Jill Stein Raises Fundraising Goal Again To $9.5MM – Almost 4 Times Her Initial Target

A few weeks ago we wrote about “The Mysterious Case Of Jill Stein’s Surging Recount Costs.”  Within that post we noted that each time Stein got close to reaching her stated fundraising goal, new costs would mysteriously surface causing her to raise her targets higher and higher.  After starting with a total fundraising goal of just $2.5mm on November 24th, Stein’s fundraising target ballooned to $7.0mm by the very next day as funds poured in from disaffected Hillary supporters.

Now, as Jill approaches her latest $7mm target she has decided to move the goal posts once more by raising her “goal” to $9.5mm.  Meanwhile, like in the past, Stein attributed the incremental cash needs to higher costs…this time courtesy of higher than expected recount fees from the state of Wisconsin.

Jill Stein


That said, disaffected Hillary supporters all over the country have seemingly caught on to the Jill Stein fundraising scam.  After donations poured into her recount effort from depressed Hillary voters who were briefly given renewed hope of a shot at the White House, America’s snowflakes have seemingly caught on to Stein’s fundraising scam as donations have all but ceased in recent days.

Jill Stein


Meanwhile, for those of our readers who still aren’t quite convinced they would like to donate, Stein has also posted this motivational plea for help to her fundraising page.


So, to all of the disaffected Hillary snowflakes that still haven’t made peace with your loss, Jill Stein is begging you to borrow just a little more money from your parents so she might continue to fund her vanity effort for just a few more days

Jill Stein

* * *

For those who missed it, here is what we wrote last week about Stein’s mysteriously surging recount costs.

Just yesterday we noted that Jill Stein was acting on behalf of Hillary Clinton to raise money for recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.  As we noted then, we continue to be astonished by the amount of money flowing into the fundraising campaign and would love to see which of Hillary’s mega donors have spent the most on the effort…somehow we suspect this isn’t just a “grassroots organizing” effort as Stein described it.

So, in less than 1 day, Jill Stein raised over $3mm, which is more than the $2mm needed to force a recount in Wisconsin.  While she attributed the accomplishment to “the power of grassroots organizing,” we would tend to be a little more skeptical and would love to see exactly where those donations came from.  Then again, maybe we’re wrong and there really are just that many disaffected snowflakes out there willing to blow their money on an extreme long shot.

But, today a new mystery has emerged in Stein’s fundraising efforts. Apparently, the more money she raises the more expensive the recount effort becomes.  Courtesy of the Wayback Machine we have the following snapshots from her fundraising page over the past couple of days:

November 24, 2016 at 3:46AMIn the beginning, Stein figured she needed a total of $2.5mm to fund her recount efforts.  That figure included $2.2mm for the actual filing fees and presumably another $0.3mm for legal fees and other costs.


November 24, 2016 at 1:20PMThen, just 12 hours later, after the cash just kept flowing in, Stein figured she needed at least another $2mm as her fundraising goal was raised to $4.5mm in total.  Of course, the filing fees of $2.2mm didn’t change but the “attorney’s fees” apparently surged by about 300% and the total costs of the effort skyrocketed to $6-7mm.



November 25, 2016 at 6:11AM – Now, just this morning as Stein approaches $5mm in total donations, her overall fundraising goal has surged once again and now stands at $7mm.



So, with nearly $5mm raised so far, the question is no longer whether recounts will occur in WI, MI and PA but just how much Jill Stein will be able to drain from the pockets of disaffected Hillary supporters to fund her long-shot efforts.

All that said, here is Jill Stein admitting to CNN that she has absolutely no evidence of election hacking….even though she asks that you please keep sending your money anyway.


And another where she says she would have challenged the election result even if Hillary won…though somehow we suspect she wouldn’t have been able to raise quite so much money under that scenario.


And finally we leave you with this latest epic rant from PJW on the whole situation:

Wisconsin Denies Request For Recount By Hand As Stein Threatens To Sue

Finally, a voice of reason emerges in Wisconsin to combat Jill Stein’s useless recount crusade.  According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Wisconsin Elections Commission Chairman, Mark Thomsen, who happens to be Democrat, announced earlier that the committee would follow through with Stein’s recount request but denied a request that the recount be conducted by hand.  Thomsen cited a 2011 recount that changed the overall vote margin by 300 votes as evidence that the current recount would overturn Trump’s 22,177 vote lead in the state.

Citing the results of a 2011 statewide recount that changed only 300 votes, Elections Commission chairman Mark Thomsen, a Democrat, said this presidential recount is very unlikely to change Republican Donald Trump’s win in the state.


“It may not be 22,177,” said Thomsen, referring to Trump’s win over Democrat Hillary Clinton in the vote count. “But I don’t doubt that the president-elect is going to win that.”


Thomsen dismissed Stein’s claims of problems with the vote as unfounded and misleading. But he directed his toughest criticism to Trump’s unsupported allegations that millions of people voted illegally nationwide, calling them “an insult to the people that run our elections.”

Under the plan adopted Monday, the recount would begin Thursday and could cost $1 million.  Of course, we assume that Stein didn’t factor in the incremental costs associated with suing states that call her out for her ridiculous recount efforts.  As such, she may need to raise some more money just as the flow of funds seem to have slowed to a trickle…we suspect Hillary supporters have finally caught on to the scam.



Here is the official timeline for the recount per the Wisconsin Election Commission:

Monday, cost estimates and vote tabulation method will be provided by county clerks to the commission by noon. Commission officials will provide estimated statewide costs to the campaigns of both Stein and De La Fuente by the end of the day.


Tuesday, the Stein, De La Fuente or both must pay for the recount. Once full payment is received, the commission will issue a recount order to all presidential candidates.


