Threshold 618 – American Eclipse

As above, so below
Great American Solar Eclipse above
America crossing Threshold below

Threshold 618“: As soon as the number was brought to my attention, I knew. It’s where the eclipse peaked in terms of duration on August 21st, Southern Illinois, area code 618. When it’s 6:18, it’s time to wake up. It is the number of the threshold… of reality.

After more than a decade of highlighting it and discussing it in the members area, I’m very familiar with the symbolism of “618“. It signifies interdimensionality (“crossing the threshold”), dream world, underworld, time travel, Deep Impact, Judgment, and other such heavy concepts.

Probably an allusion to the Golden Ratio (0.618 or 1.618) to some degree, the number and its permutations pop up fairly regularly with a surprisingly consistent theme in media, entertainment, world events, or even in everyday life.

In Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines for example “6:18” is specifically mentioned as the time of Judgment Day (A.I.-initiated nuclear holocaust).

In Deep Impact terminator countdown clock starts from “6:18” (6 hr 18 min) as the astronauts fail to stop an incoming comet from hitting Earth. (Note: “Terminator” is an astronomical term referring to “a moving line that separates the illuminated day side and the dark night side of a planetary body”.)

In the Netflix series Travelers released late 2016…

time travelers from the future try to prevent an incoming asteroid from hitting Earth, echoing both Terminator & Deep Impact.

[Enlarge picture]

As time travelers begin to arrive in the first episode a reversed “6:18” (“8:16”) is displayed on a computer screen along with a reversed “OPEN” sign on the background wall acknowledging the time reversal (also reflecting the idea of traveling back in time).

The story also goes on to involve A.I. (artificial intelligence), echoing Terminator.

The Tunguska event, the largest real life deep impact incident in recorded history, happened in Siberia back in 1908. “1908” is a permutation of “618“.

The second largest real-life Deep Impact event took place much more recently on February 15, 2013 in the city of Chelyabinsk which is also in Russia.

Feb 15, 2013 Meteor strike injures hundreds in central Russia
Feb 15 Russia Meteor Blast is Biggest in 100 Years
Feb 15 Russia meteor blast was nuclear-like in its intensity

For this one “618” was flashed through Beyonce who performed at the Super Bowl just days before the meteor impact:

[Destiny’s Child/Beyonce released new song
“Nuclear” right before 2013 Super Bowl]

It also came with the exit of the Pope adding a Biblical overtone…

…evoking the “Great Flood“, the ultimate Deep Impact “threshold” event dividing history into the prediluvian age and antediluvian age.

In the Book of Genesis we find the Flood and Noah’s Ark mentioned right around 6:18 (chapter 6 verse 18):

Genesis 6:17
And, behold, I, even I, do bring a flood of waters upon the earth,
to destroy all flesh, wherein is the breath of life, from under heaven;
and every thing that is in the earth shall die.

Genesis 6:18
But with thee will I establish my covenant;
and thou shalt come into the ark, thou, and thy sons,
and thy wife, and thy sons’ wives with thee.

In the Book of Matthew we find the “gates of hell” mentioned in 16:18 (note: 0.618and 1.618 are interchangeable Golden Ratio numbers):

Matthew 16:18
And I [Jesus] say also unto thee, That thou art Peter,
and upon this rock I will build my church;
and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

Gates of hell opening” is essentially synonymous with “crossing the threshold” or interdimensional gateway, i.e. “618“.

For the past year or so Microsoft has been time-stamping their Surface computers with “6:18” in their ads:

[As of August 2017 you can still see all the “6:18″s on
Microsoft’s Surface computer page]

Note the symbolism:

  • “Surface” of the earth is the threshold of the underworld/hell and this world
  • A natural “gate” is shown in the wallpaper photo
  • Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates

All together, “hell gate” is strongly implied.
You could say “gates of hell” are something that opens up during times of great wars. The Great American Solar Eclipse was something of a “World War eclipse“. As I noted in my August 11 article (originally discussed back in June) the last time there was a total solar eclipse specifically on August 21st was back in 1914, only a few months before the start of Word War I.

August 21, 1914 total solar eclipse:
Beginning of World War I (Jul 28, 1914 – Nov 11, 1918)

August 21, 2017 total solar eclipse:
North Korean pushing things toward nuclear war

Incidentally the last time there was a total solar eclipse visible from the entire United States was back in 1918 – a permutation of “1618” (1.618 = golden ratio # = 0.618).

In the same article I pointed out another coincidence that proved chillingly prophetic:

[…] the “war” angle may be more realistic and dire than I thought. Turns out, the last time there was a total solar eclipse on August 21st was all the way back in 1914 […]

There has been one more solar eclipse on August 21 since then, though this one was annular, not total. It was in 1933… The year the Nazis came into power […]

So… Doesn’t look good.

This time, in 2017, the August 21 solar eclipse is decidedly “American”. In 2017 an extremely “unusual” figure […] named Donald Trump came into power in the US in 2017 with enthusiastic support from white nationalists.

So we seem to be looking at three potential scenarios multicontextually suggested for the the second half of 2017 and beyond…

  1. “Watergate 2”: Exit of Trump a la Watergate but with more chaos & damage
  2. “Great War”: Big war (WWIII?) involving US
  3. “Rise of the Beast”: An uncontrollable radical political movement in US opens gates of hell [emphasis added]

Just one or a combination/all of these?

One thing is clear, the Golden Apple of Discord is doing its thing.

