The Bridge Party of Canada

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The Bridge Party of Canada
Party Leader David Berlin
Founded June 28, 2015 (registered)[1]
Headquarters Toronto, Ontario[1]
Ideology non-partisan
The Bridge Party
Politics of Canada
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The Bridge Party of Canada is a Canadian political party. In the 2015 Canadian federal election, the party ran one candidate; its leader David Berlin in University—Rosedale.


According to its website, The Bridge Party is effectively non-partisan. The party refuses to take a position “on issues which routinely divide Canadians and which distinguish one political party from another”.[2] The aim of the party, instead of achieving power and influence, is to change the way in which Canadians relate to one another on the subject of politics and cause Canadians to have a deep conversation about the future of the country.[2]

The party wishes to change the electoral system, allowing citizens to vote for non-partisan candidates for Cabinet after a multiple-round process of short-listing qualified candidates.[3]

Additionally, the role of the Prime Minister will be greatly reduced. According to the party, the role of the Prime Minister will be to generally oversee the missions of the cabinet ministers, and represent the country abroad.[3]

In terms of economic policy, the party has called for a 20-hour work week, increased investments in the humanities and social sciences, and a shift from economic measurements that are based on productivity and GDP to those that measure happiness.[4]