How to Analyze People on Sight

There are four types of people in this world

The alimentative

The thoracic

The muscular

The osseous

The cerebral


These four types of people follow the natural way of conception in that order

The Four C’s

To get the maximum of pleasure and knowledge out of[Pg 31] this interesting course there are four things to remember as your part of the contract.


Think of what you are reading while you are reading it. Concentration is a very simple thing. The next C is


Look at people carefully (but not starefully) when analyzing them. Don’t jump at conclusions. We humans have a great way of twisting facts to fit our conclusion as soon as we have made one. But don’t spend all your time getting ready to decide and forget to decide at all, like the man who was going to jump a ditch. He ran so far back to get a good start each time that he never had the strength to jump when he got there. Get a good start by observing carefully. Then


Be sure you are right and then go ahead. Make a decision and make it with the confidence that you are right. If you will determine now to follow this rule it will compel you to follow the first two because, in order to be sure you are right, to be certain you are not misjudging anybody, you will read each rule concentratedly and observe each person carefully beforehand.


¶ “Practice makes perfect.” Take this for your motto if you would become expert in analyzing people. It is one[Pg 32] easily followed for you come in contact with people everywhere—at home, amongst your business associates, with your friends and on the street. Remember you can only benefit from a thing as you use it. A car that you never took out of the garage would be of no value to you. So get full value out of this course by using it at all times.

There are two types of people those who act with thinking

and those who think with out acting

There are but three general classes of work. They are:




Each individual is fitted by nature to do one of these better than the others and there will be one class for which he has the least ability. In the other one of the three he might make a mediocre success. Every individual should find a vocation furnishing that one of these three kinds of work for which he has the greatest ability. Then he should go into the particular branch of that vocation which is best adapted to his personality, training, education, environment and experience.

Expecting the world to pay you handsomely while remaking you is short-sighted, to say the least. The public schools are free, like life’s education, but you don’t get a salary for attending them.

To be a success you must PRODUCE something out of the ordinary for the world. And you will produce nothing unusual save what your particular organism was built to produce. To know what this is, classify the kind of activities you “take to” naturally. You can be a star in some line[Pg 320] that calls for those activities. You will never succeed in any calling which demands the opposite kinds of activities or reactions.

Three Kinds of Parents

Parents can be divided into three classes—those who over-estimate their children, those who under-estimate their children, and those who do not estimate them at all.

The great majority are in the first group. This accounts for the fact that most fathers and mothers are disillusioned, as their children, one by one, fall short of their cherished hopes.[Pg 326]

Those who under-estimate their children are in that small group—of parents who live to be happily surprised at their achievements.

The best parents of all are those who allow their children to follow their natural talents.

The world pay people who think hard not work hard

In marriage over 70 percent of divorce are base on the thing we consider that don’t matter leisure time



The Evolution of the Jaw

The jaw is a good illustration of this alliance between the mind and the body. Its muscles and bones are so closely allied to the pugnacity instinct center in the brain that the slightest thought of combat causes the jaw muscles to stiffen. Let the thought of any actual physical encounter go through your mind and your jaw bone will automatically move upward and outward.[Pg 20]

After a lifetime of combat, whether by fists or words, the jaw sets permanently a little more upward and outward—a little more like that of the bulldog. It keeps to this combative mold, “because,” says Mother Nature, the great efficiency expert, “if you are going to call on me constantly to stiffen that jaw I’ll fix it so it will stay that way and save myself the trouble.”

Inheritance of Acquired Traits

Thus the more combative jaw, having become permanent in the man’s organism, can be passed on to his children.

Right here comes a most interesting law and one that has made possible the science of Human Analysis:

Law of Size

The larger any part or organ the better its equipment for carrying out the work of that organ and the more does it tend to express itself. Nature IS an efficiency expert and doesn’t give you an oversupply of anything without demanding that you use it.

Jaws Becoming Smaller

Our ancestors developed massive jaws as a result of constant combat. As fast as civilization decreased the necessity for combat Nature decreased the size of the average human jaw.

Meaning of the Big Jaw

But wherever you see a large protruding jaw you see an individual “armed and engined,” as Kipling says, for some kind of fighting. The large jaw always goes with a combative nature, whether it is found on a man or a woman, a child, a pugilist or a minister.

Alimentive types , manager  the  enjoyer 
see Round in every direction ,Small head ,short nose ,Small hand & feet
Agility Roll like a ball few movement, difficult in turning head
Commerce Buy thing that he can eat, comfort & enjoyment
Cloth Cloth for comfort,  usually old & wear out cloth easy to fit in
Weather Sensitive to the cold wear warmth in the winter
Talk Very funny , don’t  tell him about your worry , don’t like to disagree with you as not to get in & agreement  to much energy
Tempermal Hate war avoid trouble but there of other intime of troble
Meal Oil & fat food , ice scream, soda & candy
Longevities They are the shortness  live people pass  30 less likely to get life insurance
Diseases Diabetes, Aperfety , flu
Country Hebrew, American
Free time Life of the party, like friend with with food, circus
Place Restaurant height class
Sitter Chair that are comfortable
Movie Love the cinema  Girly show
Music Light music easy to learn love jazz
sport Hate sport
Knowledge [book] More sentimental stuff  not in library and don’t have library at home if rich just for show
Performance Do favor
Language Let have something to eat or drink , forget it, let George do it, eat to the grave
Personify up Like comfort
Down Thing that he have to used a lot of energy, let him have enough rest and food
Salary Usually the rich guy
Rich Make people do the work
Poor The kitchen is well stalk , chair warmer
Family Do everything for the family
Business Very inviting  should work in front office  but hate hard work don’t give it to him, keep to work , good hearted
Leadership types Aristoricate
Work Light work ,Politian
Occupation Sale man
Politian Make the best one
Point Harmony and peaceful
Aim A little more exercise


Love pure alimentive Most affectionate types million love them marry early and often
Woman Loving and easy going can live any where
men Generous best provider
Best & worst matches Alimentive, Muscular, thoracic Seberal



Alimentive  As stated in Chapter I, Alimentives are born for business. They can sell almost anything in the line of food, clothing, or shelter because they are so interested in them themselves they can make them interesting to others. They like money for the comforts which money alone can bring and business furnishes a wider field for money-making than any other. So the Alimentive likes the commercial world for itself and for what it brings him.

A Good Overseer








Best & worst business partner  When he goes into partnership Alimentive should endeavor to do so with a practical Muscular, a clever Thoracic or another Alimentive. avoid  partners  pure Cerebrals & pure Osseous. They are to high brow and visionary for him, the Osseous are too critical of his easy ways.  Alimentive, when looking for employment, should  avoid the boss who is a pure Cerebral or a pure Osseous. The Cerebral may be a good planner but his plans and those of Alimentives will not work well together.  Cerebral can’t see Alimentive’s point of view clearly enough to forgive him for his too primitive methods. pure Osseous boss soon becomes disgusted because Alimentive is so lacking in system. He usually comes out all right in the end, but the orderly Osseous is too exasperated by what he considers  Alimentive’s slackness, to wait for the end.
Location to avoid The Alimentive should avoid vocations dealing[Pg 337] exclusively with ideas. Books are almost the only things an Alimentive can not sell successfully. This is due to the fact that he is not as interested in ideas as in things, and the things he is interested in—food and comforts—are the farthest removed from books.

The Alimentive should avoid all frontiers. He can not work well without conveniences, and since these are few and far between in unsettled regions it is much more difficult for him to be a success there.



Alimentive Cooking, catering, nursing, merchandizing of all food  stuffs, the conducting of cafes, restaurants, hotels, cafeterias, rest rooms and all places maintained for the ease, comfort and feeding of mankind
               Thoracic The merchandizing of the artistic, novel and esthetic in food, clothing and shelter; conducting of tea rooms, confectionery stores, smart specialty and clothing shops. Salesmanship of restricted residence districts, fancy cars, etc.
                Muscular The merchandizing of more practical commodities such as potatoes, meat, middle class homes, durable clothing. Alimentive-Muscular women make excellent dressmakers.


                ossices Merchandizing of farms, ranches, timber, lumber, hardware. Bond salesmanship.


                Seberal Merchandizing, manufacturing and marketing of food, clothing and shelter commodities on a large scale in world markets. This type combination exists in most of the world’s millionaires.


