Leonard Horowitz speak on man made Ebola and HIV aids

Leonard George Horowitz, also known as Lenny Len Horowitz or Horowitz was born in 1962 . He is Doctor in Dentistry , and has postgraduates in their specialty and Public Health . He left his consulting dentist to get into the health industry and publish several books, pamphlets (both published by his own publishing house, Tetrahedron ), DVDs, CDs and articles on public health journals.


Among the known titles of Doctor Horowitz is Deadly Innocence: Solving the Greatest Murder Mystery in the History of American Medicine (1994) (Deadly Innocence: Solving the greatest mystery of the crime in the history of American medicine, not Castilian edition) where he states the dentist David J. Acer is a pedophile and mass murderer who used theHIV ( HIV , human immunodeficiency virus ) as a weapon; and Emerging Viruses: Aids & Ebola – Nature, Accident or Intentional (1996) (Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ébola- ¿Nature, accident or intention, no edition in Castilian)? which presents the theory that both AIDS and the Ebola were created by the government of the United States as biological weapons for use on a plan of genocide . As an author, his songs have derived from public health to dental conspiracy theories related to health, opposition to vaccination therapies and New Age , with elements of numerology and Christian apocalyptic prophecies .

Dr. Horowitz is working with several companies selling online for health remedies from the Holistic Medicine . At the outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome ( SARS ,Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) in 2003 , he and several partners announced an “effective treatment” for the disease, a range of natural products known as “Urbani”. Dr.Urbani subsequently died from SARS was first reported to the World Health Organization ( WHO ) on this syndrome. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration), controlling agency for food and drugs in the United States, and the FTC (Fair Trade Commission), trade regulator warned of clear violations related to the product, but it seems that never stopped manufactured. Dr. Horowitz also opened a spa in Hawaii , called Steam Vent Inn, which was closed by the administration in 2006 .

Horowitz’s theories on viruses and dangers of vaccination have been well received in some quarters. In some girlfriends websites, Bo Gritz is quoted suggesting that deserves theNobel Prize . Nation of Islam (NOI, African American organization) warns parents of the dangers blacks having the vaccination for their children, apparently by inducing Horowitz .On 28 May 2008 , the Rev. Jeremiah Wright , former pastor of Sen. Barack Obama at the Unitarian Church of Christ Trinity ( Trinity United Church of Christ ), said Horowitz’s bookEmerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola as support for their sermon, in which he spoke of how the government of the United States “lied about the creation of the AIDS virus as genocidal half of the black population.” Many qualify the findings of Horowitz and conspiracy theories , and he seems to identify with them, having participated in the Conspiracy Room ( Congress Conspiracy ) in 2001 , 2004 and 2007 .

Career as a researcher and dental public health 

Dr. Horowitz has published some twenty articles in scientific journals, including the Journal of the American Dental Association (Journal of the American Dental Association),General Dentistry (General Dentistry), and the Journal of School Health (Journal of School Health).

In the early nineties, the control of AIDS in dentistry and the fear that addressed patients about the risks of contracting it in the dentist’s office, became the main subjects of his books and articles. At the time these subjects were treated very thanks to the case of Kimberly Bergalis , she and five other patients claimed to have contracted AIDS in consultation with your dentist David J. Acer , turn with AIDS. Initial investigations concluded that all carried the same strain of the virus and that the most likely source of infection was Dr. Acer.

Late in the nineties, the thoughts and opinions of Dr. Horowitz stood outside the medical consensus, following the trend set by his ten years earlier publication, In Defense of Holistic Health (In defense of holistic medicine ). His personal research on Dr. Acer seems to be the starting point of his career as an author of books and other media defending theconspiracy theory health as it not only concluded that Acer had criminal intent, but the government of the United States had concealed evidence that AIDS was artificially created.

At the International AIDS Conference in Vancouver ( 1996 ) synopsis of a presentation in which Horowitz listed as principal investigator reads “genocidal theory of AIDS can not be ruled out”. In 1999 , Da Vid collaborator Horowitz cited in the presentation of the Vancouver conference, said about his conspiracy theories that he (Horowitz) he was “giving too much credit to people so well organized …. I told him directly that he believed should have been angry.”

