also holds a news conference at the White House, on the evidence concerning Trump’s wiretapping allegations which he was shown on the White House grounds on the previous day.[327]
  • President Trump offers British Prime Minister Theresa May the United States’ full support, following a briefing by National Security Advisor McMaster on a fatal terrorist attack carried out near the Palace of Westminster in London.[328][329]
  • Secretary of State Tillerson hosts a summit of 68 nations in Washington to discuss anti-ISIS strategy.[330]
  • Secretary of Homeland Security Kelly meets with President of Honduras Juan Orlando Hernandez.[331]
File:WATCH - Scotland Yard counterterrorism investigation.webmhd.webm

A briefing from the Metropolitan Police Service, following the Westminster terrorist attack.

Thursday, March 23
  • The first major Congressional vote on President Trump’s planned repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act is postponed until March 24.[332][333]
  • President Trump signs a memorandum and a presidential notice to “continue the national emergency declared in Executive Order 13664 with respect to South Sudan“.[334][335]
  • Secretary of State Tillerson orders US diplomatic missions to identify “populations warranting increased scrutiny”.[336]

Secretary of Homeland Security Kelly meets with President Juan Orlando Hernandez of Honduras.

Friday, March 24
File:President Trump Makes a Statement on Healthcare Law.webm

President Trump Makes a Statement on Healthcare Law.

Saturday, March 25
Sunday, March 26
  • Vice President Pence delivers an evening speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) at Washington D.C.’s Verizon Center, reaffirming the United States’ commitments to Israeli defense, and to prevent Iran’s nuclear program from producing a weapon.[347]

Week 10[edit]

Monday, March 27

President Trump and Vice President Pence meet with Medal of Honor Recipients.

Tuesday, March 28
File:President Trump Signs an Energy Independence Executive Order.webm

President Trump and Vice President Pence speak about Executive Order 13783.

Wednesday, March 29
File:President Trump Hosts an Opioid and Drug Abuse Listening Session.webm

President Trump hosts a meeting concerning opioids and drug abuse.

Thursday, March 30
  • President Trump calls FBI Director James Comey, asserts that he wasn’t involved with Russian hookers and asks Comey to “lift the cloud” of the Russia investigation.[151]
  • President Trump meets with Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen, at the White House.[371]
  • The US Department of Justice issues a statement that it disagrees with Federal Judge Watson’s March 29 ruling against the revised travel ban and that it will continue its legal contest to reactivate the ban.[372]
  • Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn seeks immunity from the FBI in exchange for testimony on White House links to Russia.[373]
  • Vice President Pence casts his second tie-breaking vote, voting to advance a bill to defund Planned Parenthood.[374]
  • Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley states that the priority of the United States policy concerning Syrian President Bashar Assad is no longer to force him out of power.[375]
  • Attorney General Sessions meets with Attorneys General of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.[376]
File:President Trump Meets with Prime Minister Rasmussen.webm

President Trump meets with Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen.

Friday, March 31
  • President Trump issues a tweet describing as a “witch hunt” allegations of links between Russia and his associates, and recommending that Michael Flynn requests immunity in return for testimony to the intelligence authorities.[377]
  • President Trump signs two executive orders aimed at preventing foreign trade abuses. The signing occurs behind closed doors after Trump leaves the public ceremony without signing the orders.[378]
  • President Trump signs an executive order, as with Executive Order 13775, which provides an order of succession within the Department of Justice.[379]
  • President Trump and Vice President Pence meet with former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice at the White House.[380]
  • The Department of the Treasury announces new sanctions against North Korea in response to Kim Jong Un‘s continuing nuclear missile program.[381]
  • District Judge David J. Hale rules against a freedom of speech defense by President Trump’s lawyers, permitting to proceed a lawsuit in which three plaintiffs allege that Trump incited violence at a presidential campaign rally in 2016.[382][383]
  • President Trump proclaims April as the Month of Cancer ControlChild Abuse PreventionSexual Assault AwarenessFinancial Capability, and Donate Life. Trump also proclaims April 2 as Autism Awareness Day.[384][385][386][387][388][389]
  • President Trump nullifies a rule that limits drug testing of state unemployment insurance holders.[390]
  • Secretary of Transportation Chao announces $10 million for emergency repairs to Atlanta’s collapsed I-85 overpass.[391]

Secretary of State Tillerson stands with NATO colleagues in Brussels, Belgium.