Wednesday, commission staff will hold a teleconference in the morning for all county clerks and canvass members to outline the process and rules of a recount. Since a 24-hour public meeting notice is required for the recount, each county must post its notice by Wednesday.


Thursday, recount begins in every Wisconsin county.


Dec. 12, all county canvass boards must be completed by 8 p.m.


Dec. 13, Elections Commission staff will prepare the official recount canvass certification by 3 p.m.

Meanwhile, this may all be a “best case scenario” for Stein who would get to pocket the $6.3mm raised so far if recount efforts are denied and she decides to walk away.

“Sellout Jill Stein Now Wants Hillary the Evil Queen Who’d Nuke the Planet”

With the passing of each new day, it’s growing more and more difficult to find anyone that is actually supportive of Jill Stein’s recount efforts (aka fundraising scam).  The Obama administration has already weighed in saying that the election results “accurately reflected the will of the American people” while Clinton’s campaign attorney even confirmed they had not “uncovered any actionable evidence of hacking or outside attempts to alter the voting technology.”

Now, even prominent democratic strategists are turning on Stein as Joe Trippi described her efforts as a “waste of time and money.” Worse, in an accusation that may have more substantial consequences,  some Democrats have gone so far as to echo Trump’s charge that re-tallying votes from the presidential race is just a “scam” being advanced by Stein, who has raised more than $6 million to fund potential recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, three states critical to the Republican nominee’s win.

“It’s a waste of time and money. It is not going to change anything,” said Democratic strategist Joe Trippi, who served as campaign manager for former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean’s 2004 presidential campaign.


“I think it probably was the Stein people looking for a way to stay relevant, raise some money and take the stink off of them. Instead of everybody screaming, ‘You made Trump happen,’ she is counting the votes to change that whole narrative.”

Moreover, democrat strategist Robert Shrum confirmed that the “Clinton people would have preferred this not to happen” while adding that there is “no chance” that the recounts will change the election’s outcome.

Aides to former Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton have sought a middle ground on Stein’s push. The remaining Clinton campaign team will “participate” in the effort but is not actively supporting it.


In a Medium post on Saturday, Clinton lawyer Marc Elias wrote, “Because we had not uncovered any actionable evidence of hacking or outside attempts to alter the voting technology, we had not planned to exercise this option ourselves.”


The Clinton team’s involvement will likely be limited to having lawyers or other experts at recount sites to watch over the proceedings.


“My sense is that the Clinton people would have preferred this not to happen and are going to be involved only in a monitoring capacity,” said Robert Shrum, a Democratic strategist and a veteran of several presidential campaigns, including that of 2004 nominee John Kerry.


Shrum added that he believed “people are way over-excited about the thing.” There is, he added, “no chance” that it will change the election’s outcome.

Meanwhile, the practical and logistical hurdles to success are starting to mount for Stein.  In order to get a state-wide recount in Pennsylvania, Stein needed affidavits from three residents in each of Pennsylvania’s 9,000 precincts to be filed by 5pm EST…something she apparently just thought about earlier today.

in Pennsylvania can only be initiated by voters in each precinct submitting affidavits. Get started: http://jill2016.com/recountPA 

Moreover, this afternoon the state of Wisconsin released their official “Presidential Election Recount Cost Estimate” which came in at $3.5mm, or a mere 3x more that the $1.1mm that Stein had originally estimated and more than half of the $6.4mm she’s raised so far.

So, while you may be “With Her”, dear Jill, pretty much no one is with you.  Though we’re sure you enjoyed extending your 15 minutes of fame and profiting from your fundraising scam, it’s now long past time for you to fade back into irrelevance and exit the national spotlight for good.

Jill Stein Slams Hillary Clinton’s Foreign Policy As “Scarier Than Trump’s”

The Green Party nominee for president of the United States, Jill Stein, has begun matter-of-factly speaking out against the foreign policy agenda of one of her political opponents, Hillary Clinton.

Dr. Stein, who has strongly advocated for a more peaceful approach to U.S. relations in the Middle East — as well as throughout the world — recently took to her Twitter account to boldly state what may come as a shock to many Americans:

“Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy is much scarier than Donald Trump’s.”

The presidential candidate also tweeted the words of her running mate, Ajamu Baraka, who said, “It should [be] clear to everyone that a vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for war.”

Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy is much scarier than Donald Trump’s, who does not want to go to war with Russia.

“It should clear to everyone that a vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for war.” — @ajamubaraka Watch live: http://facebook.com/drjillstein 

Dr. Stein elaborated on her social media statements when asked by a reporter in Texas this week what she felt a Hillary Clinton presidency would look like.

“Well, we know what kind of Secretary of State she was,” Stein said in her response. “[Hillary] is in incredible service to Wall Street and to the war profiteers. She led the way in Libya and she’s trying to start an air war with Russia over Syria, which means, if Hillary gets elected, we’re kinda going to war with Russia, folks…a nuclear-armed power.” 

While many Americans act as if one’s disdain for Hillary Clinton and her policies automatically make them a supporter of Donald Trump for president — or vice versa — Stein went on to vocalize her fear of both major party candidates.

“Who will sleep well with Trump in the White House? But you shouldn’t sleep well with Hillary in the White House either. Fortunately, we live in a democracy and we have more than two deadly choices,” Stein said, referring to herself and Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.

Regrettably for Americans, Stein is right about the Democratic nominee. Those concerned about the future of America with someone as erratic as Donald Trump in the Oval Office are justified in their worry, but to believe Hillary is somehow a “better option” is not only a naive assumption — but a reckless one. A vote for Hillary is undoubtedly a conscious vote to go war with a nuclear-armed superpower.

Still not a believer? Watch the video below and see for yourself: