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Par | ISIS looking up to Nimrod’s phallic structure

While France has extended its state of emergency for three months and Brussels is currently on a terror lockdown, the reactive call for war and military retaliation in the Middle East is equaled by tightening of the control grid domestically.

We are witnessing an upscaling and spilling over of the war on terror which in actual fact constitutes a war for the people’s’ sovereignty in thought, will, emotions and actions, both in the spiritual and physical realm.

Spiritual weapons and armor (being grounded in Biblical truth and fully equipped with Ephesians 6 armor) as well as people’s material equipment and weaponry and other means of influence and resistance are being seized, limited and lured away to render them powerless.

The spiritual roots of the latest ISIS attack are reflected in Paris’ ground plan which, after closer examination, represents the temple of Mars, the Roman God of war. All of the Paris attacks’ venues except the football stadium are located within in the vicinity of the Eiffel Tower.

From The Blog Secrets in Plain Sight

“Today using Google Earth I drew a circle that hits Rennes le Chateau, Cassaignes, Serres, Bugarach, and Saint-Just-et-le-Bezu (see enlarged diagram) and noticed that its area is 66,666,666 square meters. Amazing.

“The tower erected in 1889 by freemason Gustave Eiffel (who also designed the inner structure of the Statue of Liberty) remains to this day the tallest structure in Paris. The Eiffel tower served as the entrance to the World’s Fair, opening out onto the Champ de Mars. The Mars Field is named after the Campus Martius in Rome, which honors the Roman god of war.

I’ve been using the most popular depiction of a man’s body ever made – Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian man”

The Roman Vitruvius’ Ten Books of Architecture explained how effective temples are based on the human body. I have found just such a temple resonating with Mars in the heart of Paris.

Champ de Mars in Paris as Vitruvian Mars

Mars’ phallus obviously maps to the Eiffel tower, his navel power chakra maps to the fountain at the center of the paths, his heart chakra is on the cross axis with Mitterand’s ancient Egyptian-themed 1989 French bicentennial Monument of Human Rights, and the obelisk at Place Fontenoy is his pineal gland/third eye chakra.

Mars mapping to Paris

Notice also that the Military School itself forms a collar to the Vitruvian man’s head and UNESCO forms a kind of helmet, horn, or Martian antenna.

Mars in Ecole Militaire detail

The red and white fields resonate with the two hemispheres of the brain, the colors of upper and lower Egypt, the two springs at Glastonbury, or blood and semen. The lattermost pairing resonates with the killing and rape associated with war. You could say Mars is embodied at the scale of this famous linear urban complex.”

This latest ISIS ritual sacrifice, preluding the upcoming COP climate conference, is likely to be the tipping point event for progressive European NWO style governance, paving the legal and policy ground for the soon to be ushered in beast system.

15 parts vitruvian man

Pattern is prologue

These videos (part 1 of three, non Biblical perspective) reveal that the Paris Vitruvian ground plan equals that of Manhattan, as well as the Giza pyramides. In like manner the Louvre ground plan maps out the Revelation 13 beast coming.

Our perspective: ground ourselves firmly in truth, put on and use the whole armor of God.

The Full Armor of God (Ephesians 6:11-24 KJV)

10Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. 11Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. 12For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. 13Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.14Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness; 15And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace; 16Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.17And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God:

Pray Continually

18Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints; 19And for me, that utterance may be given unto me, that I may open my mouth boldly, to make known the mystery of the gospel, 20For which I am an ambassador in bonds: that therein I may speak boldly, as I ought to speak.

Final Greetings

21But that ye also may know my affairs, and how I do, Tychicus, a beloved brother and faithful minister in the Lord, shall make known to you all things: 22Whom I have sent unto you for the same purpose, that ye might know our affairs, and that he might comfort your hearts.

23Peace be to the brethren, and love with faith, from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.24Grace be with all them that love our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity. Amen.


Insight into the current situation in France linking elite imperialism, coercive engineered migration and intellectual terrorism.