See also

First 100 Days in Office

From Marie Claire

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The White House would like you to know it has accomplished things

Donald Trump’s team sent out an email blast this morning to the press titled “President Trump’s 100 Days of Historic Accomplishments.” The list, which includes headings such as “getting the government out of the way,” contains comparisons to what former presidents had completed at this point in their terms. The list also highlights that Trump has signed 30 executive orders since taking office in January, compared to former President Barack Obama’s 19.

WH blasting out new email this morning listing first 100 days accomplishments

Trump’s email blast comes despite criticism from the president about the concept of using the first 100 days to judge effectiveness. In the last week, Trump has called the benchmark “not very meaningful” and suggested it’s overrated as a tool of evaluating a presidency.

Key tweet of the day:

Canada has made business for our dairy farmers in Wisconsin and other border states very difficult. We will not stand for this. Watch!

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Key tweet of the day:

The two fake news polls released yesterday, ABC & NBC, while containing some very positive info, were totally wrong in General E. Watch!

View photos


The public weighs in

A new poll has some bad news for the president. Donald Trump’s approval rating is at 42 percent with just days left until he reaches his 100-day mark, according to an ABC News/Washington Post poll released Sunday. That’s the lowest for any president at this point in their term since pollsters began tracking it in the 1940s. For comparison, former President Barack Obama had a 69-percent approval rating at this juncture of his first term.

Key tweet of the day:

Eventually, but at a later date so we can get started early, Mexico will be paying, in some form, for the badly needed border wall.

Key tweet of the day:

I am committed to keeping our air and water clean but always remember that economic growth enhances environmental protection. Jobs matter!



Trump unhappy with ‘100 days’ benchmark

The president has a bone to pick with the “first 100 days” benchmark used to evaluate how a presidency is going. Donald Trump criticized the standard in a tweet Friday, calling it “ridiculous” and insinuating the media would not give him credit for his successes. Trump’s main victory since entering office, which he highlighted in his post, has been the confirmation of Supreme Court justice Neil Gorsuch. Many of his other notable moves, such as his travel ban or healthcare replacement, have failed to be instituted.

Key tweet of the day:

No matter how much I accomplish during the ridiculous standard of the first 100 days, & it has been a lot (including S.C.), media will kill!


Key tweet of the day:

Failing @nytimes, which has been calling me wrong for two years, just got caught in a big lie concerning New England Patriots visit to W.H.


Patriots visit the White House

With just 10 days left of Trump’s first 100 days in office, the White House played host to the New England Patriots today. The visit is in honor of their victory earlier this year at Super Bowl LI. The president met with the team’s players and gave remarks where he singled out around seven team members for their performance. But one player not in attendance was quarterback Tom Brady, who cited personal family matters as his reason for staying home. Donald Trump has long touted his friendship with Brady, but Brady wasn’t the only player to skip. Several team members opted out of the visit due to political disagreements with the president.

Key tweet of the day:

Dems failed in Kansas and are now failing in Georgia. Great job Karen Handel! It is now Hollywood vs. Georgia on June 20th.


New executive order says ‘Buy American’

On Tuesday, Donald Trump signed a new executive order essentially stating “Buy American; Hire American.” The order is meant to reduce the number of low-wage foreign workers in the country and improve the amount of job opportunities for American employees. The initiative is in line with his “America First” theme for his first 100 days in office, but defies his campaign rhetoric, where he suggested it would be unfair to crack down on H1-B visa holders.

Key tweet of the day:

Just learned that Jon @Ossoff, who is running for Congress in Georgia, doesn’t even live in the district. Republicans, get out and vote!


Next target: Jon Ossoff

The president stepped into campaign mode once again when he got involved in the Georgia special election. The election is being held to fill Tom Price’s congressional seat, following his confirmation as secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services. Trump began tweeting about the main Democratic candidate, Jon Ossoff, after polls made it clear that Ossoff was the leading character in the race. The district in question isn’t exactly a Republican stronghold; Trump won by less than 2 percent back in November. Nevertheless, it was expected that Ossoff would fall short of the 50 percent marker he needs to avoid a runoff election later this year.