Thorsic types , entertainer   the thriller  
see High chest, red face & head, large lung tall, long waist , well develop nose, hight head
Agility Graceful mover springy step
Commerce Faction
Cloth Trouble getting ready made cloth but best dress
Talk Tell u the honest truth, like to have conversation
Tempermal Loose temper quickly but forgive quickly & genuine
Meal Like variety
Diseases Circulatory
Country Anglo Saxon
Free time Like the lime life, like attention, like singing, charm but quick tempered
Place Show  acting
Sitter Graceful sitter
Movie Hummer, adventure
Music Like all
sport Energy sport
Knowledge [book]  Adventure, different & romantic
Performance Like to perform
Language Going up in air, red hair, get on my nerve, like a shot, get a kick out of it
Personify  up Like change, more particular
Down Indifferent & cold people
Poor Never poor
Family Like to entertain but very temperamental
Business Good mixer but hopper
Leadership types
Work Make more mistake than other but start quickly
Occupation Entertainment
Point Lot of energy but  irresponsible
Aim Finish what he start


Love pure thoracic Most beautiful of all good charmer, flurtous  love at first sight married widow  live beyond their mean
man Very handsome men
Best & worst matches Thoracic, alimentive , muscler Ossices



Thoracic The Thoracic type works best with people. Every person in whom this type predominates will make his greatest success only in vocations bringing him into contact with people.

As we have pointed out, the Thoracic is a born entertainer. His greatest abilities lie in the direction of the stage and all forms of its activities.









Best & worst business partner Thoracic should select Muscular business partners because of their practicalizing influence. Second choice  is an Alimentive partner and third is a Thoracic like himself.

The Thoracic should avoid Osseous employees and Osseous partners, for the reason that this type can no more understand the Thoracic than it can understand the easy-going Alimentive. These two types are at opposite ends of the pole, and to blend them harmoniously in any relationship is almost impossible. The Thoracic employer, who always wants things done instantly, is maddened by the slow, unadaptable Osseous employee.

every Thoracic person should avoid working for extremely bony people. The Osseous is as much irritated by the rapid-fire reactions of the Thoracic employee as the Thoracic is by the slowness of the Osseous.

Location to avoid The Thoracic should avoid every line of work which has to be done the same way day in and day out. He must avoid routine in every form. Monotonous work is not for him.

Things the Thoracic must avoid are the mechanical—for these demand to be used in the same way always.  Thoracic does not like to do anything over & over

The Thoracic individual should avoid all localities which would cut him off from his kind. He should never, except when combined with the Osseous in type, live in remote regions, on the edge of civilization or too far away from neighbors. Companionship is always essential to his happiness and success.

Thoracic Art, advertising, comic opera, grand opera, concert singing, stage, the screen and all forms of high class reception work are the lines for pure Thoracics.
                Alimentive Medicine, merchandizing of artistic, esthetic commodities, life insurance, moving pictures, novelty salesmanship, and demonstrating.


                Muscular Vocal and instrumental music, interior decoration, politics, social service, advertising, athletics and design.


                ossices Landscape gardening, scientific research, the ministry.


                Seberal Authorship, private secretaryship, education, journalism, musical composition, publicity work, photography.


Muscular types , the worker   
see Firm muscle built on the square, right angle sholder
Agility With power
Commerce Buy thing that last
Cloth Durability
Talk With power, short and simple,  choirs of words
Temperament Get in to trouble sometime because of his nature
Meal Meat, patotes ,plain and solid
Diseases Rumertism ,lees incline
Country Greek, Poland, Jews, itality, Irish  & Russian
Free time
Place Boxing match
Sitter Firm sitter
Movie True
Music Go music
sport Violent sport
Knowledge [book]  True
Language The big stick, have it out
Personality up Defend the under dog
Poor Less than 1 percent are vagrant
Business Work long hour but can get board
Leadership types Democracy  radical
Work Traveler like to work very busy take less vacation
Occupation Artistic hand, judge, acrobat, combat
Point Is a democratic but over work him self
Aim More vacation


Love Pure muscular Married 25 to 35 year liked plain and simple  genoures liked to work
Best & worse match Muscular, seberal , thoracic &  alemtitive osisices