VIDEO: There is a War, A State of Emergency. The Paris Terrorist Attacks “Orchestrated from Abroad”


For further study on the Vitruvian code, masonic architecture and occult symbolism (non-Biclical perspectives):

Manhattan post twin tower ground plan synchs with Vitruvian and Giza

Occult Magic & Secrets of the Vitruvian Code • Robert Homrich (the fifth element)

New Satellite Images Show Proof of Huge Ancient Earthworks In Kazakhstan

High in the skies over Kazakhstan, space-age technology has revealed an ancient mystery on the ground.

Satellite pictures of a remote and treeless northern steppe reveal colossal earthworks — geometric figures of squares, crosses, lines and rings the size of several football fields, recognizable only from the air and the oldest estimated at 8,000 years old.

The largest, near a Neolithic settlement, is a giant square of 101 raised mounds, its opposite corners connected by a diagonal cross, covering more terrain than the Great Pyramid of Cheops. Another is a kind of three-limbed swastika, its arms ending in zigzags bent counterclockwise.

Described last year at an archaeology conference in Istanbul as unique and previously unstudied, the earthworks, in the Turgai region of northern Kazakhstan, number at least 260 — mounds, trenches and ramparts — arrayed in five basic shapes.

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Critic’s Notebook: Stonehenge at Dawn, Inside the CircleSEPT. 8, 2014
Geoglyphs, geometric designs carved into the earth, have become increasingly visible with the deforestation of the Amazon.Land Carvings Attest to Amazon’s Lost WorldJAN. 14, 2012
Officials from Peru’s Ministry of Culture, wearing special shoes, walk along the trail left by Greenpeace activists.Peru Plans to Charge Greenpeace Activists for Damage to Nazca LinesDEC. 14, 2014
Observatory: Before the Silk Road, the Grain RoadAPRIL 7, 2014
Spotted on Google Earth in 2007 by a Kazakh economist and archaeology enthusiast, Dmitriy Dey, the so-called Steppe Geoglyphs remain deeply puzzling and largely unknown to the outside world.


The Bestamskoe Ring is among the so-called Steppe Geoglyphs in Kazakhstan — at least 260 earthwork shapes made up of mounds, trenches and ramparts, the oldest estimated at 8,000 years old, recognizable only from the air. Credit DigitalGlobe, via NASA
Two weeks ago, in the biggest sign so far of official interest in investigating the sites, NASA released clear satellite photographs of some of the figures from about 430 miles up.

“I’ve never seen anything like this; I found it remarkable,” said Compton J. Tucker, a senior biospheric scientist for NASA in Washington who provided the archived images, taken by the satellite contractor DigitalGlobe, to Mr. Dey and The New York Times.

Ronald E. LaPorte, a University of Pittsburgh scientist who helped publicize the finds, called NASA’s involvement “hugely important” in mobilizing support for further research.

This week, NASA put space photography of the region on a task list for astronauts in the International Space Station. “It may take some time for the crew to take imagery of your site since we are under the mercy of sun elevation angles, weather constraints and crew schedule,” Melissa Higgins of Mission Operations emailed Dr. LaPorte.

The archived images from NASA add to the extensive research that Mr. Dey compiled this year in a PowerPoint lecture translated from Russian to English.

“I don’t think they were meant to be seen from the air,” Mr. Dey, 44, said in an interview from his hometown, Kostanay, dismissing outlandish speculations involving aliens and Nazis. (Long before Hitler, the swastika was an ancient and near-universal design element.) He theorizes that the figures built along straight lines on elevations were “horizontal observatories to track the movements of the rising sun.”

Kazakhstan, a vast, oil-rich former Soviet republic that shares a border with China, has moved slowly to investigate and protect the finds, scientists say, generating few news reports.

“I was worried this was a hoax,” said Dr. LaPorte, an emeritus professor of epidemiology at Pittsburgh who noticed a report on the finds last year while researching diseases in Kazakhstan.

With the help of James Jubilee, a former American arms control officer and now a senior science and technology coordinator for health issues in Kazakhstan, Dr. LaPorte tracked down Mr. Dey through the State Department, and his images and documentation quickly convinced them of the earthworks’ authenticity and importance. They sought photos from KazCosmos, the country’s space agency, and pressed local authorities to seek urgent Unesco protection for the sites — so far without luck.