Key tweet of the day:

With eleven Republican candidates running in Georgia (on Tuesday) for Congress, a runoff will be a win. Vote “R” for lower taxes & safety!


Key tweet of the day:

I did what was an almost an impossible thing to do for a Republican-easily won the Electoral College! Now Tax Returns are brought up again?


Trump’s White House visitor logs will be private

The White House has announced that most of the visitor logs for those stopping by the Oval Office will remain private. Citing “grave national security risks and privacy concerns,” the Trump administration will not willingly disclose the names of the president’s vistors. Unless the White House amends this policy, it could take years for that information to be revealed.


Key tweet of the day:


Trump signs off on defunding Planned Parenthood

The president signed off today on a resolution that will allow states to defund family planning centers such as Planned Parenthood if they provide abortion services. The resolution overturns a late Obama-era policy that prevented the government from defunding these providers for any reason other than lack of “ability to deliver services to program beneficiaries in an effective manner.”

Though Republicans have long held a stance against taxpayer money being used to pay for abortion services, it’s a solution without a problem. The Hyde Amendment has prevented tax dollars from being used for abortion services for decades.

Key tweet of the day:

Things will work out fine between the U.S.A. and Russia. At the right time everyone will come to their senses & there will be lasting peace!


Key tweet of the day:

Jobs are returning, illegal immigration is plummeting, law, order and justice are being restored. We are truly making America great again!


The president is disturbed by the United Airlines video

The White House said Tuesday that Donald Trump has seen the viral video of United Airlines passenger Dr. David Dao being forcibly deplaned and that Trump is “disturbed” by the video. White House press secretary Sean Spicer told reporters during his daily briefing that he believes anyone would be bothered by how Dao was treated. “I don’t think anyone looks at that video and isn’t a little disturbed that another human being is treated that way,” Spicer said.

No troops in Syria… for now

In an interview set to air Wednesday morning on Fox Business, the president said that the U.S. is not putting ground troops in war-torn Syria. Literally. “We’re not going into Syria,” Trump told Fox’s Maria Bartiromo. Trump’s interview comes amid questions about the White House’s next move, after he ordered missile strikes last week against a Syrian airbase. The strikes were a response to Syrian leader Bashar Assad, who is suspected of using chemical weapons against his people last week in an attack that killed dozens.

“Look, what I did should have been done by the Obama administration a long time before I did it,” Trump said. “And you would have had a much better – I think Syria would be a lot better off right now than it has been.”

Key tweet of the day:

North Korea is looking for trouble. If China decides to help, that would be great. If not, we will solve the problem without them! U.S.A.


Trump makes his mark on SCOTUS

Trump’s Supreme Court pick Neil Gorsuch was sworn onto the highest bench in the country Monday. His swearing in marks the president’s first landmark success with Congress since taking office. Gorsuch will serve as the late Justice Antonin Scalia’s replacement, more than a year after Scalia passed away. Gorsuch is considered very similar to Scalia in how he will decide cases, being a constitutional originalist.

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Key tweet(s) of the day:

So sad to hear of the terrorist attack in Egypt. U.S. strongly condemns. I have great…

So sad to hear of the terrorist attack in Egypt. U.S. strongly condemns. I have great…

…confidence that President Al Sisi will handle situation properly.

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Key tweet of the day:

The reason you don’t generally hit runways is that they are easy and inexpensive to quickly fix (fill in and top)!

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Key tweet of the day:

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U.S. conducts airstrike on Syria

The president ordered airstrikes on the Al-Shayrat airbase in Homs, Syria on Thursday, in retaliation for a chemical weapon attack that killed more than 100 people. The attack is suspected to be the work of Bashar Assad’s government, and these airstrikes are the first targeted U.S. action against Assad since the Syrian civil war began six years ago.

The administration says the site of the strikes was chosen because U.S. officials tracked the planes that carried the chemical weapons using radar. In remarks shortly after the strikes, Trump said they were “in this vital national security interest of the United States to prevent and deter the spread and use of deadly chemical weapons.”

Eleven weeks in, Trump says he’s had the one of the most successful 13 weeks…?