Echoes of the Nazis in the US around the time of the eclipse… That’s exactly what transpired in August 2017 via Charlottesville and Trump:

Aug 12, 2017 Charlottesville: far-right crowd with torches
Aug 12 White Nationalist Rally Turns Violent, Prompts State of Emergency
Aug 12 Charlottesville Rally Turns Deadly: One Killed After Car Strikes Crowd

Aug 15 Trump again blames both sides for Charlottesville violence,
draws swift and loud criticism
Aug 16 Fleeing CEOs force Trump to disband his business councils
after president refused to fully condemn racists
Aug 16 US military leaders condemn racism after Charlottesville violence
and Trump’s racially divisive press conference

The violence was bad enough. It got much worse when president Trump doubled down on blaming both sides and seeing “fine people” on both sides – the neo-Nazis and the anti-Nazis. This caused America to panic a little. This was the moment the nation realized – really realized – it had a leader in the White House who shouldn’t be representing America. It sent huge psychological shock waves across the nation. So much so a lot of Americans including some on cable news shows including Fox News started crying or were on the verge of tears (crying here & here & herestunned & angry). Many Americans could just feel internally the magnitude of just how wrong and dangerous it was. You could almost feel the ground shake under America.

Trump crossed a line that must not be crossed and in doing so he helped push America toward a critical Threshold. Together with the deeply troubling Trump-Russia situation (which will potentially bring about the end of the Trump presidency), the countdown is now on for America to make an existential decision. This is a unique moment in American history as America finds itself in the Hall of Ma’at with Anubis weighing the nation’s heart against the feather of truth, balance and justice. In ancient Egypt this was known as the “weighing of the heart“, a test at the entrance (“threshold”) of the underworld, the realm of the dead ruled by Osiris.

It’s telling that the Great American Eclipse was very ancient Egyptian in various ways…

The eclipse peaked in Southern Illinois/618 also known as “Little Egypt“.

The eclipse took place right in front of the star Regulus known as the heart of the constellation Leo. (So yes, it was a “total eclipse of the heart“.)

Leo has a terrestrial counterpart in the Great Sphinx in Giza guarding the gate of the underworld.

The underworld represented by the whole Giza complex is the realm of Osiris who in the sky is Orion whose “Belt Stars” are mirrored down here on earth by Giza’s three great pyramids per Robert Bauval’s Orion Correlation Theory. The Giza pyramids are in essence the tomb of Osiris, or Rostau in the Duat underworld.

Orion is significant also for being a “torch bearer”. Once a year the Sun lights his torch right around the summer solstice (~June 21)…

…coinciding with Prince William‘s birthday. In fact, there was a solar eclipse on the day he was born, June 21, 1983.

The neo-Nazis and white nationalists in Charlottesville were torch bearers…

[Charlottesville white nationalist marchers Aug 11-12, 2017]

They weren’t alone as this was part of a larger “Lucifer’s Torch” ritual of August 2017triggered by Venus/Lucifer becoming Orion’s “torch” around late July.

Aug 4 Large fire rips through Dubai’s Torch Tower

(In the past I’ve obliquely identified Prince William with “Lucifer”, most notably when I accurately predicted his engagement to Kate Middleton back in 2011. See my article “Lucifer’s Destiny“.)

Prince William is arguably the most famous/popular prince in the world and it just so happens that the name “Regulus” – Leo’s heart star – means “prince“.

Regulus has a terrestrial counterpart in the form of the “Dream Stele” placed right in front of the Great Sphinx’s chest. Inscribed on its surface is a story of an Egyptian prince

…who falls asleep in the shadow of the Great Sphinx (why it’s called “Dream Stele”). Here is an excerpt:

Now the statue of the very great Khepri [the Great Sphinx ] rested in this place, great of fame, sacred of respect, the shade of Ra resting on him. Memphis and every city on its two sides came to him, their arms in adoration to his face, bearing great offerings for his Ka. One of these days it happened that prince Thutmose came travelling at the time of midday. He rested in the shadow of this great god. [Sleep and] dream [took possession of him] at the moment the sun was at zenith. Then he found the majesty of this noble god speaking from his own mouth like a father speaks to his son, and saying: “Look at me, observe me, my son Thutmose. I am your father Horemakhet-Khepri-Ra-Atum. I shall give to you the kingship [upon the land before the living]….[Behold, my condition is like one in illness], all [my limbs being ruined]. The sand of the desert, upon which I used to be, (now) confronts me; and it is in order to cause that you do what is in my heart that I have waited.”

The dream world and the number “618” go hand in hand. As I said before, when it’s “6:18” it’s time to wake up. When you wake up, you cross a “dimensional” threshold from dreaming to wakefulness.

It’s the stuff of The Matrix:

Note: Keanu Reeves (“Neo”/main character in The Matrix) has been a prince at least three times in his acting career (in The Prince of PennsylvaniaLittle Buddha, and Hamlet where he played Prince Hamlet on stage).

We actually see Neo waking up at “9:18” which is another permutation of “6:18“.

It now makes a lot of multicontextual sense that the “618” region (Southern Illinois) geographically overlaps the New Madrid Seismic Zone responsible for four of the largest North American earthquakes in recorded history. Because “Madrid” is said to mean… “Matrix“.

“New Madrid” is “New Matrix” or “New Dream” since the movie associates dreaming with the “Matrix” (computer simulated world in the story). The most general meaning of “matrix” is also instructive:

matrix – noun – something that constitutes the place or point from which something else originates, takes form, or develops

All put together, “Foundation of a New Dream” or since we are dealing with a very American eclipse, “Foundation of a New American Dream“.

That sounds an awful lot like America crossing a Threshold.

By “Threshold” I’m in part alluding to mankind’s destiny written in the “Time Rivers” (the Nile, the Mississippi, etc.) which appear to say it’s time for the next New World to rise in the 21st century. The current New World cannot simply continue on with inertia. As discussed in some depth in my recent article “Point of Divergence” the 21st century is the end of history, and the fate of America as the current/ending New World is a key ingredient in the trans-dimensional, threshold-crossing “grand finale”. The “New World” torch is about to be passed on to Mars which is the new New World rising on the horizon. It simultaneously signals the end of history, end of linear time, end of reality as we know it.

Not coincidentally America was shaken to its core in the very first year of the 21st century. The WTC Twin Towers standing tall with pride and strength collapsed so quickly and completely it seemed like a nightmarish scene from a movie, outside of reality. It was the ultimate wake-up call. 911 – planetary emergency.