The earthworks, including the Turgai Swastika, were spotted on Google Earth in 2007 by Dmitriy Dey, a Kazakh archaeology enthusiast. Credit DigitalGlobe, via NASA

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In the Cretaceous Period 100 million years ago, Turgai was bisected by a strait from what is now the Mediterranean to the Arctic Ocean. The rich lands of the steppe were a destination for Stone Age tribes seeking hunting grounds, and Mr. Dey’s research suggests that the Mahandzhar culture, which flourished there from 7,000 B.C. to 5,000 B.C., could be linked to the older figures. But scientists marvel that a nomadic population would have stayed in place for the time required to fell and lay timber for ramparts, and to dig out lake bed sediments to construct the huge mounds, originally 6 to 10 feet high and now 3 feet high and nearly 40 feet across.

Persis B. Clarkson, an archaeologist at the University of Winnipeg who viewed some of Mr. Dey’s images, said these figures and similar ones in Peru and Chile were changing views about early nomads.

“The idea that foragers could amass the numbers of people necessary to undertake large-scale projects — like creating the Kazakhstan geoglyphs — has caused archaeologists to deeply rethink the nature and timing of sophisticated large-scale human organization as one that predates settled and civilized societies,” Dr. Clarkson wrote in an email.

“Enormous efforts” went into the structures, agreed Giedre Motuzaite Matuzeviciute, an archaeologist from Cambridge University and a lecturer at Vilnius University in Lithuania, who visited two of the sites last year. She said by email that she was dubious about calling the structures geoglyphs — a term applied to the enigmatic Nazca Lines in Peru that depict animals and plants — because geoglyphs “define art rather than objects with function.”

Dr. Matuzeviciute and two archaeologists from Kostanay University, Andrey Logvin and Irina Shevnina, discussed the figures at a meeting of European archaeologists in Istanbul last year.

With no genetic material to analyze — neither of the two mounds that have been dug into is a burial site — Dr. Matuzeviciute said she used optically stimulated luminescence, a method of measuring doses from ionizing radiation, to analyze the construction material, and came up with a date from one of the mounds of around 800 B.C. Other preliminary studies push the earliest date back more than 8,000 years, which could make them the oldest such creations ever found. Other materials yield dates in the Middle Ages.

Mr. Dey said some of the figures might have been solar observatories akin, according to some theories, to Stonehenge in England and the Chankillo towers in Peru.

“Everything is linked through the cult of the sun,” said Mr. Dey, who spoke in Russian via Skype through an interpreter, Shalkar Adambekov, a doctoral student at the University of Pittsburgh.

The discovery was happenstance.


Researchers are hoping to marshal support for investigating the earthen mounds that make up figures like this one, the Big Ashutastinsky Cross. Credit DigitalGlobe, via NASA
In March 2007, Mr. Dey was at home watching a program, “Pyramids, Mummies and Tombs,” on the Discovery Channel. “There are pyramids all over the earth,” he recalled thinking. “In Kazakhstan, there should be pyramids, too.”

Soon, he was searching Google Earth images of Kostanay and environs.


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There were no pyramids. But, he said, about 200 miles to the south he saw something as intriguing — a giant square, more than 900 feet on each side, made up of dots, crisscrossed by a dotted X.

At first Mr. Dey thought it might be a leftover Soviet installation, perhaps one of Nikita S. Khrushchev’s experiments to cultivate virgin land for bread production. But the next day, Mr. Dey saw a second gigantic figure, the three-legged, swastikalike form with curlicue tips, about 300 feet in diameter.

Before the year was out, Mr. Dey had found eight more squares, circles and crosses. By 2012, there were 19. Now his log lists 260, including some odd mounds with two drooping lines called “whiskers” or “mustaches.”

Before setting out to look for the figures on the ground, Mr. Dey asked Kazakh archaeologists whether they knew of such things. The answer was no. In August 2007, he led Dr. Logvin and others to the largest figure, now called the Ushtogaysky Square, named after the nearest village.