Donald Trump said Thursday that he thinks his administration has had “one of the most successful 13 weeks in the history of the presidency.” There are just two problems: First, he’s had one of the most controversial terms in history to date, with multiple Cabinet picks stepping down, ongoing investigations into his campaign’s ties with Russia, a failed healthcare bill, and low poll numbers.

Second, he’s only been in office for 11 weeks.

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Bannon removed from the National Security Council

White House senior adviser Steve Bannon has been removed from the National Security Council, according to reports. On Tuesday, President Trump signed an executive order reorganizing the NSC. In it, he restored the director of national intelligence, CIA director, and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to full participation and removed Bannon from the panel. The White House did not announce the move publicly, so it wasn’t reported on until Wednesday. A White House source said Bannon can still attend any meeting where his expertise is needed, CNN reported.

As a reminder, Bannon has zero national security experience; rather he previously served as the publisher of alt-right white nationalist new org, Breitbart. His appointment did not require senate approval. We do not yet know why Bannon was removed, but we’re chalking it up to common sense.

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Key tweet of the day:

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Trump is *still* tweeting about Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump is not done tweeting about Hillary Clinton. On Monday morning, the president tweeted about his former Democratic rival and her campaign manager, saying “Was the brother of John Podesta paid big money to get the sanctions on Russia lifted? Did Hillary know?” Shortly after, he followed up with a sarcastic question about whether or not Clinton apologized for an instance where she was provided questions in advance of an interview. The tweets appear to be an attempt to deflect growing criticism of his administration’s ties with Russia. Clinton has largely remained out of the spotlight since losing the election in November.

Key tweet of the day:

Did Hillary Clinton ever apologize for receiving the answers to the debate? Just asking!

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Key tweet of the day:

The real story turns out to be SURVEILLANCE and LEAKING! Find the leakers.

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Key tweet of the day:

When will Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd and @NBCNews start talking about the Obama SURVEILLANCE SCANDAL and stop with the Fake Trump/Russia story?

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White House financial disclosures show that everyone is rich.

The White House released its employees’ financial disclosures Friday night; and to no one’s surprise, they showed enormous wealth. According to the documents, senior adviser Steve Bannon has more than $1 million in his bank account and has made significant income from his rental properties. Bannon values his consulting business at somewhere between $5 and $25 million, the disclosures show.

Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, both list far higher numbers. Because Ivanka Trump was only just given an official title, her personal disclosure hasn’t been completed yet, but her assets appear on her husband’s forms. The two could be worth as much as $740 million, reports show. Much of their fortune comes from Kushner’s real estate holdings and Trump’s business.

The president’s former campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, is also a financial success. The disclosures show that she was worth as much as $40 million before she was named a White House staffer.

Key tweet of the day:

Great meeting with a wonderful woman today, former Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice! 🇺🇸

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Donald Trump’s new enemy is… the far-right?

The president revived his fight against the Freedom Caucus on Thursday morning, tweeting that the ultra-conservative congressional group would damage Republicans in 2018. Trump has been highly critical of the Caucus since they aligned against his replacement healthcare plan, despite the fact that many moderate Republicans were also opposed to the bill.

Key tweet of the day:

The Freedom Caucus will hurt the entire Republican agenda if they don’t get on the team, & fast. We must fight them, & Dems, in 2018!

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Key tweet of the day:

.@FLOTUS Melania and I were honored to stop by the Women’s Empowerment Panel this afternoon at the @WhiteHouse. http://45.wh.gov/5v2Pc1 

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Who needs the environment, anyway?

If climate change was a hoax, it won’t be for long. On Tuesday, President Donald Trump signed an executive order undoing many of former President Obama’s climate change regulations. The order directs the Environmental Protection Agency to begin the process of withdrawing from the Clean Power Plan, an Obama-era regulation that called for the replacement of coal-powered plants with new wind and solar farms.

The order also calls into question whether Trump will abide by the landmark Paris climate change agreements that the U.S. signed just a short time ago. The U.S. has agreed to cut its emissions by 26 percent over the next decade. Experts say such measures are essential to prevent the temperature from rising more than 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit, the temperature they agree spells global catastrophe down the line.

Key tweet of the day:

Why doesn’t Fake News talk about Podesta ties to Russia as covered by @FoxNews or money from Russia to Clinton – sale of Uranium?

