Pirate Party of the Netherlands

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Pirate Party
Leader Ancilla van de Leest
Chairman Henk Heslinga
Founded 10 March 2010
Ideology Pirate politics, direct democracy, privacy, freedom of information, open government
Political position Centre
International affiliation Pirate Parties International

The Pirate Party (Dutch: Piratenpartij, PPNL) is a political party in the Netherlands, formed in 2006 but not officially registered until 10 March 2010.[1]The party is based on the model of the Swedish Pirate Party.


The party purposefully limits itself to a limited number of positions. It wants to curb Dutch copyright law (where it wants non-commercial use to be free), to remodel patent law, to protect and strengthen (digital) civil rights, a transparent government and a considerate handling of IT-projects by the government.[2][3]Its Declaration of Principles says that its purpose is “to change global legislation to facilitate the emerging information society, which is characterized by diversity and openness. We do this by requiring an increased level of respect for the citizens and their right to privacy, as well as reforms to copyright and patent law.” [4]

2010 general election[edit]

The party participated at the 2010 Dutch general elections.[5] The party gained no seats in the House of Representatives, becoming the third highest-ranking party not to gain any seats in the election—with over 10,000 votes (0.1% of the national vote).


The following people were candidates for the Pirate Party in the 2010 general election:[6]

  • Samir Allioui
  • Eva Jobse
  • Ruud Poutsma
  • Dirk Poot
  • Arend Lammertink
  • Wesley Schwengle
  • Bas Koopmans
  • Rodger van Doorn
  • Jorrit Tulp
  • Danny Palic
  • Stefan de Konink
  • Arjen Halma
  • Bas Grasmaijer
  • Robbie Hontelé


The party is member of Pirate Parties International (PPI). International cooperation through the PPI is seen as crucial to realising the goals of the party.[7] The positions of the party are based on the Pirate Party Declaration of Principles.[8]

Samir Allioui, co-founder of PPNL and party leader during the 2010 elections, was Co-President of Pirate Parties International (PPI) from July 2009 until April 2010.[9]

Parliamentary Elections 2012[edit]

On July 12, 2012, the candidate list for the parliamentary elections was announced. The Party leader, Dirk Poot, who two years earlier was 4th place on the list is first on the list, with former leader, Samir Allioui, coming last on the list.[10] The party achieved 0.3%, over 30,000 votes, almost tripling their vote from the last election but failing to meet their target of entering parliament. They also became the largest party not to be represented in parliament.


  1. Dirk Poot
  2. Danny Palic
  3. Rodger van Doorn
  4. Patriek Lesparre
  5. Catherina Betlehem
  6. David van Deijk
  7. Roberto Moretti
  8. Jan Hopmans
  9. Dylan Hallegraef
  10. Mark Jansen
  11. Samir Allioui

City Council elections 2014[edit]

During the City Council elections of 2014 the Pirate Party was active in four cities:

  • Amsterdam: 1.7%
  • Binnenmaas: 2.1%
  • Groningen: 1.3%
  • Zwolle: 1.4%

In none of them was it able to win a seat, but on March 21 it was announced that the party won a seat in the Amsterdam West District Committee.