September 11, 2001

The Matrix was released in 1999 right before the start of the 21st century, containing a powerful foreshadowing of 9/11 which everyone seems to have missed:

It even contained a direct reference to the date September 11, which many actually noticed:

“New Matrix” in 2017… “New 9/11” in 2017?

Certainly the eclipse symbolism hints at it. The idea of America crossing a big threshold for the “Foundation of a New American Dream” (New Matrix) implies something momentous, something that doesn’t have to resemble 9/11 but equally if not more consequential. And we may well be in the midst of it right now.

America is in crisis mode as we speak. In a way it’s become chronic but the intensification during August is notable. Aside from North Korea and its nukes, the White House has been the epicenter of a long-duration earthquake violently shaking the foundation of the United States. The future of America – whether it dies or lives on transformed – may well depend on how Trump deals with America and how America deals with this presidency.

America’s heart is on trial in the Hall of Ma’at. The final test has commenced at the gate of the new American dream. Will America be part of the next New World, or will it be blocked from going beyond the edge of time?

The 21st century is the grand finale, of history and time itself. Just as there are borders separating territories, there are temporal borders separating segments in the river of time. The time border coming up in the 21st century is the Big One, the mother of all time borders, the final exam in the school called history. Pass and we enter the New Matrix, fail and get stuck in the same time loop, the Old Matrix. Of all the countless possible temporal locations we somehow managed to be here where it all comes together, or all falls apart. This is the Super Bowl of temporal existence. And somehow we got to play a part in it. Let’s make it count.

Cosmic Inauguration of a President

NOTE: The following was originally published on February 14, 2017 as a premium article (STRUG). It pertains not only to the Trump presidency but also to American presidency in general. The hidden design revealed in this article does not pertain to who Trump is, but who he can and should be, with the “cosmic power” bestowed upon him and all other US presidents. What the president decides to do with the magical authority is up to him and any individual honored with the privilege of occupying the throne in the White House. As with the most cherished ideal of the American Dream, each president gets an equal opportunity in receiving such “cosmic blessings” as he or she takes the first step as the most powerful figure on the planet. It is up to this chosen one to decide to harness the celestial force to either push the nation and the world closer to the principles of Ma’at – truth, balance, and justice – or succumb to dark human nature and feed the Beast, making the world a darker place. When the latter takes place, and taken to the extreme, the earth shakes and the heavens pause, the Sun becomes the blackened heart of the beast. America thus finds itself in the Hall of Ma’at with Anubis and the scale and the feather – the moment of truth and judgment. I can’t tell you how it will end, but here is how it began…

Cosmic Inauguration of a President

The Birth of Donald Trump’s Presidency via
the Stars of Ancient Egypt

By Goro Adachi
February 14, 2017

There is no question Donald Trump’s election and presidency will be remembered for generations to come as one of the biggest and confounding political events in US history. It is an ongoing “black swan” event that keeps sending shock waves around the world. In a way what we are seeing is a foreshock from the beginning of a new age with the imminent birth of the next new world most notably in the form of Mars. This is the proverbial “dawning of the Age of Aquarius” and we know “it’s darkest before dawn”…

Given such a cosmic context it’s no surprise the “birth” of this radical president on Inauguration Day January 20, 2017 was a carefully choreographed “super ritual” complete with a perfectly executed series of “as above, so below” syncs designed to enthroned Trump as Osiris the ancient Egyptian god of the underworld who was sometimes referred to as the “Foremost of the West” (Khenti-Amentiu). Very few, quite possibly only the hidden designers of the whole ritual, have known about this king-making ritual… until now.

Inaugural Parade

The central cosmic figure on Inauguration Day was Osiris in the form of Orion, and his Belt Stars.

He was hidden but powerfully present particularly during Trump’s inaugural parade

…which began a bit after 3:30 pm local time (EST) at the US Capitol following Trump’s swearing in ceremony and inaugural speech at noon where he officially – but not yet cosmically – became president.

Trump’s car dubbed “the Beast” began slowly moving toward Constitution Avenue on the north side of the Capitol at 3:34-38 pm EST. Upon reaching the gate the entourage paused for a few minutes as if waiting for something.

The delay surely must have had some ostensible reason. But in the realm of multi-contextuality which gets more pronounced with significant world events, we always have the mundane explanations that satisfy the casual mind, and then we have the deeper cosmic designs that send the truth-seeking mind tumbling down the rabbit hole into a realm of truth not of this world.

Here, the cosmic design was whispering through Orion…

At ~3:45 pm EST the middle star of Orion’s Belt, Alnilam, rose over the eastern horizon. (The Beast had initially started moving right when the third/smallest Orion Belt star Mintaka was rising at the horizon.)

(Technical note: In the graphic Alnilam appears slightly below the horizon only due to atmospheric refraction being taken into account.)

It was right at that moment (~3:45 pm) that the presidential procession resumed their march and exited the Capitol onto Constitution Avenue which leads to Pennsylvania Avenue where the parade would officially begin.

The inaugural parade in this way emerged directly from “behind” the Capitol on the east side (which is actually the front side of the Capitol) just as Orion was emerging due east directly behind the Capitol as seen from the National Mall which is a huge east-west axis.

  • ~3:45 pm EST: Orion Belt Stars (Alnilam) rising at horizon due east directly behind the Capitol
  • ~3:37-45 pm EST: Trump’s inaugural parade cars starting their journey to the White House from directly behind the Capitol

The implication was clear enough: Donald Trump – or the American presidency in general – is to be identified with Osiris, i.e. an “American pharaoh”.

Washington DC & Osiris-Orion

Orion, like Osiris in ancient Egyptian mythology, keeps dying and coming back to life everyday as the constellation sets and rises due west and due east in alignment with the National Mall. (This is a natural consequence of Orion semi-permanently straddling the celestial equator.) In the middle of the National Mall stands the Washington Monument which is an ancient Egyptian-style obelisk the traditional symbolism of which (obelisks & pyramids) has to do with Osiris, the phoenix(bennu), and such.