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Travel Ban 2.0 may get its day in court

The 4th Circuit Court of Appeals is reportedly considering hearing the revised travel ban case with its full bench-rather than the panel of three judges who would normally hear it. In an order on Monday, the court asked both the government and the plaintiffs to address whether the full bench should hear arguments.

If all 15 active judges hear the case, it could potentially spell good new for opponents of the ban. The 4th Circuit is made up of nine Democratic appointees, five Republicans, and one appointed by a Democratic and later confirmed under a Republican. Basically: It skews left.

Key tweet of the day:

The Democrats will make a deal with me on healthcare as soon as ObamaCare folds – not long. Do not worry, we are in very good shape!

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Key tweet of the day:

General Kelly is doing a great job at the border. Numbers are way down. Many are not even trying to come in anymore.

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Key tweet of the day:

ObamaCare will explode and we will all get together and piece together a great healthcare plan for THE PEOPLE. Do not worry!

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Trumpcare crashes and burns

Donald Trump’s landmark replacement for Obamacare was shot down Friday when the House of Representatives decided not to even bother voting on it. The president and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan decided to pull the bill from consideration after it became clear it would fail if it went to vote.

The American Health Care Act’s rejection means that Obamacare will remain in place for the foreseeable future.

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Key tweet of the day:

Just watched the totally biased and fake news reports of the so-called Russia story on NBC and ABC. Such dishonesty!

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White House bans laptops in carry-ons for eight Muslim countries

On Tuesday, the Trump administration announced that people flying nonstop to the U.S. from 10 airports in Muslim-majority countries would no longer be allowed to bring laptops in their carry-on luggage. Passengers are allowed to check them in with their baggage, however. The airports are spread across eight countries: Morocco, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait and Qatar.

The administration has cited the need to do so for security but didn’t say there was any specific new threat or intelligence. Several hours after the announcement, the U.K. made a similar move, though their ban affects some different airports than the U.S. ban does.

Key tweet of the day:

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Today on , we honor our great American farmers & ranchers. Their hard work & dedication are ingrained in our nation’s fabric.

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Trump goes after Russia allegations… again

Donald Trump went after allegations that he has ties to the Russian government again Monday, just hours before FBI director James Comey is set to testify in front of Congress. In a series of tweets, Trump wrote that the “The Democrats made up and pushed the Russian story as an excuse for running a terrible campaign.” He added that “the real story that Congress, the FBI and all others should be looking into is the leaking of Classified information. Must find leaker now!”

Comey is expected to testify about Russian involvement in November’s presidential election, which committees in both houses of Congress have been investigating.

Key tweet of the day:

James Clapper and others stated that there is no evidence Potus colluded with Russia. This story is FAKE NEWS and everyone knows it!

The real story that Congress, the FBI and all others should be looking into is the leaking of Classified information. Must find leaker now!

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A fifth weekend in Florida

On Sunday, Donald Trump concluded his fifth weekend in Florida since taking office. Though Trump was regularly critical of former President Obama taking vacations, he has spent more than half of his weekends as president at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach. Trump also spent time holding meetings at his local golf club, according to his press pool, where he may have stepped out “to hit some golf balls,” the Palm Beach Post reported.

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Key tweets of the day:

Despite what you have heard from the FAKE NEWS, I had a GREAT meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Nevertheless, Germany owes…..

…vast sums of money to NATO & the United States must be paid more for the powerful, and very expensive, defense it provides to Germany!

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Key tweet of the day:

North Korea is behaving very badly. They have been “playing” the United States for years. China has done little to help!

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Sooo, Trump’s budget is cool if you don’t like PBS or the environment

Donald Trump released his budget plan Thursday, and it cuts pretty much everything people expected. Among the agencies that would take hits are the Department of Education, the Environmental Protection Agency, PBS, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and many more. Almost no departments are spared from cuts-the only ones without any cuts are Defense, Homeland Security and Veterans Affairs. But Trump did manage to find $2 billion for a down payment on the wall.