“It was very, very hard to understand from the ground,” he recalled. “The lines are going to the horizon. You can’t figure out what the figure is.”

When they dug into one of the mounds, they found nothing. “It was not a cenotaph, where there are belongings,” he said. But nearby they found artifacts of a Neolithic settlement 6,000 to 10,000 years old, including spear points.

Now, Mr. Dey said, “the plan is to construct a base for operations.”

“We cannot dig up all the mounds. That would be counterproductive,” he said. “We need modern technologies, like they have in the West.”

Dr. LaPorte said he, Mr. Dey and their colleagues were also looking into using drones, as the Culture Ministry in Peru has been doing to map and protect ancient sites.

But time is an enemy, Mr. Dey said. One figure, called the Koga Cross, was substantially destroyed by road builders this year. And that, he said, “was after we notified officials.”

Advanced Alignments

Not only do they align with Orion, but this constellation is being held as the ‘cradle of origin’ to everything. There are many who believe that this is also the where the throne of GOD resides, but this is false. Those that reside in this place are far from GOD in their actions and belief.
The agenda has take thousands of years to put into place, to set into action. It is not by chance, nor coincidence. There is no such thing. This is all by grand design. What many think of as a magical place is none other than the residence of evil itself. The Orion Constellation is the destination of which I speak. Let’s dig deeper.

Megaliths on the earth seem to be related to each other, built along a “grid” composed of two pentagrams within the circle of the equator. All the monuments fall into place along this grid of one pentagram is “anchored” at Giza and one at the Prime Meridian 0 Longitude.

Eigene 3D - Render, eigene Stocks und PS CS5

Strangely enough in the following structures which have been built around the world hundreds if not thousands of years ago, we have no power source. Some would have you to believe that man power is the cause of these megalithic designs but this is simply not the case. These only sources left from these designs are the stones with which they used to build them. There is no idea as to how these were constructed, and with what power. Why stone? Because only stone was left to test the powers of time.
The Western Stone, in Jerusalem is 1.2 million pounds; Thebes, Egypt, the Ramesian statue is 2 million pounds; Baalbek, Lebanon, the Trilithon, at Temple of Jupiter is 4.8 million pounds; these are just some of the megalithic structures which were made in ancient days but even when our visit some of our quarries, we see that even our machinery cannot extract the size materials we see around the world in these structures. Temples (ex: Malta), and statues (ex: Easter Island) made with rocks weighing 200-250 ton rocks which are precisely carved and placed into these locations. Quandaries which make our minds wonder down beaten paths which seem to have no answers, but if you look into the darkness long enough-it will look back. This is exactly what is taking place! We have mankind questioning our origins and looking down deep, dark avenues which only lead to death and destruction.
The subject here is megalithic structures which could be a source of energy, and how did they come into fruition. Not only do some believe these places hold power, but they believe the power was used for enormous purposes.
We have a few examples of what may be the source of these powers left over in museums around the world, like the terra cotta pots which may have been used as batteries. These are called the Baghdad Battery. Found in 1938, these artifacts would predate Alessandro Volta’s 1800 inventions of the electrochemical cell by more than a millennium. Containing copper sheets, these houses a single rod and were possible used with a acidic electrolyte solution of possible wine, vinegar, or lemon juice to generate the electrical current. Multiply the size and quantity and there may be one source of electricity.


Approximately 4,000 years old, the Hathor Temple has a relief sometimes known as the Dendera Light, which has caused many to theorize the exact science with which it was built and utilized. On the relief is seems to be plugged into a power source. What was this power? And the enormity of this ‘bulb’ gives ‘light’ to the question of how they had electricity, but indeed where was this source and its origin?