Muscular The Muscular is the born mechanic and inventor. He enjoys working with things he can handle, mold, change, construct and improve with his powerful, efficient hands. Most of the mechanics of the world are Musculars and every inventor has the Muscular element strongly marked in him. The Muscular works best with things. He does not sell them as well as does the Alimentive for the things he is interested in are not the things that sell but the things that move. He likes to work with high-powered cars, machinery of all kinds, and everything that involves motion. These things, though necessities sometimes and luxuries occasionally, are not such necessities as food, clothing and homes. Therefore there is no such market for them. The automobile has almost made itself a necessity, but even it is not yet as necessary to human happiness as food, clothing or shelter. The Born Mechanic and Inventor The Orator



Best & worst business partner The Musculars should select Musculars as their first choice in business partners, with Cerebrals second and Thoracics third.

The Muscular should avoid the Osseous partner, the Osseous boss and the Osseous employee because his pugnacity makes it almost impossible for him to work harmoniously with this type.






Location to avoid The Muscular should avoid all vocations which confine him within small areas, pin him down to inactivity or sedentary work.

The Muscular can work in almost any locality. But he should avoid every place which keeps him too closely confined.





Muscular High-powered machine   work with his hands are  the  Muscular is most  often successful. Other lines for him are construction, civil engineering, mechanics,  dancing, acrobatics, athletics and pugilism. teachers and expert swimmers.
                Alimentive The manufacturing and selling of practical foods, clothing and shelter; also politics.


                Thoracic Advertising, sculpture, osteopathy, athletics, exploration, medicine, baritone and tenor singing, instrumental music, politics, social service, transportation, designing and dentistry.
                ossices Construction, bridge building, office law, policemen and police women, mechanics, mining.
                Seberal Architecture, art, journalism, trial or jury law, oratory, surgery, transportation. Teachers and tragedians also come from this type.


Osisist  types , the stayer  
see Boney, oblum
Agility Walk mechanically  not hurried
Cloth Sameness
Temperament Don,t forgive easily
Meal Same no varity
Longevities Longest lived
Country Pioneer
Free time Free will
Place Convension of accountant and builder
Sitter Stait back than rocker
Music The old track
sport Golf & hiking
Knowledge [book] A few subject
Language One track mind
Personality up Whatever they have is organize, die for cause
Down Gangster
Salary Know how to manage money
Rich Never  rich
Poor Never poor
Business Accept responsible but keep hand off
Leadership types Conservative
Occupation Accountant
Point Faithful but stubborn and cold
Aim More social and inviting
Avoid Indifferent


Love pure seberal One love him or her or nothing/ dominate
Best & worst match Alementive  seberal Ossesis


ossicous The Osseous man or woman can do his best work with things. Those with which he works best are lands, forests, the sea, the plains, the mountains and certain kinds of mechanical things.

Instead of combining things and people in his work, like the Alimentive; machines and people, like the Muscular; or people only, like the Thoracic, the Osseous must not only confine himself almost exclusively to working with things, but he must work with them away from the interference or interruption or superintendence of other people.

Every person with a large Osseous element is capable of saving money, of being a faithful worker under right conditions and of withstanding hardship in his work. Difficult missions into pioneer regions are successful only when entrusted to men or women who have the Osseous as one of their first two elements.


Best & worst business partner Osseous should never have a partner if he can help it. When he can’t the person have Cerebral tendencies, for no other type will work . He should avoid Osseous like himself. they always knows what he wants to do, how he wants to do it, and when. And one of the requirements with him usually is that it must be the opposite of the thing, manner and time desired by the other fellow. In business, as in marriage,2 Osseous people will not work. He should avoid Osseous employee  & choose the only types that will submit to his hard driving. Osseous should never work for a boss when he has brains enough to work alone. He is so independent that it is almost impossible for him to take orders, and the “contrary streak” in him runs so deep that he is just naturally against what others want him to do. He is  most insubordinate of all types and as a boss is the most inexorable.
Thing To avoid Osseous must avoid all vocations demanding his constant or intimate contact with large numbers of people, every kind of work that calls for instantaneous movements, sudden adaptations to environment, many or sudden decisions, or crowded workrooms. He must avoid working for, with, under or over others. Osseous should avoid all congested communities. He does not belong in the city. Except in some vocation where he handles money, he seldom succeeds in a metropolis. His field is the frontier—the great open spaces of land, sea, forest and mountain—where he works with things that grow, that are not sensitive, that do not offer human resistance to his imperious, dominating nature.
ossicous Farming, stock-raising, lumbering, lighthouse keeping, open-sea fishing, hardware, saw-milling and all pioneering activities
                Alimentive Work as a farm hand, sheep or cattle herder, or truck gardener are the lines in which this combination succeeds best. He can do clerical work also.
                Thoracic Agriculture, carpentering, railroading, mining, office law, electrical and chemical engineering are the first choices for this combination. Both men and women of this type succeed on police forces also.