Key tweet of the day:

A budget that puts must make safety its no. 1 priority—without safety there can be no prosperity: http://45.wh.gov/NF9wr4 

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Second ban suspended

A federal judge in Hawaii blocked Donald Trump’s revised travel ban Wednesday evening, just one night before it was set to take effect. The new ban was a watered-down version of the first, excluding some of the more controversial policies-like the ban on green card holders. The Trump administration argued that the new executive order addressed all the legal criticism of the first, but Judge Derrick Watson was unimpressed. Watson wrote that a “reasonable, objective observer” would still view the ban as an attempt to discriminate against members of one religion (despite Trump’s statements to the contrary.)

A second judge ruled similarly in Maryland just hours later.

Key tweet of the day:

Does anybody really believe that a reporter, who nobody ever heard of, “went to his mailbox” and found my tax returns? @NBCNews FAKE NEWS!

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Key tweet of the day:

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White House responds to Trumpcare estimates

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office released it’s official estimates on the GOP’s Obamacare replacement plan today, and the news wasn’t good. According to the report, it’s projected that 14 million people would lose coverage next year under the new House bill. The number of uninsured would grow to 24 million by 2026.

The White House pushed back hard on the report, saying it disagrees “strenuously.” Health Secretary Tom Price said it will cover more individuals and lower costs. As for the estimate that 14 million people would lose coverage, he said, “It’s just not believable is what we would suggest.”

Trump endorsed the plan last week, despite the fact that, back in January, Trump told the Washington Post his health-care law would include “insurance for everybody.”

Key tweet of the day:

It is amazing how rude much of the media is to my very hard working representatives. Be nice, you will do much better!

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Trump absent from Twitter

Red alert! The president went an entire day without tweeting on Sunday, capping off a contentious weekend with radio silence. That may not seem notable; but as The Hill reported, Trump has tweeted more than 260 times since his inauguration, meaning he averages more than five per day.

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The first thing we do, let’s fire all the lawyers

Over the weekend, the Trump administration asked for the immediate resignation of 26 U.S. attorneys from the Obama era. That’s pretty normal for a new administration, but Trump is drawing rebuke from Democrats for his handling of one specific case. Preet Bharara, who served as U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, declined to resign from his post and was fired-even though Trump had reportedly personally asked him to stay in his role. Bharara announced that he was fired on Twitter:

I did not resign. Moments ago I was fired. Being the US Attorney in SDNY will forever be the greatest honor of my professional life.

Key tweet of the day:

We are making great progress with healthcare. ObamaCare is imploding and will only get worse. Republicans coming together to get job done!

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It’s halftime

Friday marked the halfway point in Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office, the time period generally used to determine how effective a new administration has been. In that time, Trump has signed 16 executive orders, which is on pace with former President Barack Obama. But unlike Obama, Trump’s first 50 days have been marred with controversy. Protests and court battles derailed his first travel ban, the replacement plan for Obamacare has been almost universally panned, and several members of his administration are under investigation for ties to Russian officials.

Trump has made strides toward keeping some of his more realistic campaign promises. His administration has caused either the repeal or delay of more than 90 Obama-era federal regulations, and he withdrew the U.S. from the TPP trade deal. An executive order he signed allowed work to recommence on the Dakota Access Pipeline, despite ongoing protests in North Dakota.

One thing Trump has not accomplished is a major legislative victory. At this point in his presidency, Obama had passed an $800 billion economic stimulus package through Congress as well as a law making it easier for women to sue over equal pay discrepancies. Trump is looking to make a repeal of the Affordable Care Act his first landmark achievement in Congress, but he has so far been unsuccessful.

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Key tweet of the day:

Despite what you hear in the press, healthcare is coming along great. We are talking to many groups and it will end in a beautiful picture!

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Trump picks Jon Huntsman as ambassador to Russia

Donald Trump has chosen Jon Huntsman, a Republican who ran for president in 2012, as his ambassador to Russia. This will be Huntsman’s third ambassadorship: He represented the United States to Singapore under George H.W. Bush, and to China under Barack Obama. It will also likely be his most heavily scrutinized role, as the Trump administration is investigated for alleged ties to Russian officials during his presidential campaign. Huntsman originally endorsed Trump for office, but had called on him to drop out after the release of a vulgar tape where Trump described grabbing women to Billy Bush.

Key tweet of the day:

I have tremendous respect for women and the many roles they serve that are vital to the fabric of our society and our economy.