Land Energy
The Nazca Lines are mysterious in of themselves, but applying some other theories to their existence might just give us a road to follow that will lead us to more answers.
The geometric lines seem to be laid senseless, but others tell us that there are patterns to this massive structure of lines in the earth. Some believe these lines to be a communication feature, but I think they are more than this…they are an energy force. In the earth there are magnetic fields, and these fields change drastically at the Nazca Lines location. Also the conduction of electricity within the terra fields and the ability to conduct currents on some of these lines were 8,000 times higher. Not only that but on certain lines, 8 feet below the surface the magnetic field drastically changes. So, scientists can only theorize at this point because even with technological advancements since the origin of this structure, we still don’t have a clue as to its purpose, only conjectures.
There are certain properties in the earth at this location which may have attracted a ‘space’ visitor considering it contains some of the same minerals that we use like nitrates. Applications of nitrates include space travel!

The snake like construction located on a plateau of the Serpent Mound crater along Ohio Brush Creek in Adams County, Ohio is indeed very curious in that upon its design there are many questions unanswered even today about its origin.
First of all…it winds back and forth more than 800 feet and has 7 coils. But, what I find really interesting is that DNA parallel. The snake ends in a triple-coiled tail. The agenda before us in society is to carry forth the mindset of the ‘space brothers’ and their whole ‘superhuman’ Transhumanism debate, and to make us gods. The triple-stranded DNA, forming a triple helix is the secret behind the design here. But it also gives away the ‘designers’ identity…Satan, the very snake-like creature who came to Eve in the Garden of Eden. And let’s not forget the serpent head has a oval hollow mouth (and all-seeing eye), and supposedly symbolizes an egg! This fits the into my whole theory here.
Found in the ground is an element on the periodic table. There seems to be a high concentration of Iridium at the Snake Mound. That’s not all….some years back I was fascinated by the element from the periodic table called IRIDIUM.
I also think it’s curious that the primary discoverer Smithson Tennant, named the iridium for the goddess Iris who is the personification of the rainbow and messenger of the gods BUT also she travels at the speed of the wind from one end of the earth to the other, and into the depths of the sea and the underworld. Iris is married to Zephyrus, who is the god of the west wind.
This whole Greek god issue just may parallel the placements of the FALLEN ANGELS and where god put them when they decided to ‘leave their first estate’!
Iridium also is used in satellites (which are frequently mistaken as UFO’s), which provides the voice and data footprints. It routes calls through space! And considering its application, it sure picked a great goddess to be named after, don’t you think?
It also had warnings of the threats of the extensive utilization of mind control and how magnetic signals could be beamed from television, microwave, and telephone towers to targeted populations.


The connection to leylines and energy fields in the earth is also connected to Crop Circles (shown here is an all-seeing eye). Not only the placement of these mysterious complex geometric shapes but also the energy which radiates from them. Also found in 1927 but recently photographed by satellite-mapping technologies are ancient ‘stone wheels’. They may be the precursor to crop circles. Syria, Saudi Arabia and Jordan, we have complex circles which are puzzling as well.
But this also leads to the concentric standing stones of such places as Stonehenge, Rollright Stones, and Avebury.


Connection is Everything
These monoliths around the world which possible harness energy have been a mystery but let’s give another link to this theory. The obelisks which reside in and near these structures seem to possess deep meaning to these engineers who built them. Just what is their purpose?

Origins-The word ‘obelisk’ is borrowed from the Greek, in which it means a ROASTING-SPIT, and these Egyptian spires were so called because they looked like spikes. Its Egyptian name was TEKHEN, a word of as yet unknown meaning.
Obelisks, and the New York Obelisk [pp. 721-735];view=image


Obelisks-I’ve often wondered why these things are at key locations, but the mystery deepened for me when they are revealed at our religious locations, ex: Vatican. Did you know: Rome is the obelisk central of the world? FACT.
First recognized as mainly a worship tool, perhaps these objects are much more useful, a more powerful purpose. Designed mostly of granite-granite consists mostly of quarts, mica, and feldspar. The ideal crystal shape is a six-sided prism terminating with six-sided pyramids at each end. Although there are many varieties of quartz, these crystals have PIEZOELELCTRIC properties; they develop an electrical potential upon the application of mechanical stress.