The “Orion = Osiris = pyramid” equation is also evident in the greatest pyramids on Earth at Giza which are arranged to mimic the shape of the Orion Belt Stars per Robert Bauval’s Orion Correlation Theory.

Giza in this way is a form of the Egyptian underworld Duat guarded by the Great Sphinx which is connected via a causeway to the middle pyramid, corresponding to the middle star of Orion’s Belt Alnilam, i.e. the star that triggered the Trump’s inaugural procession. Like the National Mall, the Great Sphinx (gaze) is oriented precisely along the east-west axis.

We cannot talk about Osiris-Orion without also talking about Isis-Sirius…

Washington DC & Isis-Sirius

In ancient Egyptian mythology the death-resurrection cycle of Osiris-Orion is integrally connected to Isis, his sister-wife, represented in the sky by the star Sirius. It is she who revives Osiris with her magic and conceives Horus who in turn was considered manifested here in the earthly realm by the kings of Egypt. (In death the kings became identified with Osiris.)


Celestially Isis-Sirius has attracted most attention during her “rebirth” in the form the star’s “heliacal rising” when it reappears just before sunrise after spending months hidden in the glare of the Sun. The star’s rising was of enormous importance to the Egyptian calendar and astronomical development. In the early dynastic period of Egypt the annual inundation of the Nile coincided with the heliacal rising of Sirius and marked the summer solstice. The flood brought fertile sediment to the land of Egypt, echoing the magical impregnation of Isis by resurrected Osiris. The whole sequence was a celestially triggered expression of that drama.

In Washington DC, the heliacal rising of Sirius is unmistakably but very quietly acknowledged by Pennsylvania Avenue (aka “America’s main street”) which is where the presidential inauguration parade took place as the new president marched from the Capitol to the White House. The avenue is angled just right so that it aligns with the sunset on ~August 12-13 every year. This precisely coincides with the day of Sirius’ “rebirth” at the latitude of Washington DC!

Pennsylvania Avenue is roughly aligned with the angle of the Sirius rising as well. So from the direction of the White House Sirius would appear rising behind the Capitol. But the angle is off by about 2 degrees. Not a lot, but not insignificant either. This leads to the next revelation…

Sirius rises 21.2 degrees south of east in DC with atmospheric refraction taken into account (which makes stars visible when slightly below the horizon). This preciselymatches the angle of the line going from the “front porch” of the White House (which is the north side facing away from the National Mall) to the center of the “front porch” of the Capitol on the west side (which is actually the back side). A remarkable alignment and one that I don’t think anyone in the general public has noticed before.

Without atmospheric refraction, the rising angle of Sirius in DC would be 21.7 degrees south of east. This one precisely matches the angle of the line connecting the starting point and the destination of the inaugural parade!

  • Parade Origin: The “front porch” of the Capitol building on the east side
  • Parade Destination: The northern edge of the White House front lawn bordering Pennsylvania Avenue NW, where the Presidential Reviewing Stand was set up for the inauguration parade

Trump and his family “reviewed” the parade for more than an hour in the stand from ~5:22 pm to roughly 6:50 pm. It was right during this period that Sirius actually rose directly behind the Capitol, at 5:45 pm.

The new president in this way was being “born” through Osiris-Orion and Isis-Sirius on January 20, 2017. Like the kings of ancient Egypt, Trump was transforming into a manifestation of Horus (= Osiris reborn) that day…

Inaugural Dance, Melania & Osirian Throne

If Trump is Osiris/Horus, that makes his wife Melania a form of Isis. Osiris/Horus cannot fully exist without the throne of Isis. Indeed the name “Isis” means “throne”. It’s then through Melania that Trump would become fully installed on the American throne. To complete his transformation, Trump had to “unite” with Melania. Enter inaugural dance

The First Couple had been inside the White House and had not been seen in public since they left the inauguration parade before 7 pm. They reappeared at their first inaugural ball a little after 9:30 pm and had their first dance to the music of Sinatra’s “My Way” at 9:38-44 pm.

This was precisely when Orion’s Belt – and more specifically the middle star Alnilam – was culminating due south reaching its highest point in the local sky.

And here it was with the White House that Orion was in alignment as the White House faces due south/north:

The White House, like Melania but more literally, represents the American “throne“. Two simultaneous events, two identical underlying messages:

  • Orion (Osiris) aligned with the White House (throne/Isis)
  • Trump (Osiris/Horus) united with his wife Melania (Isis/throne)

It was right at this moment around 9:42 pm EST that Donald Trump was being enthroned as an American pharaoh. This was a very powerful, very magical ancient Egyptian ritual taking place in plain sight.

For better or for worse, Donald Trump was accorded this honor and heavenly force after being elected as the leader of the most powerful nation on the planet. The “magic” thus bestowed upon him is of the highest quality. And it is now up to him to use this cosmic influence to reshape the world as he sees fit.

He can make the world “great” or he can destroy it. The people chose him. The stars complied and blessed him. Now he has the fate of the world in his hands. Scary? Yes, but here we are. Humanity has reached the biggest crossroads in history in the 21st century with the next New World rising on the horizon. Ready or not, this baby will soon be born. Will Trump rise to the occasion or will he go down in flames and the world with him?

The Universe is holding its breath and crossing its fingers…

Lucifer’s Torch

The dark event of torch-bearing white nationalists in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 11-12 was only the latest manifestation of a global “Super Torch Ritual” triggered late July.

[Charlottesville white nationalist marchers Aug 11-12]

Aug 12 Charlottesville: far-right crowd with torches
Aug 12 White Nationalist Rally Turns Violent, Prompts State of Emergency
Aug 12 Charlottesville Rally Turns Deadly: One Killed After Car Strikes Crowd

The “torch burning” signal couldn’t be clearer a week earlier on August 4th when Dubai’s “Torch Tower” (yes that’s the name) became a literal torch as a massive fire ripped through the skyscraper (for the second time).

Aug 4 Large fire rips through Dubai’s Torch Tower
Aug 4 Dubai’s Torch tower on fire — again

It was another “dark” event underscored by the film The Dark Tower being released on the same day (Aug 4).

What we have here is a torch burning in darkness… a la Lucifer the light-bearer in the Underworld.

It’s no coincidence that a massive heatwave in Europe dubbed “Lucifer was making big headlines early August.

Aug 04 Hot like hell! Tourists are warned to stay in the shade as heatwave christened ‘Lucifer’ hits south Europe
Aug 04 Tourists warned as 40C heatwave “Lucifer sweeps across Europe

What we have here is “Lucifer’s Torch”… lit via at least two celestial alignments per “as above, so below”:

On ~July 30th, for example, “Orion’s torch” was lit by bright Venus currently in its “morning star” phase. “Morning star” is Lucifer. That’s what “Lucifer” means. This was “Lucifer’s Torch” burning on ~July 30th.

It was precisely on this day that Venezuela erupted in fiery violence.

Jul 30 Deadly election day in Venezuela as protesters clash with troops
Jul 30 Venezuela crisis: Deadly clashes amid tense election for assembly

Here too was found Lucifer, lurking behind the name “Venezuela” which happens to mean “little Venus“. (The name literally means “little Venice” and “Venice” in turn is based on an Indo-European root wen meaning “love” as is “Venus”.)

Venezuela burning = Venus/Lucifer burning
“Lucifer’s Torch”

I anticipated this pattern in my article “Deep Impact Shockwave: Late July-Early August 2017 Window” in which I stressed the significance of what I call a “Lucifer Alignment” – an heliocentric alignment involving Venus, the Sun and Jupiter. (I won’t go into why I use that name but there is a pretty good reason.)

The “Lucifer Alignment” was peaking that same day, July 30th.

As I explained In the article the Lucifer Alignment has a remarkable track record, wrecking havoc roughly every 4 months without missing a beat since at least April 2015:

  • 4/25/2015 Sun-Ven-Jup [4/25 Nepal mega quake]
  • 8/22/2015 Ven-Sun-Jup [8/20-25 stock market turmoil]
  • 12/17/2015 Sun-Ven-Jup [12/18 Dow plunges 367 points]
  • 4/14/2016 Ven-Sun-Jup [4/14-16 Japan quakes, 4/16 Ecuador mega quake]
  • 8/9/2016 Sun-Ven-Jup (along equinox axis) [Russia cyber warfare, Trump campaign turmoil, Rio Olympics]
  • 12/6/2016 Ven-Sun-Jup [12/6 Indonesia quake , 12/8 quake off California, 12/8 Solomon Islands quake/tsunami, 12/8 John Glenn dead]
  • 4/2/2017 Sun-Ven-Jup [4/2-3 St. Petersburg, Russia metro explosion 11 dead; nuclear signals]
  • 7/30/2017 Ven-Sun-Jup

As you can see the previous one was back around April 2, 2017, made extra special by coinciding with Venus turning into “Lucifer” (morning star phase).

It came with a re-birthday candle for Lucifer in the form of another Dubai skyscraper inferno. Lucifer’s Torch.

Apr 02 Fire breaks out in downtown Dubai

The pattern is undeniable. The Force couldn’t be stronger with this dark theme…

It is therefore highly ominous that we find North Korea deeply embedded in the same theme.

Here is a little known but important fact: The North Korean leader Kim Jon Un was reportedly called the “Morning Star King” by his mother.

Kim Jon-un = “Morning Star King” = Lucifer

Sure enough, North Korea was all over the news early April 2017 as if triggered by the Lucifer Alignment and the birth of Lucifer (morning star)…

Apr 03 A North Korean Defector Says Kim Jong Un Is Prepared to Use Nuclear Weapons
Apr 03 Trump ready to ‘solve’ N. Korea problem without China
Apr 04 White House: ‘The clock has now run out’ on North Korean nuclear program
Apr 04 US official: North Korea fires a possible ballistic missile

…with direct and indirect references to nukes.

Apr 03 Senate Dems reach filibuster threshold on Gorsuch setting up ‘nuclear option’ change
Apr 04 McConnell starts clock on Gorsuch nuclear showdown

That was the previous “Lucifer Alignment” (~April 2). I don’t have to tell you about North Korea and the latest Lucifer Alignmentlate July-early August 2017

Jul 28 North Korea conducts new ballistic missile test

Aug 05 UN Security Council imposes new sanctions on North Korea
Aug 07 NK vows to ‘make the US pay dearly’ as sanctions tighten
Aug 08 Japan Warns NK Nuclear Threat Has Entered ‘New Stage’
Aug 08 Report: NK now making missile-ready nuclear weapons
Aug 08 Trump: NK will “face fire and fury like the world has never seen”
Aug 08 North Korea says considering missile strike near Guam
Aug 09 Mattis to NK: Stop actions that could lead to ‘destruction of its people’

Aug 09 North Korea Guam missile strike plan ‘ready by mid-August’
Aug 10 N. Korea lays out plan to land missiles near U.S. island
Aug 14 Mattis says if North Korea fires at U.S. it could “escalate to war” quickly
Aug 15 North Korea’s Kim to Trump: It’s your move

And here we are.

The Torch Tower burned, Venezuela burned, Europe burned (“Lucifer” heatwave), Charlottesville burned… Will North Korea with its nukes/missiles burn soon too? (And what about Trump who cannot be separated from the “burning tower” symbolism? I think we are seeing a pretty clear answer to that question this month. He’s crossing a line that cannot be uncrossed.)

