Communist League (UK, 1988)

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Communist League
Leader Collective leadership (Central Committee)
Founded 1988
Headquarters London
Newspaper The Militant
Ideology Communism
Political position Far-left
European affiliation None
International affiliation Pathfinder tendency
European Parliament group None

The Communist League is a British political party that was formed by a group of members expelled in 1988 from Socialist Action. Those members had joined the American Socialist Workers Party‘s Pathfinder tendency. It maintains a bookshop in London, originally in The Cut but now in Bethnal Green Road. The League’s members sell The Militant, the paper of the American Socialist Workers Party. The group claims that many of its members work in the meat-packing industry.[1]

Two Communist League candidates stood in the 2005 general election; one ran in Bethnal Green and Bow polling 38 votes, the seat which was gained byGeorge Galloway for Respect. In the 2008 London Assembly election, Julie Crawford stood in the City and East constituency and polled 701 votes, 0.3% of the popular vote, coming 12th and last among the candidates.[2] In the 2010 general election, the Communist League stood Caroline Bellamy in Edinburgh South West (48 votes)[3] and Paul Davies in Hackney South and Shoreditch(110 votes).[4][5] Peter Clifford stood in Manchester Central in 2012,[6] gaining 64 votes. In the 2012 London Assembly election, Paul Davies stood in the City and East constituency and increased the vote to 1,108 (0.6) coming last out of eight candidates.

For the 2015 general elections, the Communist League stood two parliamentary candidates – in London and Manchester – and two other candidates for Manchester City Council.[7]