Al-Zebabist Nation of Ooog

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The Al-Zebabist Nation of Ooog is a satirical British political party, led by Zebadiah Abu-Obadiah. The only election it has contested was South Thanet in the 2015 General Election. It received 30 votes, the lowest of the 11 candidates.

Election Campaign 2015[edit]

It claims credit for undermining the credibility of Nigel Farage with a series of campaign pledges that are popularly regarded as absurd. It has been described as the weirdest party,[1] while Vice News UK described its members as “heroin-loving piss-takers.”[2] In February 2015 it bought the web address[3] and redirected users to the Al-Zebab homepage where visitors were told to “renounce [their] white skin” and shown a YouTube video of their party political broadcast. It also claims to have scared Farage away from attending any public hustings events.[1]