Construction, bridge building, office law, policemen and police women, mechanics, mining.
                Seberal The invention of intricate mechanical devices is something in which this combination often succeeds. Other lines for him are those of statistician, mathematician, proof-reader, expert accountant, genealogist and banker



Seberal  types , the thinker   
see Big head triangle head small stomach delectate finger
Agility Jearkey walk
Cloth Anything will do
Meal Forget to eat or little
Longevities Die young
Free time Mediating thinking , does not fit avoid the lime light
Place Library
Movie Love the movie but not for the same reason as the aliminative
Music High brow music
sport Hate sport
Knowledge [book] Book work
Language Born a heard of time the nut
Personality up Mediate thinking
Down Live in air castle
Rich If he invent something good
Poor Poor
Family Little time for family
Business No business trait
Leadership types Leaisfare types
Work Mental work
Occupation Inventor
Point Patient but impractical
Aim Live less in his brain


Love pure seberal Bad provider for family get married last
woman But woman fair much better
Best & worst matches Muscular , ossisces Alimentive


Seberal The Cerebral man or woman can never be happy or successful until he is in work that deals with ideas. But his planning is often impractical and for this reason he does not succeed when working independently as does the Osseous.

Thus his chief instinct is cerebration dreaming, meditating, visualizing, planning. Since these are the real starters of all progress this type should be encouraged, with a view to making him more practical.

The Born Writer The pure Cerebral has the least likelihood of making money If he is a pure Cerebral his ideas and writings, however brilliant, will seldom bring him financial independence unless he gets a Muscular, Thoracic or Alimentive business manager and strictly follows his directions.

Any person inclined to the Cerebral  will succeed in some line of work where study and mental effort are required.

Best & worst business partner It’s as necessary for the Cerebral to have a partner as for  Osseous not to have one. This partner should be a person largely of the Muscular type, to supply the practicality he lacks. A second choice should be of the Thoracic type, to supply the gregariousness which he lacks. third choice should be an Osseous, to supply the quality which can get work out of employees and thus make up for the lax treatment the Cerebra give  Though he succeeds well when he is himself a combination of Alimentive & Cerebral, pure Cerebral should avoid partners & employees who are purely Alimentive. Their ideas & attitudes are too far away from his own for them to succeed co-operatively.


Thing to avoid  pure Cerebral avoid manual or  effort, strenuos, or large machines. He should avoid work that gives no outlet for planning or thinking. He should avoid being an employer because he sees the employee’s viewpoint so clearly that he lives in his skin instead of his own. He doesn’t get the service out of employees that other types get. He is not fitted to rule others, dislikes domination, feels like apologizing all the time for compelling them to do things, and is made generally miserable by this responsibility. Cerebral can work in any locality, partly from the fact that every spot in the world interests him. But he should avoid ranches, livestock farms, lumber camps, construction, ditch-digging and saw-milling jobs,
Seberal Education, teaching, library work, authorship, literary criticism, and philosophy are the vocations best fitted to the pure Cerebral
                Alimentive  the majority of the world’s millionaires, for it combines the intense alimentive desires for life’s comforts with the extreme brain capacity necessary to get them. So he becomes a man of “big business,” and tends to high finance, manufacturing and merchandizing on a big scale.
                Thoracic Journalism, the ministry, teaching, photography, interior decorating, magazine editing, are among the vocations best suited to this type. The best educational directors for large department stores and other establishments, and some of the best comedians, belong to this group0
                musclar Manual education, trial or jury law, invention of all kinds of machinery, social service, oratory, teaching, lecturing, and nose and throat surgery are the best lines of work for this combination.
               ossices Authorship,finance, statistics, invention of complex mechanical devices, expert accounting and mathematics are the best lines for this group