Independence from Europe

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Independence from Europe
Leader Mike Nattrass
Founded 2012
Ideology Euroscepticism
European affiliation None
International affiliation None
European Parliament group None
House of Commons
0 / 650

House of Lords
0 / 754

European Parliament
0 / 73

Local government
3 / 21,871


Independence from Europe is a British political party launched in 2012[1] byMike Nattrass MEP following his deselection as a candidate by the UK Independence Party (UKIP) and subsequent departure from the party.


Nattrass was elected as an MEP for UKIP in 2004, but was deselected by the party in 2013[3] and subsequently left it. He launched a new party, under the name An Independence Party, in November 2013. The Electoral Commissionrecords that Nattrass registered the party name An Independence from Europe on 20 June 2012 and records an annual financial statement for the party filed on 18 March 2013.[4]

The party has three councillors on Lincolnshire County Council,[5] who had been elected as UKIP candidates but defected.

The party stood a full slate of candidates in all the English regions at the 2014 European Parliament elections under the name An Independence from Europe. Candidates included Laurence Stassen,[6] a sitting independent MEP in the Netherlands, who was elected there as a candidate for the Party for Freedom; she stood in South East England as the number one candidate.

The similarity of the name and the party’s description as ‘United Kingdom Independence’ has led UKIP to complain to the Electoral Commission. A spokesman for the Commission said that An Independence from Europe’s name or self-description are not confusing or offensive, and are thus allowed.[7][8]

Its first electoral test was at the 2014 European Parliament election, where the party collected just under 1.5% of the national vote and failed to win any seats.[9]

Chris Pain, suspended by UKIP in 2013 and later expelled, stood for the party in the 2015 general election in Boston and Skegness.[10]

The party was required, by the Electoral Commission, to change its name to the less-confusing ‘Independence from Europe’.[11]

Political views[edit]

The party supports the United Kingdom leaving the European Union[12] and is opposed to HS2. Its range of policies can be found in its manifesto. [13]

Nattrass told Andrew Neil on the Daily Politics that the new grouping did not believe in privatisation, especially for health services, and “we are to the left of UKIP”.[14]

Electoral performance[edit]

European Parliament election 2014
An Independence from Europe contested 9 multi-member constituence is England. With 1.5% of the national vote, it finished in seventh place.[15] It was the highest placed party to not win a seat, and polled more votes than the British National Party and the English Democrats. Following the election, UKIP claimed that An Independence from Europe’s intervention had cost it a seat in South West England. Had UKIP polled an additional 15,158 votes, it would have won a third seat in the region instead of the Green Party; UKIP claimed that the 23,169 votes polled by An Independence from Europe meant it missed out on this third seat.[16]

European Parliament[edit]

European Parliament
Election year # of total votes  % of overall vote # of seats won Rank
2014[17] 235,124 1.43%
0 / 73


General election, 7 May 2015
The party stood five candidates at the 2015 general election, but all lost their deposits.