His role in the controversy Kimberly Bergalis 

In 1994 , Horowitz published articles on the case of David J. Acer , a dentist in Florida , according to federal health authorities and the state of Florida, had infected six patients with the virus of AIDS . In his book Deadly Innocence: Solving the Greatest Murder Mystery in the History of American Medicine published his theory of the intentionality of Acer in the spread and this caught the attention of the press . Dr. Horowitz was not alone in concluding that the infection was deliberate, journalists quoting reputable sources saying that “it was a crime …. simply because we have eliminated every other possibility” and “whether or not scientifically valid, it is definite that this is the more frequent at least within the dental community “theory. The case aroused great public and professional concern that seemed to be the first time a contagion was not only HIV transmission from dentist to patient but from any professional in the medical field, and the number of infected by a single professional.

In previous investigations it was concluded that the contagion had errors of Procedure for Acer. However, the route of transmission was never identified, and errors were discovered in the analysis of the CDC ( Centers for Disease Control , Centers for Disease Control) and discrepancies in the reports of some infected patients. Public interest was high in June of1994 , when the program 60 minutes (60 minutes) devoted its space to the case. Stopped considered unreasonable to suggest that infected patients of Dr. Acer had simply lied about their sexual activity or use of . injected drugs, or that the similarity found between strains of the virus by the CDC analysis could be misleading However, months before the issuance of this program, on 2 April 1994 , Horowitz brought another theory: given unlikelihood of the apparent “accidental” dentist-to-patient transmission, only the “intent” of the professional group could explain the infection. In short, the position was that Horowitz had killed Bergalis Acer and other patients intentionally by infecting with the AIDS virus motivated by a political plan.

What distinguished Horowitz claims other at the time was that they were not limited to the intentionality of Acer, but also involving American agencies, federal and state government, on its cover. What he wrote in Deadly Innocence foreshadowed his writings in favor of conspiracy theories about AIDS later. According to Horowitz, “the CDC and Florida health officials have covered up all evidence incriminating Acer 36 serial murders investigated by the FBI ( Federal Bureau of Investigation , Federal Bureau of Investigation) … I was forced to conclude that the authorities had hidden the evidence to prevent the press, and then the public, investigate their background. “ Acer’s testimony in the court case said he believed he was dying from a virus created by the government. According to the testimony of Acer’s best friend, the thought that the purpose of releasing the virus was causing the genocideof the American gay community and the black community of the third world .

However, Edward Parsons , the “best friend” Acer said earlier, in his actual testimony under oath would have said only that “Acer was angry about his AIDS infection,” and specified that “Acer not told him to go on to infect patients intentionally “. Elsewhere Parsons is quoted as saying that Acer had mentioned hemophiliacs, drug users and homosexuals between the categories that seemed too marginal to the American government to act against AIDS. However, Parsons does not mention any racial, ethnic or national category, and nowhere is quoted as saying that Acer has mentioned that the AIDS virus was created by the American government, accidentally or intentionally, or has been released for some purpose of any government.

Reaction to the book Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola [ edit ]

Estimated prevalence of AIDS cases worldwide among adults 15 to 49, 2008.

In 1996, Horowitz published Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola – Nature, Accident or Intentional?. Its publication made ​​Horowitz was invited to speak in a channel of the cable and as a keynote speaker at a seminar on epidemics but, in general, at that time was quite unknown. Just drew attention among literary critics because it was published by his own publishing house and its contents supposedly “conspiranoico”.However, by May 2008 , Emerging Viruses had been located in the ranking above The Hot Zone: A Terrifying True Story by Richard Preston(Hot Zone, edition in Castilian) and The Coming Plague: Newly Emerging Diseases in a World Out of Balance, by Laurie Garrett (The coming plague: Newly Emerging Diseases in an unbalanced world, Castilian edition) in the categories of “Infectious Diseases” and “communicable diseases” from Amazon . He also managed a global position in Amazon sales higher than these books, the printing date coincided with the Horowitz book and also enjoyed the support of major publishers and critics, unlike Emerging Viruses.

Adherents of the “conspiracy theories” consider the rejection of these by the mainstream as a test of its validity, sales of Emerging Virusesare perhaps a rough indicator of this trend.