That’s where we are in the hidden time sequence underlying this period. It’s far from over. Venus will remain in its “Lucifer” phase until January 2018. The Great American Total Solar Eclipse is coming up soon. We are crossing the Threshold…


Now we see Hitler

How crazy is this… Now we see “Hitler” specifically mentioned right there in the big headline!

The context that makes this chilling is the “World War eclipse“…

…i.e. the post I wrote just hours before the Charlottesville chaos started, regarding the upcoming eclipse’s connection to the rise of Nazis/Hitler (1933). Talk about in your face.

Actually there is something about this situation that makes it even more chilling for me… something that even freaks me out a bit. But I can’t talk about it. Just know that… all the coincidences that we talked about that were a bit personal? Well, they are beyond coincidences. I’ll leave it at that.

Having talked so much about the eclipse over the past year, I guess it can whisper back to you…

Point of Divergence

End of History

The 21st century will see the end of history. End of linear time, end of “reality”. There is going to be a time storm which will blow the dandelion seeds off the clocks and into new worlds. No longer unified and in sync reality will shatter into countless pieces like a broken glass.

That’s the big picture we get from the Time Rivers – a planetary “map of time” carved directly on the surface of our planet, showing the entire history, the past, present and future of the human civilization (in theory). These literal “rivers of time” are coded in various ways and on many levels centered around the symbolism of the Nile being a literal river of time. (Sounds crazy? Yes. It is crazy and real.)

Long story short, there is no escaping the temporal vortex. It is, for all intents and purposes, destiny. We are in the Nile and the Nile is nearing the sea…

With a proper big picture installed in your mind, you start having deep insights and foresight. Time begins to dissolve and through the dissipating mist you begin to see clearly…

Mars is imminent. Virtual reality is imminent. AI is imminent. Active psi is imminent. We’re seeing this now. The animals are about to break out of the zoo.

Geo-temporally we are now coming up on Cairo where the Nile breaks up into many channels to form the Nile Delta. It’s where time bifurcates into two main distributaries. There will be an Earth timeline, and a Mars timeline. Two timelines, two realities. It’s no coincidence that “Cairo” means Mars.

On the other side of the Nile from Cairo is Giza where we find the world’s most mysterious monuments – the great pyramids and the Great Sphinx – waiting in deafening silence, frozen in time and paused in suspended animation, doing nothing… until now. Until the 21st century.

As our graduation day draws closer and closer the phoenix is showing signs of waking up. The countdown is now on for the day the ancient time capsule is triggered to finally open, the day our memory block is finally removed. Then we finally wake up, we finally come alive. Out of the Nile, out of denial. End of linear time, out of restricted existence.

Happy ending? Yes and no. Not all students graduate. That’s just the way it is, just as we try to block bad seeds from spreading.

“Happy ending” is “Nile ending”. In ancient Egypt Hapi was a Nile god. The Nile is linear time – a form of existence in illusion – and those happy in the Nile are in denial. Ignorance is bliss. Good luck in the time loop. Happy and you don’t question, happy and you don’t seek. Answers will come only to those who ask questions.

I know why you’re here, Neo. I know what you’ve been doing… why you hardly sleep, why you live alone, and why night after night, you sit by your computer. You’re looking for him. I know because I was once looking for the same thing. And when he found me, he told me I wasn’t really looking for him. I was looking for an answer. It’s the question that drives us, Neo. It’s the question that brought you here. You know the question, just as I did.

– Trinity in The Matrix


Truth vs. Illusion

The biggest thing in the news and on many people’s minds for more than a year now is a fascinating if stressful expression of the same idea of fragmenting reality. We are talking about Trump, fake news, alternative facts, social media echo chambers, etc. etc. All these things in the “post-truth era” essentially imply people choosing their own versions of reality. And we can see in it the danger of having greater freedom. Like with fire, it can be incredibly helpful or incredibly destructive. We all know little kids shouldn’t be playing with fire.

The Trump world is vastly different from the reality perceived by those outside of that bubble. In this way reality has split to a degree that we haven’t quite seen before. If facts are optional, reality can be whatever you want it to be. We see Trump does this all the time. He wanted to see the Washington Mall overflowing with admiring people on Inauguration Day, and by god that’s what he decided to see and believe despite all the evident to the contrary. It is his pride, ego and obsession with “winning”, not the truth, that usually end up being the deciding factor. Such mentality can be powerful, so much so it helped him become the leader of the most powerful nation on the planet. But it always comes with a price. Unless aligned with truth, whatever achievement made is only a bubble waiting to burst. The less aligned with truth, the more temporary it is. To be in time is to be in conflict with truth. Freedom to be wrong.

All the negative developments we now see constitute a cautionary tale about creating one’s own reality and disregarding truth. Having more freedom is liberating, but unless you possess a sufficient level of wisdom to go with it, it will only lead to your own doom. It’s easy to burn yourself with fire.

As mankind prepares to embark on a precarious journey into fragmented realities, it is of critical importance that we learn all the necessary lessons before the situation can spiral out of control. Otherwise we risk destroying ourselves like the proud Titanic sinking into the bottom of the ocean. The Trump phenomenon… it won’t be forgotten easily, by design. It’s an experience we can use to save ourselves down the line.

We cannot cross the threshold into the next realm unless we learn to respect and accept truth. Period.

The most likely scenario, supported by the Time Rivers, is that not everyone will make the cut. Reality/time will split into two main streams one of which won’t be able to find its way out of the hellish time loop.

Obsessing about winning is a big trap. Not everything is a stupid game. It takes higher intelligence to focus, get motivated, and actively think without a clear goal of winning like in sports. Monkeys (animals) understand winning. Monkeys understand taking sides. Monkeys understand domination. Monkeys understand self interest. Monkeys won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. They will stay where they are.

If your motivation is not aligned with truth, it’s inevitable that corruption gets involved. It’s unavoidable. Either you’re with truth, or you’re not. Simple as that. Truth is the beginning and it is the end, the goal. Not happiness. Not winning. Not pride. Truth.