The “Sun Temple” at Abu Gorab in Egypt…Memphis Egypt! In 1898, an excavation team with the Berlin Museum discovered the base of a massive obelisk, estimated to have once stood at over 160 feet high! According to the ancient Egyptian building texts, this location was known as the “place of the gods”. It is said that this is the very place where Pharaohs and Priests would experience ’heightened awareness’ through the use of vibrations in connection with the obelisk.
Pinpointing a source of ancient energy that these people were able to harness.

Consider this as you have a mental image of our older ‘electricity poles’ which carried our currents from one street to another….as energy conductors!

Have you ever noticed it’s the government who has erected these ‘monuments’ in the United States? The Military are keen on such ideas. Who runs our government and military? Why, the Freemason’s of course.

Is this some of the treasured ‘secrets’ of the Freemasons? Is this the kind of knowledge held in the Alexander Library and the reasoning for its destruction?


Nicola Tesla-I read about this man some number of years ago, and found him to be not only intelligent but the inventor of all time! In 1899, Tesla moved to Colorado Springs, where he would have more room for his high-voltage, high frequency experiments. He chose this location because the polyphase alternating current distribution system had been introduced there and he was allowed to work without any disturbances. He was conducting wireless telegraphy experiments, transmitting signals from Oikes Peak to Paris.
Tesla’s diary contains explanations of his experiments concerning the ionosphere and the ground’s telluric currents via transverse waves and longitudinal waves. He researched ways to transmit energy wirelessly over long distances (via transverse waves, to a lesser extent, and, more readily, longitudinal waves).
At his lab, Tesla proved that the earth was a conductor. He produced artificial lightning (with discharges consisting of millions of volts and up to 135 feet long). Thunder from the released energy was heard 15 miles away in Cripple Creek, Colorado. People walking along the street observed sparks jumping between their feet and the ground. Electricity sprang from taps when turned on. Light bulbs within 100 feet of the lab glowed even when turned off. Horses in a livery stable bolted from their stalls after receiving shocks through their metal shoes. Butterflies were electrified, swirling in circles with blue halos of St. Elmo’s fire around their wings.
At his lab, Tesla observed unusual signals from his receiver (which he interpreted as 1—2—3—4), which he later believed were extraterrestrial radio wave communications coming from Mars. The signals were substantially different from the signals those that he had noted from noise of storms and the earth. Specifically, he later recalled that the signals appeared in groups of one, two, three, and four clicks together. Tesla was highly criticized upon revealing his finding. Tesla had mentioned that he thought his inventions could be used to talk with other planets. It is debatable what type of signals Tesla received or whether he picked up anything at all. Research has suggested that Tesla may have had a misunderstanding of the new technology he was working with, or that the signals Tesla observed may have been from a non-terrestrial natural radio source such as the Jovian plasma torus signals. Other sources hypothesize that he may have intercepted Marconi’s European experiments—in December 1901, Marconi successfully transmitted the letter S (dot/dot/dot, the same three impulses that Tesla claimed to have received from outer space while at Colorado in 1899) from Poldhu, England to Signal Hill, Newfoundland (now part of Canada)—or signals from another experimenter in wireless transmission.
Later in life, Tesla made claims concerning a “teleforce” weapon after studying the Van de Graaff generator. The press called it a “peace ray” or death ray. Tesla described the weapon as being able to be used against ground based infantry or for antiaircraft purposes.
I offer this entry as an explanation to the continuous communications between these beings and humanity. These forces within our earth are being used to this very day by Tesla’s invention which the government expanded upon when they introduced HAARP. The governments around the world have been in contact with these beings but have since realized they are malicious and have back away from this contact.


Did you know: there are obelisks on the moon?

I pose a question to you…do you believe that GOD made our earth with these grids of natural energy? Do you believe these fallen angels came and began to not only show humans to make medicine/makeup out of herbs, read & write, but also how to use these grids and harness this energy? This would have been around 10,000 years ago and there seems to be a parallel to this time period and to the origins of most of our pyramids around the world. So, they taught us how to build these structures and then trained us on how to use it. Interesting?
How many other things do we use that originates from this technology? Watches? Computers?