John Kasich suspends his presidential campaign

We are gather there to day to morn the lost of the GOP party once was a strong party but now infected by Trump true word . As yall know by now Trump has triumph and now is the presumptive nominee of the party as the last two hopeful candidate now has suspended their respective election bid this will for ever change the republican party as stated above. Many people saw this night as important and decisive but expected this to happen and now the never Trump movement is now a plane without fuel no one else to rally against Trump. The establishment and the donor are as mad as hell never have they supported a candidate or candidates that they want that haven’t gotten the nomination they gave everyone else except Trump support and money and he still kick their but. Trump mouth speak lower than any amount of money for example Bush dynasty had 100 million dollars in the bank and wasted just about all of it bad investment.
The media for months made it look like there would be a tiger fight at the republican convention don’t get me wrong they will still try to derail the Trump but the true fight is in the Democratic party as of last night will go to convention and Clinton can win but Sanders could change the delegates minds like a Obama especially if she get indicted

(may 3 a night to remember) wow