Virtual Reality

Reality fragmentation, dream world, psi, the Matrix, simulated reality (VR & AR), artificial intelligence, Mars, time loop/travel, truth… The stuff of mankind’s destiny in the 21st century as we start crossing the threshold into the next phase of existence.

There is going to be a technological aspect to this reality fragmentation process and it’s called virtual reality/augmented/mixed reality.

Virtual reality is the new “Big Bang”, opening up a whole new reality/dimension/universe. It’s not entirely a metaphor. There is a serious parallel there. Augmented reality (AR) – half reality, half simulated reality – will be like a bridge between those two worlds. With it, you become like an “angel”, one foot in this world, one foot in another world.

Both VR and AR will be spreading like wildfire during the next several years, revolutionizing the way we live more dramatically than the internet and mobile devices have done so far. Constant, real-time global online communication. That was a big deal. But now we are about to step outside of reality itself. That’s a cosmicallyhuge deal. As big a deal as colonizing Mars (and the two happen to interact quite heavily).

There will be a transition period that will feature “smart glasses” – basically a smart phone on your face – a la Google’s original vision for Google Glass but with a bit more augmented reality elements added (i.e. not just notifications, etc.). Google Glass was too ambitious for its time. The world is almost ready now.

With virtual reality you are more fully removed from reality. There will be VR communities and digital worlds. People will be diving into a world of their choosing and for all intents and purposes having an active “life” there.

Reality is what we perceive with our senses. Virtual reality, if real enough, will be a version of reality. Who’s to say which reality is more real or authentic? Reality is what you experience. The more you believe in what your senses are telling you, the more real the virtual world becomes. It becomes reality. That’s a big deal. No longer will we be forced to live in a single, stale reality.

Apple knows it’s the future…

and you probably didn’t even notice
Jun 07 With WWDC 2017 and iOS 11, Apple has shown us
the end of the iPhone

Just so you know I’m not saying all this only now in 2017, here is a quote from what I wrote back in 2014:

As said in the movie Prometheus: “Big things have small beginnings“…

It was the day before the release of Prometheus on June 8, 2012 that a big thing indeed had a small beginning. The Oculus Rift – a virtual reality head-mounted display – was revealed to the general public at the 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) on June 5-7. Tellingly the occasion came accompanied by a rare celestial alignment called the Transit of Venus, the biggest celestial event of the year. It was a “magical” time when things were very much in alignment. “As above, so below”… […]

Simply put, Virtual Reality (VR) is about to change the world, largely thanks to the breakthroughs made by a little Kickstarter-funded company called Oculus […]

Virtual Reality is being born as we speak. What’s happening now… is the birth of a new world.

That’s no exaggeration. Can you now imagine living in a world without the internet? The smart phone? After the birth and rapid spread of VR, that’s how we will look back at the the world as it exists now, living without any VR to speak of around us. […]

Cyberspace is amazing and real, but it lacks the immersiveness of VR. If you can feel you’re living inside a digital virtual world, then who is to say it’s not a “real” world? Who is to say this physical world we are living in is not a virtual world to begin with? And if it’s a whole new reality that is being born via VR, as the name “Rift” was intended to imply (i.e. a rift between this world and the virtual world), then it is a “Big Bang” that’s taking place now or about to take place.

Big things have small beginnings. A whole new reality has a small beginning too.

Sounding too grandiose and cosmic? Perhaps, but multicontextually we could even infer that the “end” of the Mayan calendar on the December solstice 2012, marking the end of an age and the beginning of another, had a lot to do with the Birth of VR […]

What’s really telling here is the fact that the word “Maya“ in Hinduism and Buddhism means “illusion“… which is what Virtual Reality (or reality in general) is all about!
This birth of a new world via VR was quite realistically depicted in the 2010 Syfy TV series Caprica which was an offshoot or prequel of Battlestar Galactica… “Galactica” as in Galaxy… as in the Milky Way and the Dark Rift. […]


Caprica also highlighted the apple and the infinity symbol (used by a group called “Soldiers of the One” which is heavily woven into the overall story), together alluding to the company Apple

…as Apple‘s main campus has the street address “1 Infinite Loop“.

[…] All the multicontextual clues collectively suggest that the rise of VR […] is a big deal, not unlike the clues for the rise of SpaceX/Elon Musk/Mars. Previously we thought that the New World/Age emerging through “2012” is Mars. While that is still the case, we now see that we have another one simultaneously being born called Virtual Reality. This is going to change the world, more profoundly and more rapidly than you think. […]

Are you ready? Because this is coming…

Ready or not, in 2017 it gets real. Can you sense the cracks appearing in reality? I can.

The World War eclipse

August 21, 1914 total solar eclipse:
Beginning of World War I (Jul 28, 1914 – Nov 11, 1918)

August 21, 2017 total solar eclipse:
North Korean nuclear threat, US-NK showdown
(& Trump-Russia, US-Russia discord)

In light of the serious escalation of North Korea’s nuclear threat unfolding in this month of the Great American Total Solar Eclipse, the ominous temporal context surrounding the eclipse date is beginning to look a little too realistic. As I wrote back in June:

[…] the “war” angle may be more realistic and dire than I thought. Turns out, the last time there was a total solar eclipse on August 21st was all the way back in 1914

Less than a month before the Aug 21, 1914 total solar eclipse World War I broke out! (WWI: Jul 28, 1914 – Nov 11, 1918.)

I find that a bit chilling. But there is more…

There has been one more solar eclipse on August 21 since then, though this one was annular, not total. It was in 1933… The year the Nazis came into power […]

So… Doesn’t look good.

This time, in 2017, the August 21 solar eclipse is decidedly “American”. In 2017 an extremely “unusual” figure […] came into power in the US in 2017 with enthusiastic support from white nationalists.