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Sean Spicer tries to explain what Trump is talking about

Donald Trump has “no regrets” about accusing former President Barack Obama of wiretapping him, at least, not according to Sean Spicer. The White House press secretary gave a news conference on Tuesday where he attempted to explain some of the president’s more controversial recent statements. Spicer said the president is waiting for the results of an investigation into his claims, despite the fact that there is no evidence to support his accusations.

Spicer also touched on Trump’s claim that Obama released 122 “vicious” Guantanamo Bay inmates that have since returned to fighting. In reality, Obama released just nine of those prisoners; the other 113 were released by George W. Bush’s administration. Spicer acknowledged that Trump’s comments were incorrect.

Key tweet of the day:

Don’t let the FAKE NEWS tell you that there is big infighting in the Trump Admin. We are getting along great, and getting major things done!

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Travel Ban 2.0

Donald Trump signed a new executive order today banning people from six Muslim-majority countries from applying for visas to the United States. The new ban, which no longer includes Iraq, bars citizens from those six countries from entering the U.S. for 90 days and suspends refugee admissions for 120 days. It will also slash the number of refugee admissions for this year from 110,000 to 50,000.

The new ban comes as a response to legal criticism of the first version, which argued that Trump’s ban amounted to little more than religious discrimination. It also opens the door to adding more countries. Trump will ask the Department of Homeland Security and the State Department to determine whether any other countries should be included in future travel bans, the Daily Beast reported.

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Key tweet of the day:

Is it true the DNC would not allow the FBI access to check server or other equipment after learning it was hacked? Can that be possible?

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Key tweet of the day:

How low has President Obama gone to tapp my phones during the very sacred election process. This is Nixon/Watergate. Bad (or sick) guy!

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“Witch hunts,” everywhere

Donald Trump and a Russian official’s rejection of the Jeff Sessions allegations are weirdly similar.

Trump went off on Twitter on Thursday night. In his tweet-storm, the POTUS attacked Democrats for what he called their “witch hunt” of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The tweets came several hours after Sessions held a news conference recusing himself from any investigation of the Trump campaign’s ties with Russia.

Jeff Sessions is an honest man. He did not say anything wrong. He could have stated his response more accurately, but it was clearly not….

…intentional. This whole narrative is a way of saving face for Democrats losing an election that everyone thought they were supposed…..

…to win. The Democrats are overplaying their hand. They lost the election, and now they have lost their grip on reality. The real story…

…is all of the illegal leaks of classified and other information. It is a total “witch hunt!”

Then, Friday morning, a Russian official seemed to agree with Trump’s assessment. Foreign minister Sergei Lavrov borrowed a phrase from Trump and told a Russian state media outlet that the investigation was a “witch hunt,” Reuters reported.

Key tweet of the day:

We should start an immediate investigation into @SenSchumer and his ties to Russia and Putin. A total hypocrite!

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Trump is pretty much ignoring Sessions allegations

UPDATE (4:52 PM EST): Jeff Sessions held a news conference Thiursday afternoon where he announced that he would recuse himself from any investigation into Russia’s actions during election season. In the conference, Sessions said “that since [he] had involvement with the campaign, [he] should not be involved in any campaign investigation.”

UPDATE (2:38 PM EST): The president has spoken out. On Thursday, Trump reportedly said he has “total confidence” in Jeff Sessions and that he “doesn’t think” the attorney general should recuse himself from the investigation into possible Russian activity.

ORIGINAL STORY: On Wednesday night, reports broke claiming that Attorney General Jeff Sessions spoke with the Russian ambassador twice before the November election, despite saying he didn’t during his confirmation hearing. Democrats are up in arms, demanding Sessions’ resignation from his post. Even some Republicans are saying Sessions must, at a minimum, recuse himself from investigations into whether Russia attempted to interfere in the election.

One person not demanding answers, however, appears to be the president. In a statement Thursday morning, the White House denounced the allegations, saying “This is the latest attack against the Trump Administration by partisan Democrats. General Sessions met with the ambassador in an official capacity as a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, which is entirely consistent with his testimony.”

And Trump hasn’t spoken out on Twitter, either. His only tweet (so far) since the news broke was an early-morning message about the stock market.