Theories of the book on the contamination of the vaccines were observed with approval in AIDS in Africa: How the Poor are Dying (2006) (AIDS in Africa: How to die poor), in a passage that gave strong support to theories iatrogenic of AIDS . He was also quoted in summary form in the book Facing a Pandemic: The African Church and the Crisis of HIV / AIDS (Facing the Pandemic: The African Church and the Crisis of HIV / AIDS), a list of alternative theories and urban legends about the origins of the AIDS pandemic, as to the African origins. Horowitz’s book is also quoted in The Immunization Resource Guide (The Immunization Resource Guide: Where to find answers to all your questions about child vaccinations without editing Castilian) by Diane Rozario . Rozario is skeptical about Horowitz’s theories for the deliberate creation of the virus, but more receptive to his speculations on an iatrogenic accidental.

Emerging Viruses is cited and discussed in several books on conspiracy theories , with approval in most cases because its authors are conspiracy theorists; sort is interlaced at least for their theories. Among those who study conspiracy theories from the mainstream of social psychology , Horowitz seems to be adopted, with a few others of the genre who are endowed with a convincing legacy of the early career scientist and academic style within the major streams of research.

Claiming the treatment for SARS [ edit ]

Spread of SARS. On February 21, a Chinese doctor, after contact with patients from the province of Guangdong, agreed at the Metropole Hotel in Hong Kong with 12 people at 24 hours were infected and carried the disease to Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Ireland, Canada and the United States, directly or indirectly infecting more than 350 people. WHO believes more than 4,000 cases worldwide come from this source.

In a press release dated 6 May 2003 , Dr. Horowitz on his website (now fall) Healthy World Distributing , LLC, announced that together with its partner naturopath Joseph Puleo and others had developed the cure for SARS . The press mentioned both experimental evidence of the efficacy of a component of a remedy against cultured coronavirus , as the results of studies conducted by Puleo supposedly on patients infected with coronavirus. The theory of the cause of the SARS coronavirus was announced on 24 May 2002 . Thus, Healthy World Distributing claimed an “effective treatment” just six weeks after the initial identification of the virus, which caught the attention of the press. In early 2008 there is still no recognized treatment for SARS, other measures to reduce fever.

The aforementioned remedies had all the name “Urbani” in all its varieties. This name was an obvious reference where “recognize” Carlo Urbani , who first identified himself to the WHO ( World Health Organization ) and after SARS spread of a new, infectious and lethal diseaseChina to Vietnam . The same Urbani SARS died shortly afterwards, on 29 March 2003 . However, the press release does not mention the role of Urbani syndrome to identify as such. Rather, it is referred to as “one of the first victims” of SARS and physician who had been treating patients. In 2004 , the FDA sent a letter to Dr. Horowitz warning about its marketing of supposed remedies for SARS. In response to a notice from the FTC on 12 May 2003 , Horowitz replica [15] the same day, extensively in one of their pages now falls, CureforSARS.net (accessed 04-11-08, offers Viagra). After referring to the research that supported Horowitz as his remedy for SARS, wrote:

“We do not recognize the FDA, or” commission “in collaboration under this notice, rather than as an irresponsible authority, lost and maldirigida; … the insidious hidden economic motive behind his political ad is transparent to consumers and researchers cults and suppliers of natural products for health care. “
Such commercial interference, supposedly in defense of American consumers and public health , is rooted in the Codex Alimentarius , the global Anglo-American legislation that seeks to control all natural cures and treatments not covered by patents in favor of multinational pharmaceutical companies (better calls the petrochemical-pharmaceutical cartel global). “

Horowitz seems still proclaiming remedies for SARS are similar if not identical in composition to the formula of “Urbani”.

Racial Controversies 

Nation of Islam Flag

Horowitz has been cited as an influence in the decision to Nation of Islam to convene a boycott programs vaccination Americans:

Horowitz … reports on the genocidal inclination of governments and pharmaceutical companies have been adopted by Nation of Islam . As Horowitz has in the extended edition of Emerging Viruses, published in 1998 , was invited by Alim Muhammad , Minister of Health of Nation of Islam, to make a speech at a meeting led by Louis Farrakhan , honorable minister of the organization.