So we seem to be looking at three potential scenarios multicontextually suggested for the the second half of 2017 and beyond…

  1. “Watergate 2”: Exit of Trump a la Watergate but with more chaos & damage
  2. “Great War”: Big war (WWIII?) involving US
  3. “Rise of the Beast”: An uncontrollable radical political movement in US opens gates of hell


Just one or a combination/all of these?

One thing is clear, the Golden Apple of Discord is doing its thing.

We can add to this the fact that President Trump was in Paris on July 14th specifically to commemorate the 100th anniversary of US entry into… World War I.

France treated President Donald Trump to an elaborate military display on Friday, a strategic show of friendship by the new leader here who hopes to elevate his country’s global standing by flattering his US counterpart. […]

This year, the celebration is also meant to commemorate the centennial of US entry into World War I, hence Macron’s invitation to Trump to attend. […]

The existence of the pattern doesn’t mean it has a fixed course. Hopefully the worst case scenario won’t manifest in our timeline. The more we are aware of the pattern, the less severe the pattern manifestation will be…


Unfortunately and unbelievably, we are suddenly seeing the “Rise of the (Nazi) Beast” in the US now. Just as predicted. As in your face as can be. America is in shock… Can America overcome this evil beast?

Aug 12 Charlottesville: far-right crowd with torches
Aug 12 White Nationalist Rally Turns Violent, Prompts State of Emergency
Aug 12 Charlottesville Rally Turns Deadly: One Killed After Car Strikes Crowd

Aug 13 Trump Takes Heat for Blaming Charlottesville Violence on ‘Many Sides’
Aug 15 Trump: Both sides to blame in Charlottesville


Hurricane Lucifer from center of Moon

Aug 24 Tropical Storm Harvey projected to become Category 3 hurricane
Aug 25 US braces for worst hurricane in years
Aug 25 Harvey may leave parts of Texas “uninhabitable” for months

Hurricane Harvey, just hours from striking Texas as of this writing, appears to be a fulfillment of a big pattern we’ve been projecting for the window around late August. This hurricane is multicontextually associated with “Atlas“, Venus/”Lucifer“, and the Moon which just eclipsed the Sun over America with ominous signs.

Key symbolism of Hurricane Harvey is in the combination of 1) Harvey in the Gulf of Mexico, and 2) the name Mexico” meaning “Place at the Center of the Moon.

Harvey became a tropical storm and quickly grew into a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico just a couple of days after the Great American Solar Eclipse (Moon + Sun). This geographically places Harvey at “the center of the Moon“.

Something temporally places Harvey and the late August window at the “center of the Moon” as well…

From my recent Super Torch Ritual posts:

Aug 20 Eclipse & late August

…It seems pretty clear to me that the temporal focus, associated with the eclipse, is late August

Aug 23 Impact around late August

…the fact that the CERN LHC has a particle detector named ATLASanchoring a smaller loop SPS which together with Venus (Lucifer) may be decoded to pinpoint ~August 30, 2017.

[Venus position August 30, 2017]

This LHC-solar system configuration implies Venus/Lucifer marking the center of the Moon in late August because the ATLAS/SPS loop in the Large Hadron Collider represents the Moon per my decoding of the LHC done years ago.

[See my 2015 article CERN’s Orion Stargate for more detail on
the decoding of the LHC.]

In this way Hurricane Harvey fulfills a major multicontextual pattern projected for late August (especially if the disaster continues into next week).

With the LHC’s reputation of being a sort of “stargate” or “hell gate“, and Venus being “Lucifer” (morning star phase), it seems Harvey is yet another expression of “Lucifer coming out of the gates of hell” – or less religiously, crossing Threshold 618 – which has been a big motif in August.

The catastrophic rainfall expected from Hurricane Harvey also goes well with the “Atlas” theme as Atlas in Greek mythology holds heavens on his shoulders. Without this “column” between the earth and the heaven, the sky falls… a la the Great Flood and Atlantis.

UNNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTASTAN bans 9/11 memorial because it would be offensive to muslim students

The University of Minnesota had a resolution to honor the victims of 9/11 each year rejected by the student government, with some students fearful the measure could offend Muslims and foster ‘Islamophobia.’

Terrorism-supporting Muslim Brotherhood front group Muslim Student Association (MSA) representative Theo Menon proposed in a short resolution that the school institute a ‘moment of recognition’ for 9/11. (Yes, let’s pass out candies to celebrate Muslim victory as they did throughout the Muslim world on 9/11).

GOOD NEWS from the UK: 5-year-old Christian girl placed with two Muslim foster families has been reunited with her own relatives

After news went viral about a five-year-old Christian girl who had been taken from her family against their wishes and placed in the virtual ‘No Go Zone’ of Tower Hamlets with two different Muslim families who spoke virtually no English and tried to strip her of her Christian identity, she is finally back with members of her own family.

The SUN (h/t Liz)  The Christian girl who was placed in the care of Muslim foster parents who sparked outrage by taking away her crucifix and forcing her to learn Arabic was returned to her family yesterday. The five-year-old was reunited with her grandmother after a Muslim judge insisted children needed “culturally matched placements.”

After the hearing at East London family court, the girl’s relatives were said to be hugely relieved to have her back with them. She had been taken from her family and placed in the care of two Muslim homes in London for six months by Tower Hamlets council.

The girl is said to have told her mother that “Christmas and Easter are stupid” and that “European women are stupid and alcoholic”. In the reports, a social services worker described the girl as being “very distressed”. It is understood she was not allowed to eat her favorite food, pasta carbonara, because it contained bacon.

The Times reports Judge Khatun Sapnara ruled it was in the child’s best interests to live with a family member who will meet her needs “in terms of ethnicity, culture and religion”. She also ordered Tower Hamlets council in East London to conduct an urgent investigation into the case, which she called “very concerning” and a matter of legitimate public interest.

ORIGINAL STORY: Five-year-old Christian child was taken from her family and forced to live in TWO Muslim foster homes where no English was spoken and her crucifix was taken away from her