Since November 8th, Election Day, the Stock Market has posted $3.2 trillion in GAINS and consumer confidence is at a 15 year high. Jobs!

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(Only) tweet of the day:

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Trump signs two women-focused bills

The president signed two bills Tuesday to “empower women.” The bills are H.R. 321, which “directs NASA to encourage women and girls to study science technology engineering, mathematics, and aerospace” and H.R. 255, which “authorizes the National Science Foundation to use existing entrepreneurial programs to recruit and support women.”

Trump’s daughter Ivanka reportedly has been pushing for women-focused legislation. She released a statement about the bills, saying she “[looks] forward to working alongside [her] father to champion the economic empowerment of women and girls and encouraging gender diversity in STEM fields is critical to that mission.”

Trump gives a presidential speech

Donald Trump gave a speech Tuesday night in front of a joint session of Congress, where he took a much more conciliatory tone than any speech to date. In his speech, Trump discussed a healthcare overhaul, rebuilding the military and asked both sides of the aisle to put aside their fights and work together.

One of the most emotional parts of his speech came as he addressed Carryn Owens, the wife of Ryan Owens, who died in a raid in Yemen shortly after Trump took office.

But the speech was not devoid of his usual rhetoric: Trump also made some of his frequent claims, suggesting immigration enforcement makes us safer (studies show it drives crime up), saying 94 million people are unemployed (a misleading statistic), and claiming most terrorists are foreign-born (that’s false).

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White House will no longer contest Texas voter ID law

A lawyer for a voting rights group said Monday that the Justice Department told them it will no longer challenge Texas’ voter ID law in court, the Associated Press reported. The move represents an about-face from the Obama administration’s stance; in 2013, former President Obama’s government joined a lawsuit challenging the statute.

Last summer, a federal appeals court found that the law discriminates against minorities and the poor and ordered changes before the presidential election. The Trump administration’s position under new Attorney General Jeff Sessions is not necessarily surprising. Voter ID laws generally are divided on strict party lines.

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Another one bites the dust

The president lost yet another one of his Cabinet appointees Sunday when Philip Bildren, his nominee for Secretary of the Navy, withdrew from consideration. Bilden cited difficulties meeting the government’s ethics guidelines and the financial sacrifice he would have to make as his reason for withdrawing. Bilden isn’t the first Trump nominee to remove themself from the running; Trump’s pick for Secretary of the Army, Vincent Viola, also dropped out over business interests earlier this month.

Rumors that Bilden would quit were first reported February 18 by CBS, but White House press secretary Sean Spicer claimed on Twitter at the time that the report was false.

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Trump breaks up with the Correspondent’s Dinner

Donald Trump is following in Ronald Reagan’s footsteps by becoming the first president since to skip the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner. Of course, when Reagan bailed on the press, he was recovering from an assassination attempt. Trump announced his plans via Twitter on Saturday, writing “I will not be attending the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner this year. Please wish everyone well and have a great evening!”

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The White House tries to literally stop the presses

The New York Times, CNN and Politico were among the news outlets banned from attending today’s White House press briefing-an escalation of the already historically poor relations between the media and the Trump administration. Press secretary Sean Spicer handpicked which outlets would be allowed to attend an off-camera media huddle. NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox News were allowed to attend, along with conservative outlets like the Washington Times and Breitbart, but other outlets chose to boycott the event.

The White House Correspondents Association released a statement condemning the action, saying “We encourage the organizations that were allowed in to share the material with others in the press corps who were not. The board will be discussing this further with White House staff.”

Trump’s CPAC speech, in a nutshell

The president spoke today at the Conservative Political Action Conference, known as CPAC, and repeated some of his favorite talking points.

Trump used a large chunk of his speech to continue his attacks on the “mainstream media,” to criticize NAFTA, suggest that Sweden’s crime rate is going up (it’s not), and claim that intelligence agency leaks are made up.

He also discussed the Affordable Care Act, saying that “Obamacare covers very few people” and claiming that many Americans had their healthcare taken away from them. In reality, roughly 20 million Americans became insured under the Affordable Care Act, and there are no reliable studies suggesting that “many” people lost their healthcare plans.

Trump also spoke about Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, once again claiming that the agency endorsed him for p