Convinced by Horowitz reports of hazardous contamination with viruses, possibly produced by man, vaccines, Nation of Islam boycott recommended mandatory vaccination program for children in the United States . In early 2004 , in a Nation of Islam publication of The Final Call (The last call), the following about Horowitz wrote:

In his book of 2001 titled Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism and Toxic Warfare (Death in the Air: globalization , terrorism and war toxic , no Castilian edition), Dr. Horowitz concludes that the preference of AIDS by African Americans and African is the most likely outcome of the successful policies ofnational security ordered during the administration of Richard M. Nixon and Jimmy Carter , leaving little room for argument that denies the intent to kill globally with blacks.
Dr. Horowitz said the national security documents reveal how intentional objective of their plans for population control African Americans and Africans, including depopulation, as has been carried out with the epidemic of AIDS today. He said all the socio-political and economic consequences secretly planned for black people in the Diaspora and the African continent by intelligence agencies during those two administrations have become reality.
In the early seventies, Dr. Horowitz wrote that the National Security Memorandum 200, promoted by Henry Kissinger , National Security Advisor to Nixon, summoning massive depopulation of the “third world” to sustain economic alignment of the superpowers .
Zbigniew Brezinski who replaced Kissinger in the Carter administration, promoted secretly among the heads of the Cabinet Memorandum 46 National Security, where he authorized the FBI and CIA (Central Intelligence Agency, Central Intelligence Agency) to initiate genocidal policies.
Horowitz said the security policies of Kissinger specifically affirmed the need to reduce the African population, and that the memorandum of Brezinski explained thatnationalism black a threat to American security and the economy.

The Rev. Jeremiah Wright

On 27 April 2008 , the Rev. Jeremiah Wright , former pastor of Barack Obama , asked the program’s host Q & A (from the cable network C-SPAN ) held at the National Press Club in relation to the controversy provoked for their opinions:

“In his sermon said the government had lied about the creation of HIV as weapon of genocide against the black population, so I wonder, do you honestly believe this statement of yours? “

In his response quoted Wright Horowitz’s book Emerging Viruses:

“The one who asks this question has read the book of Horowitz Emerging Viruses:. AIDS and Ebola I’ve read different things As I tell my parishioners, if you have not read you can not judge Views. Tuskegee experiment and what has them happened to Africans in this country, I believe our government is capable of doing anything. “

References in popular culture 

Has commented on the appearance of a copy of Emerging Viruses in the movie I am Legend ( I Am Legend ). The idea that the film is loosely based on the work of Dr. Horowitz has been pointed out in the comments of a popular blog [16] . However, these reports source seems to be mainly the same Horowitz. In a press release of 27 September 2006published in one of their websites, prominently carried the following statement:

“The Warner Brothers a copy of Emerging Viruses sought: AIDS & Ebola for the film I Am Legend, starring Will Smith “.

With the formulation of the title and text of the statement and omitting the actual plot of the movie, Horowitz could imply that it was based on his book. However, in the first paragraph of the title takes place where it points out that substituting for the title in a scene.

“The Warner Brothers has requested permission to film the book Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola-Nature, Accident or Intentional Leonard G. Horowitz for a scene from I Am Legend?”.

The continuous statement saying: “This nonfiction book complements this story and sci-fi thriller about a virus that has been released intentionally to decimate the population”, which can be read as a further contradiction to any idea that film was based on the book, and therefore as a correction of such an impression. However, the statement did not clearly explain that only a copy of the book appeared in the film, leaving uncertain whether this copy was only part of the props.

The film obviously plays the novel Richard Matheson ‘s Horowitz’s book, which is written as a personal report on the investigation of the AIDS and Ebola . No more references found on the internet to report having seen the book cover in the film. It seems, then, that Warner Brothers just bought a copy of the book for use as props , and, accordingly asked permission to Horowitz. The film makes no reference to Horowitz in the credits. In any case, the shooting had begun by mid October 2006 . While Horowitz speaks of a “deliberate release” of the virus in the film, this is not clear whether it was, or whether it had escaped of any laboratory or clinical trial ; is an artificially created virus but with the original purpose of preventing and curing cancer , not for biological warfare or genocide. The protagonist of the film, Will Smith, was quoted in 1999 in the magazine Vanity Fair saying “possibly AIDS arose from experiments for biological warfareas Horowitz says. However, it is unclear whether Will Smith will develop this thought after reading the book of Horowitz or who had anything to do with the appearance of the book in the film.